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Accutane day 8

Hello good people...

Dose: 40 mg

Side Effect:

- man im bored, no side effects to keep me entertained, no dry skin, no sickness, no having my DNA altered and being able to kill people with the power of my brain... damn.


- The pimples are coming, the pimples are coming !!! I got about like 4 this morning.

- I guess im a little lucky in a way, they are only coming out of my cysts and no where else at all, so its pretty localized.

well im not going to that party because well.. (see above). So im a little depressed about that, lolz screw that. I go chuck norris style on depression man, thats why it never gets me, its afraid of my roundhouse kick.

Other than that, there is nothing else to talk about, its saturday and I did nothing all day. Usually I have shit to talk about on weekdays because school is hilarious and I get tons of laughs out of it so ya, I really have no good way to end this blog today, damn. I guess I will end it in the middle of a senten...


Accutane day 7

Hello good people. Dont call me a theif but I really like that greeting ... its sweet.

Dose: 40mg

Side Effects:

- NO TUMMY ACHES (no im not 5, I know its called a stomach) I am very happy about this but 25 % of the day is left and who knows... who knows.

- Well yet again my constant side effect was being tired, school was SO SLOW being friday and all. I had a math exam (YES, I LOVE IT) and a physics exam too (enough to make you orgasm)... so ya, today was awesome wicked.

- I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, well obviously it's "that time of the month" because I blew my nose and got some nice blood works . nose tampons do the trick. and I had a sore throat to, it felt like two raccoons fighting over the garbage ... what a weird analogy.


- Well the dry spots on my cheeks are gone because I went moisturizer crazzy last night.

- the acne isnt bad, pretty much like yesterday, two cysts, they just look like red spots, not to bad. The cyst on my right cheek has quite a nice pimple coming out of it though and its having some tiny kids sprout up too. I have a good party to go to tomorrow but I dunno, I'm a little imbarrased about my acne with all those "foxy ladies" as hendrix like to say, ... maybe I could tell people I got red marks on my face cuz I had sex with some chick and she liked it rough, ... sweet.

One thing is that i dunno if you are aloud to have alcohol while on accutane, if anyone knows, just message me. thx, and may the force be with you.


Accutane day 6

Hello good people as David Taub would say. I started Accutane on the 9th of Feb and havent really cared about blogs but I thought, meh what could it hurt. This blog might be a bit long cuz its my first, i'm a blog virgin... but now its time to get laid.

Dose: 40 mg

My dermatologist said I have a 6 month run of accutane 1st month is 40 mg next 3 are 60 mg then the last 2 months are gonna be back to 40 mg

Side Effects:

- I have a little bit of dry skin on my cheeks just above my cysts nothing really bad at all.

- The last two night I had an upset stomach just an annoyance really nothing bad, but today, I was just sitting around shreddin like Jimi Hendrix (jk) and "WOAH thats not a good feeling". I ate a hamburger and some yogurt right after that and i felt better within like 20 mins, maybe I just need to keep foods in me.

- I was really tired to day in school (Grade 12 hellz yez). I was in that state where you know you are awake but you could very well just fall asleep, I was like sleep walkin down the halls. It was so mellow and felt so good... I almost felt like I could take on the entire empire by myself (SW: Empire Strikes Back).


- Well, My acne is not that bad, in the summer it was horrible, my forehead was Hiroshima and the rest of my face could have passed for Nagasaki (I think thats how its spelled). I went on the Daniel Kern BP regimen and it got rid of ALOT ALOT of my acne and completely cleared my forehead. I went to my derm (thats street slang for dermatologist kids) and she said I should go on accutane to get rid of the fading red marks and the two cysts that she said would scar, I have one on each cheek, my acne likes to keep things symmetrical. Anywho ... ive pretty much finished listening to all of Led Zeppelin II just typin out this bad boy, ill try not to "ramble on" with my other entries (get it... ramble on), but this is my first blog so stop hatin you haters.

PS: when your feelin down .... get the LED out !!!

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