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Dianette :/

Hi, i havent posted in a while but i am on month 7 day 4 of dianette and well i have some doubts now.

I'm going to be switching to Yasmin next three months and well I don't know. I feel a bit confused. I mean I dont get many spots but I got a spot under my skin on my chin that feels like a lump! It has gone down considerably but it doesn't feel it should be happening at this point. Then I got a spot on my forehead that is not going down but looks red. Anyway!

I got a positive though.

As well as using the black sea sulphur soap I am also using a new product!

Garnier toner for spotless skin range. I haven't got the full name but it's part of reducing spot marks from day one.

anyway it smells a little dodgy so i would be careful on testing your skin should you wish to give it a go but ! i believe it's helping keeping the spots down and at bay! i really think it is! my marks are also reducing somewhat but i found out something.

i got little icepick type marks on my cheeks and i was wondering, do they ever go away? is there something i can do to make it go away because i dont want them! How did they happen? i dont know ! it's frustrating that my skin will clear so that i am left with these little indentations on my skin. Minor as it is i am fully committed to getting better skin.



Okay it's definitely been a couple of weeks since I have been on here but I have finally hit month 6 third day!!!!!!

Changes, you ask?

Hmmm, well, my face is now smooth. i get the odd little spot and i mean ridiculously little and the scarring is slowly beginning to lighten. I can wear make up, go out and feel pretty again but i wish that the scarring would disappear.

i'm still on the vitamins, i am very careful with make up but i am beginning to feel happier in my skin. I can handle it though. I can look in the mirror when i'm ready and made up and feel good. i like what looks back at me which has been difficult to say over the past couple of months.

Anyway i just wanted that to be said. i really hope that by the end of these six months i won't need to worry about little spots and maybe focus on just not worrying and enjoying life more.

that's all i have to add for now.


I am finally on month 5 - day 12?

anyway my point is i had a pus spot on my chin two days ago and i did not take this for a good sign.

why am i getting chin spots again?! little pus ones and just the one big one.

I dont like it.

i have stopped doing my herbal face mask but i do take my vitamins regularly and occasionally pop on my cream.

i don't know why that happened but it bummed me out.

on the other hand it's supposed to be clearing up but my scarring still upsets me.

it is getting better but man i wish the results would speed up.


i've finished month four and i'm three days away from month five.

dianette is beginning to kick in more but i'm also aware that i'm getting the odd little spot.

i am surprised i made it to month five and survived! i was reflecting over how crap i used to feel and how now when i look in the mirror i feel more confident, more accepting. it's so difficult to do when you're at that stage but i feel like it's made me appreciate more than just looks.

the scarring is slowly going down to give way to clearer skin. i find the cheek is the hardest place for it to clear up. i know i'm not 100% clear but i'm about 70% and that's well and truly on the way so i dont mind so much.

i hate being off the pill though because i'm not sure if its a trigger for why i got my chin spot. i can feel a little one underneath my last one and i hope this does not trigger it again.

in any sense those who are finding it a struggle with Dianette, just know that patience, even when you're impatiently waiting to be patient, is necessary. being calm is the trick - i still remember hiding in bed because i didnt want to go out but now i feel like i can at least look at people in the eye - i guess i feel braver.

anyhow i start month 5 on tuesday - and then by the time i start university i will have reached clear skin target. well at least that's what i hope.

over and out.


so it's been a while.

i have some progress...

tomorrow is my last day on the pill for month four! it's been so quick! anyway - what i wanted to say was those little spots died down eventually and my face is slowly beginning to clear up! i am happier than i have been - a bit more confident and my birthday is less than two weeks and i dont think i'll be that paranoid about the pictures! hallelujah!

aside from the chin spot i got which i'm scared about because i think i feel another brewing ! :/ anyway this chin spot was underneath my lip = gross or what and it was only a little yellow pus spot before it erupted into a mountain of a spot underneath my lip of all places! it's taken four days to calm down! it has though which is good since it took a week to brew - gross out or what!

i'm more in good humour over my spots now - i say spots i mean scars with the seldom occasion spot...for now. maybe the pill is finally working?! i'm getting more compliments on my face so hopefully by the time month six comes around i might be a brand new person!!!

fingers crossed...i still think sulphur soaps are beneficial! recommend to everyone. EVERYONE!


