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okay so it is day 39

i've been on clarus 4omgs (100 pounds) for 39days now and i dun think it is working. my existing acne is not going anywhere and the ones that do go away leave a red mark and if you touch the mark there is still a bump under my skin. the only thing i have is really reallly really dry lips. I have a funn feeling this stuff is not going to work for me.....and i dun even have the bad acne.

God i just want clear skin again, if clarus doesn't work what am i supposed to do jump off a bridge??



how do you post pictures cuz i realli want to.....i've gotten up the courage to take some of my face with acne but dun know how to put them on here


description of my acne

okay so i'd like to introduce myself my name is Vanessa, i'm an 18 almost 19 year old female from canada. I know this sounds weird but i litterally only stared getting acne 4 months ago. My whole life i was one of those girls that other girls would be envious about and comment about how i never got a zit and they were right i never did. The 4 months ago a month into university i woke up with this huge cyst on my face and then the next day with another.....i was so freaked out and eventaully my whole face exploded. my acne is not severe nor is it mild though. now i have at least 13 pimples on my face and they have not gone way for months.

Being a person that was diagnosed with depression years back i was so estatic when all my problems where going away and i was actually happy then this whole acne thing started and put me right back to square one. Acne realli knows how to ruin a persons life. I wake up everyday wondering what the heck i did or what caused my to get acne when i haven't had it for almost my whole life.

Begin sick of it i went to my derm 4 months ago and he prescrided doxicycline which screwed up my face big time in a week my acne when from moderate to severe but that went away when i discontinued it.

Now i have been on accutane (clarus) or 39 days and so far no improvement i hope i am not one of those people that accutane does not work for. i pray to god that it starts working soon becuase i am litterally at my wits end. Anyways i hope that we can offer eachother support during these times and i will keep you guys updated with my current status and post a few pictures (although i don't have any with acne since i refuse to take pictures since 4 months ago)

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