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Skincare Routine/My Acne Battle

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Whadup skincare routine!

I thought I'd share with you my skincare routine (for both morning and evening) in the hope it can help you guys out there who are still suffering from that bastard we all know as acne.

So, on we go:


LUSH Coalface Cleanser

- I use this with an exfoliating pad I bought from Target. I cut little pieces off the block of cleanser and work it into a lather with my hands. I then apply to my face, wet the exfoliating pad, and "buff" the cleanser into my skin.

This really helps to lather up the cleanser even more and really get into my pores and clean out all the gunk. Wash face with a wet face-washer and then pat dry with damp face-washer.

Witch Hazel Toner

- I'll only use this in the morning if I have any acne spots that are really giving me the shits. Otherwise, it's strictly a nighttime thing.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin

- My skin is typically quite oily (like you have no idea) but I find in the autumn/winter time, my skin dries out bad, so I use Cetaphil's lotion to combat that AND give my skin the moisture it needs.

I just apply this onto almost-dry skin (by patting my skin dry with a damp face-washer my face isn't dried out as much).


LUSH Coalface Cleanser

Clay Mask

- now, this is depends on how I'm feeling about my skin and whether or not I think it needs a little extra. I typically use a powdered clay called French Illite and I'll mix this with water and apply to the skin. I'll leave it for about five to ten minutes, wash off with a wet face-washer and then pat dry.

Witch Hazel Toner

Epiduo Topical Gel

- I love this little baby. I apply a decent amount to my (clean) fingertips and then apply to my face like I would a moisturizer (excluding my eye area). This stuff works a charm on angry, inflamed acne. I'll leave it to sink into my skin (about two or three minutes) before continuing on.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment

- Australia's wonder product, this tube of magic is just that, magic. I apply to my under-eyes as an eye cream and also to any spots on my face that are healing and need a little extra healing magic.

That's pretty much it. Hope this helps you guys out.

Leave me a comment if you use one of these products and what you think of them. :)


So about this time last year I was put onto a six-month Minocycline treatment course for acne. I finished my course in September.

I have to say, that stuff in awesome. It's nothing revolutionary, it's no Accutane. But it's done wonders for my skin and it's a lot better looking now that it was 12-18 months ago.

My forehead has cleared up completely (THANK GOD). I still get the occasional pimple/blackhead in my hairline or near my eyebrows but it's relatively easy to deal with.

My cheeks (mainly the areas closest to my nose) have cleared, and I only get minimal blackhead breakouts here. Still working on this one.

My chin is no different, still blackhead-y. My jawline, however, has cleared.

My nose is better than it's ever been but I still live with clogged pores. And those horrible under-the-skin ones that are ALWAYS on the tip of your nose. SICK OF THOSE.

My hormonal acne is nearly gone. I CANNOT PRAISE THE LORD ENOUGH FOR THIS MIRACLE. For those who suffer from hormonal flare-ups (thanks body, you're a champ) you'll understand the pain that comes with big nodular acne that is inflamed and just PAINFUL.

Let me know if Minocycline has worked for you, or if you've just started a course. :)


I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a 3-month check-up to see how the Minocycline is working. I ran out of my Epiduo (and so had to buy a pharmacy topical cream) so I might ask for a new prescription for that.

I'm pretty pleased with my skin at the moment. I've got a few blackheads on my inner cheek and two post-acne marks on my cheek and jawline. I do have two underground blackheads on my chin that don't seem to have anything in them but they're raised. I'll try treating them with 10% BP cream and see what happens. :)


I've had these bumps on my jawline for years now, and don't know how to get rid of them. My Epiduo has minimized them heaps, but I still have some. I've tries tea tree oil, exfoliation, cleansers, toners ... you name it. Wondering if anybody has any tips? :)



A bit new to this blog thing, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I've been battling acne since I was about ten or eleven.

I was eleven when I was first introduced to the wonders of Benzoyl Peroxide. My mother took me down to one of the local pharmacies, and I was told to use a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream and an alcohol wash to clean my face.

I stuck to this regime almost religiously. After a few months, I invested in the Garnier Pure 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask. I used this for a few weeks until I found the Garnier Pure Deep Clean Cream Wash. I used both of these Garnier products together.

A few months into this regime, I decided to switch up my face products. I didn't believe Garnier Pure was working as well as I wanted it to, and I'd had my eye on the Garnier PureActive Blackhead Clearing Scrub and the Garnier PureActive Salicylic Acid spot treatment. My regime then included alcohol wash, Garnier scrub, my Benzoyl Peroxide 5% and Garnier Salicylic Acid spot treatment.

After almost a year - I was now twelve - I happily dumped my Garnier PureActive products (with the exception of the spot treatment) and bought the Clean & Clear scrubs and cleansers. I used these (and alternated between these and Garnier) for about two and a half to three years. My Benzoyl Peroxide was increased to a 10% cream. Still, nothing worked.

In about ninth grade, I was in despair. My acne was so bad I couldn't get rid of it. Makeup couldn't hide it, and oily skin was just adding to my frustrations. I scrapped every product I owned (except my BP cream) and bought the Clearasil kit containing the cleanser and scrub. In all honestly, I loved my Clearasil products. They minimized my pimples greatly, although not ridding me of them completely.

In early ninth grade, at the end of my despair, my mother bought me a 3 Step Proactiv Solution kit from eBay. I ceased using everything (I did this a lot) and became a Proactiv worshipper. I worshipped the Cleanser, I worshipped the Toner. I used the Repairing Lotion as an overall pimple cream, and my 10% BP as a spot treatment. My acne improved dramatically. I finally, after so many years of self-hatred and no self-confidence, felt normal. I had the confidence to make new friends, flirt with boys, speak up in class. It was fantastic.

Eventually, I became a Proactiv Activ Member and bought my Proactiv directly from the website. (Pricey much!) After about nine months of using Proactiv, however, my skin still wasn't as clear as I wanted. Feeling disappointed and dejected, I cancelled my order and began using the Natio Young Skin Cleanser and Exfoliating Scrub. I fell in love with Natio's skincare products. The cleanser (while seriously dehydrating to my skin in the autumn time) was one of the best I'd used, and the exfoliating scrub was perfect. For the first time in years, my skin was clearing up. Used in conjunction with my 10% BP cream and later the Natio Young Skin Toner, my skin was clearing. It was around this time I was taken to the doctor and I was put onto Minocycline 50mg and Epiduo.

It's been three months since I started my medication. I love my Epiduo, and while I was skeptical of the Mino to begin with, it is working. I go back to the doctor in a few weeks for a check-up and to see how everything's working. Hopefully I'll get the all clear. smile.png

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