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Hello again everyone. I'm back for another round of accutane! :)

If you guys check my earlier posts you'll see that last April I started taking 40 mg a day of Accutane for my severe acne, around August my face was conpletely clear and I stopped taking the medication at the end of September. I was acne free for 4-5 months and my scars were healing slowly. Sadly 3 weeks ago I noticed some small pimples on my skin, I also noticed that my face had started to flare up, it was an exam week full of stress and no sleep. So I decided to visit my dermatologist, as he told me to visit him when if I flare up.

To be honest, I only have 2-3 very small and harmless pimples, my face still looks pretty clear and smooth, but my red marks have gotten darker instead of fading. I seriously don't care about it, probably because I had to deal with severe acne for years.

Today I visited my dermatologist, he examined my face and told me that the red marks were actually forming pimples and that the minor clogged pores would cause my acne to come back, so he suggested I take a lower dose, 30 mg of Accutane for 2 months, to avoid future breakouts. I had no side effects last time so I accepted taking the drug, however last year Accutane caused a major/horrible initial breakout for the first 3 months of my course. He told me that this time I wouldn't have an initial breakout, I hope so.

I really hope he's 100% sure, I can handle some dryness but I really don't want to go through another hectic initial breakout like last time.

Anyways, talk to you guys later!


Month 6 Accutane Day 185

Hey guys once again! It's been a really long time since I updated this blog so I'm sorry.

2 weeks ago my dermatologist told me I had to take Accutane for 1 more month, then I'd be done. Now I have almost 3 weeks left and I can now tell you guys that Accutane is a miracle.

My face has been 100% clear for 2 months! I haven't been like this since I was 12! 4 years of torture is now gone and my red marks are 85% gone, sometimes they're not even visible and I don't really care about them tbh, they are fading fast.

0 side effects (except dry lips lol) and excellent results. It took a while for my stubborn acne to go away but it did! I seriously wouldn't have thought I would have this much progress 3 months ago.

I'm very happy with the results, no complaints at all. For all those people that are using Accutane and want the IB to end, BE PATIENT!

See you guys next time! :)


Fight Acne Day 152 Accutane

Hey guys! I'm really happy right now, my acne is still 100% clear and my red marks are fading faster than I thought! Again, I still don't have any side effects other than dry lips and lightly dry skin.

Back in April when my doctor told me I have no choice except Accutane, I really was depressed. I would hide during breaks at school and only let a hand full of friends see my face entirely. No matter how much I tried not to think about it, EVERYONE would ask me what was wrong with my face. Some people would even keep staring at my face even though I asked them a question, so annoying... What would make me crazy was how they kept telling me to wash my face! There was even a hygene/puberty doctor guy that came to our school and said acne will always go away if you wash your face.... I rolled my eyes so hard and said a big f u to him in my head.

Now with the new school year coming up and my finally clear face, I'm positive that I will focus more on my school work and not being afraid of socializing. Acne has made me more confident.

Bottom line, Acne is not just something that "you have to deal with" and "not care about" because "it's nothing serious". (i've heard all of these many times) and they are partially right! But when your acne is severe and you have gross whiteheads erupting on your face every couple of hours, no matter how confident you are, it does matter, A LOT. Boy or girl we all wake up every morning hoping that our face is getting better but when we look in the mirror, we get depressed, it feels somebody just stabbed a knife in your stomach because you know that day you will be stared at, made fun of, told what to use on your face etc.

This little online community is the only place where you can relate to other people and vent if you had a bad day because of your face, this place really helped me throughout my accutane journey (which is still not done). I wish all of the fellow acne sufferers good luck and PATIENCE, you'll need it!

If you have any questions about accutane or if you're having a bad day and just want to vent, don't hesitate, write a comment. :)

See you next time!:)


Accutane Day 135 Week 19

Hello once again! I'm pretty happy right now and I haven't had a pimple for weeks! All I can say is my only complaint is easily being cut/hurt by little things and cuts healing VERY slowly... Usually I heal really fast because I'm young but now I understand how it is to never heal for older people, very annoying!

