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Soooooooo I’ve been MIA for a bit. My last blog post was on September 18, 2014. My skin was dandy.


Until I got into grad school and moved to Chicago.


Let me cut to the chase and tell you guys that the Acne.org regimen did NOT work for me in the Midwest. I have oily af skin. Astronauts can see me from space because of how intensely I shine. That paints a pretty clear picture right? Anyway, I always understood the definition of humidity but never experienced it until I moved to Chicago. Holy. Freaking. ****. I was like a fish out of water…and when it rained (which was a lot) it was a hot rain. You know when you drain a pot of pasta? Yeah it was like hot pasta water coming down.


Turns out oily skin and humidity = clogged pores. In my case it was ANGRY, PAINFUL, AND MASSIVE clogged pores. The breakouts I got were like welts and most didn’t come to a head for weeks at a time. They would appear in extremely fun places like right between my eyebrows, front and center on my chin or awkwardly on my cheeks. At first I was in denial about my skin breaking out because being on the regimen had truly cleared me up. I figured eh, it’s the stress from moving across the country or stress from school…or…or…. the list of reasons went on and on until I came to terms that weather/location affected my skin to a huge degree.


I remember after a month into living in Chicago I was feeling stumped (and pissed). I looked up this issue on the site wondering if Dan ever addressed it. Turns out you’re still supposed to use it as normal in a humid climate more or less. Didn’t work for me. Nothing in my skincare changed (was only using the Acne.org line) and nothing makeup wised changed. So what gives?


My two years in Chicago had me resorting to trying new skincare items. I went through a lot of new skincare items to no avail. I used drugstore treatments, cleansers, higher end items…it was getting damn expensive and my student budget wasn’t liking it at all either. Nothing really worked. It was a weird and, frankly, crappy feeling when I realized my skin was back to being extremely problematic. I’m not being dramatic either. It wasn’t just one little dot. It was those dime sized, under-the-skin kind of parties happening all over my face. If I’m not such a lazy potato maybe I’ll get another blog post up about what items I used but then again, do you guys really want to read about things that kindaaaaa-worked-but-not-really? Probably not.


Anyway, when I would fly home during holidays/breaks I noticed my skin cleared up drastically. It was frustrating to realize that it was the environment affecting my skin rather than something I could really control. Fast forward through my academic career, I finally graduated and moved the back to SoCal.

image 2.jpg

My mom is my biggest skin critic and I don’t mind. I prefer honesty. She was confused at why my skin resorted to being difficult. I explained to her that Chicago was literally to blame. The moment I set up shop back at home, I resumed using the Acne.org regimen and lo and behold – skin calmed down and, dare I say, back to “normal”

I no longer wake up with massive painful breakouts like I did in the Midwest. I’m now dealing with leftover hyperpigmentation from my past breakouts. I’ve been back in SoCal since May and I’ve seen a huge improvement with my skin. It’s a relief that the regimen still works for me in Cali. Now if only the stupid store would let my order go through I could restock on my cleanser, treatment and moisturizer.

My skin is progressing in the right direction. Again, mainly just dealing with hyperpigmentation and time will help clear it up. I’d rather deal with scars than active breakouts. At least at this stage of my skin I can fake flawless skin with makeup…here's a picture to make a case in point.

image 1.jpg


A few fun facts about me since, y’know, it’s easy to forget that this blog was typed up by a normal human being. I got my Master’s in Nursing. I studied like a mad man and was barely holding onto my sanity. The amount of information they shoved at my face was insane. It was like trying to sip from a fire hydrant – you can’t. But you did it anyway…because…school…career…never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…don’t dishonor the family….

Dry comments aside, I hope everyone has been doing well. Take care of yourselves guys. Any questions? Ask them, don’t be shy.




I’ve reached a milestone in my skin journey - I can comfortably wear powder foundation with a bit of concealer. Some of you guys are probably thinking, “so what?” Considering I have a preference for full coverage liquid foundation, it’s a big deal to me. Also, I only wear a full face of makeup twice a week...which is when I work. So why the lack of makeup?

I’m taking swimming, badminton and step cardio classes at my old junior college because, for once in my life, I want to be in shape. To be fair though, I’m going to visit my boyfriend in January and I’d rather not look like a chubster when he sees me AHAHAHA. I also have a bet I made with a friend - we both have to lose at least 10 pounds before I leave to England in January. Loser has to get the winner 1 makeup item of the winner’s choice. I started my classes about 3 weeks ago and I’m down 2 pounds. 8 more to go! My main goal isn’t really to lose weight, it’s to be healthy n____n but new makeup is always a plus.

My skin was breaking out a bit during those 3 weeks which made me super cranky. I hear all the time how working out is suppose to clear up your skin but WTF. I seriously broke out along like...my mustache area e___e;; It’s annoying but I’m not self conscious about it enough to wear makeup while swimming or doing step cardio. I’m there to get into shape, not to court someone.

My skin has been feeling very congested lately. Lots of whiteheads around my nose area and oiliness. This random freak heat wave in southern California isn’t helping it at all either. I’ve found that making my own facial scrub has been helping tremendously with the overall complexion of my skin. It seems to be the only thing that can keep those pesky whiteheads down to a tolerable level. I mix raw organic honey with plain white sugar. I actually stopped using honey masks earlier in the summer because...uh...I got lazyy okay? Don’t shoot me, I’m human too @___@

BUT I MUST ALSO SHARE THIS - doing a honey mask daily can REALLY help deflate deep spots. I swear. Story time guys! In August, one of my friends who is really into cosplaying and making her own outfits got a slot to showcase her creations in a fashion show hosted at Anime California. She messaged me out of the blue and asked if I would like to be one of her models and of course I said yes! It was kind of scary though since I’ve never done anything remotely close to a fashion show but hey, whatever. A week before the show, my period kicked in and a dime sized zit spawn on my chin because WHY THE FK NOT RIGHT? e____e;;

I kid you not, it was one of those large deep spots where it would take days to come to head. Even when it did come to head, the healing process would take another 2-3 weeks. I was seriously so bummed thinking that I’ll end up getting my picture taken with this huge massive spawn of Satan so clearly on my skin. The one time I decided to leave my batcave, my skin mocks me, go figure.

I applied a warm compress daily and was using honey as an anti-inflammatory agent in hopes to just reduce the size of the spot. From Wednesday (when it was at it’s biggest and angriest stage) to Saturday, it deflated significantly to my relief. When the fashion show came around that Sunday it shrunk about 80%-90%. I put on makeup and thank god, it was covered up quite well even though it had not fully disappeared. I know I probably sound a bit dramatic but I’m completely serious. That spot was freaking massive and the timing for it was super unlucky -____-

Here’s a group picture of the outfits she made. All from scratch mind you! The theme of the outfits are based off of MMO’s. I had an amazing time and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! She's the one holding the staff in the middle. She had to make 9 outfits in a month...that girl is cray cray o__o


And of course, here are my pictures because I’m vain and I want to show off my awesome flowy dress n____n And yes, it’s hard to figure out how to pose with a damn book. You can check out more pictures

here & here.


Okay back to the present.

I’ve been doing the honey sugar scrub for over a week now and I feel my skin becoming less grouchy. I also started taking birth control again. I’m taking Lutera but got the generic equivalent called Sronyx. I definitely don’t think that medication helped my spots. I’m just glad to have it so my period is no longer a guessing game and I don’t feel like keeling over and dying from cramps every month.


I figured I should stay in the know about things since I’m getting my grad apps together for nursing school. Hhhhnnggg. Scary but hope all goes well.

Ahem, back to my skin. I’m sure you guys want to see a picture? Here’s one I took today (it’s the 15h of September as I type this).


Powder, concealer on a few darker spots and marks. Ignore the sheen of oiliness since I took the picture in my car on a FLAMING HOT day. I used maybelline instant rewind concealer under the eyes, NARS radiant creamy concealer as a spot concealer and Milani multitasking powder to even out my skin. I can’t believe I am finding so many drugstore gems lately? I’ll be sure to do a separate blogpost at a later date about them. No watermarks because I'm lazy and whoever would jack my pictures is a straight up weirdo. So long story short, I only wear a full face for work. The only time I wear powder foundation is typically on Wednesday since I have a lecture class after swimming and I don't want to scare my classmates off with my face. Besides that, I'm makeup free. It's actually quite nice but I do miss playing around with makeup daily though!

First world problem - I had to buy a new Milani powder because I just got so damn tan that I need one a few shades darker. A sweet fellow makeupalley user told me to use my lighter powder as a highlighter so it wouldn't just sit unloved in my bag.


Anyway, sorry I’ve been MIA. I don’t type up blogposts just for the sake of them. I crank one out when I feel like I have something a bit worthwhile to share XD See you guys next time!


I'm not perfect and that's fine with me. As I'm currently typing, I'm 23 years old. I started breaking out when I was 12-13 years old. Although my skin has finally calmed down (knock on wood), it's not perfect. I highly doubt that with my current skincare routine I have now, I will have picture perfect skin in the next couple of years. I can fake photoshopped skin damn well with makeup so take that!

I'm now older and therefore wiser so I've learned from my mistakes. I also have this going for me too bahaha:


I mean, how can I expect my skin to be perfect any time soon? I had to deal with persistent breakouts for over a decade. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and share my personal skincare mistakes.

1 - I didn't moisturize

Ignorant and young 13 year old me was completely stumped at why someone with oily skin would WANT to slather on moisturizer. I mean, isn't that only for when your skin is dry? Like when you get ashy elbows and knees? NOPE. Don't skip this step in your routine. There's a ton of items on the market to choose from. Preferably you want oil free. I love cetaphil cream and eucerin original healing cream. I found that keeping my skin moisturized and supple helped the healing process of my breakouts.

2 - I wanted long lasting coverage from a powder foundation. (Liquid foundation was the devil himself)

I use to FEAR liquid foundations thinking that anything which provided that much coverage on my skin would suffocate and clog it to no end. It's all about researching....with a side of trial and error. Make sure it's oil free and that you've properly removed all traces of makeup at the end of the day. Do you still think makeup is terrible? Click to read my other blog post about that. This leads me into my next mistake at number 3.

3 - I didn't really remove my face. (Remove your makeup)

No, seriously. Remove it thoroughly and properly.

Water and cleansers aren't enough to ensure your makeup has been removed. I am not joking. Unless you're wearing SUPER LIGHT sheer coverage powder, you'll need to at least double cleanse or use some sort of toner as insurance. My old target brand cream cleanser promised me that it took off makeup 100%. LIES. I still did like it though D:

Years ago, one of my friends introduced me to witch hazel. She told for me to just swipe some of it on after cleansing. I was extremely hesitant as always of trying a new skincare and HOLY$#!T, there was SO much left over junk that my cleanser did not get rid of. I couldn't believe that for months and months I was slapping on moisturizer and going to bed with an unclean face...and I didn't even FEEL or realize it until using toners.

Since I wear liquid foundation I actually use makeup removing wipes BEFORE cleansing. I double cleanse by using some cleanser with my Olay pro X once, rinse, then go back with another round of cleanser to really clear out my skin. I even use my trusty witch hazel toner after cleansing to QUADRUPLE check that there is zero makeup residue on my face. I honestly only do it during the days I wear a full face of makeup (like from work etc). Sounds intense? Well it works for me so I'm gonna keep at it.


Here's a recent picture of me and one of my closest friend. I know, I'm damn ghost white here. I blame the blinding rays of sun in southern California. It doesn't help that she's naturally kinda tan so the contrast is strong in this picture. POINT BEING - do you see any visible spots? I'm wearing my generic full faced makeup with no issues because I take the proper steps in making sure my skin gets taken care of at the end of the day.

4 - I believed the Dermatologist was a miracle worker. (They're actually not)

Maybe I'm a little biased with this statement because I loathed my derm. But hey, it's my experience okay? I use to think going to the derm meant instant results. I've learned that dermatologist can be assholes. I remember going into his office with my mom when I was 15. Self-esteem was questionably low and I remember the look on his face. It was a look of "oh-another-pimpled-teenager-again-yawnnnn" kind of thing. He never bothered to talk to me or ask how I was. He would just look at my breakouts, inject one or two cortisone shots to large spots and try to sell some of his own skincare line before I left. His skincare line not only SUCKED, it was expensive.

Guys, prescription medications for acne is expensive. While at work, I looked up the out of pocket prices for Epiduo and things like that. HOLY EFF. It's almost $300...without insurance. And from experience, most insurance companies don't even want to cover brand named medications. If for some miracle they do, your copay is PROBABLY like $50. Ouch.

