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my journey to becoming blemish- free

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A month is a long time for change...and my skin has gotten worse. It seems to just get gradually worse and worse as time goes on. My scars are very prominent, and my skin just keeps breaking out. I think I'm going back to my doctor to get a new medication....I haven't been using my Tretinoin properly though, and I just started using it more. Could that be why my skin is worse?

I've also been super stressed! My classes are crazy, I work and my family hasn't had it too well recently. I've been eating sh-t lately, and I feel nasty! I'm going to kick it up with my diet, because I need it! My body needs a detox (after this weekend ;P) I havent let my skin get to me as much, because I haven't had time!

Anyways, tonight is a short post; I still have a bit of homework to finish up.

Leave suggestions below!


Long Time No Update!

hey guys, long time no chat! i've been super busy with work, summer reading and just trying to enjoy my summer. Igo back to school next monday, and i am SO not ready. Dear lord, i am royally screwed. Anyways, my acne has been pretty good. I had this one zit in the corner of my mouth on the left side that drove me CRAZY, and its kind of flared up again. It's going down, i just hate those zits! I have a few right now, but they're all just little red bumps. The one under my nose is going to be a pain in the butt, but i'm prepared.

I've been bad about skincare- I wash my face and everything, its just i haven't been using my tretinoin as often as i should be. I'm off the clindamycin forever, and i want to be using at least one strong acne med.

i've had issues with my chest lately...i've been getting bouts of nasty breakouts! If you could give me advice I would greatly appreciate it! I'm not great about washing my clothes that often, and i think that may contribute to it (esp. my work shirt....yuck!). I really do need some help; its not that bad, but its still annoying.

hmm....hopefully my acne won't be as it was last year. as the year progressed it got worse and worse. i didn't have "bad" skin, i just was so self conscious about it. i hated myself and my skin wasn't even that bad! i'm a lot better now, and i feel a bit better about my skin as well. lets just hope my acne stays this way. Stress does seem to aggravate it, and I have terrible anxiety. Yikes!

I haven't been getting much sleep as usual, and when I do sleep, I wake up tired as heck. So many things have changed, and they're not all for the best.

Anyways, leave your advice down below!

Have a great day, and I will be updating more! My last update was over 2 months ago....i need to keep it up.



More Time = More Posts

As I announced in my last entry, I've been out of school for two weeks, and I've noticed a HUGE change in my skin. It's so much clearer, and the little zits I get are minor (I'm sure I'll get a big one after jinxing myself like this!). I just got a job, and it's causing some stress, so hopefully I can overcome it. I start tomorrow, and the shift I'll be working is a VERY busy one, so that should be an interesting experience.

What are your tips for overcoming of handling stress? I have really bad anxiety and it does take quite the toll on my health.

Here's what I do, but please feel free to put your tips in the comments!

- I take St. Johns Wort (an all-natural supplement)

- I don't eat meat

- I eat well

- No caffeine (soda or otherwise)

- I exercize frequently.

The issues that I have trouble with are:

- I don't sleep at all.

- I consume too much sugar.

The sugar thing is dwindling, I've found that through eating healthy, my body doesn't crave it as much!

I'm posting this because I'm linking my anxiety and breakouts. Am I correct in doing so? I didn't think that my mental well-being had that much of an impact, but I guess it does!

I had a horrible chemical burn because the products I was using were too strong. It was so unappealing.... and painful!

I'm off the Body Shop Tea Tree line.

Here's my current routine (it changes a lot!)


wash face w/ burt's bees soap bark and chamomile deep cleansing wash

wait a few minutes and put on neutrogena's oil free moisture spf 15


wash face with same cleanser

wait at least 20 minutes before applying my Tretinoin .05% cream (EVERY OTHER NIGHT)

apply the same facial lotion.


exfoliate with clean and clear deep action exfoliating scrub ( W, F AND SUN ONLY)

use the freeman facial anti-stress mask with dead sea minerals (SUN ONLY)

That's my new regimen and I like it! I know that I change things up a lot, but I was using these insanely drying facial cleansers, and I didn't want to try anything in fear that it might be like Cetaphil. The annoying part is that I'm left with all of these semi- used products that I don't know what to do with! I did have a few that I had stock piled that were brand new and I gave them away. I went through my closet and all of my cosmetics and bath products and gave away a TON of new stuff! It felt really good. smile.png

That's all I have for today! I'll be posting more because I have more time, and it's a great way to let lose. I think I need a disclaimer though, because my posts are somewhat acne unrelated... but they do tie in somehow!

Leave me a comment; i love to hear from you guys! smile.png

Have a great day!


Random Post!

