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I am still here

Busy with exams, only 7 more days for it to begin and it gets over on 9th May.

So wish me luck guys. Am pursuing my MBA after having bought the modules two years back.

Update on the face: I am hypothroid and it seems the level of my throid activity has gone down again, to which my doc suggested that I get off completely the antibiotics I have been taking for acne. Its been two weeks that I am off oxytertracycline and no cysts as yet. I can now safely conclude that my cysts vanished due to the birth control pills.

I have become an oil freak that past few days. Massage jojoba oil on my face and almond oil on my body - both morning and evening. Skin looks dewy and soft to touch. Thank you God. The marks are fading too. Jojoba Oil seems to be better than AHA or even Diacnel, but can't say that for sure.

Alright...off to bed now...will be back after exams.


Good News

While I am so involved with my face it is difficult for me to ignore another good thing that has happened. I stopped smoking and its been two weeks. I have heard people talking of such horrible stories about withdrawal effects and such, but nothing of the sort happened to me. I never thought of myself as an addict and with just 4 cigarettes a day, I knew that I wasn't smoking myself to death. One fine day I woke up and bought a few patches from the pharmacy. The cost of the patches were astronomical - after using these for a week, for the next one week I used a patch every alternate day. Happy to say that right now, I do not smoke and nor feel the need to.

It is interesting to note that I do feel a bit more hungry these days. But many people have told me that I have actually lost a lot of weight.

Now, the news that thrills me the most is that I have decided to continue with my master's course and try my level best to complete it. At one point I had given up hope, but now I have decided to sit for the exams in May 2008.

You see one thing that I have noticed is that when your acne clears you can concentrate on so many different things in your life. While afflicted with it, I used to think of nothing but my acne and read about other people's acne stories here. This site was like an addiction. Every second I used to refresh the site to see the new posts. God, I must have been so desperate. But today I feel relaxed and as good as new. Thank You God.


Clear Face Now

It is true that when your face gets clear, you no longer feel the need to come and visit this site. At the time of starting this blog, I thought I would have some sort of a successful story to tell everyone. But at the end of it all, I have nothing really to say. Firstly, I do not know what caused me to break out - the UK weather, taking birth control pills for the first time, stress....I don't know. And I also don't know what helped in clearing it - antibiotics, changing the birth controll pills, using various topicals, taking in more supplements...I guess I will never know.

What I do know is that I will never again take my face for granted. Those 6-9 months were pure hell, I used to be depressed, did not want to go out, had a tough time giving client presentations, the constant feeling of being ugly. No I do not want to go back to that stage again. I still have the marks on my face to remind me of those puss filled cysts. One habit that I carry on from my cyst days is to touch my first first thing in the morning to check if every is alright - whether somehow in the middle of the night I developed a bump or not. As soon as I get out of the bed, I go to the bathroom and check my face. Now I have a daily morning and evening facial regime. I like to know that I am going to bed with a clear face and waking up with a refreshed skin. Along with my face, I take good care of my body too. Moisturising it with Almond Oil and Baby Oil every time I take a shower. Yes, in this day and age looks are a big deal and I am going to fight till my last to keep it in tact.

Everyday I am reminded of my acne - the marks on my face make sure of that. I slap on foundation in hope that the world never knows that I once had terrible acne. In the end its a futile effort, I don't like to looked caked-up. So I usually wash away that foundation. There is something of a glory in have a face without cysts and a few marks. Somewhere along the line you feel that you have conquered this damn thing. And so my quest continues.


I am feeling relatively better today. The chest infection is under control, though have a few more days to go before the cough and cold clears up.

All the while I was sick, I was so worried that my acne would return. Here I was sick, no energy to get out of bed and not really doing any regime. But I always made sure that I washed my face in the morning and at night before going to sleep. I must say that it went really well for my face.

I just wish to God, I could find out what exactly triggers my skin and causes the break-out. At the moment, I have no active acne and its just a few marks that I have to cover up.

I know my product reviews is still pending, and I am planning to start on it once I get well.


I am dead sick, have a chest infection with terrible cough and cold. Its the ever changing UK weather thats the culprit. Didn't go for work today and the past two days have been in bed all the time.

Sorry can't even move my limbs to type anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

On a parting note - that single cyst, it dried up....Hurray....


OK again a late post, but just by one day.

That cyst developed into a full blown one with a proper head. But the pain has not been there at all. Without wasting any time, I had my antibiotics - the regular dose of two tablets a day. I had slowly weaned myself out of antibiotics and maybe that is the reason why I have got this cyst in the first place.

I also tried Vita-K for the first time and it feels just like any other moisturising cream. Since I have used it just for a day, I am really not in a position to comment about its effectiveness.

Just when I thought that I had gottten rid of my acne, then the itchy skin, I am now back with this cyst. Hope I am not going in circles. I tried to figure out what exactly could be the reason of my acne and because I am doing a whole lot of stuff I can't pin point. And the reason could be any one of these:

Stopped taking antibiotics

Stopped birth control pills for 7 days - due to my periods

Stopped DIM - am unsure whether it did anything for me

Started using aqueous cream for washing my face - wanted to combat my dry flaky skin

I am sure that I will never find out the reason for my cyst.

Anyway, sometime today I will work on those reviews.


Let me start by mentioning all the products that I own, in order of where I use it:


Dermalogica precleanser

Dermalogica anti-bac face wash

Aqueous Cream

Hibiscrub anti-baterial wash

VLCC Face Wash For Oily Skin and Acne

Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

Neutrogena Make-up Remover

Body Shop Camomile Eye-Makeup Remover

Jojoba Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Castor Oil



Green Cream

Glycolic Acid Moisturiser 10% - day use

Glycolic Acid Moisturise 15% - night use

Eucerin with 5% Urea

Eucerin with 10% Urea

Estee Lauder Pore Minimising Skin Refining Serum

Body Shop Vitamin C Serum


Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion

Dermalogica Medicated Clearing Gel

Mahathikta Lepam (an ayurvedic concoction - very oily in nature and smells awfull!!)

Shehnaz Hussein Shaclear Skin Clear Anti-Pimple Lotion



VLCC Sunscreen Gel SPF15

VLCC Sunblock Lotion SPF20

VLCC Moisturising Sunscreen Cream SPF30

VLCC Red Eart Pore Refining Mask

VLCC Indian Berry Face Scrub

Shehnaz Hussein Honey Health Ayurvedic Mud-Mask

Queene Helene Mint Julep Mask

You know what, I have never ever taken stock of all the things that I use for my face, in this manner and now that I have made this list, I am pretty upset. I am frugal by nature and try to be simple and find ways of downsizing things in my life. But just making this list has unnerved me. Here I am sitting at my laptop with all the products on my table and I can't believe that I have so so many things that I have bought in the past very few months just to clear up my acne.

I need to take a breather now. The above products are just for my face and I really do not feel like binning any of them. Can't imagine when I get down to jotting down my body and hair products how many it would turn out to be. I just counted it right now and there are 34 items. Phew

OK guys I will be back...but now I need to get away...get away from my products.


I had made a resolution to not write about my skin on a daily basis. This is because I don't want my face to be the one and only priority in my life. There are so many other things that I should be grateful about and reflect on it, instead of always moaning about my skin. Having said that, I have to inform that I can see one teeny weeny cysts coming up on my upper cheek. What is so significant about this is that I can now boil it down to what exactly is causing my cyst.

For the past week (due to my periods) I have not been taking Dianette and because I have been wanting to wean myself off antibiotics, I stopped taking oxytertracycline completely. To top it all, I had three whole bars of Cadburys chocolate (refined sugar!).

On a positive note, my skin looks so supple due to the excessive moisturising that I have been doing. It looks and feels dewy, don't know how to explain it better.