Anyway I'm getting slightly off track. The point is make sure that your derm actually cares about the progress of your skin. It's already expensive enough to go see them, make sure you're not wasting your time AND money. Also, f**k my derm.

5 - Don't pop your zits...on the first day.

Yeah I pop my spots. Sue me D: Since I've dealt with acne for so long, I like to believe that I am now a pro pimple terminator. It's weird - I'm able to differentiate the kind of zits that spawn. For example, there are the puffy fat red ones that will NEVER come to a head which need to be left alone but are a breeze to put concealer over or the dreaded deep zits that take 4-5 days to come to head and shouldn't be touched until it has time to dry out a bit....

So how do I extract my spots? If you're kinda squeamish then you can stop reading. Basically I wait for the spot to come to head, you know, when it starts showing a bit white right in the middle. I'm not going into the technical aspects about what the white junk is because a quick google search can relive your curiosity. I try as long as I can to hold off in pricking the spot. This is because in the first few days of coming to head, it's still relatively...er..juicy? If you let it dry out a for a few more days then the plug underneath comes out without a fight.

I sterilize a sewing needle with some witch hazel before doing any of this by the way, I'm not some medieval doctor with rusty utensils. Once the spot is punctured, take two fingers (preferably your ring fingers) to gently press down beside the spot so any junk will be gently forced to the surface. You should be pressing your fingers in a way which helps pull the skin taunt. If it all goes well, the plug will be exposed. Get rid of it and dab on some toner to disinfect the operation zone. You can follow up with a dollop of BP or whatever treatment you want. I like putting organic raw honey on newly extracted spots because it's soothing and has antibacterial properties.

Do NOT press INWARD onto the spot and squeeze the life out of it. If anything, that'll cause the plug to sink deeper into your skin and take that much longer to surface. Also, darker scaring can result from this. I'm not a licensed professional but god damn it I have experience with this. if the plug isn't removed, the spot will pretty much resurrect itself and you'll have to wait to do this whole process all over again -___-

That's how I remove my spots if needed, just my two cents.

Anyway, maybe I'll come out with a part 2 about my skincare mistakes but until then, see you guys later :>


Summer Staples


There have been 2 products which I have been clinging onto for quite some time. The first one is an old favorite called Dickson’s Original witch hazel pore perfecting toner. I’m too lazy to go rummage around for the old blog post but I’ve actually mentioned this product as being one of my all time go-to skincare item. The only reason why I stopped using it in the past year was because I forced myself to strictly use products from The Regimen. The second product is a newer favorite that I picked up earlier this year - Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-free UV Protector sunscreen. I’ll get into more detail about the sunscreen in a bit.

So about the witch hazel - I absolutely love it on my oily skin. I don’t think you guys understand how oily my skin (especially T-zone) can get. I remember washing my face in the evening and a couple of hours later, my boyfriend asks me if I was sweating cause my forehead looked so damn shiny -____- Freaking hell.

It also doesn’t help that it’s summer. Warm hot weather + oily skin = BLAH. My skin ends up feeling heavy and gross a lot quicker….it’s not fun. There was a week earlier in May where everyone in southern cali was catching fire under the sun @___@;; Luckily, that was just a freak week and the weather has been comfortable and pleasant ever since (knock on wood DX). Regardless, my skin does kick into overdrive oil production during the summer. Since I don’t have school this summer, I haven’t had the need to wear makeup on a daily basis. At home, I’ll wash my face whenever I wake up and freshen up throughout the day with witch hazel! I’ll just pour some on a round cotton pad (my favorite type! Yes, I’m picky XD) and swipe it across my whole face to get rid of excess oil. I’ll do this at least 2-3 times throughout the day. You’ll be surprised at the occasional dirt and grime that actually gets built up throughout the day. This stuff is also super inexpensive. For a huge 16 oz bottle, it runs for about $6 but I’ve frequently seen bottles on sale for $3.


Yep. If I’m staying home, I skip the BP and just drown in it at night. My skin is perfectly fine with that. I actually don't recommend witch hazel for those who have dry skin. One of my friends who actually has dry skin HATES witch hazel and I totally understand why.

Earlier this year, I was on the hunt for a new sunscreen because I started getting freckles. I think I did a post about it? Anyway, they were spawning all over...ON MY RIGHT CHEEK. I know, I know, big whoop. It’s just one of those things that I can’t stop - I’m always going to notice things on my skin no matter what. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not upset with my skin and happy with the progress but I am observant about changes because I see my own face every day (duh o__O). I was using an anti-wrinkle cream with SPF 20 from Neutrogena for the longest time but with the sun shining so strongly, I knew I wanted something better.

During the Sephora 15%off sale this year, I bought a Shiseido sunscreen. They are KING of sunscreen. It has a watery consistency and you have to shake the bottle up before each use. It’s not the most budget friendly item. For 1 oz of product it was $30 so I’m glad I got it for 15% off! I actually love this product for lots of reasons:

1) Oil-free

2) Water resistant

3)SPF 42

4)Doesn’t break me out

5)Brightens my skin tone

Re-read #5. It’s true. I have proof too. Listen to this yeah - I actually ended up getting PALER after a few months of using this. So my 2 current favorite foundations, Estee Lauder Double Wear( which will now be abbreviated as ELDW) and NARS Sheer Glow (NARS SG), had to be exchanged for a lighter shade. Thank god Sephora has amazing exchange policies. I was Dawn in ELDW and had to get Sand. I was the shade Punjab in NARS SG and switched it out for Fiji.

I wasn’t aware of my skin tone brightening up until my mom pointed it out. I put on my usual makeup, walked out of my room and my mom says, “why is your face darker than your neck? o__O”

Oh god, thanks mom @___@;;

For the record, I don’t have a preference in being pale or tan. I just want my foundation to match whatever shade I am. I also get paid peanuts so having to buy multiple shades of a foundation hurts my piggy bank.

I’m sure not all sunscreens will lighten your skin but I’m not too surprised that it did since Shiseido is a japanese brand. If you’re not familiar with Asian brand skincare, there’s a ton of products which say “whiten”. It’s NOT bleaching but toning to even out your skin tone. Martina and Simon from EatYourKimchi actually made a video explaining this (watch it


Anyway, I love my witch hazel and sunscreen. Perfect for summer. Speaking about summer, it’s time for me to roll around and do absolutely NOTHING PRODUCTIVE XD sqqueeeee! See you guys later.


A year ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to L.A. for a beauty convention. Being the lazy person that I am, I said nah and didn't think anything of it. She came back the following week and was going on and on about all the awesome FREE goodies she got and how she got to meet some of the biggest makeup youtube stars like Promise Phan, Michelle Phan, etc.

I immediately bought my ticket ($50) for the next Generation Beauty event which happened over the weekend. C'mon, she had me at free AHAHAHA!

Here's my outfit of the day on Saturday. (Also, all of these pictures are jacked from my instagram so I can't be bothered to watermark them.)


And my OOTD on Sunday


For the record, I was in those wedges the WHOLE. FREAKING. TIME. my feet are currently threatening to curl up into a cramp every so often now...mercy.

Anyway back to Generation Beauty on Saturday...

The first person I ran into that was just hanging around was Nikki Phillippi! She was so sweet and energetic...I did take a picture with her but the pictures taken on my camera were blurry so I didn't want to upload it >__< but she was so warm and sweet!

I was ever so slightly in disbelief that I actually met a youtuber in person. When my friend and I were walking away I said to her, "I WANT TO SEE PROMISE T______T"

My friend makes this face: -_____- and says, "look straight ahead of you."

Less than 6 feet away was PROMISE PHAN GAHHH @__@! I honestly thought I was the kind of person who was immune from being starstruck but I seriously kinda fan girl-ed omg. I got a picture with her and I don't even know what I was babbling about because I was so excited and didn't expect to see her wandering around ahahaha. She asked me which vid of hers I liked and things like that. She was really sweet and was so kind. When I stumbled away all starstruck, I was scrolling though my phone and noticed my photos I took with her were blurry T___T Luckily, there was a meet and greet on Sunday so I had another chance to take a picture!

The next person we spotted was missglamorazzi, Ingrid. I was like " omgggg o__o;;!" because I did enjoy her vids back in the day .They're a bit unrelatable to me nowadays so I unsubscribed about a year ago. I went up to say hi and I got a picture with her. To my surprise though she wasn't as warm as I thought she would be in person. She wasn't mean or rude by any means but her in person demeanor didn't match her bubbly personality in her vids.

My friend also told me on Sunday, that she saw Ingrid walking around the perimeter of the event with a friend or two and she totally ignored people who were trying to say hi x: That seemed a bit off to me >___> I mean she's as successful as she is now because of her viewers so the least she could do was acknowledge the girls/guys who were trying to say hi right? Oh well x:

Later in the afternoon, I went out to get some food at the food trucks outside. Holycrap. Overpriced and not worth it but I was so hungry sigh. I actually spotted eleventhgorgeous sitting not too far away too. I'm not subbed to them because their vids don't reel me in so I didn't feel the need to say hi.

I got to take a picture with Nicole Guerriero and she was freaking awesome x's1000! She gave me one of the best hugs ever and was so genuine. Seriously, she was so approachable and happy to see her viewers!


Also I met Sid from Siddielove and Charis from charismastar! I also met SecretLifeofABioNerd, KL (pronounced Kayle) but our picture turned out a bit blurry so I didn't upload it. All four girls are super awesome and if you haven't seen them on youtube yet, please do! They're amazing girls for sure.

And I met Lex from madeyewlook! She was drawing nyx products on her model with...nyx products XD We were chatting away for a good hour and she was super engaging throughout the whole process. Did I mention super talented as well? So chill, down to earth and funny too.

This was when I got the idea to have people sign the back of my name tag as a keepsake! Pretty neat idea eh?

I went into full derp mode and couldn't take our picture properly so lex took our picture for us ahaha


Sunday was designated all day for meet and greets! Each youtuber had a time frame they'd be showing up so there was a que that formed (obviously).

While I was waiting for Promise I saw Andrea from Andreaschoice. And okay, like, wtf. Why is every youtuber so TINY. They're all so cute and pocket sized o__o


Yay for clear and cute pictures XD! We got to talk and it was so awesome >__<! She even said I kinda looked like her little sister and yeah, I went into fan girl mode >___>;;

My friend and I actually ran into her near the end of the convention again and snagged another last minute picture XD


We saw her walking around barefoot by the end of the convention too. Apparently her shoes were killing her feet. I asked her where did she put her shoes then and Promise replied, "I put them in the break room....I hope they're still there o__o" XD

She then says to me, "I know you like me for sure cause you've been back to see me like three times XD" OMG @___@ embarssing but true ahahaha.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee o__o!! It's Michelle Phan and I freaking tower over her! It's crazy to see how far she's come. I was babbling like a silly person but she was really nice and was really supportive in her replies to my comments and questions. Her skin is flawless too -shakes fists @__@!-


OMG CASS WAS THERE. Diamondsandheels14. She was a complete sweetheart. I never ever ever ever thought I would meet her in person. I'm so happy I got the chance to talk to her and let her know how brave and awesome she is! If there's one thing you guys take away from this post it's to go to youtube and watch her vids. She's just such an optimistic person, it's infectious! She even remembered my name when she saw me later and I pretty much lost it ahahaha >___>;;


Here are the big ticket freebies I got! Just so you guys know, this is only about 1/4 of the free stuff I got. I had a lot more eyeliners, polishes, lip glosses, balms, lotions and potions but I gave them to friends and stuff. Over the span of 2 days I received 4 full sized cargo mascaras....which retails for $22 each o___o

The full sized cargo blushers, em lipsticks and bare mineral veils pretty much covered the cost of my ticket and parking fees.

I definitely had fun and will most likely go again next year XD I know this isn't a skincare oriented post but I thought it would be fun to share anyway. See you guys later :V


Hi Again.

Hi guys! It has been sometime but I had some work to do. That latter part are probably the most understated words I've ever typed. Anyway, earlier this week I graduated from University<3!


See that person on the right? That's my mom. I owe a lot to her and I'm sure it's clear that I love her dearly <3

Also I have some pretty awesome friends XD


This blog only allows a max of up to 10 pictures so a little collage of my buddies will have to suffice!

These are some of the best people I ever had the chance to become friends with, work with and hang out with. Seriously, for one of my classes the struggle was freaking real. Don't EVER leave a paper to finish at the last minute. I cranked out a 29 page grant paper a week before it was due when I had the ENTIRE semester to work on it. Do as I say and not as I do, okay guys?

