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Hi guys,

I havent visited this site since I ended, Just to let you know I have complete my course of accutane in January. Its so crazy how fast time has gone. For those of you who still on it, I wish you all the best. Keep your head and one day it will be your turn to have beautiful skin.

But, I have to say my acne has returned but not as mild! yes it has! I believe that this is mainly because my skin is normally oily, so my oily skin is the reason for the return of acne. Hope is not lost though, accutane is not a miracle drug to complete cure acne. I am going to see my dermatologist next month for an update of my skin. Hopefully, I get a second course of accutane.

They say if your acne doesnt return within a year, then the next time is occurs it will not be as severe. I dont know if this is true, but it has definitely kept my hope up. :)


I haven't written on here for quite a while, uni and work gives me no spare time. Just a quick update!

Ive finally made it! R

ight now I'm like the happiest girl in the world!

Accutane works wonder, that's only if you have the patience! Despite breaking at the end of month 5 and totally freaking out.. My skin has prolly grown one tinie weenie pimple. Which is tolerable compared to what I used to look like.

Yesterday I met one of my college seniors and he was telling me how clear my skin is and how ugly I used to look. And then joked about overuse of clearasil to get there. I was offended at first, but whatever! I'm no longer the girl with the pimples and I'm not going to let anyone put me in that place again.

Reflecting on this experience, I'm happy that I took the plunge and chose accutane. Although there are some crazy stories about badly reacting to the medication. I was absolutely fine throughout my journey. :) good luck for those who are starting or considering.. Please feel free to ask any questions because we are all in the same boat, you're not alone!!


Day 123, Accutane!

So I'm on my 5th month, everything was going so well, no breakouts or blackheads.. Until BAMM one morning I had some in the most weird places, ears? Like seriously? They were massive! I was like ahhhhh! What to do?

Has anyone also started breaking out in their 5th month?


Okay, so im on day 76 today. Ive been sick for the past few days and went clubbing last night. I feel like shit atm! I had a few beers and shots last night because of freshers week, by the end of the night I was tipsy. I know i shouldnt be drinking but I didnt want to feel left out. My skin became extremely red but didnt breakout. My body now just seems out of place.. Has anyone ever felt like this?

I tried googling alcohol and accutane, some say its fine and others say its dangerous. I dont really know which to believe. Since Im not seeing my derm this month, I cant reassure myself that last night did no harm. What the hell have I done?!


Month 3 - Time Flies!

2 days ago, I went to see my derm and he said that I will be staying on 40mg because if I go any higher the side effects will become more severe. This time he gave me 3 months of treatment which I am really happy about because I dont have to go and get tests... Thumbs up!

I havent got any actives at the moment, just scarring. They become more evident day by day... hmmm. BUT, today I couldnt resist myself and ate quite a bit of sugar and junk, so I wouldnt be surprised if I get a few tomorrow.. AHHH!

But I currently really happy with the progress and will be looking forward to the next few months! :D


So I have recently been using Clinique's soap bar and I just finished it 2 days ago. I started using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion and now I have these horrible active spots on my cheeks. It doesnt seem to clean my skin as well, it doesnt foam or nothing. I have never broke out this bad since starting the treatment, just when I thought things were going well. I still have that nasty big spot on my jawline from last week, its not going!! what should i do?

I have also had a craving for chocolates which I never had before. Does this have an effect on my skin?

I urgently need help, someone please tell that what I am going through is normal at this stage..


its been some time since I last updated my accutane blog. So Im currently on month two. No drastic changes. Everything is good is so far, I have been clear for the past week until last night when I woke up with a MEGA one on my jawline. Dry lips and hot weather does not work at all!!

So I met a canadian guy who was my colleague's friend who came into the chocolate shop. He was really cute and I loved the accent of his, But that day I was really busy and couldnt really speak to him because I had to serve customers. He asked when I would be working again and I said tomorrow. So he came in the next day and was expecting me to be there. But I was sent to post a letter, on my way back we bumped into each other and he didnt know his way home. I walked him half way as I was on duty, we agreed to go to the movies and exchanged numbers. I thought we was just friends. When the film ended, we decided to go for a walk and sat at a bench and watched the stars. It was really sweet, but until this point I knew his intentions wasnt just to be friends. We talked and learnt about eachothers past. It was dark and there was no one there. He kissed me by surprise and my reflexes moved me away. I wasnt ready, I was self concious of my skin and dry lips. He wanted to try again but I made up a silly excuse and refused. Is this actually normal?

