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**** I just put a picture up. Now, the difference between my albums is that the pictures from Feb ( I think ) were taken from my cell phone. So you can't see 1/2 of the acne, and 1/4 of the irritation. The one I just took today was taken with a photography camera, so..theres my point

My NEW regimen has been in affect for 2 weeks and 2 days as of tonight once I drink my tea.

I think I'm going to go back to all the doctors who told me I couldn't get clear with out accutane, and I feel bad for those who have gone through that hell. My body DOESN'T take to pills, so with my luck if I had gone on it, physical and mental heath issues would have come in to take seriously.. in the least worsening my issues now.

So all is going well-


falling behind a little with online school work/ german @ public school SUCKS because of the people, and hard course. my dog is doing horrible i dont know how much longer he'll be around, i'm moving in a few months OHHHHHH and im buying that wedding dress tomorrow

ANDDDDDDD i'm getting a facial and clarifying treatment tomorrow YES YES YESSS. hmm what else.. oh and I added Muard Acne system to my regimen as of last week, and instead of Cetaphil I'm using aveeno, very nice very nice (borat right here)

went from drinking 1 bottle of water to 3-4 a day, eating HEALTHY but a lot of junk food too haahahah so it kinda balances out but i gotta clean it up.

it's been two days since I heard from my love and i'm getting really concerned because we live far apart and i dont know if something went wrong or.. i dont know, we never go a day without talking for more than half the day. so two days is HELL

hope he comes back tonight

anyways, thanks guys, i'll keep you posted if its worth it



New regimen and update

Alright tomorrow I'm telling my derm no-accutane with me, after I had set up everything..

My acne problem was mostly caused by crazy horomones. Like I said in my story, when I started that whole body-building ramping routine it really messed with my body. Too much stress- which scared my period away. And that resulted in 5-6 months of looking like I'm PMSing that got worse and worse and worse. So I got advice from my love's mom, take a week off from the gym. Sure enough, my period came back. My face started clearing up. (odd) hahaha

I switched Cetaphil to St.Ives because I used to use their scrub and it was awesome, but my forehead started getting bumpy pimples so I switched back.

Anyways- I'm mainly relying on this herbal tea, hopefully I'll see results in 2-4 weeks.

I do either oatmeal and honey mask and/or green mint mask,

I wash my face and soak my skin in sea salt water, which is helping a ton!

HUGE diet change- I'll write more on that later, I gotta go for now.

Also- tonight was my first night drinking the tea, once a day, I took pictures and I'll upload them tomorrow.

My progress starts now.


My Acne Story.

Hellloo :confused:

I remember back in 5th grade, my best friend was in 7th and started using all these cleansers and I started using the cleaning wipes from Clearsil. (SAD I remember this!!) Haha, so when I stopped using that it was like WOOBAM breakout, maybe? Well either way I broke out around 5th/6th grade, came on heavier in 7th. 8th-summer I cleared up thanks to the beach. 9th got a lot heaiver. I realized Proactiv sucks and wasted two years of my life and money, anyways.

My acne was before sophmore year mild-moderate and then slightly severe.

So, what caused this explosion?

Before around October, ah jeez I don't even remember how it was then, probably really good (compared to now, definitly) Either way I was never ***clear***.. that must help prove my point huh?

I started working out about a year and a half ago, stopped, and then last summer started getting into it again. July- September I started progressing to every day and a serious change in diet. I started getting into VERY serious goals and body building training which changed a few times. This came on fully at October, and I started taking some supplements, nottt steriods. Serious weight lifting and a lot of mental stress along with my progress/goals, stress from personal issues ect.. NOT sure. I got really sick, and had my last period in October. Yeah, I don't know what happened but it hasn't come back since. (Doesn't bother me!)

Anyways- it pretty much looks like I'm PMSing x500000 all the time. I lightened up a little on my strict ass diet and lifting but it made no difference. A LOT more cyst and painful acne has been with me these past months, it hurts. I had them before but never like this. And as I wait for Accutane (30 days shit) I'm STILL breaking out, it's going to get soooo bad.

As far as what I've tried- everything. I haven't touched two antibiotics most people take, but I

A.)Don't feel like wasting time

B.) Experimenting

C.)Wasting money

So, Accutane here I come.

Oh and PS, I'm getting on Birth Control tomorrow, but I can't tell them about my period issue because I know I have to wait to get it, and don't CAN'T wait. I am hoping the pill or patch will actually bring it back. Has anyone else experienced this or done it?

Pretty lame story huh? Maybe once I'm done my course with Accutane I'll post pictures with my progress, what made this all worth it.


Met my 1st Derm today..