If I could sum up my whole undergrad career into one picture it would be this:


Maybe I think this way because I still feel like a little kid.

College was kinda weird though o___o. If you were to ask me what I thought college would've been like when I was 16, I would've said something along the lines of, "oooo it's super serious business and I'll be writing 20 paged papers every day!." That wasn't entirely true in my personal experience. Hard to explain o___O;;

Anyway what was the point of this post? I suppose it's to show that I'm not being held back by my freaking acne. I'm living my life and going through the motions regardless of my state of my skin. I had quite a massive breakout late April/early May. They weren't just small spots but massive nearly dime sized ones. There were about 5-6 on my lower cheek/chin area. Of course they left dark scars. During that time I was reminded how breakouts can feel almost crippling. To be so clear and then suddenly go through such an intense breakout again reminded me of all the horrible feelings that I had back when my skin was at its worst.


I snapped myself out of it. That feeling of dread only lasted for about 1 minute. I knew I had been through worse and to feel pity over my breakouts would've been dumb and pointless. So I continued to take care of my skin with what I had - cleanser, treatment, moisturizers, and honey masks. And just as I knew it, they went away. I guess graduating and accomplishing other tasks really shows that there are more important things in life than breakouts. I probably was breaking out because of stress but still, it wasn't fun.

I do have a few updates with my skincare routine to share with you guys! And makeup too (that's always the fun bit for me XD). Keep an eye out for those posts. They'll show up randomly throughout the summer :V

Also, excuse the picture qualities. For some dumb reason, the site expands the image so it fills the whole blog instead of keeping it as its original resolution. BLAH. Just right click the image and select "open image in new tab" to see it in better quality.

I've been occasionally lurking and saw some new faces. Hang in there guys, it does get better and I'll see you guys later.


I frequent the makeupalley boards what did you think I saw today -



I understand the side of business where advertisement is a must as well as having others advocate for your products...


When you directly require them to WITHHOLD negative reviews is just disgusting. I respect companies who understand that not everyone will like their products and will have the occasional negative review.

Simply put - if your products are AWESOME then the ratio of happy customers will always out weigh the few who don't click. Goes to show that Michael Todd's True Organics business morals are just as shtty as their products.

Did you guys get a chance to see my little update on their skincare items? Click

Also I'll repeat what I said in that post here in case you cannot be bothered to go read it:

The only people I'd ever recommend these products to are my mortal enemies so they can have crappy skin and suffocate in reeking overpriced serums.

The person who commented on that post raving about that skincare line is a fake account. They had only ever logged on to post their comment and haven't logged on ONCE ever since. Am I paranoid? No. Suspicious? Highly.

Why am I so irked? Because they're deceitful. I also know, as someone who has had acne ridden skin, that at times we feel desperate and will buy ANYTHING that promises us even a chance at clearing up our acne just a bit. I hate thinking of how any of you guys could fall for their dumb ploy (like I did last year) and waste your money on such terrible products.

DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS -___-;; Even the drugstore items I've used before were WAY better too so let that sink in.

I will not disclose who posted that original thread on makeupalley in respect to their privacy. This person actually poofed (deleted) their thread moments later to avoid controversy. I respect this person for being honest and hope they maintain unfiltered reviews of products that they share via youtube/blogs.

Oh yeah and F**K YOU Michael Todd skincare.


Wooo! Finally at the one year mark! First of all - a huge thank you to everyone who has followed along and kept up with my progress and just popped by in general. Also, I wanted to say WTF & WOW. As of writing this my blog currently holds the number one spot as the most viewed blog. I decided to see which post of mine was the most popular and it was my Michael Todd's skincare review with 15k+ views HAHAHAHA. Yeah, I still despise that line. Click for an interesting updated tidbit on that post. Anyway back to what is post is actually about - The Regimen.

Here's a reminder of how my skin was like before using The Regimen.



I had really persistent acne...Mad painful too x:

Now here are my 1 year update pictures. These were taken on 02/20/2014 -




I think those pictures speak for themselves but I'll chime in. For the love of god ignore my massive eye bags. Besides that my skin is clear...pretty much. I have some redness but I'm strictly referring to active breakouts. Scarring will go away on its own over time. If you want to see my step by step routine of how I use The Regimen click I am still using organic honey as a mask every day as well and I've seen really lovely improvements from it. I started that about 2 weeks ago and I don't plan to stop. Check out my previous post about honey masks And why do I have freckles?! I mean I don't mind them but I'm just stumped at how I get them anyway considering I spend all of my time indoors and do use sunscreen on a daily basis. Oh well.

This is going to be pretty much my last post for awhile. I'm finishing up my last semester of undergrad then will be applying for grad school in the fall. This means a butt ton of work. Also, I probably won't have much to say in regards to my skin anymore. I've finally reached my goal of finding a skincare routine which caters to my needs. I'll revert back to being a simple lurker from time to time on these blogs here and there though.

For those of you who are contemplating on starting a blog or keeping up progress updates on your skin - DO IT!

I am not kidding - DO FREAKING IT. My only regret about this blog was that I didn't start it sooner when my acne was at its worse. But hey, I didn't have the confidence to show my bare face to the world at the time so I don't blame you. Understand that you don't need to make it public - keep updates for yourself on a word document, keep folders of monthly pictures you take of your skin to asses your skin's progress.

Do your research.

Be patient.

Be open minded to new products.

Don't be afraid to try new products.

Don't give up.

Most importantly do it for yourself. I did not start this blog with the intention of it being popular to reel sponsors and all that junk. I had things to say about acne which I wanted to share. I hope they were informative or at least a decent read D;

Everything I've shared in my posts have all been bought by me and used through trial and error. I'm like the rest of you guys. I've experienced lack luster results from different skincare lines, wasted money, felt exhausted over my breakouts but I still kept up my search.

Please understand that acne should not hold you back from what you want to achieve. In many of my past posts I've said that it's all in your head. You'd be surprised at how wrong you are about others - what they think of you, how they perceive your acne etc. Take yourself away from those who are toxic and can do nothing but zone in on your skin. Forget about them. Don't waste your time with shallow people. Spend time with those who understand that having acne doesn't mean a thing. I am forever grateful to my friends, family and boyfriend who see nothing but the best in me. Even now when my skin has become so much better I haven't experienced any change in treatment from them - they have always been just as supportive and loving since day one.

My adventure to clear skin has pretty much come to a happy end! If anything drastic happens to my skin I'll be sure to post some updates but until then, see you guys later <3 Thanks for reading!


UPDATE 1 - if you guys ever feel the need to talk you're more than welcomed to add me on skype. my ID is mikxoh and I'm practically on all the time. Although I plan to stop posting skincare updates (cause lets face it - I've reached my goal so it would become redundant) it doesn't mean I'm vanishing off the face of the earth. I spend a lot of my time in my batcave on the computer anyway. No, seriously, I'm in love with netflix. I just finished Breaking Bad and I'm pretty satisfied with the ending. I totally recommend Attack on Titan. Holy $#!T I couldn't eat my snacks while watching it lololol fml. Besides crying over my grant proposal I have to write up for one of my classes this semester, I spend a fair amount of time playing FF14 and league of legends. Currently still trying to take down T5 (as a blm) and climbing the ranked ladder since I messed up my placement games. I was plat in season 3 and ended up in silver 2 after placements omg. MY DONGER IS FEARLESS DON'TCHA KNOW?

okay I probably lost like half of my readers with that last bit. I guess it just shows how my skin doesn't dictate how I feel or what I do. I'm on a bit of a leash with my makeup purchases though. Too many damn cute things coming out this spring season (clinique cheek pops hnnnggg @__@) if you want to read up some of my makeup reviews on makeupalley just look up my ID mikxoh.


Honey Mask

I've never been too much of a fanatic for home remedies to cure my breakouts. I'm pretty skeptical about them. However, for facial masks I don't mind them too much cause they make me feel pampered. Home made masks and treatments are annoying though and here's why:

Greek yogurt mask - very soothing. Smells like a butt after being on your face for like 5 minutes though whomp whomp.

Lemon juice - arg, I actually love this stuff. I can vouch in seeing results after using this for a good while. It improved the overall clarity of my skin but it's a pain to keep around. I don't know the shelf life of freshly squeezed lemon juice so I would buy a new lemon every 3 days or so. Lazy me couldn't keep up with that and I've never wished for a lemon tree so much in my life @___@;;

Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask & Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay mask - These are okay. I prefer them more as spot treatments but I've never noticed huge improvements from using them regularly. I use them on super inflamed and angry spots to shrink them. Kinda works but I'm not sold on them. I still have my tube of the mint julep mask from like 3+ years ago. Still viable I'm sure but it just shows you how easily I've forgotten about it.

The biggest thing to keep in mind are that facial masks/packs whatever you want to call them are more of a supplemental skincare item. Unless you're one of those lucky ones whose cure happens to be a facial mask once a week then ignore my post .__.;;


I'm finally at the stage in my skincare where I can actually focus on skin texture rather than treating active breakouts. There's no point in trying to deal with scarring and pigmentation while your breakouts are still on a rampage. Trust me, I tried and it's a waste of time.

At my local grocery store there was a whole shelf of honey and dang it, of course I thought of skincare right away. I decided to pick up a jar of organic honey. I've been using honey masks since the beginning of this week and it's pretty much everything I could want in a treatment:

1) It's inexpensive. My jar was $12 and some odd change. Compare that price to other packaged facial treatments/serums and you know you've scored yourself a deal.

2) It's convenient. There's no need to mix anything, prepare anything or even store it in a special location. Also the expiration date is clearly written on the jar (6/7/2017) which is PLENTY of time for me to use it up.

3) It smells like honey, duh. Can you use honey that comes in a bottle shaped like a bear? Nah, I wouldn't since there's sugar and other sweeteners added. I just wanted straight up honey. It looks pretty light and opaque compared to "normal" honey if that makes sense.

4) Easily washed off with warm water. On top of that the mask isn't runny at all. Organic honey has the texture of toothpaste. Pretty thick but still very spreadable. You'll be surprised how little you need to cover your entire face. If you use too much then the warmth of your face will make the product run down and potentially drip off your mug. GRAVITY SON.

I like to put this on after taking my makeup off and cleansing. I don't even feel as though I go out of my way to use this. I just slap it on and watch an episode of breaking bad then wash it off when it's over. I try to keep it on for at least 30 minutes but I don't have a strict time limit.

As for results? From my experience it makes me skin feel very nourished. I've been using it every day as well. I haven't experience any flakes or dryness from using it - just a nice boost to my overall complexion. Has it helped cure my acne? I'll say no since the BP does a fine job at that already. A quick google search can tell you all the wonderful skin perks honey does. I'm not saying this is a miracle product by any means. For where I'm at with my skin right now it's definitely a keeper in my skincare routine.

Oh, patch test first if you're mega allergic to the world. I don't want to be responsible for someone puffing up because of a honey mask. See you guys later :>


I get my fair share of questions and I think I've been on this skincare line long enough to answer a thing or two.

1. When and how long did it take for you to see results?

I actually remember being surprised at around 2 weeks. I had acne but the frequency of new breakouts dropped so much. I use to wake up with a new spot here and there every morning without fail. However, after 2 weeks, I was going through maybe a few days in between before getting a minor spot.

Again, this was my experience being on the regimen. I don't want people running back at my blog with torches and pitchforks screaming, "LIAR LIAR BURN THE WITCH. 2 WEEKS FOR RESULTS MY ASS!"

Remember - results take time. I know, such dreaded words but I'm serious. Give yourself a proper 3 months before you quit. Unless your skin has adverse reactions to the BP or other allergic reactions... or the obvious bit - like if your face feels like it is on FIRE then definitely stop. I personally can recall that I felt a minor burning sensation when I put the moisturizer on but it wasn't anything to cry about. I just fanned my faced to cool off the sensation and my skin (fortunately) began to tolerate the treatment.

I repeat - STOP using the products if your skin is physically in pain etc. You know your skin better than anyone else so don't ignore the signs to quit IF needed.

2. Okay I'm on the regimen too but HELP! My skin is flaking, I look like a lizard, what do I do? D:!

Ugh dude, I totally was flake city too. I started off with a wee pea sized about of BP. When I worked my way up to 2 pea sizes after about a month my skin was like NOPE. There were two things that I still use to this day if I notice that my skin is on the dry side. First off straight up jojoba oil breaks me out. I don't know why, it does so I don't use it as a supplemental moisturizer. I ended up using a very thick cream from eucerin (bought it at target for like $5). Works amazingly! My skin drinks it up like water. During last October-November was when my skin was getting a bit dry, slathered my face in that stuff before bed and in the morning my skin felt back to normal.


Love that stuff. Seriously.

The second thing that helped deal with my flakiness was using my olay pro x. It's pretty inexpensive considering what it's doing. I use it every night. After using my makeup wipes to get rid of the majority of my makeup, I'll put on the cleanser then go at it with the olay pro x. Been using it for over a year and I don't even care to try the clarisonic. When I bought it, it was $30....it's now $40 according to Target's website but still $30 on CVS's site so eh. Still damn cheaper than $100-$200 for a clarisonic. I replace the brush head every 4 months or so. For $10 you get two replaceable brush heads so it's really an inexpensive item to keep around.

3. How's the AHA+?

NO ME GUSTA.nopenopenopenope. I've tried it on two separate occasions and it just makes my skin revert back to unnecessary flake city. My skin cleared up quite well without it so I don't feel compelled to make it work for me. Maybe I'll give another go...later...like...yeah...mreeeh. I'll do a patch test instead of using it on my whole face.

TL;DR - I didn't care for it and I currently do not incorporate it into my current skincare routine.

4. So you follow Dan's instructions step by step right?

Erm....no shake.gif . I can explain! So I obviously do follow the basic steps - cleans, BP, then moisturizer. I slowly increased the amount of BP I used over time but I've tweaked it to fit my skin. For example I only use a pea size amount of BP in the AM but I'll use a generous amount PM. With the makeup I put on during the day there's no way my skin can handle all that BP too. So my skincare routine looks like this:


- Wash face for 10 seconds with cleanser then rinse

- eye cream

- a pea size amount of BP onto skin

- moisturizer

- sunscreen

- makeup


- Neutrogena makeup removing wipes

- Using the cleanser with the olay pro x for a good minute or until every last trace of makeup that was lingering is gone

- eye cream

- Apply at least a pump and a half of BP. I work it very thoroughly into my skin in circular motions. Super relaxing

- moisturizer

- extra moisturizer if needed (eucerin creme)

- sleep cheer.gif

That's pretty much it so far. I can do a FAQ part 2 if I get more questions. Almost at my 1 year mark with this regimen! I'll definitely do a post then and what not. Thanks again for reading, see you later!


Hey guys :> For those of you who are interested, here are my thoughts/experiences on some foundations I've used over the years. For the record none of the foundations I have yet tried break me out. I usually do thorough research before I invest in a new foundation.

I have combination acne prone skin. That means I have an oily T-zone with normal to sometimes dry cheeks. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the acne prone part. Anyway having combination skin SUCKS because most foundations cater to one or the other (dry or oily skin), rarely both. I usually settle for some sort of trade off with longevity, coverage, color etc.

As a disclaimer I know the foundations I’ll go over are mid range to high end foundations. I have never tried a liquid drugstore foundation because they tend of be full of pore clogging ingredients and smell like a chemical plant. I am not saying drugstore/high street foundations aren't worth trying out. I personally don’t mind splurging on foundation and that's just my take on it.

1) Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Coverage - Medium to full. The color match was extremely nice on my skin tone. I’m the shade 118 in this foundation.

Longevity - 4 to 5 hours. The worst out of all the foundations I’ve tried in regards to lasting power. I didn't know better at the time so coped.

Texture - Slightly runny consistency. It can easily be layered to achieve higher coverage without looking cakey. Comes with a pump.

Price - $42

Additional information - Holy@#$%. This foundation made me look absolutely immaculate in pictures. Regardless of how it looked in person, in pictures it was flawless every time. Here’s a picture from an old blog post. There was no filter used. The only photoshop I do to my images are re-sizing, adding a border & a watermark. This picture was when I was having my persistent breakouts before using the regimen too.


Yeah, I'm a firm believer this foundation can make anyone look camera ready.

2) Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation

Coverage - Light to medium. My shade is in No.30

Longevity - 5 hours more or less. Dealt with my oily T-zone loads better than MUFE HD but only by a fraction.

Texture - It’s not runny and can easily be layered for higher coverage. Comes in a tube which is nice.

Price - $36

Additional information - It has better oil control but nothing to write home about. If you’re moderately oily I’d say give this a try. Click to read my blog post about it.

3) Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage

Coverage - Light to medium. My shade is in Light-Medium Sand.

Longevity - 5-6 hours more or less.

Texture - Kind of a thick texture. Easy to blend out though. It does feel obvious on the skin...

Price - $38

Additional information - It’s alright. Very average throughout all areas for me. For those who do aim for cruelty free products, tarte is one of the companies to look at. On my skin it did not live up to it’s 12 hour claim so that was a bust.

4) Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation

Coverage - Medium to full. My shade is Medium 52. This was a PERFECT color match for me.

Longevity - 6-7 hours depending on the weather really. I had high hopes for this one since I heard loads of other people had it wear like iron on their skin.

Texture - Thickest texture out of all of them. You will definitely feel this on your skin. It takes a little while for it to look less mask like when applied onto your skin. You will look mask like initially but your natural oils will break through so it’ll look less intense.

Price - $34

Additional information - It feels heavy, has awesome coverage and a decent price tag. It lasted alright on my combo skin but for super oily people I would not recommend this at all. Your face will feel so heavy later in the day from the product and oil build up. I still enjoy this foundation but it’s not for those who want a light feeling foundation. You can read my detailed post about it

5) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Coverage - Medium to full. My shade is 2W1 Dawn. Work in layers to build coverage. I let each layer dry first before going for another layer. I don’t find myself looking cakey with this foundation.

Longevity - AWESOME. Seriously the longest lasting foundation on my skin period. It stays looking wonderful even after 8-9 hours. It didn’t even look patchy at the 11th hour. I blot maybe once or twice but that’s about it.

Texture - It’s a pretty runny foundation. You can buy a pump from MAC which fits but I’ve become a pro at pouring the exact amount I need on the back of my hand.

Price - $37

Additional information - The only downside about this foundation is that it oxidizes later in the day. It turns a tad orange but by the time that happens I usually don’t care and I’m already home to wash my makeup off. It still kinda bugs me enough so I went out to try another foundation which is number 6 on the list. Click to read my blog post about it.

6) NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Coverage - Medium to full. My shade is in punjab.

Longevity - 7-8 hours before it looks a tad worn. It doesn't wear off my face looking patchy though which I like.

Texture - It’s just as runny as the Estee Lauder one. You can get a pump for this too but again I’ve mastered the skill of pouring the amount I need so I didn't bother getting one. This is my current foundation and I am loving it to bits!

Price - $44

Additional information - WHY DID I HAVE TO LOVE THIS FOUNDATION? It’s the most expensive foundation I’ve ever tried...gah my wallet. It’s so lovely on my skin though...it’s like second skin on me - you know that “my skin but better” kinda deal? I never thought this would ever work for me. Don’t take the name so literally... “sheer glow”. You can definitely get super nice coverage with it like I do AND it doesn’t leave me oily as the word “glow” would imply. I always set my foundation with powder so I always get a matte finish. I mention it in my updated foundation routine


Hope that helps if any of you guys are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different types of foundations out there! My top favorite foundations are NARS sheer glow and Estee Lauder double wear. I try to stock up on them when Sephora has their 20% vouchers so my wallet doesn't take too much of a beating.

If you think makeup is bad for your skin then go read my blog post .

I shall now end this post with a picture of my wonderful new makeup storage...

I spy with my eye a bottle of the regimen's BP! ahahaha




Hey everyone! Happy new years (eve) biggrin.png! Finally have the chance to post a thing or two since school has been out for winter break.

Lets get started :>


1. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

HOLY@#$%^. I have known about this foundation for a long time. However, I always thought it was a foundation meant for those who have already near perfect skin. Now that my skin has calmed down loads (knock on wood) I wanted to give this a shot. Also, I'm damn yellow and my Estee Lauder double wear foundation oxidized during the day which bugged me a lot. I still love it but the minor orange cast at the end of the day was something I didn't particularly care for. My shade is punjab for this foundation.

2. NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer

One of my main concerns now are my huge ass under eye bags. I know, my fault, I stay up all night because...WELL I CAN. Anyway, they're out of control and this concealer provided lovely coverage and moisture to use under the eyes. A new staple for me. My shade is custard.

3. Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Concealer

My new favorite spot concealer. People get confused about concealers. I honestly cannot use the same type of concealer for my under eyes. This is much too heavy for using under the eyes but it's perfectly opaque and an awesome color match for my skin - Medium 52.

4. Cover FX blotting powder

The setting powder I've been using since...forever basically. I've hit pan on like 4 of these and I haven't yet found anything else that tickles my fancy. I use the shade in light.

5. Makeup Forever Mist & Fix

Love setting sprays! I actually tried the urban decay ones but those broke me out. So I decided to try another brand and yay! This one does the job with NO breakouts in sight. Locks in my makeup and takes away the powdery/cakey look that can often happen since I like to really pack it on bahahhaa.


Jesus. 5 hours of sleep does not look good on me AHAHAHA sigh. Anyway, I have uneven skintone with redness here and there. On my right cheek for some reason I have a lot of freckles. Not sure where the hell those came from since I never go outside. Seriously, I'm like always inside some building (school, work, home etc).


What I love about my new foundation items/routine is that my makeup actually looks like second skin. Sounds weird but what I'm saying is that it looks like my skin but better...which I honestly never thought I could pull off. It's not 100% full coverage where I look mask-like but it's enough coverage to even everything out and look polished. The day I can get my skin to actually look like this without makeup will be so awesome.


Here's my every day makeup look. I'm pretty damn satisfied with it.

Skin update

As you can probably see from above my skin has really calm down. I still will get a freak breakout occasionally but you know what? I honestly don't give a $#!t. From having consistent painful breakouts to having a breakout or two occasionally means I really don't have anything to complain about. I have a realistic outlook on my skin. I know I won't have 100% clear skin since I'm not on accutante or even birth control. And you know what? I am okay with that. I use to think that the only acceptable goal for my skin was being 100% clear. That's dumb. If I kept that as my one and only goal then I would never be happy with the progress I've made in the past 10 months.

Many of you guys are struggling emotionally and I can empathize. How I've coped is extremely factorial. Take yourself away from people who are toxic - do they make you feel horrible about your skin? Forget about them. Know that you don't deserve such immature treatment. I don't spend my time around people who tell me my skin sucks or people who make me feel sorry for myself because I don't have perfect skin. Sometimes when I read your stories, I get so frustrated at how you guys are treated and the comments you receive.

Don't act on what you THINK others assume about you. You'd be surprised on how wrong you are about people. What you THINK and what actually is reality are two totally different things. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? If you think someone is looking down at you for your skin then your behavior towards them will reflect that. You probably won't act friendly, you'll act isolated which in turn will cause that person to perceive you as unapproachable so they'll distance themselves from you. Then you're wondering why no one wants to socialize with you which confirms your OWN and FALSE perception of what others are assuming of you. Then the vicious cycle continues.

Re-read that last paragraph until you can comprehend it. Yes I'm sober. My sociology professor would be damn proud of me.

Be around others who aren't douche bags. Like seriously, don't chase after others who have nothing nice to say to you. I don't care if they're bangin' hot. There's no way someone can look that attractive with a shtty personality. Acne isn't something we chose to have but I'd rather have acne than a damn ugly and disgusting personality.

Others have said it's hard to make friends or even pursue a relationship with a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. You need to understand that relationships are NOT tangible items. You can't physically touch a relationship. It exists because the parties involved believe it exists and maintain it through their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. You're telling me you want to have an intimate relationship with someone but it's too hard - you're too scared/hesitant to do so because of your acne so you don't do a thing to try? Don't assume with others think and act upon those assumptions.

For those who are cynical and are thinking - "well your skin isn't BAD so it's easy for you to say."

I'm living proof that you can get over your acne to do what you want. Stop holding yourself back because of your skin.

I hope everyone is doing well and that the new year brings more ups than downs. Sorry this post isn't cheery but I think ending the last blog post of the year on an honest note was fitting. Feel free to PM me if anything guys. See you next time!


Alcohol & (My) Acne

Hey guys! It's been awhile but holycrap there seems to be a butt ton of posts on alcohol and acne on everyone's blog lately. Acne is just one of those things were it seems almost anything can trigger it...SO ANNOYING.

Anyway, the point of this post is just to share my experience and my own two cents on drinking+acne. As a disclaimer I'm not here to parade around and tell you what's right and wrong. I personally don't give a damn if you drink and swear like a sailor because at the end of the day it's your life, not mine.

As a science major I already know that your liver takes a good throttle if you drink regularly. I didn't bust my ass off in physiology to walk away without knowing how toxins get filtered out of your body. We all already know that accutane beats up your liver like some MMA fighter wailing on his opponent. So in my eyes drinking while on accutane is just a no-go! I mean when you're on accutane, you're required to get checked monthly for blood work and all that fun stuff just to make sure your system hasn't been jacked up by it. If it's just a drink or two here and there that's a risk you'll have to be willing to take!

I'm a social drinker. The only time you'll ever find a drink in front of me is when I'm at dinner with friends. During happy hour. Cause I'm broke HAHAHHA! But seriously, I rarely order drinks because I don't particularly enjoy the taste of alcohol. I tend to order a drink out of curiosity, take a sip, gag, and hand it over to a happy friend. As you can tell, my friends like drinking with me cause they get free drinks wtf.

"You don't drink for the taste, ya drink to get HAMMERED."

KEEP IT CLASSY BRO. That's what I do and that's my personal preference.

"Well you don't drink enough to know how it affects your acne!!!!"

I'moldenoughtodrinkwhat. Why the hell would I even try that? Drink and drink and drink until I see something happen? The last time I had something to drink was when I was out last Thursday with friends and I had some soju with some delicious korean noms! I had 3 shots and ended up glowing like Rudolph's nose with a side of heavy breathing.



I didn't experience any mass breakouts the day after either. For the record, 3 shots was the most I had ever done and I highly doubt I'd ever do it again.

TL;DR - For MY lifestyle, I don't see any relation between drinking alcohol and acne. I am definitely against the idea of drinking while on accutane. I like to eat chocolate pudding for breakfast so there's that.

How's my skin you ask?


The fact that my main concerns are enlarged pores and bags bigger than nike gym totes means I have nothing worth complaining about. I'm almost at my 9 month mark on the regimen! I guess that picture is kind of a spoiler but that's fine XD I'll end this post with a picture of my friend's dog Simba! See you guys later :>


Such doge. Much cute. Wow.


I Like...

I'm a pretty pessimistic person. However, that doesn't stop me from looking at the brighter side of things once in awhile. Have you ever been ask what feature you liked about yourself the best? I'm pretty sure most people take a little while to answer that question compared to this one: What is your least favorite feature about yourself?

The latter question is probably a lot easier to answer for a lot of people unfortunately. I grew up damn awkward and always compared myself to person X and Y. I never really paused for a moment until I was a bit older to reevaluate myself. Everyone has something going for them but what do you like most about your self?

I'll be superficial and let you know two of the things I freaking know I'm blessed with - awesome hair and lips.My hair low maintenance but looks damn nice without any effort. I get compliments and questions on what shampoo I use from customers at work. My secret? Baby shampoo.

And wtf about lips. Well it's always something I've liked about myself actually. I've never had a complaint about them and putting on lipstick/stain/gloss is fun okay?

Before - Bare


After - Tinted Lip balm


A healthy lookin' shine!

Best part about lip products? They cater to all budgets!


Clinique Chubby stick in Chunky Cherry - $16

Elf Tinted lip balm in Grapefruit - $1

I won't even tell you guys which one I'm wearing in my picture. There's really no difference between the two.

So just as a reminder, the point of this post wasn't to brag about my favorite traits (okay maybe a little but it's my blog wah!). It's to show you that everyone, yes that includes you, has something going for them. Doesn't matter if you have acne. You have nice hair, style, clothes, personality, whatever it is - it's something you should feel good about. And if you still insist that you have nothing going for yourself then take this - you've made it this far in your life through highs and lows. It would be a shame to let all that time and effort go unappreciated.

Other updates

Earlier this month I started using AHA+. I have been hesitant to use it since the first time I did my skin just dried up terribly. I'll be sure to do a future post on how that's going on. School and work has kept me busy but I'll remember to check back in occasionally. Good luck and see you guys later!


Staying Loyal

From the title of this post I sound like a dirty cheating whore but read on bahaaha.

What made me decide to whip out this post was after getting asked to do some monthly favorites. As much as I like reading those kinds of blog posts and watch those kinds of youtube videos, it's just something that just doesn't really apply to me. For those of you who don't know what "monthly favorites" posts are it's just a quick run down of things you've been loving at the end of the month and supposedly you're to do it every month. Do you know how freaking boring my monthly favorites would be dry.png ?


OMG I lav my loreal lipstick in fairest nude.

Ermmaagahh I love my origin's grapefruit body lotion

Hhooommmgg I lavv the regimen, it's working so well


OMG I lav my loreal lipstick in fairest nude.

Ermmaagahh I love my origin's grapefruit body lotion

Hhooommmgg I lavv the regimen, it's working so well


OMG I lav my loreal lipstick in fairest nude.

Ermmaagahh I love my origin's grapefruit body lotion

Hhooommmgg I lavv the regimen, it's working so well


OMG I lav my loreal lipstick in fairest nude.

Ermmaagahh I love my origin's grapefruit body lotion

Hhooommmgg I lavv the regimen, it's working so well


OMG I lav my loreal lipstick in fairest nude.

Ermmaagahh I love my origin's grapefruit body lotion

Hhooommmgg I lavv the regimen, it's working so well

Get the picture? I stay damn loyal to the products I use. Rarely if ever do I stray from things that just work well. If it ain't broken, leave it alone. I know why some bloggers/youtubers try out so many new things is because they get sent so many goodies and get sponsorship out of it. I have a college kid budget and I make peasant pay -___-

There's nothing wrong with wanting to try out new items, curiosity is normal! What baffles me is when I see people get caught up in the whole plague of consumerism and feel the need to buy EVERY newly released X or stock pile Y. Oh god, when the whole BB cream craze hit the american market it made me curl up into a ball and want to roll down a hill into a pool of hot lava.

I've tried BB creams way before american ones hit the market. Holy#$@ I sound so freaking hipster I don't care. They didn't work out for me because it's meant to those who have DECENT skin.

Minor redness and uneven skintone? Try BB creams!

Active breakouts and super dark hyper pigmentation? BB creams won't cut it!

My skin was in a terrible state when I tried BB creams and I just set myself up for disappointment. I wanted full and flawless coverage and I actually strayed away from my fail proof foundation because I got suckered into empty promises of BB creams. I'm not saying the one's I've tried (korean brands etc) are bad...they just didn't suit my skin's needs at the time. Even now that my skin is loads better I still don't particularly care to use BB creams since my foundation gives me the coverage and results that I want anyway. PLUS BB creams are more or less the same price as foundations.

And argg, it still makes my eye twitch in annoyance just thinking about how I actually was foolish enough to invest in the Michael Todd's True Organics skincare line. Read my review on that Investing in the regimen was a much better choice since I actually saw RESULTS from other people. I was subbed to a few people who posted up their progress on the regimen so at least that skincare line has evidence of success.

At least if you're going to stray away from your normal items make sure to do the proper research before investing in newer products. Sometimes I find myself bored of using the same products but I know where I can be more adventurous with purchases, I won't alter my skincare routine. I'll just pick up a new lipstick if I need some change in my life.

What was the point of this whole post anyway? It's uncommon for me to deviate from my usual everyday essentials so having monthly favorites are a bit silly for me. Unless something is freaking fantastic then you guys probably won't hear a peep out of me. Anyway, I'll end this post with a picture of my friend's cat! HI HONEY IF YOU'RE READING THIS POST~


SO. FREAKING. CUTE. Gahhh, can't wait until I get my own cat. See you guys later XD


This post is a bit delayed and was slightly spoiled due to my Estee Lauder foundation review. If you haven't seen that click

It's been a solid 6 months ever since I've started on the Regimen and 1 whole year since I started posting up blogs. Damn, time flies by so quickly. It's one of those things that goes by slower than we want to, faster than realize.

A little less than year ago this was how my skin was on a daily basis.


Lots of pitted scars, small but consistent breakouts and the occasional angry blemish which never failed to show up.

Even with makeup on it looked patchy and all that jazz....still better than nothing.


But now my skin has smoothed out so well...When I first started the regimen I was doubtful, I won't lie.


Now with my makeup on, my skin looks damn nice! I know I still don't have perfect skin but I've gotten my breakouts under control. At least I can fake it pretty well with makeup.

For the first couple of months on the regimen I did experience lots of dry patches. My skin went through phases of dryness and sensitivity. As much as it SUCKED, I kept at it. I stayed really religious on my new skincare routine and next thing I know I'm waking up with fewer and fewer breakouts.

Unfortunately I am still PRONE to breakouts. Stress and new makeup products have shown that my skin is not invincible to breakouts. That's alright though, really - my skin is under control. A breakout or two doesn't phase me even it's a fat painful blemish. I've dealt with worse so if I were to complain it's not really justified.

I love the cleanser. It's so simple and gets the job done. I cannot emphasize this enough - IT'S SIMPLE AND GETS THE JOB DONE. Holy#$@%$ I am so over fancy infused organic crap or cleansers which reek of perfume. I don't need my face to smell banging, I need it to be cleansed without agitating my already irritated skin.

At night I love using my Olay Pro X with this. At first when I started the regimen I stopped using my Olay Pro X since I was going to follow it to a T. After I noticed my skin clearing up, I decided to risk it and use it at night. Turns out it worked out very well, giving my skin that extra gentle scrub I was wanting so badly. At certain points of the regimen my skin was so flaky so the extra exfoliation helped greatly.

I swear the star of this kit is the 2.5% BP. Like I've mentioned in my past posts, I use to only use BP as a spot treatment so I was hesitant to use it as an all over face treatment. I slowly worked up to a pump and a half a night. During the day I only use a pea sized amount since it just takes too long to soak in. I know this doesn't follow the regimen exactly but remember - you know your skin best! Tailor to your preferences.

The moisturizer is as simple and straight forward with the cleanser. When my skin was super dry though I found that adding jojoba oil actually broke me out. Yes I breakout from straight up jojoba oil, I don't know exactly why but I promise it does. Anyway I used a supplemental moisturizer on the areas which needed extra oomph until my skin was finally able to get a handle on the BP!

There's was no secret in how this skincare line worked for myself. Being patient took a lot of will power but it paid off. I am aware some of you out there may think my skin wasn't even that bad (referring to the first picture in this post). I think any sort of comparison of who has worst skin needs to stop. The moment you stop comparing your situation with anyone else's will be very liberating, I can tell you that much.

Also, it makes me sad knowing how discourage some of us get. You go on tilt and cut yourself short on so many things - a social life, dating, etc...

I am actually quite introverted. I don't prefer large parties or crowds. Working in retail has made me grim towards the general public so I enjoy staying home in my bat cave. Don't confuse this as me being insecure. If anything, I am a damn confident person. I credit that to the people I do associate with and keep very close. Maybe I am lucky on some level to have run into such awesome people. If I'm put in a social setting, I don't crumble. I'm secure enough where I can hold my ground and not be phased over the state of my skin.

I've privately messaged some of you guys out there with words of encouragement and support. As generic as they may sound, I hope it was still something to reflect.

I cannot say this enough - you are your own worse enemy.

Let that sink in for a moment!

Most of the negative thoughts you assume others are thinking come from your own mind. You'll be damn surprised how many people really do NOT give a $#!^ that you have acne. For those who do judge you and call you out on it then FUCK THEM. No, seriously, why do you try and attribute all your focus on someone so petty and superficial? If you fancy them and they're shallow enough to say things like that... then you should reevaluate your preferences. You deserve better and they sure as hell don't deserve you.

This post is a bit dark. Not one of my perkiest posts but it's okay.

On a lighter note, I'm a firm believer that instagram filters can make anyone look SUPER GOOD. Here's proof.


I rest my case.

P.S.: I figured I'd share this - I've been following a youtuber with the user name ElaineMokk. Click here for her channel. She's on the road to clear her skin like all of us are. I won't spoil anything but she has progress videos and they're entertaining. Props to her, she's is able to joke about her skin and put herself out there in youtubeland.

P.P.S.: Yeah I recycled a lot of my pictures in this post. Please don't sue me. Here's a whale { .__.]


What. I actually got requested to do this. I won't call out who ask but they wanted to see if I carried any on-the-go skincare items etc. At first I started laughing because...well you'll see why in just a moment. I always thought this was more of a youtube thing but I don't see why it wouldn't work for blog posts. A fun post to do nonetheless but...