An even better news is that I got my hair cut. My husband keeps complaining that though I have long hair, I look quite regional (as opposed to Cosmopolitan). So today I made an appointment with Tony & Guy and got a cute hair cut. Its still up to my waist, but I have got a lot of layers and the hair closer to my face has been cut in such a way that it frames my cheeks. Beautiful, thats what I look - even without make-up.

So without much further ado, let me start reviewing the products that I own.


You know I am getting bored of just writing about my face day in day out. Ofcourse I care about it and log my progress on a daily basis. But there's got to be more to a blog than saying oh today my face was dry and I applied this to combat it.

From tomorrow onwards, I am going to have a series of posts where I will give a review of each and every face / body product that I own. This will be strictly from my point of view only and though it will be a good read for someone researching for products, to them I can give no guarantees for its effectiveness.

Now back to the same old thing - before bed have washed face with aqueous cream (liberally) and applied Eucerin 10%.


By removing all harsh creams with the exception of Diacneal, my face now feels smoother than before and its been just two days into high-moisturizer-no-harsh-products regime.

I believe Dermalogica anti-bac face wash also contributed to the dryness. I did not have any flaking today. This morning washed my face with aqueous cream and then slathered Eucerin 5% on. After a wait of 30 mins I applied Diacneal. Oh forgot to mention. I have added Eucerin into my morning regime. I realised that I did not have any moisturise for the mornings. And instead of the 10% Eucerin, for day time I am using 5% - this helps in giving a bit of a matte look. With 10% Eucerin I get a shiny face and it gets very difficult to put on any make-up after it.

I have no dry patches and no parched feeling. Its great. Now if I could just get the marks off my face too.

Today when I returned home, I had a slip from the Royal Post regarding a parcel that I have to collect from the Post Office. This, I am sure, is the Vita K which hubby has ordered from Amazon for me.

These days I do not wear any make-up, just a bit of loose powder and I feel fine. Some time during the day, I take a look at myself in the mirror and I can see those horrible marks. But I really don't care whether the world sees it or not. They have seen me with puss-filled cysts on my face and no one has ever said a word. So why would anyone take notice of a few marks. Its just me who gets disappointed with myself. Just 9 months back I had a clear smooth glowing skin and now its all blotchy and marked. This is one of the missions in my life - to get my skin to be completely clear.

I have an important training tomorrow and I might just wear make-up. Lets see how tomorrow goes......


I stuck with yesterday's new-regime decision and today applied as minimum products as possible.

Face seemed fine in the morning with Aqueous cream wash and Diacneal. I decided to ditch Dermalogica face wash for some time as it too was contributing to the dryness. From now on my regime will be for someone who is affected with dry-skin and heavy flaking and have nothing to do with anti-acne. All these anti-acne products have 'caused me to have premature wrinkles.

Today is the last day of the Easter holidays and I have been doing a lot of gardening the past few days. After repotting a few plants, I decided to go for a long hot shower. Before that oiled my hair and also applied an oily ayurvedic concoction on my face like a face mask. It has such horrible smell that I can only apply the mask when no one is around at home.

Oiling hair is also such a heavenly experience - I have hair up to my waist and about a month back found out the joys of using a straightening iron. Till then I have not even used a dryer on my hair. Anyway I used the s.iron 3-4 times in the last month and it has taken a toll on my hair, it has become brittle and dry. And the oiling is supposed to help in bringing back my hair to its previous glory.

After the shower my face felt dry and after about 20 mins it felt completely parched and I could actually see welts appear on my face (exaggeration, but the dry welts were quite faint!!). Soon I applied the aqueous cream wash and then Eucerin 10%. Now there is some relief.

Thats the news for today and read tomorow for more on how I intend to win with my skin....


I am going to experiment on a different regime for one whole week. This is how it goes:

Morning - wash with Dermalogica, then wash with aqueous cream. Apply Diacneal.

