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Chlorophyll to help acne

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I am a 35 year old female that has been struggling with adult acne for the last 2.5 years. I had acne as a teenager, but this experience has been much more tramatic. I have been to 6 doctors in the last couple of years trying to figure out what is the issue. I tried changing my diet, taking vitamins, avoiding intolerant foods from an ALCAT (which are extensive by the way), and antibiotics that doint make a difference. What seems to be the culprit is my stomach. My doctors haven't confirmed through tests, but based on the blood work showing major inflammation and my symptoms, they believe I have leaky gut. What I thought was interesting is my doctor was able to tell me what he thought I had, but other than putting me on an antibiotic to kill the stomach bacteria, he wasn't very helpful otherwise. I was at my Chiropractor yesterday and shared with her the news and she recommended Chlorophyll. She said it has wonderful detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. She advised me that after I finish taking the antibiotic she will also recommend a "leaky gut" vitamin and probiotics. Based on her experience treating leaky gut, she thinks it she be cleared up in 3 months. I hope this works, we will see. I will post back within a week hopefully and give an update.

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