IT'S TINY... what kind of "what's in my purse" post am I suppose to whip out? Months ago I loved using big purses but found myself craving to have a small and perfect cross body bag. This bag is called Mini Mac from Rebecca Minkoff. It's the one and only for me! The material is perfect - wear and tear will happen in like...never. At first I thought I'd dislike the bag considering that I can't adjust the strap but it fits around my body so nicely! Not too short where it's up at my waist or too long where it's smacking my butt. For reference I'm 5'7" (~170 cm). My friend told me she knew someone who had an adjustable leather cross body and some bandit just snipped the fabric and ran off with her purse. Oh god. Now I'm so glad mine is sturdy metal.

You can find the purse here.


Keys, keys and more keys. Oh and a USB, super handy. Please don't judge me by my dirty lanyard x___x;;


My wallet fits awesomely in my bag. You'd think that it would be a bit too oversized but I can put it into the purse without a fight. This was a gift from the hubby. I'm pretty spoiled don'tcha know. It's the bow detailed continental wallet fyi.

You can find it/buy it here.


I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3. It's such a nice upgrade from a blackberry. Seriously dude. I'm such a tool now and I know it for a fact because I feel the need to instagram every meal before I eat it HAHAHAHA. I love the phone case since it opens up like a cute book! Also I have way too many friends who have cracked screens from impaling their asses into it etc. Safety first hahaha. You can find the case that I have by a simple search on ebay!


The only two makeup products I carry around! Jack Black lipbalm in Black tea & Blackberry. Smells so light and refreshing. It doesn't have the best moisturizing power so I don't plan on repurchasing it the moment I run out. The MAC lipstick I'm currently loving is called Shy Girl. It's a nice peachy nude which doesn't make me look dead in the face.

So yep, that's the end of this post. I just thought it was funny since...well there really wasn't much to share D: I'm not the kind of person to lug around unnecessary items. I've seen some videos where some girls have their whole lives packed away in it o___o;; I don't see the point in packing your whole every day make up items etc. If it's going in my purse, I better need to use it later in the day. That's my rule anyway. Hope this was a fun read, I know it's not a skincare oriented post but hey! At least this answers the question - "do you carry any skincare items out and about?" NOPE! No setting sprays, powders blah blah blah. If my makeup starts falling off my face it's most likely at the end of the day and by then I don't care anymore. It's not like I'm out trying to court anyone @___@;; Alrighty, see you guys in my next post!


BAM! Another foundation review for you guys. I'm aware this foundation has gone through a new re-boot in formula. I've never tried the old version but there had been much hype about it - the coverage, lasting power etc. This newer formula apparently isn't up to snuff but I figured I'd give it a go anyway.


It's your typical amount of product (1 fluid oz) for $37. That price tag doesn't make me flinch. I personally feel that you don't need to spend big bucks on makeup. However, the one thing you should always splurge on is foundation! Anyway, my shade is 2W1 Dawn. It's a damn good color match too!


Ah, hello bare face of mine! This was taken today (8/5/2013) right as I was getting ready for work. Lets see this foundation work its magic~


For a foundation that's FULL coverage it looks so natural? Wtf, I bet you it's how I apply it. I use a brush from Real Techniques to buff out the foundation. I work in layers and this foundation doesn't set too quickly so blending is a breeze. My Kat Von D foundation looks much heavier since I applied that particular foundation with my fingers instead of a brush.


Makeup completed! The feel of this foundation is a lot lighter than I expected. The coverage is so nice! I only had to use concealer for my gigantic eye bags.


Oh florescent lighting, ya kill me. After a few hours away at work I came home with my makeup looking not too shabby. I was only out for about 5-6 hours and DANG. I didn't even blot once yet. I felt the need to just a bit but I wasn't drowning in my own oils like I usually do.

This foundation is a keeper and, dare I say, my new #1 foundation? I've only worn it for a few days so far so maybe it's a bit preemptive. When I wore this foundation for the first day at work. one of my co-workers pointed out something was a bit different with my face that day. She wasn't rude about it for the record and I KNEW it had to be this foundation.

This foundation is banging bro, I kid you not. The color and coverage is on point and the lasting power... HOLYCRAP. I ended up wearing this foundation for 10+ hours and it held up LOADS better than any other foundation I've tried. Even when it's wearing away after 8+ hours, it fades less obviously than other foundations.

Another plus is that I don't feel the need to blot my face after like 4-5 hours. Also it's one of the most transfer resistant ones I've tried! Usually when I wear my sunglasses, my foundations smear onto them and it's just such a pain to keep them clean.

The cons on this guy is that there's no freaking pump. I accidentally had the bottle laid on it's side with the top loosely screwed on and a bit of product was wasted! gahhh. Well apparently I can buy a pump from MAC which is like $8. I don't mind forking over the extra bucks since this foundation worked out so well for me. I'll be sure to pick up a pump later.

Anyway, I really have been enjoying this foundation. I'd like to mention that I picked this foundation up when I was at Sephora earlier last week! I went to return my crappy NARS orgasm blush. I held onto that useless thing because I thought I was stuck with it considering I no longer had the original packaging and receipt. Sehpora just has amazing customer service and return policies. They took back the blusher no questions asked! I used that money to roll over into my Estee Lauder foundation.

Since I was in Sephora, I also exchanged my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation out for a different shade because the one I had originally was too pink! A review of that foundation is on the way so sit tight!

See you guys later :>!


Hey guys! Hope you're all doing dandy. Anyway just wanted to say I'm in the process of getting a post up about my 6 month mark (on the regimen). I also have two foundation reviews coming up as well for two pretty popular foundations - Estee Lauder Double Wear & Tarte Amazonian Clay foundations. I had to get some things done with those guys...long story but I'll tell you about that some other time.

And in case you felt like being snoopy, feel free to follow me on instagram! Care to guess my user name?


Lots of pictures of food so if you're not into that, SORRY BRO.

On a much more serious topic - I've been debating if I should move...as in making a blog on wordpress or blogspot. I try my best to keep all my posts skincare related when posting here. The pros of moving to wordpress or blogspot means that I can ramble about anything. The cons are pretty much that my posts no longer reach my target audience. When I post anything here, it pretty much guarantees a couple of hits/views. What do you guys think? Should I keep my blogs hosted here or move them?

That's all I wanted to share and ask! See you guys later~


GAH. No, this is not a skin update or product review post. More of a rant if anything. It's about a pet peeve of mine - it really irks me when I see people lecture others about how wearing makeup over your acne is some sinful act...OR if they ask for ways to minimize the look of spots and emphasize (arrogantly I might add) that makeup is not an option blah blah blah.

From my personal experience this is what I've learned -


It's how you go about it which makes it potentially detrimental to your skin. Is that crystal clear?

1 - You've got acne-prone skin? Find makeup that's oil-free. Take it up another notch by finding one that's paraben free and/or synthetic fragrance free. There are SO many foundations out on the market right now there is bound to be one that tickles your fancy. It's just finding what works and you won't know unless you try. You've bought a foundation that's stuffed with silicon? You're gonna have a bad time dude. I steer clear from drugstore foundations. Also, I live in california where sephora/nordstrom have AMAZING return policies...the moment something breaks me out or doesn't work the way I had wanted it to it's going back to the store. Sephora gives generous samples of any product you ask for. The last product I tried was a mattifying primer from BECCA. I know that product was the one breaking me out because I only broke out on my T-zone where it was applied to. Holy crap those breakouts were sparse but MASSIVE. Now I know that primer is no-go for my skin, thanks sephora .___.;;

2 - Properly remove all of your makeup. I cannot emphasize this enough. Even before I was on the regimen my skin did show improvements the moment I started using makeup removing wipes before cleansing. I typically wear full faced foundation to work/school etc. I actually remember the days when my skincare routine was just a cleanser and moisturizer. When I used the witch hazel toner for the first time I was SHOCKED to see how much foundation was still left over even after cleansing my face. To think I would go straight to bed after moisturizing with all that junk still on my skin makes me cringe in my seat right now...EW. So if you're wearing makeup just keep in mind you will most likely need something a bit more than just a cleanser to remove it.

3 - Remove your makeup the moment you come home. This is one of the key things I stick to and have noticed improvements because of it. After a long day at school/work, all I want to go is sit at my computer and browse mindlessly on imgur, sephora, etc and not be bothered LOLS ...but gah! Letting all the makeup sit on my face after 8+hours feels pretty gross and that's enough motivation to get my butt up to take off my makeup.

4 - Let your skin breath whenever it can. Don't wear makeup when you honestly don't need to. Going out for a quick errand? Forget the foundation and EVEN the concealer if you can help it. Just get your errand done and call it a day. I know it's hard to muster up the courage it takes to go out with a bare face but using up your foundation when it's not needed is just...wasteful.

Makeup is awesome. It can be the confidence boost that you need or just a simple daily dose of pampering. To sum it all up, if you're going to wear makeup just make sure it's oil-free, have a decent makeup removing product on your hands and remove it the moment you no longer need to wear it.

I'll end this post with a picture of my dog cause he's tubby and derpy. Look at this fatty, when I told him it was time to go back inside he flops on over and demands me to carry him back in. LAZY. Anyway, see you guys later!



How much is too much? What is a reasonable amount? 1 of each type of item (example: 1 foundation, 1 lipstick, 1 blusher…etc). If you have a lot of drugstore items, having a bigger collection is more justified than having a big collection of high end items due to cost?

Thanks to a youtuber I follow (ID: PinkSoFoxy; real name Christine), I cleaned out ALL of my makeup a few months ago. She posted various de-cluttering videos. I like watching people make hauls and reviews just so I know what to eyeball when I’m out and about but WTFFF…some of these girls (mostly girls anyway!) seem to keep hoarding more and more makeup every or so week. Holy crap, don’t even get me started on the makeup collection videos. Okay I’m nosy and I enjoy watching them but for some videos I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of makeup. I can understand if you have a HUGE collection if you’re someone like Temptalia (whose name is also Christine, her JOB is to review makeup). Temptalia has a huge collection, more of an archives to refer to and whatnot. That’s understandable…but what the heck are you doing with one whole drawer full of 30+blushers with the next drawer full of 50+ lipsticks when you’re like 18? huh.png

I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A HATER. I did go through a phase of really enjoying having such a huge collection. My collection never went as far as dedicating one whole dresser to makeup but having 2 full levels in my dresser for makeup really disgusted me. Watching PinkSoFoxy’s videos made me snap out of this whole mindset of consumerism which seems to be raging the majority of beauty oriented people in youtubeland. I WAS a hoarder; I bought things because I could, not because I loved them to death and would use them.

I sifted through all my makeup and forwarded them to new homes (yay for friends hahaha). After cleaning out my collection I felt so relieved banana.gif . I know, such a weird thing to feel for getting rid of like 80% of my makeup that I bought with my own cash but I was so overwhelmed! Why would I use a product for the sake of using it up over products that I ACTUALLY loved? Doesn’t make sense to me!

I understand makeup is a hobby for many, I would even consider it one of my hobbies! But personally there was a limit and I went past it. Let me share with you guys how I keep myself under control hahaha!

For starters, I store 75% of my makeup in an organizer I picked up at ikea. Take a look.


Oh let me label if for you!


Do you see where my blushes are lined up? I CAN’T FIT ANYMORE…and that’s fine with me. I keep myself under control by how much space is available. If there was room for another blusher then by all means, I’d allow myself to add another one to my stash. As you can see, I’m almost capped at my lipstick space.


Just another view. To give you some perspective, my previous makeup collection took up SIX of these organizers PLUS space all over my vanity and on the extra space OUTSIDE of the organizers. Oh my god, I was gross LOLS…

Okay the rest of my makeup is on top of my vanity since they are things I reach for every day.


Foundation, primer, concealer, black eyeliner, bronzer, setting powder are permanently chilling at the top of my vanity along with…


My large eyeshadow pallets! I keep them in a stack at the top so they’re within view all the time. Actually, the hello kitty one gets stashed away next to my ikea organizer since it's not a really a neutral palette.


This hello kitty palette was a limited edition holiday palette. The ONLY reason why I got suckered into this was because…it’s freaking hello kitty HAHAHA. I KNOW. I’m such a freaking kid. Anyway this has COLORS for me to use for those what-if-I-need-a-blue-eyeshadow moment…just in case.


I am a die hard for neutral palettes…as you can tell.


These are the newest pallets to my arsenal. I kinda went berserk with the baremineral eyeshadow pallets. I haven’t snowballed myself into buying anything else because I’ve actually been yearning to get that Estee Lauder eyeshadow duo along with that bareminerals quad. The gold bareminerals palette is a newly released limited edition neutral eyeshadow palette.

