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August 1st

I think that was the day that marked the end of my accutane course.

I hope everything clears before september.



I'm not going to the prom though.. how can I, even if i wanted to?

A really beautiful girl at my school has tricked me into thinking that she likes me.

I mean, she might have been genuinely interested, but she has caused me so much pain and suffering.

How was I supposed to talk to her in that kind of state?

although i wasn't really interested at first, i began to like her more and more.

I felt like i was committing a crime by not responding to her niceness..

So we were in the same class for like 4 months, and haven't ever talked.

So end of the semester, i get her msn, and talk to her online, and asks her if she likes me.

She doesn't admit it, but says she is with someone else.

some week after, she lingers on around me like she always seemed to did before. So i took that as another sign, but obviously she only wanted to talk to me or something because when i asked her again on msn. She said "oh i guess i wasn't clear enough" and still rejects me. Yeah then fuck off, and go away ,you bitch, seriously.

Funny thing was when i thought she was going to say that she does like me, but i planning to say that we weren't right for each other.. When she didn't admit it, i just blurted out that i did like her.

I hate her for what she has done to me, I felt like i was played and tricked.

fuck, if i didn't have acne, i would have fucking rejected/accepted her confidently, but fucking acne is ruining my life.

so Grad ceremony is on end of June.

So i hope i get cleared up by this time..

oh definitely for grad ceremony, and for university in september..

I want to start a new life in uni as i have had terrible time in HS in terms of my health conditions and such..

I have a cat allergy, and i had a cat as a pet in grade 9 and 10! fuck i was sick allll day, and my nose was runny all the time. before grade 11, we get rid of the cat, and few months later, I get acne steadily, and it became really serious..

I regret not doing anything about it soon.


almost 2 month

oh i hate the redness... and i still get occasional pimples..

Like the redness is really extreme.. especially in the sunlight..

I dont notice that much in bathroom lighting, but when i see myself in mirror by sunlight; by god, it looks like i got skin cancer or something


hate fucking acne

don't even know how much has passed since i've started accutane- I think like 2 months?

I Fucking hate acne, and it's controlling my life. I always thought acne was a no big of a deal, but fuck this shit. I Fucking hate fucking acne.


Day 7

I think new pimples are subsiding. Brown spots I think are now less visible.


Day 5-

I have acne and acne scars on my cheek.



4th day on accutane

I'm doing 40mg a day. This is 4th day. I've gotten big pimples on my cheeks and they're really red...

I kind of scarred them by touching. I guess this is the IB, and this is only the 4th day..

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