So i'm not sure what to write - i still have those spots one on my cheek that has died down, the other on the side which has gone down but the other one on the other cheek hurts !

it's going down don't get me wrong but i really am annoyed. i guess i was having a fugly day. i was trying hard not to feel it but i wasnt getting any new spots and suddenly i am. hurting ones. i'm back at work in a day and i dont really want to go in with new scars.

anyway i started putting on my sulphur soap in a different way. i wet my face rub it on and leave for a minute rather than rubbing some on a towel and scrubbing my face with it. i feel like that helps more. i was looking into the properties of sulphur and it says it helps turn over new cells and i really need that! it's all lightning i just want it to disappear. slowly slowly i see progress but i really dont want new spots to add to my mix of already crap hormones.

here's hoping.

rant over.

btw dianette is month four, week 2 day 4 - 6 raised spots four of which are drying out otherwise it's just scarring. whoo.


So I made it to Month 4 Week 2 Day 2 of the Dianette - so i think i might have taken two steps back with getting the lotion.

I used it and i felt like it was producing more oil for my skin and i broke out in some spots that were red lumps that HURT. i was so annoyed and upset because until then my skin had a smooth skin look and the only issue was the stupid scarring. THIS MADE ME MAD.

I stopped using it went back to my normal routine and my skin has calmed down now but i feel like i wasted that time breaking out when i should have been healing.

i can't remember if i had said this before but really - really is Dalacin T Lotion that bad?!! Also i know it can also be called Clendamycin phosphate lotion or something or the other and some people had really praised it - for me unfortunately it's been a waste of prescription money and i am not happy.

so let me just update on my own regime:

wake up wash face with Malki Dead Sea Salt Soap -a life saver might i add!!!

then if i'm not wearing make up - noncomedegenic of course on which i rely heavily on CLinique ! Another Life Saver!!!!

then i wipe it off and i wash face again with Malki Dead Sea Salt Soap

then i apply La Roche Posay A.I. cream and Freederm Fast Acting Spots if i can feel any coming up which recently I AM HAVING TO USE.

guess i am slightly annoyed at myself for having a step back.

in order to stop this shit from spreading i reverted back to my herbal face mask and i figure it;s calming it down

so on top of the zinc and primrose oil tablets and cod liver oil tablets i am having i feel like Dalacin T Lotion is not going to be a part of my regime. Hell. No.

So that's my rant over - trying to fix the scarring now - it's getting dull which is good right? i wonder what the next stage is.

my birthday is in like three weeks and i want to be a little more confident than right now about taking photos and enjoying it without being paranoid.

so yeah i will see how it goes...


So i have finally started month 4 of dianette.

it puts me at month 4 day 5 !

i was happier with my skin it beginning to calm down and give me smoother skin. i can see the flaws beginning to calm down.

my problem began when i was prescribed Dalacin T Lotion - or Clendamycin lotion whichever it's called. now i did read that it could make skin slightly red as skin adjusts but how long is that supposed to last? i got mini spots that hurt where i never had any before and it is slightly off putting.

i wear it once a day - minus this from happening i was quiet happy with my progress.

Should i stop?!

i dont know.

in any case, anyone who is doing dianette as a way of controlling acne - i had to wait full three months for any changes and now i see them i know it's working. And anybody dealing with scarring - i definitely recommed the Clinique Even Better Foundation or Concealer - they are literally life savers!!!!


So i have a bone to pick with my doctor!!!!


So i went to speak to him and he was like you can be on dianette for up to two years! the other doctor had only said six months then he said that he would give me a cream to help with the scaring and since that it was only majority scarring i was not in the last stages of acne..wicked news.

so i got re prescribed dianette - i got a new cream it was time to double tackle and kick butt on the acne front !


i went to the chemist to pick up the said prescriptions and what i shouldnt pay for dianette because it's free but i paid for last set but who cares cos i get my money back! bonus ! BUT then the cream which is dalacin T lotion...i have never heard of it...he forgot to sign the prescription!!! And are doctors open on the weekend?!!? NO! so now i have to wait til monday to get him to sign it and then hopefully i get it done in time so that i can cash it in before six that is if i can get it signed!!!