I know some of you guys may be judging me and others maybe giving me props for cleaning out my collection. At the end of the day, I am FINALLY content, satisfied, and happy with what I have to use and the quantity. It’s enough variety for me but I’m not drowning in my collection.

I am aware some makeup products have shelf lives. I read somewhere that powders have the longest lifespan with creams only lasting for like a year before they supposedly go rotten. Lipsticks fall somewhere in between. For the record, I take care of my items and I don’t share my makeup so until my lipsticks start looking funky or smell like ass, I’m keepin ‘em!

So how do I make sure everything in my collection gets some love?

Blushers – Never use one color more than two days in a row.

Eyeshadow – I fall in love with certain eyeshadow combinations and become attached but I always use a combination from DIFFERENT palettes. My eyeshadows are rarely ever done from ONE palette. It might be a wombo combo of a single shadow+another color from a palette etc.

Lipstick/Lipgloss – This one is a bit tricky. My nude/pink colors get more love since their everyday color friendly. I make sure to grab a different color to throw in my purse/backpack for the day before I walk out the door. I have maybe 2 brighter pinks/corals with 2 red lip colors for…you know…vegas HAHAHHA.

How do I justify buying a particular item?

IS IT ON SALE? – check!

Example: I bought my blush and nude eyeshadow palette from TheBalm when they had a 50% OFF SITE WIDE sale. You read that right, FITTY.FREAKING.PERCENT. I’ve been checking their stuff out for so long so I took advantage of the opportunity.


Example: Sephora has 15%-20% off vouchers/promo codes throughout the year and that’s when I re-stock up on my expensive items like foundations. Pay full price? NOT ME!

JUST GOT PAID AND HAVEN’T TREATED YOURSELF IN WHILE? – maybe…HAHA this doesn't sound like as much of a gray area as you may think. You need to treat yourself when you've accomplished something like getting a 4.0 in your spring semester, WHAT UP!

I feel like my makeup collection has the spectrum covered in what I enjoy using. Maybe one day I’ll find myself fitting all my makeup in one cosmetic bag….who knows! At least I love every item in my stash. I hope this was insightful or at least enjoyable to read. I love makeup but I don’t want to go overboard like some sick maniac.

Speaking about makeup...

Someone messaged me letting me know that my pictures used for my Kat Von D foundation doesn’t make me look natural! Wahhh okay I’LL PROVE YOU WRONG SIR/MA’AM/PERSON. (I’m not offended, I just really love this foundation LOLS).

Click HERE and HERE

These pictures were from a wedding a few weeks ago. I freaking packed on that foundation and it turned out damn well! The first picture shows how the makeup lasted through 20 million courses of food and running around to find more food HAHAHHA! They won't show up in this blog post because you're only allowed a max of 10 images per post or something so I provided links. Anyway see you guys in my next post XD!


Hi guys! Just figured I'd throw in a foundation review since it's been some time. I'll be sure to post an update on my skin since my 6 month mark on the regimen has gone by.

Anyway, I've noticed my well loved Makeup Forever HD Foundation hasn't been working as well. Click to read up on my past foundation routine. My Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation doesn't work as well anymore especially during the times when my skin has gotten really dry and flaky during the regimen. Read reviews on the Mat Velvet + Foundation I've been on the search for a new foundation and have been eyeballing Kat Von D's Lock-it Tattoo Foundation.

For 1 oz of product, it's going to run $34 per bottle. That's a much nicer price tag than MAFE HD which goes for $42...I remember when it use to be $40. Anyway Sephora has finally stocked up on Kat Von D's foundation which has been sold out for as long as I can remember.


What I have to deal with nowadays with my skin is lots of hyper pigmentation. I've actually gotten oily again - I think my skin adjusted to the regimen and for about a month I did have dry skin. Anyway this foundation has lots of love on makeupalley and on it's review/ratings section in sephora. It's advertised as a full coverage foundation, oil-free and doesn't have any parabens and synthetic fragrances. Sounds pretty dandy to me so I was excited to start using this guy.


Hello right cheek of mine! I actually broke out quite a lot during finals week in may and now left with scars. whoopee deee.

Uneven skin tone with hyper pigmentation and minor sunspots because I didn't care to use sunblock when I was younger. Gahhh, ingorant kid I was. Wahh, I look so sallowy but whatever...FOUNDATION TO THE RESCUE!


This is the first thin layer. I use my fingers to apply it and press it into my skin. One of the shocking things about this foundation for me is that the color match is ON POINT. Usually the foundation shades I have are a bit more pink/orange which kinda sucks because it looks much more obvious that I'm wearing a butt-ton of foundation. I usually have to blend down into my neck but not with this foundation!


Whacky eye sizes aside, here is the foundation full on. I go over the areas which need some more coverage with another thin layer. I use my trusty inglot concealer to cover up my dark circles (okay I know they're still peeping through but I'm like a night owl! cannot help it!). My pores are naturally pretty large and I really don't mind that they're noticeable. I'd rather have large pores than massive breakouts everywhere so life is a trade off!

Yes, it does look heavy and borderline cakey BUT give it a few minutes...the moment your natural oils start kicking in it negates the heavy foundation look and makes your skin look much more natural. Trust me on this one guys!


The wear time on this foundation for me is about 7 hours. At about 8 hours it starts looking a bit worn only because I'm just so damn oily. I'm not complaining much because by the time it starts looking a bit lack luster, I've stopped caring. Here's how my foundation pretty much ended up at about the 8 hour mark. I took this picture at like 1 am after a huge dinner of KBBQ. Yeah I food coma'ed myself but I mustered up the energy to snap this not so flattering picture (my freaking florescent lighting doesn't help much either). I realize that depending on your monitor/lighting the foundation looks a lot more yellow but it looks perfectly fine in real life. You can see that the foundation on my nose is the first to really go since...again...OILY T-ZONE.

Just for kicks, here's a picture show you how well the foundation photographs along with looking pretty damn natural and nice! Was too lazy to watermark it but yes, it's from my instagram.


It doesn't have a 12 hour+ lifespan on my face but the color match is so good on me AND it doesn't break me out. Can't really ask for more than that for now! I deffinately hope you guys give this foundation a try. I honestly rank this better than my MUFE HD foundation.

I'm on the hunt for a new face primer. The one I'm using right now is alright but if it really was working my foundation should be cemented onto my skin for at least 8 hours no problem so the hunt continues! My foundation routine is slightly different. I may or may not do a blog post on it since it's not too exciting but we'll see!

I've already started my summer session at school and it's quite a drag. On the upside my skin is making great progress and I can't wait to share the results with you guys biggrin.png See you guys later!


[WARNING: slightly picture+text heavy post] Hi guys! Summer break is finally here for me and I'm so happy you have no idea. I plan to bum it out this summer. I don't want to change my pants for 3 days straight and I want to food coma myself multiple times on the same day. HAHAHA! Don't judge! Spring semester was easily the hardest semester I've had in my academic career so let me be a sloth this summer. I got my first ever 4.0 in college which took me completely surprise. I'm not complaining but WHAT.THE.HECK. I felt as if I never had enough time to study for anything. Usually, I always manage to end up with a B in one class because....fml that's why LOLS. This time however, I did it! Wahh, hard work pays off.

Anyway, this post isn't going to be a skin update. I'm going to share with you guys how I've built my confidence up! I've found myself extremely content with how things have been for me [wah knock on wood!]. I mean of course some things could be better but as a whole I'm pretty dandy. What really triggered this blog post was a talk my boyfriend and I had yesterday. We were relaying our teen lives. As I was sharing some stories I realized that I was pretty....derpy.

What is being "derpy"? Uncoordinated, unaware, lightly ignorant about things in life, I had no sense of style, no confidence to spring myself up from when I was thrown into the spotlight. Gahhhh.

I know for a fact, as vain as it is, I had such low self-esteem because of my looks. Compared to others, I felt and internalized that I was below average. I remember growing up being very tomboy-ish. Why? Because I couldn't identify myself as "cute" like girls at my age could, I went along with the tomboy view on things. I strayed away from dresses and makeup. Of course I was always curious and awed at how girls used all those lotions and potions to put their face on. I wanted to look more feminine but I was derpy. But the intent to change was there. I was tired of feeling sub-par.

Come take a journey with me down memory lane....via school pictures LOLS. Ready?


Yes. That's all me. Lets break it down!

8th grade

I actually misplaced my 7th grade school ID and didn't purchase a yearbook that year so whomp whomp no image for 7th grade. However, 8th grade me wasn't a far cry from 7th grade me. I KNOW. THAT HAIR. IT WASN'T EVEN CUTE. I use to have hair down to my shoulders but during one trip to the hair salon the stylist just chopped off EVERYTHING. When I tell people my hair use to be short they assume it was some sort of cute bob cut. NOPE. IT WAS SHAPED TO MY HEAD. I wore glasses and had to take it off so I was blind as a bat during the whole hair cutting session. My mother was suppose to be monitoring but got distracted with some vietnamese show that was blaring out on the giant plasma. Sigh. Ever since that traumatic hair cut I vowed never to have short hair again.

9th grade

Can you tell I was a kid who played games all day and watched anime? Well, I'm actually still like that, I just don't look the part anymore.

10th grade

This was the year when I thought my wardrobe was improving...a bit. I use to only wear these solid colored shirts from Old Navy so when I finally started shopping somewhere else for clothes I felt a tad better. New glasses too! C'mon, rectangle frames totally became a thing this year HAHHA! DON'T ASK ME ABOUT THE WEIRD HAIR FLIP ON MY RIGHT. For some reason when my hair got around shoulder length it would flick out awkwardly and I didn't know how to style it.

11th grade

Aw yisss, my hair is finally looking the way I've wanted it to look since 7th grade. This was the year when I took up dancing. It forced me to become more confident in myself. A dance routine doesn't look good when you're busting out your moves all timid - I can tell you that much. Not to mention all that cardio helped me shed off some unwanted pounds. I was never obese but I was overweight at one point. I believe I was 5'2" (157.5cm) in 7th grade at 160lbs (72.5kg). Of course getting contacts was super exciting too.

12th grade

Still involved with dance which was fun and kept me from being a tubster. I began wearing makeup around this year? Possibly near the end of junior year actually. Just powder foundation if anything.

Freshman year of College

This is when I began trying to wear makeup. Powder foundations and the first attempts at eyeliner.

Junior year [standing] of College

Talk about change, eh? As you can see, 2 very prominent pimples showed up under all that makeup - fail ; - ;

Some of you maybe thinking - "that's great about how your hair grew but I DON'T SEE ANY PIMPLES...besides the last picture o__o"

Ah, you see school picture quality wasn't that great. Here's a normal picture from 11th grade -


My forehead was a war-zone and my chin had a few parties going on too. I believe I was wearing powder foundation as my only source of makeup. And yeah I shamelessly cropped out my friend from the picture but it was so you could focus on what I'm trying to show.

My breakouts were the worst in that 3 year gap (from when I started college at a junior college then transferred to a Cal state hence two college ID pictures).

So how did I build up confidence and self-esteem? Here are 2 main points I've deducted that have worked for myself.

1] Wanting to change.

First and foremost, I wanted to change for myself. I was not told to change by my mother, friends or even a random stranger. I knew I didn't feel good about myself and I wasn't proud of how I presented myself on a daily basis. There's a point where you stop whining and begin taking the initiative to change. It's a slow process but worthwhile when you reach that point where you're content. I couldn't change my genes - acne runs in my family. So instead of praying every night to wake up with clear skin I started using skincare products. I didn't wallow about things I couldn't alter and focused my energy on things that could be. Like my hair for example - that needed to change big time. My preferences have obviously been shaped from experience but regardless they are things I have control over.

Even my clothes! I use to wear solid colored shirts and jeans. I kept it simple because it was safe. I didn't have the courage to try dresses or floral prints. However, I made friends who became a positive influence on me...which leads me to my second point.

2] Be with others who help you change for the better.

Sounds cheesy and vague. From my personal experience this is the friend(s) who can convince you to get out of your safe zone but respect your wishes if you declined. The easiest example I can come up with is with clothes. One of my friends who I would go out with often would be puzzled when I could say things like, "oh I can't wear that." Instead of giving me grief or guilt, she would say something like, "just try it, it won't kill you" and it was a pleasant surprise when the dress turned out to be flattering...whatever it may be. It's those friends who can help you discover what you are capable of that helped me build my level of confidence. I already had a low outlook on myself but to have someone else see so much potential in you that you weren't able to see is nothing short of amazing. I have no one else to thank profusely for this shed of light but my family, friends and boyfriend.

