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Currently have several deep inflammations going on along the jawline.

Sometimes I just don't know what sets it off.

Been using SA more regularly and I find this to be less irritating/drying than the BP, as well as more effective than the BP (which is surprising to me). In the past I've never really had much luck or faith in SA. But I've pretty much stopped using the BP and started "overusing" the SA.

Case in point: started applying 8 pumps of my CVS SA moisturizer at night time and by morning the inflammation was significantly reduced. While I don't think it was good to apply that much moisturizer to my face just to get an effective amount of SA, it had been working. I've since ran out of this particular moisturizer and started using the Alba Botanica SA Acnedote (2% SA). It burns like a mo-fo on me but it is quite effective. Be advised it is not meant to be used as a moisturizer, but mostly as a medicated "cream".

Also finding that my Eucerine face sunscreen/moisturizer (spf 30) has not been causing any irritations or outbreaks.

I've been contemplating going without lotion-type moisturizers all together and just switching to my Almond Oil method exclusively for moisturizing. However I NEED spf so I'm not sure how to go about doing this in the best way...


I was using the Neutrogena Skin clearing SA foundation and was really impressed with the way it helps to control acne. No breakouts from it - and I know if a foundation is causing acne because at the end of the day I'll have deep irritations. It covers pretty well, however it was drying my skin out a bit too much, causing a most unenjoyable wrinkling in certain places of my face, and I didn't really want to compensate with a heavier moisturizer. The Neutrogena Mineral Sheers (without SA) is also a really nice and light powder that can be used alone since it has spf. It won't give any sort of coverage for really bad scars, but does even skin tone and would be fine with a concealer.


I took these pictures several weeks back. As of right now my skin is suffering through a "rash" of acne along both jawlines - clusters of deep cystic acne. They are healing up a bit but are still prominent in appearance, although they are no longer painful. When this type of painful acne appears is when I start slathering the BP pretty much all over my face. I don't know if there is a better way, but for now this is what I do.

Anyway, in comparison to the deep acne, my face in these pics looks much improved. And you can see the deep dark scars left behind from years of this crap.

Im not sure what has caused my current inflammation. The only thing I can think of is because it is summertime & my face has increased its oil production.

So my products have not changed at all since starting my routine, which i do at night:

The jojoba oil mixed with the green tea scrub, followed by the salicylic acid moisturizer. While my face is still wet with the moisturizer is when I slather the BP. About once per week I use the sulfer mask as a spot treatment. It is very very drying, though.

My morning routine includes:

a warm wet wash cloth to cleanse my skin of the excess oils it produces during sleep, moisturizer (usually the Eucerine if Im wearing a foundation with little or no SPF), & a very light layer of BP, followed by foundation makeup.

If using a mechanical exfoliator like the green tea scrub is too much for you I would suggest something like the Alba mask, which is a gel that is made with pineapple enzyme. Its very effective but it does tend to sting my skin pretty good. I still use it, though.

That is all for now. Hopefully I can get this "rash" under control...


I wish I had some photos of myself...

Just to update on the progress of my current skin cleansing regimen which I have found works well for my sensitive skin.

To reiterate, I do have sensitive skin that stings & burns when it comes into contact with certain chemicals. What exactly those are I never know, but I'm trying to be minimalist and more natural in my skin care. For example, I burned myself with a small amount of Vaseline. Go figure. In the future, if I require something to help with moisture retainment I will purchase some Lansinoh. ...

Continuing to use my St. Yves - Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub which contains salicylic acid, and jojoba oil. It is the only thing that I use to wash my face and remove makeup with. My method is just to wet the face with tepid water, squeeze a pea sized amount or more of the St. Ives onto my fingers, mix with 2 or 3 dashes of jojoba, and then rub all over the face for 1 to 2 minutes. It feels good and I try to be careful not to rub too harshly. If at the end I still feel I need more cleansing I will simply take a baby wipe meant for sensitive skin (I am currently using the Walmart brand of cloth baby wipes for sensitive skin) and gently rub across my face.

My moisturizer continues to be a CVS brand containing salicylic acid. Since my last post I have only used the BP once, and have also increased the amount of moisturizer I use for day and night. I do have a couple stubborn deep acne bumps that are just sitting there - not hurting or anything, but just looking ugly. I'm debating whether to use another round of BP and sulfur since the acne is not spreading. In the past, one acne breakout would easily spread into a rash of bumps. Not so since recently! So that is a good sign.

I have also noticed smaller pores! This is definitely noticeable on the cheeks area around my nose. I also have a bit more of an evened skin tone. Prior to daily exfoliating I had very dry and dark areas surrounding my mouth and chin. These areas seem to be getting a bit lighter.

Marks/scars are gradually diminishing but I still dont feel totally comfortable to leave the house without makeup. -- Don't flay me, that's just how I am, lol --- So far I think the combination of the SA, the exfoliating from the scrub, and jojoba keeping the skin a bit more hydrated have all contributed wonderfully.

I feel I might be getting to a point where another phase of healing is required. I've stayed away from AHA's because they can be a bit more harsh, but I may start looking into a weekly treatment to help even more with skin turnover.

I will update again in a few weeks.

note: I've also noticed good things since starting to consistently use a face primer under foundation. In addition to creating a smooth surface for makeup to go on over, I understand it also makes a good barrier in general between the skin and makeup, perhaps even preventing foundation from soaking into and clogging pores. I don't know if this is true but I will continue to use one and just see what happens.


1st post. Just some thoughts.

I've been trying the oil cleansing method for a few months but have since changed it to suit my needs and accomodate an acne scrub that I've been enjoying.

Basically I saturate my face with warm water & jojoba, rubbing it into the skin to help remove makeup. Then I mix a bit more jojoba in with my green tea scrub and massage it all in. Warm water rinse and follow with SA moisturizer and BP.

Lately I've been slathering in the BP in and it does seem to help. But I still have marks all over my face. Its like the inflammation goes down but the acne is still there. The only thing I've really been noticing is the acne is less likely to become cystic & it seems the oils can more often than not be pushed out of the inflammations, unlike before I started cleansing with oil.

I am getting tired of using BP though. And my skin is always quite dry and flakey. I feel that I look so much older than I am because of skin damage from acne, sun damage, and just getting older in general. I feel that I look horrible. Perhaps I will try to take a break from the medication and see what happens. Im worried since even now Im still getting new breakouts and who knows how bad it will be when I stop using the BP altogether.

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