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Hey everyone smile.png

I haven't been on here in such a long time!

I was just looking at my first post and seeing the photos of my skin seven months ago, and i am so shocked to see how much better my skin actually is! It has definitely made me feel so much more confident in myself smile.png

I haven't had the best time on Accutane, at the end of my fifth month i saw my dermatologist and he read my blood test results and said that my liver and kidneys had start failing which was rare for someone like me, so i had stop the drug asap. I had been taking 3x 20g tablets each day, with hardly any side effects on the outside, but i didnt realise it was really damaging the inside of my body. So i stopped it for a month, and my liver and kidneys recovered, thank goodness smile.png So the derm said i can start taking it again but at a lower dose, and i am now taking 1x 20g tablet a day. I havent really got any bad side effects which i am loving!

I am not sure when i get to finish my treatment, but im hoping to find out next week when i visit my dermatologist agian smile.png

Time is flying by so quickly and i cant believe i made it so far, especially after the painful first few months! So persevere all you new accutane users, the end result is so worth it smile.png I still wish i could be finished it already, but the doctors know whats best so i'll continue until they recommend i can stop smile.png

I want to repost a picture of when i first started using accutane and some photos of my skin now (its still not perfect, but the red dots will fade eventually) smile.png Hopefully they inspire someone, and realise there is light at the end of the tunnel for everyone smile.png

Have a fantastic day everyone smile.png thank you all for support xoxo

I would really appreciate comments, feedback and questions :) Feel free to ask any questions about your own side effects too, i'd be happy to help anyone! :)


3.5 Months :)

Wow haven't been on here for quiet a while :o

Just a little update and a few questions :)

So i've been taking Accutane for about three and half months (60mg per day), only a couple of side effects that are really affecting me. Such as the muscle pain and aching bones (makes it extremely hard to work out and walk long distances), headaches and really dry arms that tend to bleed because they are so dry :(

My skin is pretty much perfectly smooth which i love, except i still get a few hormonal pimples every few weeks. I can also wear less make up, which is a huge plus :D Except i do have red dots all over my face from where my acne was, im wondering if these will go away soon or if they'll stay forever? Or maybe its too early in my course for them to go :/ Because it still looks like i have yucky skin even though its really smooth. I am also going to visit my boyfriend in a few weeks and i dont want him to see me with yuck skin and no makeup, cos i just lose all my confidence :( Hopefully It'll be even better by then, fingers crossed!!

I Have also attached photos that i have just taken. No make up obviously, sorry they are a little bit scary :( I really appreciate anyone's comments, good or bad :) And answers to my questions would be amazing xx

Hope everyone is having a lovely day :)


End Of Month 1 :)

Hey guys :)

Sorry i haven't posted anything for a few weeks. But Im at the end of month one finally :)

I am so happy with the results so far! My skin is perfectly smooth, and a lot less inflamed and a lot less redness.

I have had a few side effects, just the dry lips and sometimes really bad muscle pain while i exercise and take long walks. But its not that unbearable, i dont know why people make out like they are dying on Accutane, cos it really isn't that bad, and im on 40 mg a day.

Im hoping in the coming month my skin improves a lot more before i go for my first checkup at my dermatologist, since starting accutane :)

Anyway here are some new photos, sorry they aren't very clear but Opinions and comments are appreciated :D

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day :)


End Of Week 1

So i've been on Accutane for a week (20mg a day)

I don't think i've had any side affects, but my lips are starting to become a little dry, and my back gets really sore :/ On the fourth day i started breaking out really bad on my jawline and chin, which has been extremely painful and keep getting worse. They are really hard lumps, like a blind pimples, and super itchy :/ I dont know if it is part of the initial breakout, or what. But I will see what changes in the second week.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day :)


Does any one know if Accutane makes you lose/gain weight?

And when does the initial break out usually start? Or can you not have one at all?

I have attatched some photo's, these are clearer than my last pictures. But they show how bad my skin actually is, pretty scary and super ugly i must say :/ opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Day 1 Of Roaccutane

Hey Guys,

My name is Taylah I'm 17 years old from Australia, and I've been suffering with acne since I was about 12 years old.

I started to take medication around the age of 15 and have pretty much tried every single antibiotic out there. As well as using many different skin care products that never seem to do much at all. So, after years of being ashamed and depressed about how my skin looks I've decided that enough is enough and went to see a dermatologist and he said my last option would be Roaccutane.

I started Roaccutane (20mg) today, and I will continue doing this until I'm able to take 40mg in the second month of treatment. I must say that i'm kind of freaking out about the initial breakout, and the first month of taking this drug, but i know the end results will be worth it!

I have also attached some photos of my face, day 1 of starting Roaccutane. Just to show you what it looks like at the moment. Looks kinda gross and un attractive. Fingers and toes crossed that this really works smile.png

I would appreciate hearing feedback/tips and support through my journey from people who have used Roaccutane smile.png

I'll be recording a log here, I'll probably update it about once a week, with pictures. Depending on how fast the progress is, and if I start to experience any symptoms. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in my log but, if you do come across this, then feel free to post. Any advice would be very appreciated!