Getting confidence happens over time, not over night. You always have the ability to improve yourself whether it's your looks, attire, whatever. Don't bring yourself down and keep yourself in a rut because you're unable to see the potential you're capable of. Obviously having a support system such as close friends and family aids a lot. It's a shame to see others who sit in their own despair. If I could talk to 13 year old me I'd do something along the lines of this:


Snap out of your own pity and realize that change only happens when you keep at it - not cry or wish for it. Complaining about things you don't like is natural but you can only do it for so long. Don't make excuses because it only holds you back.

If anyone finds this post a tad harsh, I can't apologize for it. Just hit the red "x" on the top right of the screen (left for you silly MAC users) and go along with your business. I'll even throw in a picture of me looking like a complete tool to really give yah something to ruffle your jammies about:


And for those of you who are able to take away a positive note away from this post then I'm happy! You have it in yourself to get through anything - even bad skin. Chin up guys! & I'll see you guys in my next blog post biggrin.png

P.s. I cannot end this post with such a douche looking picture of myself so here's the most recent picture I have! haha! okay see you guys later XD



HEADS UP! - picture heavy entry so sorry in advance if I blow up anyone's phone or something @___@;;

Hi everyone! It's been quite awhile but I come back with news to share - the new skincare items I've been using has shown results. By the title of this blog post it's a huge spoiler - I've been using the Acne.org system.


I caved in a got it early February. My last skincare items I used were dreadful....check out my last post if you're curious on how tragic I think the Micheal's true organics skincare line is. Anyway on a brighter note I had high hopes for Dan's products. I heard about this line initially from someone on youtube. Her ID is OhBeauty88. She no longer makes vids sadly D: but! the ones she still has up online are still useful. I found her randomly when she posted up a video talking about her acne. It wasn't one of those videos were she sat around with near perfect skin and preached about this line. It was back when she had active, visible breakouts. I subbied her earlier on in her youtube life and she eventually tried Acne,org's system. Ever since then, she has reported back her results and they have been so great - it was really fun to tag along on her journey to clearing up her skin!

so as most of you guys know. this line is straight forward. Lets start the review!

Acne.org Cleanser

This is a gel cleanser - it's clear and lathers up very nicely. Most importantly, THERE IS NO REPULSIVE SCENT. It's so nice to have a facial cleanser that's not trying to court me with scents of floral notes or suffocating me with charcoal fumes -coughmichaeltoddscough-

I use 1 full pump and lather it between my hands before working it into my skin for 10 seconds. I KNOW. 10 SECONDS? It felt so WRONG to only go at my skin for a mere 10 seconds but I followed the instructions sent to me to a T. I suppose the perks of this is knowing that my face washing time is less than 15 seconds if anything so I can go to bed quicker hahaha.

Acne.org Treatment

I really think this guy is the star. No funky smell, efficient packaging and it has cut down the overall oil production on my face by so much! I actually have rather normal/dry skin now because of this. I do get oily in the day but I'm no longer an oil slick. Who knew 2.5% benzoyl peroxide would be my saving grace? You're suppose to use this as an all over facial treatment, not spot treatment. I tried working my way up into using two full pumps of this stuff at night but my skin became TOO flaky for me to deal with. For the past two months I've been using this, I've found out the perfect amount for my skin. About a super fat pea size amount during the day and 2 fat pea sizes at night. This soaks up into my skin fairly quickly as well.

WARNING! - it kinda irritates my eyes...it's not like I get it INTO my eyes but I guess maybe there's some other ingredient that makes my eyes feel a tad bothered. Nothing too extreme, it's not like it's burning my eyeballs out but it's something to note.

Acne.org Moisturizer

The first month I used this when my skin was drying up from the treatment, it kinda burned. Not in the OMFG-I-NEED-TO-WASH-THIS-OFF...more so like "oh...wah, this is kind of uncomfortable." To soothe my skin I just fanned myself until the moisturizer dried. My skin no longer feels a burning sensation to this moisturizer. The "burning" never got to the point where it became unbearable, just slightly irritating so I toughed it out and I suppose it paid off. I use a pretty generous amount. I work one pump into my skin in the morning and 2 pumps at night! It sinks it nicely and doesn't leave a greasy/oily residue!

Btw I know in the picture above the moisturizer looks kinda green and disgusting. It really isn't like that at all LOLS BLAME THE LIGHTING WAH! Here I'll prove it to you. It's actually yellow because of the jojoba in it apparently so there you go!


Acne.org AHA+

Oh gosh...I actually think this was what made me start flaking out of control around my lower cheeks. I used it once but it was quite early on. I believe I used it about a month into the regimen? I don't have enough experience with this product yet so I'll have to do a follow up blog post just for this guy.

So far I've just been using only the regimen (minus the AHA+ for now) and it just has been working out so well (knock on wood D:). So far it has been very promising and it just checks out well with everything I've wanted for a staple skincare. Efficient packaging, minimal products, non-scented and most importantly - results!

Lets see how far my skin has come along biggrin.png

August 2012


October 2012


April 2013




Not bad eh?

I'd also like to mention my current problem areas - I've marked them out for yah.


I've been trying to deal with the flakiness with another product. I use this product on my lower cheeks during the day to minimize my flakes. To my surprise, it doesn't clog my pores. One of my friends who also as acne praises this stuff and I've had it with me for over a year now. It's a super thick cream and a little dab is enough for both of my cheeks.

Eucerin Original Healing Cream


What about jojoba oil you ask? I tried mixing that into my moisturizer as recommended but straight up jojoba oil made my skin breakout, even during the regimen. I stopped right away so my skin could recover.

So far so good! I don't have much else to say but YAY, THIS WORK FOR ME XD! I'm glad I took the chance with this line. I actually bought the smaller 8oz line, finished that then went ahead to purchase the more cost efficient 16oz set. I'll definitely do a follow up post 6 months down the line and another post about the AHA+!

I hope you're all doing well and keep at it with your skincare! School has been taking over my life but I'll be sure to answer any question you might have XD Good luck and I'll see you later~



First of all, HI GUYS XD! I'm not even sure if anyone remembers me LOLS It has been awhile since school is taking over my life. Gahh, not fun but I'm hanging in there. So this is gonna be my very over due review on a new skincare line I've tried out!

From my past post seen I was drawn into this brand since some of the people I follow on youtube have said positive things from this line. Being the smart online shopper I am I also found a promo code which brought down the price to $56 total for 5 items (free shipping!). Each item bought separately costs $20+ each so this was a bargain!

I bought the 5 piece set of meant for acne/oily skin. They've changed the current set from when I purchased it so my items are different.

1. Charcoal Detox [$24]

It's a charcoal gray gel that doesn't irritate my skin. I used it along with my Olay Pro X but UHG. THE SMELL. Of course it smells like charcoal but it was extremely pungent but I just held my breath when I had to wash my face.

2. Organic Lemon Toner [$18]

I was super excited for this one since I had used fresh lemons as a toner and those worked well for my skin. I figured having a lemon toner is much more convent for me since it's all prepared and whatnot. Blarg, the smell wasn't lovely for this either. It didn't show amazing results like my witch hazel toner but it didn't irritate my skin.

3. Carrot Serum [$37]

Again, the smell was pretty horrid. But I can tolerate a lot of things if the results are worth it. This didn't do anything for my skin...it just..sat there on top of my acne but again I kept using it in hopes of seeing progress later on.

4. Moisturizing Lite Non-oily Hydration Lotion [$29]

Finally, a product which doesn't smell so repulsive. It's light weight and skins in quickly. it claims to have oil control which was a total lie for my skin. My t-zone is extremely oily and this didn't help one bit.

5. Kaolin Clay [$34]

It's a clay mask which didn't do much. I honestly feel that the Queen Helen's Mint Julep mask is much superior...and WTFREAK. I nearly passed out from seeing the price tag for this bottle. The mint julep mask is about $5 at drugstores and this clay mask was almost $35...sheesh

Not to mention, most of these items had a pump/vacuum mechanism which SUCKED. Either no product came out or too much came out. I eventually had to scoop out product with a cotton bud to get the serum out because the pump was terrible.eusa_wall.gif

As you can probably guess from my review, I'm seriously unimpressed with this line. It did not help my skin one bit. And listen to this - I originally did not receive my moisturizer in my first delivery. There was a note inside my package saying it would be shipped later. That's fine, I'm patient but I wanted to use all these items together to see its effectiveness. I waited and waited then rang them up inquiring about it. It took a whole 2 weeks + to ship out the item. When it arrived 2 weeks later it was the WRONG ITEM ....I got a body lotion instead of my facial lotion.

& The service...

I work in retail so I understand it's no fun dealing with a customer who isn't pleased. I stayed chill and just rang them up informing them about the mix up. It wasn't until a month later I received my moisturizer. At this time I was already using the rest of the skincare items and they weren't performing great at all. I kept at it for another few weeks with my moisturizer and it just falls so flat.

I called the company and requested if I could be exempt from the 30 day refund policy since I didn't receive the complete set not too long ago. I was told I'd be contacted and an exception would be made for me which I'd get a follow-up call eusa_liar.gif . That was sometime last week and I didn't receive any follow up call since.

I just called again earlier today and they said to just send back in the items but they're going to take $10 away from the total since they don't cover the costs for shipping returns.


Yeah, not happy with the company. Everyone I spoke to was polite, nice and understanding but that doesn't exempt you from doing your job and making sure things are getting done (like follow up calls, orders etc). It's careless and a waste of my time and money.

I believe I spoke to the manager, his name's Michael Friend and mreeh. I didn't get any offers for compensation or even an apology for such delayed service.

It may seem I'm being excessively critical about their service but I work in retail too (retail pharmacy). I completely understand having to deal with an unhappy customer but to be so half-assed about helping them just makes the problem worst. It's not a good thing at all for a company to leave an already unhappy customer unsatisfied.

I'm already unsatisfied with your products but your service too? dry.png

Wow, what a rant hahaha but in all seriousness, this line of products SUCK, My old skincare routine which was made up of 75% of drugstore items worked MUCH better than these overpriced stinky serums in a bottle.

I stopped using this skincare line early February. Why? MY SKIN BROKE OUT HORRIBLY censored.gif. I'm trying to fish through my photo albums to see if I had taken update photos for this line but oh my gosh. I broke out in large painful clusters of acne around my mouth and temples. My forehead still broke out in dime sized acne spots as well.

So I'll be getting my stuff in order to post them later this week. I don't recommend this line at all mellow.png. There are so much better options which will work and you won't have to deal with delivery mistakes/mixups.


After having such an awful experience with the Michael Todd's skincare line I needed to find something else. I found myself in a phase which was a mixture of frustration and in a dire need of a new skincare treatment. I invested in another skincare line which I started using on February 6th.....



I look sleepy but THAT'S NOT THE POINT GUYS! dot.gif

All I have been experiencing is a bit of dryness on my nostrils [which has been normal for me] and ONE breakout on my chin. HOLY$#%^&. I have NEVER thought I would've been able to say that EVER. I have scarring yes but my breakouts have been stomped down into the ground. I hope I'm not jinxing myself x:! I want to use these new products for at least another month or so before I write a proper review but I just NEEDED to share this insane progress. I'm no longer taking birth control so the only thing treating my acne are topical items.

Anyway I think this post has been long enough XD I hope everyone is doing well and I'll see you guys later<3! boogie.gif

EDIT 02/23/14 - If you scroll down and read the comments you'll see this one left by a user with the named "Nupoon" who says:

Hey guys, I have been use on Michael Regimen and I was surpise that this is awesome product. They clear my face absolutely worth to spend money on this kits!!! I think you should give them for at least 2-3 months to get the result as they will detox chemical on your face!!! I had a ton of zit on my face after use this kit at 1-2 frist month but after that they gone step by step... Right now I have been use Michael Todd for 8 months so far so good... I love Michaeltood... By the way their service was very nice to me as well...

May be, you need to get back and give them to try once again after 3 months you will fall in love Michaeltodd like me ❤

I'd like to point out that this "Nupoon" user hasn't logged in ever since she's commented about how she loves michael todd products on 9/16/13. I'd say F**K OFF my blog post with your biased comments if you're someone from the PR crowd for the company. Michael Todd products are overly expensive and suck massive D. The only people I'd ever recommend these products to are my mortal enemies so they can have crappy skin and suffocate in reeking overpriced serums. I don't moderate my comments but I will call out the ones which smell fake&fishy. Putting hearts and sht won't mask the fact that their products are garbage -___-