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Hello! It's been awhile since i was here ...

What can i say? My skin is not perfect yet,, far from being perfect actually but i started to accept my face hahaha i have periods when i feel so uncomfortable, especially when i meet someone for the first time but since i started college i can say my self-confidence has grown,, for example i had the "courage" to go at classes without any makeup,, ok i was forced by circumstances because i had an eczema under my eyes, and it was horrible,, but i was something like "i'm not the only one who has acne in the world and if someone looks strange to me is his/her problem haha"





I'm using foundation so it's not so bad. I still get sports once in a while,, especially when it "that time of the month" Thanks to God i didn't get new nodules but the scars fade away so so hard

this november


in the summer


professional makeup march 2014



hey! How are you? smile.png

It's the 81th day without accutane and i don't have clear face yet:(

i went to see another dermatologist and i said to her that i was on accutane and i asked her what i'm supposed to do now hahaha. She gave me a topical cream, "Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream"

A technologically advanced restorative skin cream that helps speed the recovery process by maintaining an optimal healing environment for the skin.

  • • Helps speed the skin recovery process
  • • Provides a healthy skin environment to minimize a potential infection
  • • Prevents signs of scarring
  • • Fragrance-free, preservative-free, colorant-free
  • • Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften the skin
  • • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic

On november i'll go to see her again and she said that i should do a dermabrasion because maybe it can help to reduce my scars and redness. she said that it should be the first thing i should try, before chemical peeling or laser. i agree with her hahaha.

a few minutes ago i saw again my old photos, from when i was on accutane and i'm in shock!

i have not realised only now -what an improvement-. i mean i see my face every day on the mirror and i say that it looks so bad and things like this but when i saw those pictures i thought -if i feel in this way now, how i felt then? -

it is said that if you take accutane you can become depressed and now i can say that i was depressed too. not so depressed that i would cut my veins but i did not feel comfortable with myself, i haven't gone out and everytime i found a reason for this. i did not realise then sad.png i knew how your face can look if you take accutane, because i read so many blogs but when it happens to you it's not enough.

take care if you're on accutane too!





Hello guys! smile.png

so i finished the journey 1 month and 15 days ago, i was 1 year without a day on accutane (something happened to one pill and the other one i gave to my cousin), 20mg/day everyday so i took 7280 mg.

my min dose should have been 5520mg (120mg/kg) and my max 6900mg (150mg/kg) so i took it a few days more smile.png)

i still have scars how you can see and the redness :(

i went at sea at the end of august but for my face i used 50SPF and i did not get tan hahaha

people said that there is an improvement but again i'm not sure i can see it hahah.

this week i will go to see my derm. again because the last time i've gone there was at the end of june.

i'll see what he will say and if i have to take BC or not :/





Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)

Helloo! How are you?

It's almost 1 year since i've started this journey and i don't know how i feel. I am not clear yet, but i'm thinking about giving up. I mean i have 44-45 kg and i reached my max. dose ( min is 120mg/kg and max 150/kg, isn't it?). I'm pretty sure that it's not ok to take more than my organism can lead.

The next tuesday i'll go at my derm and we'll talk about this. A few weeks ago he said to me about BC pills. I've never taken these pills. He said that maybe these will help my face. don't know what to do.. to take or not to take?

now i have mostly scars and ~3 places where i feel some nodules that do not want to get out.

the redness kills me :'(

Right Cheek


Left Cheek



Hello! How are you?smile.png

Finnaly i had time to take some photos of my skin and to upload them here.

To anyone who is starting the accutane journey now, take photos of your face/body at least one time/week. you will be amazed by the changes of your skin.

you see your face everyday in the mirror and you don't see the improvement, i know because i don't see it hahaha even if others say it's better and better.

and i was looking at my photos from the first or second month of accutane and i was O M G.( you can see them on the past entries. and you will be OMG too hahaha)

can't believe that my face looked so bad sad.png i know that at that time it's how it had to look but anyways...

my face is not perfect yet but i hope.

summer it's almost here and it's soooo so hot outside. i started to use sun protector with 50SPF and to drink a lot of water again. it reminds me of the first days with accutane i don't know why hahaha

Have a good day!

Right Cheek


Left Cheek



Heeeey! how are you? 2 months since the last tine i wrote something.

yesterday i had an appointment at my derm. and he said that's better than the last time( and this is true, the past month my face was horror hahaha) but i still have to take Sotret because is not ok. ( 20mg/day)

this weekend i hope i will be able to take some photos of my face, to post them and to say more things.

