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Hello Everyone i am new to and i jst wanted to tell everyone thank you for the reviews that helped A BUNCH and i have now been on the regimen for 3 days and i like it i jst hope it helps my horrable acne dilemma :) thank you!

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Tiny Bumps On Face?! Help

SO ive had this really tiny pumps on my face! and I don't know what to put on them? ive read "witch hazel"? does anybody have this problem? I live in the US so anything that I can get rid of these things that isn't a fortune would be great!!! :) Thanks!!!


Stubborn Pimples/scars?

okay so if you read my last blog I was breaking out bad and YES I was freaking out!!!!! I THINK n hope I got it under control HOWEVER I do have a couple of annoying pimples by my mouth that wont go away..i have been putting Benzoyl Peroxide on them and it doesn't seem to do anything...the benzoyl peroxide ive been putting on them is the "treatment" for the if anyone knows of any treatment that I can apply on these few stubborn pimples I would greatly appreciate it

ALSO I have not found a cream or anything that has cleared up or reduced my scarring.. :( but im sure sooner or later ill come across something. but if you have an idea or tried something that worked I beg you to share with me! :)


What Worked For Your Acne?

so I know we've all heard of the HOME REMIDIES (tooth paste, honey, banana peel etc..) ,CLEANSERS, ONLINE PRODUCTS, SOAPS etc.... my question is what cleasers worked for you? what home remedies worked for you? online products? or if any soaps did? Accutane is great but however I am breaking out a lil still...I don't really want to get back on Accutane so im going to see what actually worked for people....anything helps!! and your answers will be appreciated... :)


Acne/acne Scars! Help


so I finished Accutane in November 2012 and I loved it!!!! but now im getting acne like on my neck or cystic little pimples on my cheeks!! can someone help and has anyone else had this problem? im needing to know if I need to get back on Accutane!?!

ALSO I still have the horrible acne scars has anyone tried something that worked for scars??

Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks



Hello my beautiful people,

Wow i havent been on here for a long time. Well first off let me just start by saying Accutane has def. been a life saver. I did suffer from horrible horrible acne i did try all kinds of products from over the counter to going to the doctor to dermatologist.

I finished my Accutane in November 2012 so yes it has been a while. This year i did start braking out and i absolutly freaked out! I started calling my doctor trying to figure out why i was braking out! They did go away and now my face is back to normal...Good thing.

My point to this Blog is because i want you guys to be able to talk to someone i know how hard having acne can be i went through it. Especially being a female its hard i felt miserable literelly! I had NO ONE to help i mean my family couldnt help nobody in my fam had ever had it. My friends all had this perfect skin so it was hard. so If anyone males and females have any questions whatsover about accutane or any products ive tried ask me im more than happy to help you beautiful people :) So i hope you take this and please go read my blogs guys :)

Thanks <3

Vee :)


A Year! Accutane!

hi guys so its been a year since I started Accutane and 5 months since ive finished!! I just wanted to thank everyone on here that supported me and who gave me advice it helped me a lot!!! and to those of you who are struggling with acne or going through Accutane feel free to send me and email I am more than happy to help!

I am so glad I chose to get on Accutane! im like a complete happy person now! :) other than scars but that's not a big deal :)

:) VEE!!!



ive been off ACCUTANE since about November 22ish and i was wondering if someone could answer a question i long do i have to wait to drink an alcohol beverage? im not a big drinker but i was on accutane when i turned 21 and so common now everyone has a drink on their birthday so plz answer! :)


Finally Done!

SOooo last week i took my last pill of accutane!!! my face looks MUCH MUCH better than it did before! i can now pull my hair back and let my face shine!!! <a' alt=':)'> i want to think everyone on here who motivated me to keep going! im here for however needs me even to talk i know acne causes lots of stress so.( to all of you who are struggling i absolutly recommand accutane it def. works!!! if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask im here to help!!!


5 Months On Accutane!


so ive been on accutane for 5 mths now and its AMAZING!!! i have some issues with scaring but i got this cream scar thingy that is helping alot! for those who suffer from acne i absolutly recomand ACCUTANE! yes it has side effects but its totally worth it. i who have tryed just about everything dint think it was going to work but now i can actually go out with my friends and not worry about braking out or can actually see myself in the mirror! i love washing my face and being able to see how soft and clean it actually looks! i want to think all those people who gave me advice it helped a BUNCH!!! and for all of you who are just now starting im here to help with whatever you need, even if you just need someone to talk to! :) I know how u feel ive been there! Thanks again to all of you, and remember im here for all of u guys to help!!!

VEE <3


so i went to my derm. yesterday(8-20-12) and he told me i was going to be on accutane for one more month! He also put me on 3 pills a day instead of 2! I like the not having acne part but it kinda seems like my scars look 10 times worse now!! I asked my doctor about cream or something i could use after i finish in a month and he told me to wait for 6 mths to go by (GRRR)!! so now im all bummed out about scars!!! dang when its not one thing its another!!! :/


Accutane 4Th Months

so ive been on accutane for 4 mths now and i honestly think it stopped working <a' alt=':('> i have these dumb scars and ive started to get some pimples on my cheeks!! i will be devastated if ive gone this long and i start breaking out again...i honestly dnt think i can go through having acne again!

if you have taking accutane please help!!! :'(


hi guys!!

so i went to the dermatologist yesterday and its all going great!!!

I cant wait to actually be free from acne!

Im a little concern on the red spots on my cheeks tho from i guess when i pop my zits and also my scars...will this go away or will i have soft skin with nasty scars and all that??

if you have any questions or Answers please let me know thanks guys!!!


3 Mths Accutane :)

Hey guys!!

So i just wanted to update my accutane journey, and ive been on it for 3 months and im LOVING it!!!

I can actually go out more without having to worry so much about ppl seeing my horrable acne and i can actually feel comfortable meeting new people! I have gotten so many complements on how great my face looks and that really makes me feel good! i have 3 more months to go and im excited to see how my face looks when i am finally finished with accutane!! :)

If anyone has questions or needs help feel more than welcome to email me we are all here to help each other and ive tryed it all and i will help whoever i can! :)

Talk to you guys soon!!



Hello everyone!

So i tryed the regimen for about a month or so and dint see any i went on Accutane!

ive been on accutane for almost 2 months im on 40ML right now and taking 2 a day..i have really chapped lips and my back was hurting for a bit...which is normal...

I have now started to get a rash on my arms has anyone had that before?????? if you have please give me tips to make it go away because im freaking out!!!!


Vee :)



Hello Everyone

First of all i have HORRABLE acne, i've tryed Proactive twice dint work, went to doctor Put me on some cream that made my face hurt really bad and made my face red TWICE, went to dermatologist because my reg. doctor dint know what else to do they gave me Epeduo (was almost $400 for a small tube) i finally found something that worked but then it stopped working and i broke out BAD! My only last hope was Accutane and i was about to start it when i found out that i was going to lose my insurance coverage and Accutane is very expensive and i cant do that. so I came by and read all the reviews and it seemed to good to be true but i thought what can i lose....So i've been on The Regimen for about 5 days!! HOPE IT WORKS!! :/

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