If you guys have questions please don't hesitate, ask me! See you guys later :)


Hello! I actually don't have a lot to say but I just thought it would be helpful for other people on Accutane who are curious about what happens after day 100. I was pretty pissed when I couldn't find any blogs about what happens after day 100.

I just had one HUGE pimple on my forehead, it was really red and had no head, it completely went away in a week (no scar or red mark left usually in my forehead anyways) but I'm glad that's over. Other than that my red marks are fading and I can actually see the permanent scars this horrid acne has left me with. They're rolling scars on my cheeks and are only visible in good lighting, I have the choice to get laser treatment next year, we'll see...

For me the side effects are nothing. I don't know if I'm one of the lucky ones but all I have is dry lips, sometimes eczema on arms and slightly dry eyes after waking up, THAT's IT! I've been outside under the sun for weeks (with extreme sun block of course) and never got a sunburn, I guess I'm just lucky, I don't want to jinx it!

So if you guys have any questions about anything I'll gladly answer them, good luck to all the acne victims out there! See ya! :)


Hey guys! I can't believe it's week 16! WOW! Ok whatever. I went to my dermatologist last week and he was happy with the results, so he gave me a 2 month supply of Accutane (40mg like always) because I will go on a 1 month vacation to LA. He said he will probably give me another month of the drug after our appointment in September which will be 7 months in total. No problem with that.

I'm not gonna lie, I broke out 2 times last week and I was pretty shocked to see pimples on week 15 but a day later they just, went away! Those 2 bumps just vanished instantly! :)

My red marks are healing and I can see the change. I also heard that sun makes red marks fade slower but since my skin never gets sunburn and I always get a tan I don't think Accutane really made my skin fragile towards the sun. I went to the beach, put on my spf 50 sun cream and I only have a tan no sunburn. And I think the sun makes the hyperpigmentation fade faster. (with my skin type of course)

I'm so glad I took this drug. I have NO side effects, except slightly dry eyes and lips, THAT'S IT! I can't wait to start the new school year with my ckear skin 2 months later! And I'm praying for all of you that are on Accutane that are experiencing the horrid IB and rare side effects, it's hard at first but it will go away. See you guys next time! :)


Hey guys! I've been a bit lazy and firgot to post fir a couple of weeks so first of all, sorry. But I have great news!

I'm completely clear! I haven't had a pimple for a week and before that, I was clear for a week too! I'm really happy that the breakouts are over and my face can finally start healing, my next goal is to get rid of my horrid red marks. It's so crazy, 1 month ago I used to wake up with whiteheads all over my face trying not to pop them and hoping nobody would comment about my acne, I thought my face would never be clear and would never heal from the severe red marks acne has caused from the beginning of the year. But now my red marks are healing slowly too! Thank god that nightmare's over...

I went on a trip last week and there was a lot of sun. I didn't get a sun burn (I never have, probably never will), I now have normal tan skin, pretty suprized tbh. But I had Eczema on my arms that went away in 2 days, no biggie... Right now my skin doesn't even get flaky, not even red and dry like others say, I just have dry eyes. My lips aren't even flaky and dry thanks to the wonderful lip cream my mom bought for me. So side effects are almost 0.

To all the fellow Accutane users/patients or whatever that are sick and tired of acne, all you have to do is be patient and wait. I know this sounds really annoying but that's all you can do. Don't think about anything that has to do with your pimples or the drug, time goes by much faster like that, and you see results in less than 4-3 months.

Anyways, my next appointment is in 2 weeks, see you guys then! :)


Hey guys, it's been about 2 weeks since I last posted a blog, I really didn't need to make one because everything was the same.

Ok, like I said in my last post I've started using Aloe Vera to try to get rid of all the stubborn red marks, I don't know if it's working yet but there's no harm in using it, right? Other than that I'm still breaking out. :( Not as bad as 1 month ago, (those days were horrible), but I'm about to end my 3rd month and I kind of expected my acne to go away by now...

I know it the drug will work but I still don't feel great because right now I have 4 cysts (but that's it). I always say to myself that I possibly can't break out anymore, it's better then BAM, the next morning I wake up with a throbbing bump!!!

Whatever, I'm so sick and tired of this breakout process that I really don't care anymore. I really don't feel like looking in any mirror and examining my face until I'm completely clear and to be honest I don't really care anymore.

To those who are thinking about taking Accutane and are reading this, Accutane is a great. At the end everyone has a clear face and that's more important than whiteheads. What's the worst that could happen anyways?



Accutane Week 9

Hi again! I forgot to update my blog yesterday so here we go!

My acne is WAY better. Right now I've only had 4 active pimples for the past few days. But the real provlem is the red marks... They fade away very slowly especially when you still have acne + Accutane makes your skin sensitive. My mom told me to use Aloe Vera for the scars, she said they will go away much faster, and from what I read here I'm pretty sure it will work. I'll update you guys on that.

The corner of my lips are about to crack so I keep putting on some cream and I try not to open my mouth a lot, that sucks.

What bothers me the most is my dry arms! I now get cuts easily and they feel really dry. :(

I'm also planning on going to the beach. I always get a tan, not a sun burn. Do you think I will get a sun burn?


Hey guys! Sorry for not posting last week and yesterday. I really didn't have a lot to report, but now I do.

Ok first of all yesterday I went to my dermatologist, he said my face was getting better and that I would be 100% clear by next month. He prescribed me 40 mg again. I asked him about the red marks and he said they would completely fade away 1-2 months after my Accutane journey. He also said that I didn't need to do a blood test because my last results were great, and my next appointment is 2 months later! :)

So let's get to my face. My acne is 60% clear!!! I don't get 5-7 whiteheads+ 1 cyst every morning. I only have 2 cysts that haven't gone down for a while and I sometimes get a whitehead. It may be a normal teens nightmare but it's wonderful for me especially compared to 2 weeks ago...

Side effects... Same old thing but I sometimes realize my eyes get a bit dry outside when there's a bit wind, other than that I haven't even had a bloody nose. I hope I don't jynx it.

Oh by the way. When I was at the pharmacy with my mom we were looking for some new chapsticks. When the pharmacist saw I bought Accutane he told me to buy La Roche-Posay "Ceralip". It's french and it's for people who suffer from severe dry lips from other drugs, but it's extremely expensive, almost 10 dollars! I bought it because it was big too, and I swear it's the best thing out there. It REALLY works!

See you guys next week! ;)


Hey guys! Today is my 6th week on Roaccutane. So I'll start by side effects:

-Never had joint pains and still don't even after going to the gym, so I guess I'm lucky!

-I don't have the dry nose feeling I had in week 3-4, it is dry but not like before.

-Dry lips but still no cracking.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY! Weird red marks on my left arm, dryness. I guess it's from Accutane so I put on some Nivea cream.

Ok, I'm just gonna say it this way: Accutane ruins your face, social life and confidence. (At the beginning) If you're planing on taking it, don't take it if you have something important coming up like a wedding or presentations etc.

Like I said in the title, my face is a mine field. I get bumps and whiteheads everyday, I seriously can't look at my face anymore. Some people always stare at me and tell me what's wrong with my face or what I should use to get rid of it. That doesn't bother me a lot but when people see a person with severe acne they immeadietly think they're dirty or eat shitty food, that bothers me. But in real life, it's the exact opposite! I'm pretty sure my face is cleaner and I eat healthier than most people with clear skin. My confidence is really low and I really want the IB to end, it's been 6 weeks and there's still no progress which is normal but still. :(

I'm not depressed, but not exactly super happy at the same time. I'm just patiently waiting for Accutane to start its magic, slowly, and patiently...


