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Hi everyone!

I'm fairly new to this site but I figured that I would start a blog to track my progress once I am offcially on Accutane, and hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones to have my acne cleared up (finally!). I'll begin with a bit of background...

I'm 21 years old and I've had acne since I was probably 11 or 12. It's never been severe, but it's definately enough to cause low self-esteem, and to be a HUGE pain in the butt. I have good days and bad days, just like everyone else, but I just can't stand it anymore. I've tried numerous prescription and over the counter medications but nothing seems to work. I'm currently on Minocine (which I've been on for about...hmm maybe 3 years? a while anyways) and Retin-A gel 0.01%. The Minocine keeps my acne in check, but if I stop it or miss it for a few days I break out, and the Retin-A has done nothing but make my acne worse and my skin dry. I find that I break out when it's around the time of my period, and because of this I've tried going on hormonal birth control pills. Unfortunately for me I'm allergic to birth control pills...go figure! I've tried about 6 different pills and even the patch and I break out in a rash everytime. So, needless to say I can't use the pill to try and control my acne.

I went to the doctor's in October 2007 and I told him I wanted something new for my acne because the Minocine just wasn't cutting it. He said my only option for oral medications was Accutane, and he proceeded to tell me all the negative side effects that could happen. I then asked him if I could try anything topical and he suggested Retin-A. So, since he scared me with the Accutane talk I decided to go with the Retin-A gel. Wow, how mad am I right now? I want to kick myself in the butt for that desicion! As I mentioned previously, the Retin-A just made my acne worse, and my skin dry. If I had gone on Accutane at that visit I'd probably be nearing the end of my course and I'd (hopefully) have clear skin. Why, WHY didn't I choose it then? Arggh!

Anyways, I've been doing A LOT of research since then about Accutane, and I found this website and I've read numerous posts, blogs, and looked at the galleries of those who have used Accutane. So because of this I've decided that it's finally time for me to take the plunge and go on Accutane. My older brother used to suffer from severe cystic acne when he was younger and he went on Accutane and he's had relatively clear skin since he finished his course, so I know it does work. So I booked an appointment with my doctor today and I go see him one month from tomorrow. I'm very excited and hoping and praying that Accutane will work for me and that hopefully by the fall I'll have the beautiful, clear skin that I've always dreamed about. I have mild to moderate acne that gets worse during my period so I'm interested to see how my acne will respond to the Accutane. I'm really hoping I don't get a really bad initial outbreak or terrible side effects, but if I do I just have to tell myself that it'll all be worth it in a few months. I can't wait to get started and to let you guys know how it goes! Wish me luck :confused:

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