Have a nice day!


DAY 200 (Day 20 Month 7)

so here i am:) 200 days down. and not clear yet. :(

this week i'm going to see the derm. again. i'lltell you what he told me.

about my face.... how you can see is soooo dry and i really don't know what to use in the evening hahha

one night i use the moisturizer and the next night again and then something for the redness but then the isotrexin gel. but then i have to use a lot of moisturizer again.

the nodule of my neck is goinggg yuhuuu and the ones of my face cannot be felt like before and i'm so happy because of this

but the redness makes my life awful hahaha :( :(

i don't know if it is from accutane or not but i forget things :\ and i cannot focus at school and i haven't problems like these before

and i'm so so bipolar haha i'm calm but then someone say something and i'm something like ^&%*^^(%&^%* i'm yelling and i get mad very quickly .

anyways i hope everything will be ok and i cannot wait to look nice again






day 199 photo


DAY 186 ( DAY 6 MONTH 7 )

heeeey guys! how are you? smile.png

I swallowed 371 pills until now hahahaa so 3710mg.

my face still do not look good sad.png

2 new nodeules on my neck!!!! GOD! i've never had there... i just hateeeeeeeeeeeee them

i just wanna finnish this journey and have a clear face and i want it now! please??! smile.png

lately i felt very stressed i don't know why, maybe is the school, and i ate less than usual and "usually" i don't eat verrrrrryy much hahahah. it is not good, is it?

i don't know why my journey goes so slow... my cousin started a montuh after me and i think he will finish the tratment the next month because his face is just wow! he had only a few red marks but no acne. and the same with another friend.

what don't i do well?



Left Cheek and the nodules on my neck


nose, chin, cheeks


right cheek


Day 150 (Day 30 Month 5)

Hello guys! How much the site has changed since the last time i've been here.

Today i'm finishing my fifth month of this journey.

don't know what to say.

I'm on 20mg/day so until now i took only 3000mg

On my left cheek i have a new active friend -.- and still a lot of nodules on both cheeks :(

sooo my face still looks horrible and i have some days when i just wanna cry because of my skin. it so unfair :(

Today's photos ( it's winter and it is not so much bright light outside and i hate taking pictures of my face with flash so the photos are not so clear like before)

Right cheek - sun light


Right cheek


Left cheek


Left cheek - sun light








Happy new year to all of you!


Day 123 ( Day 3 Month 5)

How are you guys? I started my 5th month of Sotret 20mg/day. almost 1/2 of my journey.

my skin didn't improve. i mean new nodules appeared on my face:( 1 biiig on my left cheek, one on the right cheek , one on my neck!!! never before i had acne there!! and now i feel another one on the right cheek but above jawline ( you'll be able to see on the photos below)

they hurt sometimes when i accidentally touch them sad.png i really want the gone and to have a clear face

3 weeks more and i'll have the christmas holiday *o*












Month 4: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/blog/6454/entry-24839-day-91-day-1-month-4/

Month 3: http://www.acne.org/...-day-1-month-3/

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Day 107

Hello guys! How are you?

I've been so busy the last weeks and i had no time to write here...but here i am now!! : )

My face i think it's better than 2 weeks ago and i'm so curious what will say my derm the next week when i have an appointment.

i still have the nodules on my left cheek but they are not so big like at the begining

my forehead and my nose are ok ( in my opinion hahah)

i have on my jawline some whiteheads and i don't know what to do with them, what to use on them...

and my cheeks uff lots of scars that i cannot hide. and because of the cold weather they are more red : ( : (

but since i'm using Metrocreme instead of Isotrexin Gel they are not so accentuated

i wish i had clear skin:<

Today's photos:













just wow:o already month 4

i'm still home and still taking injections but i'm not so bad like at the beginning

but my face, how will you see below, looks horrible and when i say horrible i mean it haha.because almost everything is scar. the nodules/cysts cannot be felt like before but the scars are more awful. and are so red and so visible

and blackheads tonnssss. hate them :-L

Today's photos(not so clear, i had to use she sharpen option)












DAY 87

Hey guys! How are you?

I'm not so good because i have pneumonia and I'm taking injections.