Evening - wash with Dermalogica, then wash with aqueous cream. Apply Eucerin 10%

The idea is to get some moisture back into my skin. Ultimately I want to get off Diacneal and go for a very simple moisturizer. No flash just something to keep my skin supple. But when I have 3 tubes of Diacneal, I just cannot think of throwing it all into the bin, especially when I know that it is helping me in getting rid of the marks. My only hazzle with Diacneal is that it dries the area around my eyes, even though I never apply it there. Apart from this, the skin at my temples is very stretched and dry. There is also a small amount of peeling.

Today is my first evening on the above regime. My face feels fine at the moment. Lets see how it goes in the morning.



Today while washing my face in the morning, I noticed wrinkles around my eye area. Like when I laugh, this area creases up. Before when I had no-acne and a clear face and used any ordinary moisturiser, I had no wrinkles at all. And we are just talking about 9 months back. Now with all the high potent creams that I am using how in the world am I stuck with such lines. My mom got her first wrinkle when she was around 47 years and this is just with using Nivea cream all her life.

I am truly and utterly depressed. First you are struck with cystic acne, then when that got over you get itchy face and just when you thought you got everything under control and have just after-acne marks to deal with, you find that you have become old all of a sudden.

Thats it, I am going simple with my regime now. No more of heavy layering and hoping that my face gets super clear. I want something that sustains my skin in the long run, no short cuts. Last night I had been hovering with this idea even before seeing my wrinkles this morning. So yesterday I had gone to bed with just vaseline all over my face.

This morning I checked my bathroom cupboard and I found that I don't have any decent simple face wash, its either Dermalogica or medicated anti-bacterial Hibiscrub. Since I did not have any choice I used Dermalogica. Now I want to go off anti-acne, anti-wrinkle products. I think Diacneal and Eucerin, though giving me good results in the short run, any time I am without it on my face, it gets completely stretched and parched. So dry, when in fact I had an oily skin earlier.

So I need to think of something swift and effective for me in the years to come. .....


Its the Good Friday / Easter weekend here in the UK and we have 4 days holidays. And thats one of the reasons why I was so lazy to update yesterday. Anyway here it goes....

Its been quite a while since I have gone to the gym and it seemed like a good day to re-start the early morning trips. I am one of those stingy ones when it comes to creams (especially expensive ones!). I knew that if I moisturized my face just before going to the gym, it would just wash down when I sweat. So instead of my usual Eucerin or vaseline or jojoba, I used Simple Derma which is my body moisturizer. Believe me, it felt very good on my face. No burning sensation or irritation.

Got to the gym and on to the step machine. Just when I finished with half hour on it, I could feel my sweat tricking on to my face. God, the most horrible itching sensation began to creep up. Though I am brown-skinned and am not necessarily bothered about redness of my face, I just knew that it would be too obvious right now. So I immediately wiped off the sweat with my towel and decided to take a look at my face in the mirror located next to the weights section. My face looked like a red bulb and it was so itchy that had I been at home, I would have ripped my face apart.

Because my husband was there with me, he advised to wash my face. Anyway, I washed my face with cold water and I managed to squeeze in another 20 mins of exercises. During this time, my face was pretty much OK. After my shower, I just used Idealist and nothing else.

Back home, I got online to check the source of my itchy face. I am truly fed up of this situation. I have a clear face and now its all itchy. Not that I am saying that a face with acne is better than being itchy faced....BUT. Apparently when people use a lot of topical stuff on their face, there is a possibility of getting something called Follicular Dermatitis and I believe this is what I have.

Now I am majorly paranoid. Yes, I do use a lot of topicals and maybe its time to go easy on everything. At night I just slathered my face with Jojoba Oil.....

Let's see how tomorrow goes.


Its confirmed - if I use Diacneal without using a moisturizer, I will wake up to an itchy face. I did a lot of research on it and for the life of me can't figure out why this happens. So from now on I will use Eucerin 10% before I use Diacneal. And as an extra measure I intend to use Eucerin when using GA.

One thing I have to find out is whether it would help to use the Eucerin before or after I use Diacneal. So today I am going to experiment with it - I will be applying Diacneal first and then after 10 mins will apply Eucerin.

Today I did not take antibiotics (slowly weaning myself out of it) and forgot to take DIM. I have my MBA first year exams coming up in May first week and I can feel my stress level creeping up. Initially due to the work pressure, I had decided to give up on the course. But now the more I think of progressing in my career, the more I want to get that degree.


Three days of meeting and this evening I am finally free and am back home.

OK so the past few days have been good 'cause people have seen me with a clear face. Funny thing is that no one commented about it. Makes me wonder whether they noticed that I had acne in the first place!

My face is realy really doing good. But now I have slowly come to realise that though I have a lot of good creams for my face, I cannot use it all at the same time. One I do not like to layer my face with too many things. Two I do not want to reduce the true effectiveness of any one cream by using another over it.

So this morning I just had Eucerin 10% and GA 10% on my face. At night just Diacneal and nothing else. I have also skipped taking my antibiotics for three whole days. I have been hearing horror stories of how when people get off antibiotics the acne comes back with a revenge.

Over the next few day I am going to use either GA 10% or Idealist every other day and GA 15% and Diacneal every other night. I desperately want to keep things simple. As for face wash I am going to stick to Dermalogica anti-bac for some time.

DIM too I have not taken for the past three days, but tomorrow I shall have it first thing in the morning. Vita-K which I ordered at Amazon has not yet come in and I want to try it as experience all the hype that I have been hearing about.

During this meeting, after a very very long time, I let people kiss my cheeks when they greeted me. I usually shy away or find some excuses to get away from these welcome kisses. In my mind I always asked who would want to kiss a cheek infected with acne. But now that thought no longer bothers me. Though I have a few marks, my face is absolutely clear of any any any spot.

Thank you God.


Yestrday was again a clear-skin day, but unfortunately I did not notice that glow. Ah well can't complain. I coloured my hair with this brilliant black-violet colour and now I am waiting to go out and get some comments from friends and family.

My hubby and I talked at last and being a Sunday we spent the whole day together. So I was really in a good mood. He helped me purchase the Vita-K lotion from the Amazon UK site. My hubby is more excited than I am about my skin getting clear of all the marks. Vita-K has got very good reviews on this site and at make-up alley.

After bath I used the Loreal Refinish Micrdermabrassion kit. No I did not rub in the cream so hard on my face. Did not want to aggrevate un-necessarily an already clear skin. I just wanted to help my skin in clearing these few marks on my right cheek. It was OK I guess. My skin is already very smooth due to the application of Diacneal and GA. So with Refinish I did not notice any extra smoothness and well the marks too did look very much the same. I guess its good for people who have dry flaky skin and need some peeling.

Day wear was Eucerin 10%, GA 10% and Idealist. I don't think I will use three creams on my face anymore. By the time I finish putting on Idealist, everything just balls up. Nightwear was just Jojoba Oil, Diacneal and GA15%.


I amazed at how much time I spend on this site. Reading, reviewing, learning etc. I really feel sad when people get so depressed over their acne. But I know how it feels, it is the most gut-wrenching hellish feeling. I used to be so conscious of my face and always felt ugly. What can I do to console them? Nothing, other than tell them....yes I undertand, I know, I was there myself just till a few days back.

Don't want to say anything too fast. Please God...let this clear face last a lifetime.....

Goodnight for now..


OK so I am really excited today. It has been a glowing-face day and I looked so beautiful.

So when you have a good day, you try on more products to enhance the effects for a clear face. And thats what I have done for my night regime. I am trying to check whether my face can take Diacneal and GA 15% again.

Though I did not go out today, had a bit of make-up on. Used aqueous cream to remove the make-up, then washed with anti-bac. Followed it up with Diacneal and GA 15%. Now I am waiting for half an hour to lapse before I use Eucerin 10% moisturiser all over.

Till a year back I was a person who just used an ordinary moisturiser and your usual foundation with just a hint of lipstick. Then with acne all that changed and I started using more and more medicated products. And now I am clear, completely clear with the exception of a few marks on my right cheek.

After seeing the glow on my face today, I made a promise to myself. I would take care of myself. No more taking everything for granted. I used a new Loreal Wringle De-crease eye gel (instead of Jojoba Oil for my eye area!), applied Eucerin 5% (this is left-over from my face regime) on my neck. I want to keep my skin clear of marks and wrinkles as long as can. I will also apply light make-up even if I am at home the whole day. Since I work in the fragrance industry, I have a life-time's worth of fragrances stocked up. So I sprayed my favourite fragrance generously all over. I am even planning to dress up well at home, instead of being cooped up in my track and t-shirt all day long.

Today is also the second day that I have not smoked. Since yesterday I have been sticking the Boots Nicotine patch in the mornings and I have not even felt like smoking. God! its going great. From tomorrow I will be going to the gym. I pay an astronomical sum of £58 pounds every month to the gym and not availing the facilities.

Last evening I straightened my hair and it looks wonderful. I have three grey hairs and after coming to the UK, due to the hard water here my hair colour has over the past one year changed from pitch black to a darker shade of brown and I absolutely hate it. I am one of those brown-skins who look ravishing in black, long hair.

During my shopping spree at Boots last week, I had puchased a pack of Black hair colour and I shall use it some time this week.

By the end of the coming week, I should have my complete beauty regime in place. And oh I forgot, I have been regularly moisturizing my body for a few days now........

I am beautiful and will remain beautiful...and I will win....


I usually write my blog at night just before going to bed. But right now its just 4 in the evening and I have to make an exception. God I look good today. Don't know why and my face is actually glowing. I have been home the whole of this day and its a pity that I did not go out. When I woke up in the morning and looked myself in the mirror, other than a few old marks on my face, I saw a very clear face.

After washing my face with anti-bac, applying Jojoba Oil and then GA 10%, I used the Estee Lauder Idealist. For a change I used loose powder, though I am not in the habit of using make-up while at home. A bit of eyeliner and lip gloss and I was absolutely stunning.

Even after six hours, other than a bit of shine on my cheeks, I still look fine. Whatever it is that is working for me, I hope it continues. I know that Dermalogica anti-bac face wash, GA, Diacneal, Jojoba, Eucerin and Idealist are all working for me. Its just that I cannot incorporate it all in a day's regime.

Also taking DIM and two helping of probiotic drinks (Yakult) I guess is helping me. This is in addition my BCP regularly and occassionally my antibiotics.

I am sooo happy today......


OK so I have skipped a day. Me and my hubby have not spoken to each other for three days now and I really do not have much interest in doing anything. However I am not leaving any stone unturned where my face is concerned. Sometimes I wonder whether I give too much pf importance to looks and nothing at all to the other more important things in life.

Today I worked from home and didn't brush my teeth till around afternoon. Which meant that did not wash my face till then. Actually without anything on, my face still looked quite good and glowing. The antibiotics and whatever I am doing must be working.

In the evening after work, I applied an ayurvedic cream all over my face. This is an oily concoction which I generally massaged into my face for 5 minutes. Oh God it smells awfull, but I am sure that it won't do any harm. After this applied the Shehnaz Honey and Mud mask. Then did not apply anything to my face. During this time I straightened my hair and for the first time I used two hair products to get my look right. I believe I have the most beautiful hair in this world, may not be the most healthy one...but looks good when I have it all straight.

Just before going to bed now, I applied Eucerin 10% and GA 15%. No Diacneal today. Hopefully I will use it tomorrow. Am planning to use Diacneal during the week and GA creams during the weekend.

Face is clear, no cysts. Just a few marks to go and I am good as new.


I didn't write yesterday, not because I was lazy or had forgotten, but because I had a terrible argument with my hubby. Then life literally gets to a standstill for me.

Anyway, thats that. Regarding the face - used Eucerin 5% and Idealist. My face did sting when I applied Eucerin 5%. I am guess thats because of the lactic acid in Eucrin 5% facial cream. The 10% one does not have the additional Lactic acid. Must say that my face looks clear. The Idealist is also good at peeling the top layer of skin. I know it 'cause when I returned from work, I could see peeling skin in a few areas of my face.

At night I had applied 10% Eucerin and insead of Diacneal, applied a little bit of GA 15% just on my cheeks and in the middle of my forehead. My itchy areas are usually on the jawlines and temples. But then I had cried so much at night (due to the argument with my husband) that I am sure half of my cream washed away with my tears. I have come to realise that the area around my eyes is just to sensitive, and even my own tears sting me. This morning I woke up to find that area all dry and crumpled up. God I don't want wrinkles so early in life........


My Products

Below are the stuff that I use on a regular basis:

Face wash - Dermalogica anti-bac wash in the morning and Hibiscrub in the evening

Moisturizer - Eucerin 5% in the morning and 10% at night

Treatment - now this is where I have to pick and choose depending on my mood and skin condition of the day. I do not believe in the theory that your face gets used to any one product. At the moment I have the following that I try on:

Diacneal - a combination of retinol and 6% glycolic acid - yes it clears my marks

Glycolic acid 10% and 15% - a day cream and a night cream that I bought from Perfect Skin - good, but it does irritate my itchy face a bit and I use it quite sparingly. The past week I have not tried these at all. At some point when my itchiness stops completely I will use it in combination with Diacneal.

Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing and Skin Refinning Serum (I think its a serum and not a cream - only tried it today. I may use it when I go out. Thing is with Diacneal and GA, I am forced to believe that I need an SPF to avoid discolouration. If I use Idealist, I need not use SPF.

Then there is Sudocream - my all-purpose anticeptic cream.


When you are a product slave, you would try anything to get your face clear. Yesterday while clearing up, I found a large bottle of Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refining serum on my dressing table. I remember that I got it from a supplier at the Dover exhibition. It completely escaped my mind when I unpacked after getting back.

Anyway after seeing this bottle, I immediately set out to check its reviews at Makeup Alley and acne.org, my two trusted sites. To be frank, not a single review said anything drastically bad. So what does that mean? Come the next morning, I would try it on my face.

So this morning after washing up my face with Dermalogica, I applied a thin film of Idealist Pore Minimizing. My skin was so bright (or maybe it was the usual brightness after washing my face!) and so smooth after the application. It felt so good to finally touch such smooth facial skin. But that happiness was short lived. 'Cause immediately after that I applied Eucerin 5% and my face back to looking blotchy and oily.

I did feel a bit of an itchy feeling sometime in the evening, but I guess its because I needed some extra moisturising.

At night it is back to my Eucerin 10% and Diacneal. There is no way I will give up on Diacneal. I truly believe that it works.


Today despite the terrible weather in the whole of UK, my skin surprisingly did well. My skin is healing pretty well. This morning after washing with Dermalogica used Eucerin 5% with Dianceal. Other than the first ten seconds, the combination of creams did not sting my face.

At night time, I will be using Eucerin 10% with Diacneal.

You know I am finding it so difficult to change the regime on my signature every time. I remember starting my regime with Green Cream, then Diacneal and now I need to Eucerin in it. I have tried so many products on my face and now I have come to enjoy it. I do not believe in going natural and do not even want to. I like the whole process of spending time on my face after waking up and before going to be, the joy of trying out new creams, hoping that they would be the miracle cream that will clear your face and make you a princess.

Then there is the high of going to the chemist and going thru aisle upon aisle aisle checking for the skincare section, then checking all the creams on displays there, reading the ingredients and then hitting upon that final product or even going through various sites, reading reviews of various creams and making that final buy. You get home and wait for it to get dark so that you can smear the cream all over your face.

God I have spent so much of money on these so called miracle creams, about 2000 pounds and I am still not satisfied. I still get the itch every time I go to the chemist, I so want to try out something new.....

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