so yeah also i'm not feeling this seven day break because i have a spot trying to ruin my life on my chin as if the scarring isnt anyway...and i havent even had my period yet and there is only two days left of my break! TMI? i dont know...i am just a little bit on edge and i am having ridiculous cravings for crisps LOTS of crisps!


okay so it's my second day on the break of month 3 on dianette and i am a little bit worried about getting any more soaps.

i mean touch wood so far i am okay but i began to panic when two days ago suddenly i had two spots pop up on my NECK! Neck! why there of all places? I hadn't had a spot there and now i had two! one was little but the other was massive! i am hoping it goes down soon! anyway on my hunt to help my blemishes go down i have now found out about Black Sea Sulpher Soap ! i am praying that this works in keeping my spots away as it does say on the packet to help the treatment of acne amongst other things. Anyway, it's my second day use of that day and night and i haven't reacted against it and that's all i know.

i'm not happy being on this break as i do feel as if a major breakout might happen and in the middle of this heat when my spots already look HIDEOUS i do not want more BUMPS! i am touch wood without any bumps right now but that is how i want it to stay and i truly hope this is the way my skin begins to move forward! i am a bit tired of waiting at times for the spots to go away but i am still hanging in that next month it would like much better...

anyway tomorrow is my doctors appointment where he will give me my next course of tablets what i want though is some sort of topical cream to help speed up the fact that my blemishes are making it look worse than my skin actually is!

here's hoping.


So i have two days left before i go on the break for month 3.

Three months of dianette.


so i need to book a doctors appointment and make sure i get the next set but what about so far?

it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and disasters!

From month one where i was breaking out like i had massive pustules on my face and giant cyst like acne that was getting so bad i thought it would never get better

to month two where the spots began to calm down and my face still looked red and angry

to month three where i get little spots occasionally and bump spots under my skin that do not turn into massive cysts anymore and some of my acne clearing...! some i say not all but whoo!!!

i'm looking at it positively because i stayed over with some friends and i got comments on how it's improving but also i saw the pictures we took and so the lighting helped a bit but it didnt look as marked as i thought it did!!!!

the make up i find really helpful is the Effaclar Posay Teint which i then add concealer style like the Clinique Even Better Foundation because their concealer isnt coming out until friday but i have to wait so until then it's these two and they are miracle workers i tell you!!!!!

i did think boys with acne were way braver because at least girls can eventually hide it with make up...

anyway before i get off tangent...i'm finally happier in my skin...mostly...i have more good days than bad and i know that it can be manageable now so yay!

hopefully by the time my six months of dianette are up i can go back to having the clear skin i used to have!


so it is officially

month 3 which makes it week 10 and 5 days so almost two weeks into month 3.

i'm having good days and really bad days in the way i perceive myself. i am beginning to have a calmer looking face but the scars are too much for me - they are dark and they stand out and i hate that they are there.

i want it to be clear - i want it to be gone but i know it cant just disappear overnight. so i am stuck waiting for time to be the greatest healer when all i want to do is go back to how i used to be with clearer skin and better confidence.

with my rant over i truly can see the minor changes now. i get like a couple of spots but they are small and sporadic - i dont think they will turn into huge cysts now thank god ...

i am hoping by the end of this month i will have noticed a change that i can handle and see what i said still trying to keep the faith.


Okay so i finally made it to Month 3 of Dianette which i feel is about bloody time! I started it four days ago so that makes it Week 9 Day 4!

What have i noticed?

my face is looking smoother. It doesnt have massive bumps on it all over ! i did however, for the better part of week have a huge lump on the corner of my chin and one on my cheek. it was ridiculously inflamed and it hurt but i held on and it's finally gone down leaving me with dry skin and a dark scar. whoo... anyway, i try not to stress on that right now and focus on the fact that i am not lumpy or bumpy all over my face.

i started taking the cod liver oil tablets about a week ago and even though i read some reviews i really want to know if that is whats helping since it's the only thing i've changed about my state of life.

i am not completely happy about all the scarring but i am keeping the faith because i am determined to believe that this is the turnaround month. i have read that a lot of people noticed the difference around month 3 so fingers crossed so do i !

here's hoping...


so the last couple of days have not been good.