I'm out of school- woohoo! I finished up the year with good grades, and I'm in a pretty good spot. However, this blog isn't about my life, its about my skin, which has been going bonkers lately! I've been breaking out more and more, but it isn't anything too bad. I just hate to see my skin fluctuate so drastically like this, especially when its summer!

I'm definetly going to stay on the Tretinoin, but I'm not so sure about the Clindamycin... It just doesn't seem to cut it for me. Do you have any recommendations for a TOPICAL acne medication? There is no way in heck that I'm going the oral route; it scares me and I don't believe that I need to go there. I had a friend go on accutane and it really screwed her up. I'm not saying that oral medications are bad, they're just not for me. If they work for you, great!! :D

Back to my pesky skin- my blackheads are becoming inflamed and I'm not sure why. This year, I've also noticed that I break out all over my face, not just on my chin like I used to. It's on my jawline, forehead, nose, the area abouve my lip and on my chin. It's more wide spread. I have a job interview on tuesday and I just hope my skin clears up more!

By the way, I've taken some pictures off the internet (can't post pictures of my actual face for security reasons) to show you what my skin looks like or close. As I've stated many times, my skin isn't bad, it just scars and the acne I get are nasty pustules (sorry for the nastiness). They hurt and are red as the devil.

There's a link- my skin looks like her before skin, but its much paler and has more discoloration and a few more red spots.

I believe thats all I have for you today! I actually have a face mask on right now and it feels amazing! Please comment down below with any product suggestions or comments. Thanks!


I know this is a little early- but I have finals next week and I won't be able to post a longer post!

Lots of changes recently- I've gone to a new facial system! Its by the Body Shop, and its the Tea Tree line. I use the facial wash, toner and facial lotion. I'm still using my acne medications that were prescribed to me:

Clinamycin Lotion 1%

Tretinoin .05%

I'm also using my Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture (thats what it says on the bottle?) SPF 15.

I really like the Body shop line, but its kind of pricey. I got it all in a kit for $15, which is a complete steal! You can look at the Body Shop by typing it in on Google. The reviews for these products are AMAZING, and I do enjoy them. I don't know if they help clear acne though, because I am on the prescriptions. They also smell odd, but I like the feel after I wash my face.

My skin has been pretty good- my zits go away and I don't get nearly as many anymore. My skin just looks better, and I don't find myself worrying about it as much. I have really bad anxiety and having acne was adding to it.

By the way- I wanted to make something clear: I DO NOT have severe acne. My acne has always been moderate or mild. I get pustules and blackheads- not cysts or anything like that. I am very fortunate because my skin is pretty good, but I am extremely fair (think lily collins- I believe thats her name...she's british and has red hair.) The scars turn odd colors and don't fade for YEARS. I also don't wear any type of face makeup, other than concealer under my eyes. I apologize for not explaining this sooner!

Hmm..., Finals are coming up, so I'm expecting a few new breakouts. After that, I'm out of school for a while which is awesome! The summer time is always a pretty good time for my skin, but I don't think I'm going off the acne medications. I want to keep it consistent.

do you have any good acne wash suggestions? If so, tell me and I'd love to try them out!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment!


If you haven't read my previous post, I'd invite you to do so. It's short, but it has the information on the percentage of the medications that I am on.

I'll list them here anyways:

Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion 1%

Trentinoin .05%

( I apologize for any misspellings!)

Let's see....where to start!

I've noticed that I break out every other week. It's really strange- I'll be clear for a week and then BAM! The next week I have 3-4 zits. They go away quickly which is nice, and the red marks that I have on my skin aren't as noticeable anymore. I've also noticed my skin is DRY. I mean....shoot, its really dry! I wait 20-30 minutes before applying my tretinoin and my skin is extremely dry before applying. I've been switching facial cleansers often- I was using the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit, and tonight I switched to the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cleanser (not sure of the actual name). The only other item I use is a moisturizer- Neutrogena Oil Free with spf 15. Any suggestions? Is the dryness due to my facial cleanser?

The trentinoin is only used at night and the Clindamycin is only used in the morning. I think it works better for my skin, and my doctor never told me to do otherwise.

So,yeah! Thats all I have for today. I'm not giving up hope, because I feel a lot better about my skin. I used to really have my skin, and I started to really have myself. Acne is horrible, and I have a VERY moderate case. I get a lot of blackheads (who doesn't?!?!) and I only really get acne pustules. My main issue is my scarring, and that's why I decided to get medication.

Please post any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

PS- I've tried the Cetaphil cleanser and I HATE IT! I can't stand the feeling- like someone just poured lard on my face. Yuck!

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