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So it's been about 6 months after Accutane, and I've had ONE pimple. I got it on my chin right where I had been leaning on it with my hand for weeks so I'm pretty sure that was what brought it out. But it was VERY small and went away very quickly. I honestly can't believe that my skin is so clear it's not even something I think about anymore (which is crazy since I used to think about it constantly, it made me miserable and self conscious and I always struggled). Now I'm just out and about living life and loving having clear skin!!! Accutane was by no means an "easy" solution but IT WORKED. It was a VERY rough journey but for me, it was Sooooo worth it. The pictures below were taken today with no makeup... I will add the before pictures as well. It looks better with makeup (obviously) but even without makeup I feel totally confident in going out. All of my side effects went away completely and I am a happy camper. I will update again in a while just beacause I know when I was contemplating taking and then on Accutane, I wanted to know what life was like after.






Okay! So it's been almost 2 and a half weeks since I took my last pill, and I'm sooo relieved to be finished! My face is still as clear as it was when I was on it (I'm still waiting for the redness to go away though... might have to call the derm if it doesn't clear up soon) and I must say it's terrifying to think I might break out again (although I'm trying not to think that way). I'm still doing everything the same... wash with moisturizing CeraVe in the morning and at night, the only thing different is I don't use the heavy CeraVe cream anymore, I just use Cetaphil, which is fine. My face is def not dry anymore, and my lips aren't either! I don't even need to use any kind of lip stuff (woohoo!). I pretty much feel back to normal, except for my lower back and my joints. My joints are still really stiff, esp my achillies tendons in the morning/when I've sat or layed still for a long period of time. My lower back is still pretty meh too and I can't wait until I feel totally normal again. Anyway, the last week was probably the worst for me, but of course now that it's over I'm glad I stuck it out and I'd say it was more than worth it. Here's some pics I took this morning:



Just wanted to add some BEFORE pics I found on my computer... I honestly thought I hadn't taken any when it was "bad" but I guess I did. Looking at these, and looking how my skin is today... I would say Accutane was 100,000% worth it (well... if it lasts lol).



Pretty awful right? Accutane was NOT by any means "easy". But if you're depressed and miserable about your skin, then it is worth a try. I am so happy... I finally feel "normal" again. Someone today even commented on how "pretty" they think I am. My first thought? "I know I wouldn't have gotten that compliment 7 months ago..." So YAY to clear skin... and to not forgetting how awful it was before :-P


One Week To Go!

GAH!! I'm starting to lose it. I have ONE week left and it CANT come soon enough!! I can't concentrate, my whole body aches, and I'm SUPER dry. I honestly think I was lucky starting during the summer... I wasn't very dry at all and my lips were totally manageable. Now all of a sudden the winter and cold temps are here and I'm Soooo beyond dry. I just want to start feeling normal again. I'm also praying that I don't relapse because I don't think I could do it again. That being said... my skin looks pretty darn good. Still a bit of redness, but I'm confident that will fade. Heres my before and "after" (as of this morning...).






FINALLY! I have only 15 days left and they can't come soon enough! As for my face... it looks good. I can't say theres TOO much change from the last picture I posted... I'm clear (no actives) and smooth, but I still have redness, which I'm hoping will go away once I'm finished and start using my Retin-A (which I was told to start 2 weeks after I take my last pill). At this point, I'm sore, I'm achey, I'm tired, I'm dry, and I can't wait for it to be over. If my face stays clear then I will say it was 150% worth it, but if it doesn't, I'll probably cry.... a lot. It's be a really rough journey, and it isn't over yet... but I can see the finish line and I'm super stoked. I'm actually tempted to stop a little early... I wonder how much of a difference that would make... anyone know??


Day 103! Wow!