I've stayed home since Thursday and i took antibiotics (augmentin 1000/62.5 mg -- augmentin is amoxiciclin and clavulanate ) but yesterday i went to my gp and he said i have pneumonia and I need to take 5 days injections (DEXAMED 8mg/2ml (dexamethasone) only once/day and CLINDAMYCIN 2* 300mg/2ml and this one i take twice/day)

and i stay only in bed, I'm writing this from the phone and i haven't how to upload photos of my face

I don't know if I'm the only who see this but since i don't use ISOTREXIN in the evening and I'm using METROCREME which is for redness and inflammation my face doesn't look so bad and red and the cysts i have aren't so big like before .

Yesterday i started again with SOTRET and maybe the improvement is because of the antibiotics that my derm. gave me too

Aren't you more sensitive since are taking ACUTANE? Is it just me? ':(

maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow i will post new photos

Take care!!


It Should Have Been Day 86

Hello guys!

the last weeks i had so but so many things to do at school, lots of homework. to study a lot and i couldn't post here.

but now i'm here and not with good news sad.png

yesterday i had an appointment with my derm and he said that my face doesn't look good after 3 months of treatment(i was something like /: ) really?! i'm only finishing the third month(/9) with 20mg/day and you say that i should have a beautiful face?! but i didn't say anything haha)

And hee gave me a week of antibiotics (Metronidazole 3*20mg/day) so i have to stop taking Sotret this week.(only)

Furthermore i have to stop using the Isotrexin gel until i finish the new cream he gave me Metrocrème (http://ivatherm.com/...-metrocreme.php)

It's so annoying when everyone tells you how bad your skin looks! god! i have mirror home too!

i asked my derm yesterday if food affects the acne, but he said not really and that i can drink milk(no more than 1l/day) and it's said that dark chocolate is good for people with acne :\ but is not good to eat fast foods and fatty meat(i do not eat this).

i do not drink milk or any dairy product because 1 year ago a dermatologist told me that these may be a cause of my acne, along with chocolate, nuts, peanuts, seeds and chips.( and i haven't been eating these since then)

but this fall i started to eat again Danette not every day and not more than one once but it's with chocolate ( have you heard about it? it's a cream desert this, is my weakness :" >), and chocolate horns sometimes and i drunk hot chocolate when i was cold but

i'm done with these!! maybe these worsened my acne again.

and now about side effects:

  • my lips are very dry but i'm using lip balm all the time
  • i had terrible shoulders pain, i mean it's like my shoulder bones hurt, but i think that my schoolbag is causing it too becauseeeeeeeeeee it is sooo heavy( yesterday it had 6 kg!!!)
  • i'm so tired but again it's because of the school i'm sure.

Today's photos


Left Cheek


Right Cheek







every new pimple is where i had a blackhead (look below) { AND I HAVE A LOTS OF BLACKHEADS}




DAY 70

uff day 70. just 206 more (at least) hahaha

well my faceeee hmm has bad and good days, but the bad days are more ):

right now i have on my chin another head hahaha incredible how they come out. i mean 3 days ago i had a small pimple and now a huge cyst/nodule there. but i want it gone!!! it looks disgusting'

i got sick the last weekend, still being a little ill and i hate it. i mean i always i'm so thick dressed because my classroom is soo cold.

my skin is not so dry like at the begining maybe because i'm using every morning the moisturizer haha

i must use always the lip balm

my nose is the prettiest now hahaha among the others parts of my face

i have a lot of blackheads on my forehead- it's possible that in the picture it cannot be seen

my cheeks - lots of nodules and little bleackheads

since i started school i do not sleep enough i feel it. i hope it will not affect my face moreeeeee.

Today's photos


left cheek


right cheek








DAY 61

my face is a mess!!! if a few days ago was bad now is worse, i think i'm still having the IB. blackheads are so sooo visible. *only 7 months more, just 7!! just 7 more and i will be ok ^-^ *

don't know what to say ...

here these days was soooo cold and i cannot drink so much water :( and i had some headaches and i do not like them.

and because of the cold weather and because i didn't moisturize my hands, appeared on my right hand some red spots, you know that place where the hair grows, that pore, if u know what i mean was so red and visible and my hand stung but i put my aloe lips and i moisturized my hand and now it's ok(fortunately).

how are you guys?

comparative photos


left cheek


right cheek








DAY 56

This week i started school uuuu. No more sleep until 10 o'clock. I have to wake up at 6.30am, because i have to wash my face, then i'm wainting until it dry, then i'm applying Skinoren, again i'm wainting, then i'm applying the moisturizing cream, theeeen i'm wainting again and finnallyyy i can put the tinted cream on my skin and put mascara on my eyelashes and i'm donee with the face.

Until now i used to make photos of my skin after i waked up and cleaned my face. buut now at that time in the morning is not enough light outside and i don't like using the flash soo i'm making the photos after i come home and remove the makeup.

tomorrow i have the appointment at my derm., i know he will not rise my dose so will be another month with 20mg/day.

my skin is pretty dry sometimes. i mean my tinted cream do not looks natural on my skin at all!! when i'm applying it it's like it came off :/ thanks to god that any of my classmates did not say anything about my face. it would have been so embarrassing :" > :" > but i can see how anothers look at me or maybe it is just in my mind hahahha.

today i had periods when i hadn't been able to understand what it was written on the board. i had like blurred vision and i had to wink a couple of times to dissapear. :/ did maybe my eyes become dry? am i not hydrated enough? it's so annoying, i have "to visit" the bathroom every break hahah i just cannot drink more water!

another side effects i think no :/ only my lips but i'm using all the time my lip balm

and again i'm sorry for my writing mistakes :">

today's photos


left cheek


right cheek








i have my tinted cream on my skin, it's after 6 hours at school.


Day 51

Can't believe i'm already on 51th day :o.

Yesterday i had blood work done and today my GP said that the results are very good, yeeey. In 2 months i'll have to do them again.

and yesterday i finallyyyy had my eyebrows done. usually i have no pain when the beautician is plucking my eyebrows but now i feel something in my ear and it hurts. strange no? i'm pressing my ear with the hand and then it's ok. i think i'm more sensitive now.

this monday i'm starting school and i still can't use makeup. great!!!

i think i had the IB :/ but slowly!! my face gets better.

at the end of this month i'll upload a comparative picture: beginning, end of month 1 and end of month 2

my hair is not so dry like a few weeks ago, it's ok. and my skin aa sometimes is so dry, sometimes it's ok. i should drink mooore water? hahha i'll force myself to drink more

today's photos


left cheek


right cheek










DAY 45

So today i am at the half of the second month. And i do not start school this Monday yeeeyyy. The last weekend we found out that they give us one more week of holiday.

About my face... IT'S HORRIBLE!! i mean it looks really really bad. especially my left cheek where i have these nodules/cysts near my mouth( see the image), now they aren't so big like a few days ago but are still there. and are so red.

my mom said too that at the beginning my face wasn't so bad.

and my lips :( my dear lips hahaha so dry, they are peeling, they sting auchhh and i'm always using the lip balm. i already finished one (it has 4.25g/0.15OZ) i'm using the second now and my mom ordered two more hahaha. usually i use one tube of balm (this one it's the best) in several months.

i keep working out even if after my PowerPilates class all my body hurts hahaha

the last weekend i had an awful shoulder pain but i don't know from what

the next week i'll do some blood tests because my GP said that every two months is enough

*when i go to pilates i cannot wear makeup(in this moment i cannot wear makeup at all anyway) and i have only the moisturizer on my skin and it's so uncomfortable i mean i feel that everyone looks at me and the teenagers, most girls look at me so strange, like they couldn't be in my place 8-|. you cannot know what your future holds*

and i don't know what else to say

today's photos


left cheek


right cheek







full face photo - yesterday



DAY 36

11 days left until i start school .

my skin is so dryyy(see the photos) and my lips auchh. 2 days ago i was so lazy to look for my lip balm because i was watching idontknowwhat but then i regretted it. god my lips were burning, that's what i felt. no more laziness from now hahaha. and if i was talking about burning right now i feel that on my face. I want to stick my head in the freezer. that's because i put moisturizer on my skin and i'm so red and my face is shining. what will i do during the school? x_x

a good thing(until now) my hair is drier and rougher. even looks better when i make a ponytail and i have again my lost curls. i hope that when i'll use the curling iron my hair will look good i mean i'll have the curls for more than 20 minutes hahaa.

and a bad thinggg about the hair: i'm losing a lot of hair. more than ever. i do not like it!

and that's all for todayy because i have to goo to my pilates class

today's photos


right cheek( yeah that hair ¬¬)


left cheek








yeee i finished one month of many others hahaha. still on 20mg/day.