Its been a few days and he hasnt texted me with the enthusiam he had before. He is leaving London today, back to Toronto, and I havent received anything. Do you think I have hurt his ego? or I should just forget and move on? Accutane has made indecisive?! It all feels surreal. I miss the feeling of being treated like a princess since my acne broke out like crazy.

Im glad that two months in, accutane has helped me gain confidence. But at the same time, I wish I had the opportunity to take it last year in November and I would have been transformed rather than still be in the process. Cant wait for this to be over!!!


Not much of a breakout for me, I was expecting it to be crazy like pepperoni on a pizza but no. Just one big fat one on my jawline that dried up within two days. I have little bumps that are unnoticeable unless you look very closely. Dry skin and lips are bearable and applying moisturiser and lip balm is like a routine. *Thumbs up* My skin used to be tomato red, but now it is just like a light sunburn. :D

Looking forward to seeing the Derm on monday and hopefully she changes my dose to a higher one.

Got my Cetaphil from my GP and I will be trying it out soon!

Good Luck to those considering in taking it!


Finally finished one pack, have been experiencing some side effects. Dry skin, dry lips and sleepy. It shows I am on the right medication after all. My normal skincare routine has just gone out of the window, its waaaay too drying. The Body Shop tea tree range is good for oily skin but now I have dry, flaky skin. Still struggling to find the right one, in the UK it is rare to find Cetaphil here, which kinda sucks.

I have a question, before accutane I tried Retin A and it broke me out so badly, my skin was so angry and inflammed. Does this mean it will lower the chances of having an initial breakout? Im literally freaked out because I dont know when its going to happen. I have a job interview at one of the UK's most expensive luxury chocolatiers and Im afraid my acne will destroy my chances of getting it. Please could someone give me some advice...


Day 4 - Accutane

its been 4 days since I started Accutane. I havent been experiencing any side effects, yet. I mean literally none. Maybe thats a good thing. :) But I feel like they have given me the wrong medication.

I think my dosage may be too low to experience the side effects or the drug is overly hyped. Its not that scary after all. I feel like a normal person, was expecting to be a crazy, depressed person. So now Im just waiting, waiting and waiting. Why cant these 6 months just go faster? ARGHHHH!


Day 1 - Roaccutane

9 months wait and Im on accutane! hooray! I know my coming days are going to be tough.

I had my pregnancy test done and got my prescription. simples!

Im super excited to have clear skin in 6 months but I dont know when I am going to have my intial breakout and when I am going to be clear. I will be vlogging my journey on youtube, my user name is kuchiburu. hope you guys and enjoy!

And please me some advice in what to expect, that will be much appreciated. :)


After 9 months of waiting, I will be taking this 'miracle drug'. My referral to Guy's hospital finally agreed with Accutane and will be starting on next monday, hopefully. Once the blood works come back and I will be ready to go! The derm was extremely nice, he explained the side effects and told me that it is my decision whether to take the drug or not and not any others. I didnt wear any makeup just in case if I broke down and needed to cry and beg for it. I had to sign documents promising not to get pregnant and have opted out of pregnancy tests and taking the pill. However, I will need my blood to be tested every month, which I am absolutely terrified. But a little pain in exchange for clear skin is definitely worth it.

I will need to prepare myself for the drug. Does anyone have any recommendations in what I should buy? :)


So basically I woke up yesterday morning with my eyes extremely sore and irritated, exactly like those you would find out of twilight films. I literally FREAKED OUT! My face was bright red, much worse than a sunburn. I read the leaflet that came with the Retin A and I had all the possible side effects.

I went to see my GP, apparently I am allergic to Retin A, hence the red eyes. Ive got allergic conjuctivitis which is not so great despite having red peeling skin, She prescribed me the same medications as hayfever - eye drops and some tablets. Also a lotion called Calamine. (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)

Normally, I would research and look into what I am applying to my skin. But this time, I couldnt care much because I looked absolutely hideous. After one night and two days of applying this, my skin is less red. I have only rosy cheeks now. I googled this and apparently it works amazingly for acne too, well for some people. My skin loves it! Its cheap and great. I cant review it for acne yet, but for redness is definitely worth trying. I have tried many products from high end to drug store and every product seem to fail me.

This has also allowed me to change my way of thinking because recently Ive been extremely negative in my way of thinking and have even thought of giving up but now I have realised there are plenty of methods of resolving acne, therefore, I still have chances to find my solution! :)


Day 3 On Retin A

After all of this drama with the derm and the hospital. I decided to give Retin A a try, although I am still not fully convinced that this is the solution. Prior to my previous experiences with topical treatments, it had only left me with red and sore skin. When I first started using it, I rubbed it on my entire face because it is pretty infected everywhere. At first I thought I rubbed it too much that the gel rolled up in balls, but then I realised it was skin, extremely gross! My skin it now currently raw and extremely sore, I havent been out since using it because you should apparently avoid sun exposure. Im going to give it a one week trial and if my skin is unable to tolerate the burns, I shall give up because I cant spend the rest of life indoors.


Ive finally waited until my derm appointment and was excited because I would be fighting acne for good. However, this wasnt the case. Instead they refused me because they still didnt believe that I was a suitable candidate and made excuses that accutane should not be taken in the summer because of photosensitivity. And got several other doctors to examine my skin which was extremely uncomfortable. Little did I know that the last derm that I saw was a trainee and she didnt know what she was doing hence she gave me false hopes for three months. During these three months they were painful because I wasnt given any treatment and just relied my own optimism. The confusion and the contradiction created made me lose hope and a lack of trust in this hospital in London. I am disappointed with the service provided by the NHS and is now hopeless.


I was absolutely terrified when I was waiting for my blood to be taken, my face went pale and the nurse said I didnt look well. But it wasnt that bad after all. I can cope if it means clear skin.

5 more days until I see my derm. I really dont know what to expect, hopefully I would be prescribed accutane as promised. This waiting game on the NHS is absolutely killing me! Over 7 months since Ive been referred and waiting. It has been longer than the course. I just spend all my time reading all these positive experiences and then one negative reviews crushes it all. I must admit Im afraid, afraid of all of these side effects and relapses.

I wonder how bad the IB will be? when would I get clear skin? all these questions just arise.

I wish someone could just guide me through this darkness and bring me to the light of this tunnel and tell me that you will be alright. Hence, I joined this site in the hope not being alone and hearing others' story.


Recently, Ive become frustrated because of the waiting list on the NHS. It is really testing my patience, Ive had 3 dermatologlist appointments since October. Initially, the first dermatologist told me that I was a perfect candidate for roaccutane and got me all excited about this 'miracle drug'. I looked into it and thought 'Thank God, this nightmare will end soon..' How wrong was I? My second appointment was with a different dermatologist, he said something totally different. At that point my heart dropped, tears was starting to fall, trying hard to hold them in. I was speechless and felt like Ive been crushed. It took me a while until I got myself back into one piece again. My third appointment was in February, to be honest I wasnt really looking forward to it. my esteem was rock bottom, didnt really have any expectations. and convinced myself that I will be having these pimples for life.

I still remember sitting there waiting for my name to be called, thinking that this was going to be a total waste of time. My name was called and yet another dermatologist that did not introduce herself or tell me where the previous dermatologist had gone. She recommended roaccutane and within 5 minutes I was out of the room. However, she said the next available appointment was in 3 months. So here I am now waiting for the next appointment.

Basically, I will be waiting for 7 months and may not get put on roaccutane. My acne is considered to be moderately severe and has cause scarring on my face, chest and back. Its pretty gross. I dont understand why they are so hesistant in putting me on roaccutane. I have been on all sorts of antibiotics, topical creams and over the counter products for over 4 years, yet no positive result. I keep counting each day that passes but also afraid that what if this was false hopes again? and I dont get prescribed roaccutane, what hope will I have left? what will I do next? how could I move on in life if I dont feel confident in my own skin?

I dont know if anyone else has also experienced this long waiting list from the NHS?