I mean I thought they were but I am not happy. I'm making myself unhappy by looking at pictures of when i was truly clear skinned and so much more confident! What a difference a whole load of scarring and acne does...happy days!!!

anyway, I look at these photos and i get jealous of myself! How bizarre is that?!?! I long for the days when I was that person who didnt have to worry about make up or anything to do with my face. I could wake up, tie my hair up and if i didnt wanna wear make up i didnt have to! I rely on it now. I am not a complete person until i put it on! how shit is that?! I am painfully aware of time and day and how long i need till i take my next dianette pill or my next set of vitamins or my morning and night face routine and i am sick of it.

I guess i am just having a rant because i am not in the mood to be patient or positive.

Looking at my face now i see a lump on the end of my chin which freaking hurts but doesnt have a head its just red.

my cheeks are going down but the scars. damn them.

i literally want it to be month five or six of dianette where i can finally expect to see change and just be confident...happier...go out with no make up again.

its month two of dianette and i am on my break and i only have two more days till i am back on it. One day...i tell day this will all be better...

i really shouldnt have looked at my old photos.


i have finally finished my second packet of dianette and am on the seven day break. It's day one of the break - not sure what to expect but i do not want to break out

There has been a slight improvement in my acne. Slight i say and i mean.

one side of my cheek is shrinking - i did have a massive bump on it two days ago but it is now going down and disappearing and there is a circular area of dark marking and then on my other cheek it was calm but it has become slightly bumpy and red. Not good. The chin is still the same - not getting any major spots which is a bonus but still waiting for it to fade out.

I am literally counting down the days i can take the pill again and get my system working to stop these spots from forming! they happen to be small pus ones in weird places or little red bumps that either get a head and pop or just stay red and eventually go back down...what the hell is that about?!!?!?

Anyway, like i said i'm waiting for week eight to be over so i can start week 9.

A new cleanlier regime for me is this.

Face mask -herbal one i picked up from an asian skin doctor - three times a week - all herbs no chemicals!

otherwise it's La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo creme day and night with the A.I. in the night.

Then it's a bit of freederm on the big bumpy spots if necessary and thats it.

As for the vitamins i'm taking - Evening of Primrose Oil three times a day, Zinc and a new one Cod Liver Oil Capsules since i heard so many good things about all from Holland and Barrett.

Let the good times roll.


I'm in the middle of looking through my old photos when clearly i had more confidence with my clear skin. Even though I know my skin is slowly getting better I am not impressed with it at all. I think, at times, I am harsh on myself but also mainly impatient. It's nearly the end of my second packet of dianette. I've got two days left and then i got the seven day break.

I have smaller spots but on my cheek there is a massive lump growing! Not good at all! I was kind of hoping they would start disappearing now that i stopped getting them...or so i thought.

It's only at moments that I feel bad about it but it is annoying when you get a new spot on top of that!

I am feel as if I am just waiting for that moment when i wake up and think todays a good skin day. Not right now though! I'm impatient like i said!

I'll get through this, i say with slight optimism. I just hope that the third month will be the month that makes a difference.

Nostalgia..not always the best thing.


I am not going to lie - i woke up today thinking oh yeah lets wear all this make up i bought for my first day back to work and then half way through i took it all off and decided i didnt need all of that. i stuck to a hint of it with my moisturizer and left it at that! i can't risk clogging my skin up when it's finally making a bit of progress. I mean yeah,i can't wait for the day the dianette gives me back my smooth skin and i can wear whatever i want (within reason of course) but in the meanwhile why ruin a good thing?

i didnt mind being back work -i kind of enjoyed it actually - i had a little more confidence then before the holidays.

Skin is such a vital part of confidence i find, especially the face. It's what we present ourselves to the world with first and how we do that is important to anyone. Don't get me wrong it doesnt make a whole person but it forms part of us and especially me i find i want to do it with positivity and even though i'm far from perfect i'm getting there. day by day. pill by pill (lol).

day 6 of week 7 of dianette.

five active spots altogether - kind of drying out. rest of the facial scars are beginning to clear up slightly not majorly drastic but slightly.

i'll keep the faith.