i have like 5 nodules or what they are under my skin, on my left cheek. they came out little by little everyday. i want them gonee. i haven't had still now so many nodules in one place

fortunately my nose and my forehead look nice now \: D/

now i'd rather stay home if i really don't have to go out but in 2 weeks i'll start the school and i'm a little nervous about it. x_x i won't be able to hide myself anymoree

today's photos


left cheek


right cheek








Day 27

Day 27

Yeah today i had the appointment with my derm and i came home so pissed off!! I ask him if he'll raise my dose and he said no. and he won't do it the entire treatment maybe only decreasing the dose. and i was something really?! whyyyyyyyy?! everyone has bigger dose than mine. 20mg/day.

in this way i'll reach my cumulative dose in 9 months!! 9!! no waaay!

and moreover today went my cousin(boy) and a friend of mine(girl) at this derm too. and they received the same treatment 20mg/day,in the morning Skinoren and in the evening Brevoxyl ( Isotrexin can't be found anymore he said so they will use Brevoxyl. but i will still look after Isotrexin and i don't know what i'll do if i don't find it)

when i arrived home i was so i don't know affected about this, i felt so confused that i started to cry. why i have to stay on the same dose while you, the others are on 40, 60etc mg/day and why everyone receives the same treatment like me, i mean doesn't matter how much you weigh and how severe is your acne and all this things?

my parents said that maybe i'm on a so low dose because i have the creams too and i don't know what else.

anyway today i wasn't me haha i got mad very easily and usually i'm a calm person

and about my skin

-so soo dry lips

-i have blackheads everywhere on my face( you can see them, don't you?)

-in the first picture you can see near my mounth new cysts ( btw the doc. said that the new cysts will not break out so bad now, well i'll see)

and here it's 22:52 and i don't know if i have anything else to say hahaha

today's photos


left cheek


right cheek








Day 24

today someone said to me that my skin looks better ( she saw me one month ago, before i've started with accutane) I'm the only who don't see it?! a few days ago i went out with my family and i used my tinted cream but before i needed to moisturize my face. even with it , those red marks or what they are look horrible

(these photos are made with the phone camera so,,, bad quality )


that's how i always keep the hair to 'hide' my cheeks

this next tuesday i think i'll go at my derm. and i'm so curious about what he will say. i have to ask him if i've to keep using those creams (skinoren and isotrexin) because my face is so dry and so damaged that every time i put the cream on my face it's like my skin burns !! and dries my face more. that's why two or three times i didn't use them, i used only my moisturizing cream. i really needed it so i'm sorry if i shouldn't do that

affortunately i had no more chest,knees or back pain, no headache, only my lips are so soo dry.

I have some difficulty in breathing, like the inspired air does not reach the lungs and i need to take a deep breath through my mouth, yeah it's hard to explain

i had some problems in the past but after i started this treatment they come back and i don't like it. maybe it's not the accutane but i don't know what can be.

and here are some photos


left cheek ( the last photo is in the sun light )


right cheek ( the last photo is in the sun light )








Day 19

Day 19 uhh tomorrow i'll finish my 4th blister and i'll have 2 blisters left this month

I don't see too much improvement and my face neither got worse (maybe i'm the only who don't see anything because i look at my face everyday)

only that MY SKIN IS SO DRY sad.pngsad.png all my body (especially my legs)

i have always the lip balm with me because i really need it. my lips hurts if i don't use it.

yesterday i stopped putting on my face skinoren and isotrexin because i needed to moisturize it

i had no pains these days

i hate that i can't wax :'( hate hate hateeee! i don't like using that depilatory cream. never will be the samee. if i get angry on this i'll start to pluck with the tweezers each hair shaft hahaha

no sign of IB or i don't see it biggrin.png

today's photos


right cheek


left cheek








Day 11

hihihi 11 days already

yesterday i finished my secod blister of sotret 10mg.

yesterday and today i had some joints pain, hip and knee pain, but now it's ok.

my lips ,,, even in the winter i hadn't so dry lips

i don't see any improvement ( yeah maybe it's too soon )

since i'm taking Sotret i had like 2 new pimples on my chin and now i feel another one. these ones hurt the most evil.gif


- right cheek


- left cheek


- chin


- nose


- forehead


My skin is sooooo dry and after i wash it i feel it stings(auch)

i have a question: since Accutane makes your skin drier should i buy a tinted cream ( like BB Cream ) for Dry Skin? the one i used is for oily skin i think because it balances the production of sebum. so i can't use it now and i need something but no foundation. do you use BB Cream? Which is better?