Hey guys! It's week 5/ day 35 of my Accutane treatment, I don't have a lot of updates except my breakout. So last week I said I thought my IB was slowly going away, I was totally wrong... 1 day later I woke up with the biggest bump I've ever had in the middle of my forehead, Accutane likes to fuck with you sometimes... The bump became way smaller and now it's a small whitehead, no problem now. But I've had huge whiteheads constantly under my eyes/ next to my nose for a couple of months and I always get 2-3 every day + there's another big bump coming from the same place too... I'm still shocked how my skin can survive this warzone without scarring! But when I compare my skin to 1-2 weeks before I can see it's 30% better, like the only acne I have is healing cysts and small whiteheads.

Ok now side effects... I have no new side effects. I haven't had joint pain, bloody nose, headaches or really dry skin for 5 weeks and I hope I don't have them. But my lips are getting drier! It is a bit annoying but it just shows the drug is working.

So guys if you have any questions I will happily help you. If you're thinking about going on Accutane I can assure you it's not a big deal, all you need is patience. :)


Today was my first month on Accutane and I went to my dermatologist. Surprizingly, my face looks really good today! It's still severe but I haven't had new cysts for a week or 2, I didn't have whiteheads today and I only have old cysts ready to come out! (i never touch them). He said I was going good and kept me on 40mg which he's been doing to every Accutane patient he's had for the last 20 years, I trust him.

I also showed him my chest where I have had this redness for about a year, it looks like a rash but it doesn't itch. He examined it for a while and said it was a mole!!! He said some people are born with it but it starts showing up in my age. It really looks like a rash, so it's really weird...

It is a bit embarrassing to say but I also have cysts in my earlobes. :( They never break out but they never leave either, but Accutane is making it go away. :)

Also yesterday I used a comedone extracter to get rid of my left over blackheads abd clogged pores. I used it correctly and I have no scars/pimples. I hope my skin continues to get better, let's not jinx it... :P


Ok so today I noticed some minor differences. I used to get new bumps under my skin every day the first 3 weeks but now I don't get as much, I just can't wait to get rid of the IB... :( I also have some big closed pores (i think closed comedones?) where I always have whiteheads which is between my eyes and nose. I don't know how those are gonna go away but I have a feeling whenever I get a whitehead there, one pore becomes flat later on. If it is like that, then I got a long way a head of me cuz I have a lot of them.

Anyways, I'm going to my dermatologist on Saturday, he'll probably increase my dose. When I think about it, I WILL be clear in 1-2 months and I'm almost done with the first month! It's pretty exciting, time goes by pretty fast.


Hi, I'm a 16 years old and I've had acne since I was 11

Ok I don't know how this blog stuff works but let's hope I'm doing it right!

For years I've had acne only on my forehead but last fall, it spreaded to my cheeks and chin. To prevent it to get severe I went to get facials every week around the beggining of 2012, but I couldn't take the pain and I quit. Now I'm left with hyper pigmentation on my whole face. :(

I went to the dermatologist in February and the minute he saw my face, he said "Accutane". I freaked out when he told me the side effects, I refused it and convinced him to give me something else. He gave me Differin but told me it would never be as effective as Accutane. Whatever, I used it for 2 months and my acne had become SEVERE, I started to get bumps that would hurt a lot, cysts and embarassing whiteheads all over my face. I couldn't take it anymore and the next day I went to the dermatologist to get my Accutane prescription. When he saw me he was shocked, Differin had fucked up my face! He told me my skin would be flawless at the end, why didn't I take Accutane earlier!!!

I'm now on my 3rd week, 40 mg. my face is breaking out just like when I was on Differin, I'm used to it. But waking up each day looking at the mirror hoping someone won't ask you "Wtf's on your face?!", "Use Proactiv" or just stare at your pimples while you talk to them is really tiring... :( I know Accutane will clear up my face, patience is the key. :)

Ok, now the progress... My face is just like when I was on Differin but much dryer. I've noticed that the blackheads on my nose became more visible and if I squeeze them correctly and in a clean way, some of them go away!!! I always have whiteheads on the same place non stop every day, sort of like under my eyes, next to my nose, so annoying...

As side effects I only have dry lips which don't crack like other people say, dry skin, dry hair and the inside of my nose is really dry which bothers me sometimes... Thank god for no nosebleeds!! I've still got a lot in front of me! :)