I'm in a really in between mood about my acne today. i know i'm seeing slight differences everyday and that my skin is slowly but surely beginning to make a minute bit of change everyday for the better but sometimes i still think urgh! then again it's progress so i'm not letting myself feel down.

as of today i have about two or three spots, two by my cheek and one on my chin - i hate chin ones - like it's not scarred enough already.

anyway i have also nearly come to the end of week 6 of dianette (two days away) When i say week 6 it makes me realise how less time i've been on it but then when i say a month and a half it feels like forever (weird i know) but the point is i'm hoping that after this month it becomes the turn around month.

I'm back to work tomorrow as well so i think i'm a bit nervous about that - if acne knows how to do one thing right its ruin self esteem. Sometimes, however, i like to pretend i still have my clear skin and that helps build confidence until i look in a mirror and try to fathom how i convinced myself that was possible.

it doesnt matter. i have got positive comments from my family saying they can also see the improvements. it helps but then a part of me knows they are being nice about it.

so my new regimen is this - wash face with cold water apply rose water. somewhere during the middle of the day i'll wash my face with cold water and apply effaclar duo and then in the night i'll wash my face again and apply effaclar duo and the ai spot treatment and that's it. I've realised cutting out the lemon has reduced inflamation.

i'll be wearing my make up - i bought the la roche posay teint one the non clogging make up and i'll be trying it tomorrow - like a concealer not a base!

i'll let you know how it goes!


I'm going into town today - a surprise outing for myself that I had to convinced self to do but I am out and guess what - it's a no make up on face outing ! Really ! I put my eye makeup on and I put on my la Roche posay effaclar creme and that's it ! I am a little aware of it but I think I'm doing my skin a favour rather than clogging it with make up - which I am sure is the reason for my mini break out !

Also I am going to look into getting more or this effaclar range ! I've quit putting any random stuff on my face and because la Roche posay is for sensitive skin I feel like its a range I can use - its been about a week and a bit since I bought the effaclar duo cream and so I'm thinking of buying the effaclar k ! I will tell u how it goes! As for my second day of week 6 of dianette - well no major turn arounds - I found a pus spot on my chin which was small and the mini break out that was itching yesterday is a bit sore but not as painful as yesterday - though the temptation to scratch is vaguely there !

Anyway I hope to continue this positive thinking even if it is for a little while ! I'm off to shop see ya laters !


So I'm finding that my mood is really fluctuating these days. I'm not happy. I literally have to pull myself out of my bad mood but I think some of it has to do with the fact that I'm starting work in a couple of days and I have to go back in with this face.

The funny thing is, when I was at work it was way worse than it is now! I mean now I have only little bumps and redness but then there is the scarring.

That's what it is.

The scarring.

Which yeah, is my fault but it doesn't make me feel any less crap.

It's all on my chin and some on my cheeks with the rest of my acne that decides to pop up and say an unwanted hi.

I'm back to looking on the Internet for a new product to 'cure' me because all these pills i'm taking and I woke up with the most horrible itching spot under my skin that even hurts when I think about it. I'm being so good so as not to touch it or pick at it but I keep thinking this is just my luck.

I woke up wanting to scratch my whole face off...which is unusual btw because I've never experienced that before - am i allergic to something? i have no clue.

I just started week 6 of Dianette eusa_pray.gif and I'm impatiently waiting for improvements...what is supposed to happen, anyway? I looked at loads of people's reviews but all I seem to read is a sudden 'miracle' turn around at month 4 or some as early as 3 (which I would love btw) but I'm getting bored of waiting. I've never been good with waiting. I think I'm just ranting. I literally need to get it out of my system because I pass a mirror and think how beastly I look. Damn, Time is a fickle thing.

so yeah, that's my rant for the day...eusa_wall.gif


So as I am on holidays I have refrained from going out anywhere ! I put off meeting many of my friends cancelled any thing that I wanted to do and I have focused on trying to work on my skin and hiding in the meanwhile ...

Today however I am forcing myself to leave the house ! I am going out to eat with friends and the main thing I know why I am going is because they have seen me with my newly procured acne. Im not sure why that helps but it does! Anyway ! I dressed up a bit and then came face time ! I applied My la roche posay creme - which btw is supposed to be an amazing base and it is ! I then put on a bit of moisturiser mixed with a dab of foundation - not a lot just a hint ! Now this isn't going to hide my marks much - I know that but it does help make them look less obvious !