Well after my doctor couldn't do anything for me anymore, I somehow got very lucky (for once) and got an appointment FAST with a derm. I met him today and he has an awesome sense of humor and is very friendly. He asked what I wanted and I told him I REALLY want Accutane.

After explaining my lack of luck with *everything else*, he told my mom about how I have to be on Birth control for atleast 30 days So I will be on Accutane at the end of March. Given a 20 week course, I'll finish Accutane one week before my brother's wedding so hopefully I will be clear by then!

I'm still angry at my doctor. She knew I needed birth control when we discussed Accutane the other day, she couldn't have prescribbed it then? Why is the only thing people care about is money? My mom told me she's going to call her and just ask for a prescription because we've been in atleast 5 times in the past few weeks giving her 20 bucks for nothing. :confused:

Recently I had my first blood test, well, that I remember anyways, for anemia (other health problems) so I'm not worried at all about needles and what not. I hope I can take my blood and pregnancy test tomorrow or Saturday. GET on BC ASAP.


So from the day my doctor writes the prescription for Birth control- I have to wait 30 days for the IPLEDGE program, right? Or did I misunderstand that?

Then once I get the prescription from my derm for Accutane, I have 7 days to fill it or I lose it for a month? hahahaha I just want to make sure I understand that correctly so it doesn't happen.

I know you get really REALLY dry when using Accutane, what are the best moisturisers for hair/skin ect.. I want clear skin, but I don't want to lose my hair! How does that even work? Is it from your scalp becoming too dry and making your hair fragile and stuff? Right now I'm using cetaphil lotion and daily cleanser.. and aussie moisturising shampoo and conditionar that has that jojobgndsks oil hahahaha, I can't really spell.. But are there anything that you guys suggest for lotion and stuff? Everything and anything, pleaseee. I already use vaseline for my lips. I have a septum piercing and I got it last month, is this gonna be a problem? Especially because I think it's infected haha, oh welllll it will heal on it's own. But as far as the nose issue and everything? I think, I'm just really anxious. Anyway- any advice would be great!!! :dance:

Hmm.. I hope this goes smoothly and I can get on that pill(s)..for now he gave me yet another antibiotic, doxycycyline or something like that.

That is all for now, thanks :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:


Oh, I got lucky.

Talked to Derm and she is actually letting me go in tomorrow?? HAHAHAHA so I got all depressed and threw a fit yesterday over nothing, but, hopefully you guys can see through it. Just frustration. Well, I will update tomorrow saying how it went.. and once I start I'll take NEW pictures of thy face.

I expect waaay to much and too fast, how can I slow myself down? haha, damn.


Doctor's visit sucked

So I walked to my Doctors yesterday and she told me she couldn't prescribe me Accutane, but she reccomended it and suggested some Derms. This is extremly frustrating, I was really hoping to get on Accutane by the begining of March because I'm going to be a bridesmaid in the end of August and I have REALLY bad acne on my face,shoulders and back..

Sooo I got an appt. for March 12th and I'm trying to get my blood test done a head of time so I can just get right on Accutane. I probably seem really unstable to my Doctor because I started getting kinda teared up and aggravated when she told me stuff like I'd have to wait 3 months. I don't have that kind of time. NOT to mention, I'm moving right after the end of August to be with someone and I don't want to look like this at all. AT ALLL. So with my luck, the derm is going to try to put me on some other medication, tell me I HAVE to be on BC even though I support abstinence (as on Accutane of course), or something else will just have to go wrong. Because life wants me to suffer from all the acne I can get.

From the last pictures I threw on here- my face broke out so much more. SO badly. It hurts everywhere. And I'm not even on Accutane but I'm concerned about how depressed I can possibly get before something serious happens. Doesn't matter, here is not the place. I hope I can find someone to talk about this with because A.) I'm really really antisocial outside of this website and not only because of my acne. B.) I feel very alone yet I know I'm not at all. C.) Sad. really sad in my appearance.

How many other things could go wrong from what I'm aiming for? March 12th I would like to be taking my first pill, but it will probably have to wait another week.

What EXTREMLY pisses me off is that the doctor knew I was coming in and giving her 20 bucks to talk about Accutane and get a prescription, hahahaha fucking A. I waited so long just for that, when I could have been on a waiting list for a Derm. WTF? Seriously! Andddddddd, and, I'll probably have to go back to the doctors on March 12th telling me I need to do that shitty Birth control bullshit for a month. No. How about I sign your papers telling you I'm not going to fuck & get pregnant. Jesus.

And now I feel all empty and weird because I have let acne defeat me. Kinda messed up. I'm sick of everything, more than just having acne and looking horrible.

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