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Yes, I'm 100% Clear as of 12/21/2008. Not a single zit in a week, my skin looks so much better, just scars and some red spots for my Purge breakout. The purge from resuming Tazorac was a total bitch but worth it. I'm so happy I'm back on the Taz and doxy. I am going to have to make a Derm appointment to get my prescriptions filled, but now that I have insurance I can go back to getting my drugs from the local pharmacy as opposed to alldaychemist.com. Tazorac was cheap buying overseas but you have to wait almost 2 weeks. the stuff worked.

For those who are not having luck with tazorac, I can give you some tips. Tazorac may make your skin worse for awhile. I got a big cyst on my chin for about 2 weeks. But with diligent use and buffering the Tazorac with Olay Regenerist serum in the fragrance free version before applying the Taz, I found that it worked well, gave me less irritation and it helped heal it faster. Buffering is for those of us who are very sensitive and turn red from things like Retin-a, taz etc. I found that using taz in combo with any other acne topical made my skin raw and breakout more. So, I kept it simple.

Neutrogena Fresh foaming cleanser is inexpensive, non-irritating, got all my makeup off completely. A little drying but now that my skin is used to it, it's not so bad. then I apply the fragrance free Regenerist serum, wait about 5-10 minutes to let it sink in and then apply my pea-sized amount of tazorac soending about 2 minutes massaging it in on my entire face. I mean, really massage it in good. Don't just spot treat. Then I wait awhile and then apply the Olay Active Hydrating Beauty fluid which is non-greasy and goes on smooth. If I'm really dry in spots, I dab on Aquaphor healing ointment, which does help with dry patches. I am on 200 mg of Doxycycline. I hate being on antibiotics but I think after I do 2 months of doxy, I will wean myself off again. Cutting back to 100 a day for about 2-3 weeks and see how I do before quitting cold turkey.I hate the stuff mainly because it makes my stomach hurt If I don't eat something first and it can stain your teeth. I just got a Oral -B sonic toothbrush for Christmas and I'm using a whitening program from BJ's Wholesale made by Berkeley and Jensen. It's better than Crest Whitestrips and it's does whiten very nicely. I am also using the whitening rinse. My teeth stains are dissapearing and when I go back to the dentist or my twice annual cleaning, I'll get them to work on the tough spots.

I feel so much better about my skin right now, despite the acne scars, I'm just using a foundation , a lightweight powder to set it and almost no concealer. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to slap on tons of makeup to look better.

I'm determined to stay on taz forever. It's the best topical I've used. the rough period of thr dry matches and the peeling is tough to get through, I wanted to quit. I did find that if I got really red and irritated, I had to stop using it for about 3 days to recover. Buffering is the key. Olay regenerist is good because it's not greasy, it come fragrance free and it has some silicones in it which create just enough of a barrier to make the Tazorac less irritating but still work like it is supposed to.


My skin did great this summer. I actually went three months without a single pimple, zit, cysts etc. I can't remember the last time that happened. Unfortunately winter is upon us and my skin is usually freaked out in the cold weather months. Funny, I'm more oily in the summer, yet stay much clearer? I don't go in the sun. I prefer my skin pale as I'm a redhead and redhead don't look good with tans.

So I was on the Taz all summer, I was only using it about every three days because I was doing very well. the stuff worked for me..period. Believe me, I've been on everything except accutane at this point in my life, so it was a miracle in a tube...an expensive tube!

So in August while on vacation (I was camping) I couldn't wash my face properly and I didn't use taz. I got a few tiny whitehead, the kind that go away fairly fast if you don't picka and let them mature. I figured it was stress from camping, the dirt, the smoke from the fire. Ok, so I started slowly back on taz in Sept. Every 3 or 4 nights just in my jawline area where I normally get pimples. It's been hell getting back on the stuff. I had to totally change all the stuff my skin had adapted to. No AHA's etc. IT was tearing up my skin. I also had to purge agai. That sucked balls people. Purging is not fun at my age. the peeling, scaling etc. But I'm back on course now. