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Well I visited the Derm and I was prescribed accutane right away. I actually got the medicine now, but I have to wait until I get blood work on monday to see if I can start taking it. I started on 40 mg, and I will be bumped up hardcore to 80 mg next month. I am kinda scared to see what this drug will do to my body at first, but I know it works, so the journey will begin soon. Its really good I started now too, because I am having some of the worst break outs of my life now, good timing before acne just TOTTALLY OWNS me. lol

Current Condition: Massive break out on chin and jawline

Accutane Day: 0

Side Effects: None

- Kawaisou


Almost there....

Current condition: Bottom right of my face is broke out in zits, everywhere else is clear.

Well I went to the doctor on friday and it seems I am ready for the derm. I have my first appointment next friday, so the waiting continues!!!

My face i really looking like shit, I ahve been using RetinA in order to try to keep it down until I get to the derm but it is going willy nilly insane. BAH. Tasuketeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Still waiting...

Well I finally have my docters appointment tommorow, but not yet to the derm. =(

I just want to get to the derm so bad and put all of this behind me. People think Accutane is bad? Gahhhhh the wait is just as bad. =(




First a little bit about me to start my blog.

- Name - Justin

- Age - 16

- Acne - Moderate

- Weight - 160 lbs

- Race/Country - White/American

- Location - Shibuya, Tokyo,Japan

Ok, so now that all the basics about me are out of the way, here I am starting my very own "acne blog" to make myself feel better.

I have suffered with acne since the 8th grade, but it was never a serious problem. Maybe one zit, two at most, and thats about it. Then last year's summer vacation, shit really started to look ugly. I started to develop multiple acne all along my chin/mouth area, and since then, yeah you guessed it. It has gotten so much worse. I have tried everything. Done a lot of stupid shit trying to clear myself up too. I have rubbed, squeezed, picked, popped, you name it. Now I use gentle washes, dont pick, never drink dairy, ice, the whole 9 yards, but still I find myself getting acne.

So I am done. I am tired of this bullshit. I am taking the final step, I am taking the dive into Accutane. I know the road will suck, I don't care, I just want this shit gone, and gone for GOOD.

So, here is day one, just for the wait of Accutane. I have a Doctors appointment Friday, but ill have to wait awhile to get to the Derm. God I just want to open the package and take my frist pill, BLAH. :confused:

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