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Acne Battle Mission: Trial & Error

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Just Another Day

Well the Memorial weekend is over. I have stayed inside and canceled all the plans do to this breakout. I have been eating very clean and drinking only green tea and water.On the bright side I think the blemishes on my face from the cysts are beginning to finally heal. And mostly inactive, But it looks like a mess, cant even wear makeup to conceal.

My current state: is this moderate? what do you call this...

I've eliminated vitamins and all supplements from my diet now, I think i will wait one more week and slowly incorporate them. What were your experiences in trial and error? I know this all takes patience, which is why it took a major breakout for me to finally do this.


I so happy I am finally documenting my struggles with acne. I'm doing this to help me remember what I have tried to rid myself of acne :(

I have had acne since I was 15, I have had times where my acne wasn't bad, but it has always been a part of me. I’m starting this blog to document what I have tried, in hopes this will help me figure out what pisses off my skin.

Right now I am experiencing a horrible breakout of cysts on my chin. I have not had more than one cyst on my face at one time since probably high school, so now I am really beginning to freak out that the cysts are back randomly.

I have tried numerous rx and products in hopes of finally getting clear but most have failed, It’s been longer than I can remember since I have been completely clear, I want to say 2005, maaaybe.

So let’s start with my goal


to go as 'green' as possible- I'm all about the less chemicals and harm I can do to my body the better. I'm done with prescriptions, I know I can do this the natural way, and I have never tried accutane, although at this point I am so tempted!!

My HG Regime would consist of....

I am looking for as healthy products as possible, if they are not 100% green to make me 100% clear with the exception of a few non-green ingredients.

* Daily Moisturizer w/SPF 30+ (at least 30)

* Daily use Nighttime Moisturizer

* Daily use under eye cream for aging, and dark circles

* once or twice weekly exfoliation of some sort to encourage cell turnover, and remove dead skin

* Weekly Facial Mask (To rejuvenate, and refresh=)

* Spot treatment ( For those pesky spots, use for overnight)

* All this and something to treat my scarring, but it’s hard to treat my scars as I am still dealing with acne.

My Current Regime...

Really not so great. I admit I have not been using products 100% how you are suppose to be using them, also I am guilty of switching things often because I get impatient with no results. But this does not always apply. I did a 9 month cycle of RETIN-A MICRO, but it was horrible Along with.Differin, Epiduo, Azelex, ok nothing was amazing. Ok now getting to my point... Currently I am

Washing, sometimes just splashing my face with water in the A.M. Using a gentle cleanser from Trader Joe's, alternating some mornings using Dermify(sulfur based)

Heres the cleansers I use

* Dermify face wash

* Trader Joe's Cleanser

* Free and Clear

* Toner- Witch Hazel, and tea tree water spray


Oil of Olay daily facial moisturizer for sensitive skin spf 15

Make up

I hATE my makeup routine now, My face always looks like shit, pores are defined and so are impurities,, PLEASE help me in this department. I can’t leave my house without makeup; my dream would be to never have to put the stuff on my face again.

* MAC Face and Body

* Set with physician Formula multi colored pressed powder

* Bare Minerals to spot concealing

* NARS Laguna Bronzer

I have been using liquid/ mainly light coverage or even tinted moisturizers because I like the natural look and don’t like to look like I’m wearing makeup, just need to conceal, and even out my skin. I want to find a healthy green makeup, preferably powder now. I think my skin actually does better with powder or minerals and it’s time to ditch the liquid. I ordered the mineral makeup from Amway Artistry, we'll see.

Night Moisturizer

* YES to cucumbers nighttime

* some nights using MAKEUP ARTIST CHOICE BRAND Rosehips Scar cream

to be continued.... Concluding I THINK FISH OIL IS MY cyst culprit.

I am going to list my diet and supplements in the next entry, and will begin to stop everything I do and slowly introducing them back and see what happens. I have never had the patience to do his before.... DAMNITT!!! Let’s see what happens.

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