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Feeling like I'm running out of options.

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First Blog...ever.

Hello, everyone! I'm a 20 year old female from winnipeg, MB (canada). I have been suffering from moderate acne for as long as i can remember, but recently it's become quit severe. I am here blogging due to the lack of success in my acne cure journey. I don't want to bother my family and friends anymore about my acne, because they can't relate to this problem. My self-confidence from a 1-10 is at a stand still 2. I'm ashamed to go out in public and if I do go out I need to cover up. It's gotten so bad that I quit seeing friends and worse, quit my job. My boyfriend (of 4 years) and family are the only ones who i can be around without feeling disgusting. I've tried a billion-god-zillion medications and nothing has worked!

Home remedies- face masks:


Egg yolk/whites


baking soda




coffee grinds

tea bags (green tea)

strawberry leaves


crushed Tylenol

tea tree oil



aloe vera

sea salt


rubbing alcohol

cayenne pepper

and last but not least...


prescription medication:

5 different birth control pills - (can't remember which types)

Adapalene(differin) acne tropical gel 3% - (currently on it, been on it for 3 years)

minocycline(antibiotic) - currently on this drug. I'm on week 2 and zero improvement. I'll keep updates towards this drug for those who are interested.

Tetracycline(antibiotic) - Did nothing for my skin besides made me a moody as hell!

Benzoyl peroxide - made my skin SUPER red. I was a human lobster, no joke!

I just honestly can't remember all the creams and gels that my doctor prescribed me in the past, all I know is they didn't do diddly-squat!

Local medications(in pretty much all drug stores):

Spectro jel

neutrogena products - pore cleansers..etc.

clean & clear products - Foaming facial, spot treatments, cleansers..etc.

dove products - exfoliating daily facial, soap bars...etc.

clearasil products - daily face wash, whipping pads...etc.

aveeno products - radiant cleansers, soap bars...etc.

Garnier pure 3 in 1

Noxzema triple clean antibacterial lathering cleanser

St. Ives apricot scrub

The body shop tea tree skin clearing facial wash and spotting treatment

Lush products - scrubs, facemasks, soap bars.

Biore blemish cleanser

oxy products - pads and creams.

Well, I think you get the picture =)

The products that I do use and don't make me breakout are:

Mayan magic

cetaphil - lotion, cleanser, and bar.

Urine (I'm not sure if it's helping or not. Still on week 1)

Anywho, I'm just trying to reach out to others that feel the same way and vent my feelings out to those who feel similar.

If you have any questions or answers feel free to contact me.

Have a beautiful day =)

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