Well wow... day 103... feels like only yesterday I was a nervous pervous about starting this crazy medicine. At this point, I'm pretty much done (mentally) and can't wait for my final month (which should be next month). At the start of this current month/end of last month I started to get REALLY tired. My doc said that's a "typical" side-effect so I stuck it out and I must say, it's gotten much better. At this point my biggest compliants are my dry lips, and the fact that I haven't been excercising for fear I will damage knee joints, etc. Other than that I must say I'm surprised at how "okay" I've been. My face, which is normally very dry, hasn't been any dryer than when I wasn't on accuatne! I am very diligent though when it comes to moisturizing. Every morning and night I wash with CeraVe and then use CeraVe Cream all over my face and neck. The sore knees have actually gotten better as well (I guess maybe my body is getting used to the meds?) But I'm still taking it really easy. As for my face, I haven't had a new breakout in quite some time, which is why my doc kept me of the same mg's for this month as I was last (which is 30mg 2x per day). As of now I really just have red marks from where the old ones were as well as what appears to be a bit of scarring. This is disappointing but my doctor promises they are not "real" scars and once I get moisture back in my face it will "plump" out and you won't see those marks (the red is supposed to fade as well). Guess we'll see.

If anyone is wondering, other than washing with CeraVe twice daily, I don't use anything else on my face (well, except make-up, which I remove with an oil cleanser... MAC has a fantastic one that wont dry out your skin). I take one pill in the morning with breakfast and a small glass of water, I drink a LOT of water throughout the day (at least 3-4 16oz bottles) and then take my other pill with dinner and another small glass of water. I don't know if any of these things matter but I must say I can't believe this expereince hasn't been terrible. I was expecting the worst, and while I can't wait for it to be over (there is a LARGE margarita with my name on it) I'm really happy I did it. I was SO miserable with my face before, I didn't even want to leave my house some days and I was SO self conscious... now I feel great about myself. Heres some pics (sans make-up) I took this morning before work!



If you look at my first entry, then this one, it's certainly made a difference. And the interesting part is the first pic I took wasn't even me at my worst. It was MUCH worse than that but unfortunately I didnt take any pics.


Day 65

Nothing too new since I last wrote... just figured I'd add pics. Also noticed when I take pictures with my Iphone it comes out clearer if dont face the camera toward me (so I can see myself) but comes out better if I hold it as if I were taking a picture of someone else (I'm sure iphone users get this...BUT anyways...) point being my first picture is clear, the others haven't been as much, so I think they look better than I am... but todays was taken properly and shows what I look like right now. Still better than day 1... and very few new breakouts... just a LOT of redness from where the old ones were (which I am told will fade after I am finished).




Day 61

Start of Month 3 here... just started on 30mg 2x a day. Dryness, itchyness, knees and all the other side effects I've mentioned are the same (so far) however it seems I have a few new side effects. My achillis tendon has been sore when I wake-up and sometimes if I walk too long. I called my doctor and he said he doesn't believe it's a side effect from the Accuatne. I did try to work out again recently and it only started after that so I wonder if maybe I'm just more sensitive from the meds and that caused the pain, but the pain isn't necessarilty FROM the meds... if that makes senese. idk... I wonder if anyone else has had any problems with this? I've also had a headache for the past two days but I'm not sure if its from my lack of sleep and hectic-ness at work or the tane. Guess I'll see if that goes away. But that IS a normal side effect yes?

On a positive note... not sure if I mentioned this but I am able to go 4 days without washing my hair and it looks fabulous! I could probably go even longer but I would start to feel gross (I am showering just wearing a shower cap). I use Aveeno shampoo and just tried the Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong conditioner which is fantastic! (smells good too). My skin is looking great... my doctor said he can't believe how well I'm doing. I really can't wait to be done though, but I'm thinking it will all be worth it in the end. Guess we'll see!!

No updated pics today cause I'm at work updating this. I'll probably post some at the end of this month.