Since I been on packet 2 of the pill I have found that I am not getting any major big spots but the ones that were threatening to become disastrously huge have begun to slowly calm down and turn into small pimples - that has taken about a couple of weeks to do so . Its also day 2 of cutting back on all the lotions and potions I was putting on my face ! I feel like its a bit less red ! And I keep telling myself that sometimes its better to just let my skin breathe !

I am highly recommending the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo creme - it's the best impulse buy I have made and it helps reduce redness - making skin feel smoother !

Anyway I am venturing out into the world again and I'm going to do it with my head held high - I have acne deal with it ! I hope you all have a good day too x


I started taking Dianette exactly five weeks ago.

I went to the doctor two months ago and told him of my lack of self esteem and borderline depression over my skin suddenly turning into the most hideous and unsightly look that was destroying my self confidence.

I had been on oxytetracycline for two years previously and it had been a year but suddenly after having clear skin for so long I was breaking out with those cystic type acne that was so huge and always by my chin that it seemed to deform the line of my face.

I was suddenly becoming that person who was jealous of other people with clear skin and i kept thinking they were taking it for granted and quietly inside i was so upset i couldnt even make eye contact with people.

So i went to the doctors who told me dianette is a good course of action. He informed me of side effects and took my blood pressure. All i had to do was take them.

But i felt as if the tablets (oxytetracycline) was the reason was the reason why i had regained acne, surely i didnt want to be on tablets all my life for acne. Surely i should try a natural way, a herbal way, anything but more tablets that were going to rebalance my hormones!

So I carried them in my handbag for a month and most steadily my acne got worse. It went from my chin to my cheeks, both sides as horrific as one another and the cysts got bigger and bigger and then one day i thought enough is enough. I couldnt wait to take my first dianette pill and the moment i could i did.

That was five weeks ago.

I was becoming obsessed with looking in the mirror and telling myself how ugly i was. Two weeks into my Dianette pack and I was not seeing any improvements in fact it was getting worse! i was in despair. I couldn't accept that once i had clear skin and now i was covered in angry red spots over my cheeks and chin and forehead. I wanted to stop taking the pill but thought i should at least see it through.

Believe me though it wasnt easy. I havent suffered any of the side effects as such - no headaches or cramps etc but i did went through a couple of days of depression where i felt so ugly, so hideous i wanted to crawl and hide and i was having to go to work thinking that i was so ugly how could people possibly look me in the eye.

When i took the break on the Pill - i thought it was going to get worse. It didn't.

In that week I decided it was time to stop buying chemicals and products and also look at the herbal and natural alternative. I began researching the internet again and finally spoke to a lady at Holland and Barratts who informed me that Zinc was good for skin cell repair and Evening Primrose Oil tablets will help balance my hormones.

I bought them. Both. I was now taking the Pill in the evening, three Primrose Evening Oil (1000mg) tablets a day and one Zinc and Copper tablet (15mg) tablet a day. I have been taking that for the last two weeks.

So Week 5...

I have stopped getting big huge spots on my face. I have dark purple/red scarring still from the bumps that are just beginning to go down now. Yesterday I went shopping and in my weakness i bought La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo - it seemed to have helped start fading them - it certainly makes the skin feel smooth. It's nowhere near to being flawless but it has made it look slightly calmer. As for the Pill - i started taking it in the morning now and I'm not sure but I think it might finally be starting to work...but so could many of the other things contribute to it...i'm not sure but I promise to keep this updated.

My Regimen.

Morning: Wash face with cold water apply a face mask (ayurvedic one called Divya Kanti Lep - specific to acne - the smell isn't that great but it makes my face feel cooler) Leave on for an hour (i do this in the evenings when I'm at work)

Wash face mask off and then wash with Clinique 3 Step system cleansing Gel Type 2. I then apply the toner and instead of applying the Dramatically Different Moisturiser I apply the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.

In the afternoon I will apply one tea spoon of lemon mixed with one tea spoon of Rose water and leave on for fifteen minutes.

I will wash that off then in the Evening I apply Effaclar Duo again and wait for that to sink in before applying Freederm to any of the spots on my face - mostly on my cheeks and chin.

I have also started incorporating using a Fade Out cream for my scars.

That's it mostly.

I have a wedding to go to in three weeks and no one has seen me like this - i just hope it calms down a bit before then so that i dont have to feel embarrassed of my face.

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