Day 48

Okay Day 48 here... I am now taking 20 mg 2x a day and so far so good. The dryness is definitely getting worse, but again, it's still not unbearable. Aquaphor for the lips are pretty much a life saver, and I use vaselene on my face at night (on the creases by my nose, my chin crease and on the corners of my eyes). I've noticed my arms are extra dry and very itchy... which is annoying. I picked up some Eucerin dry skin itch relief lotion last night but it's not really doing much to help. Maybe if I'm consistent with it. Hm. We'll see. I quit my gym when I started in fear of muscle aches but I've been feeling antsy and gross so two days ago I used my Nike app to do a 15 minute leg workout thinking it would be no big deal and OH MY LORD I can barely walk!! I don't know if this is due to the accutane or the fact that I haven't exercised in months or maybe a combination of both. I think I'm going to try easing into workouts, maybe use the treadmill a little or take some walks before I do all these crazy muscle toning workouts. On the bright side, my lower back doesn't hurt anymore... so yay. ANYway, my doctor told me that the next two months (months 2 and 3, although I'm almost done with month 2) people tend to either start clearing or break out like crazy. I feel like I'm in the middle. I'm still getting a few breakouts (and some in the most random places I never got them before... on my leg, my shoulders, my stomach!!) but I wouldn't say it's anything crazy. Here are my updated pics for today:



My really bad spots (the chin area) are flattening but they're so red I def can't go without makeup (that is my dream) so I'm hoping/wondering if accutance will help with the redness. Anyone know?


Wow! Day 11... so far this process is going faster than I could have hoped (I know 11 days doesn't seem like much but I was so nervous to start this thing I honestly though each day would feel like an eternity). Anyways, side effects seem to be showing up little by little, but still aren't TOO awful.

As of right now my lips are dry, but nothing terrible, the Aquaphor definitely helps keep them feeling okay. I'm a little itchy on my body, I assume from the dryness, but again, it's not intolerable. My shins actually feel a little sore, and working out makes me very sore, so I've been taking it easy on pushing myself too hard at the gym. My face is dry, but again, not SUPER dry. Although I sometimes get these little red patches at the corner of my eyes (before even starting Accutane) which my Derm told me was dry skin. I now have one under my eye, so I guess this is from my skin getting dryer? He told me a little vaseline would work for the corners and so I've been using it under my eye as well (and on the corner of my nostrils, those are getting dryer too) and it's helping a lot. My lower back hurts a little, and this is what I find most annoying.

HOWEVER... I think my face is already starting to look better!! I will post pictures so you can see for yourself, but I have to say, if things stay this way (as in, my faces gets progressively better) I think I can handle any side effect (or at least I hope... lol)

See ya'll in another 10 days or so!



Here We Go...

Well here I am. I finally gave in to my doctors urging to take Accutane. I guess I kept avoiding it because I was worried about potential side effects, but after having the worst few months of acne I've ever had in my life... I realized the time had come to just do it already. Oddly enough after having to wait almost 2 months to actually start (between the pregnancy test and blood work and whatnot) my skin right now is actually not at it's worst (but it's still not "normal" by any means...) Today is day 2. I am on 30mg. 5'2" female, somewhere around 128ish lbs (I am on Weight Watchers right now as well so hopefully that number will be going down) tongue.png

Anyhoos, as of today I feel the same as always. I started using CeraVe cream on my face as I heard it was a great moisturizer and I am trying to avoid getting too dry. I am also already using Aquaphor and Ayr Nasal Gel on my lips and nose daily and nightly to, again, hopefully avoid the super dryness that comes with Accuatne.

I figured keeping track of how I feel and how my face looks would help me get through this and make me want to stick it out if or when I feel I want to give up. I am hoping I will somehow have a super easy time and my face will gorgeous by the time I am done, but thats probably just the eternal optimist in me rolleyes.gif I guess only time will tell.

Heres are pics I took yesterday before I took my first pill...


Can't wait to start seeing results! Wish me luck and I shall update this sucker

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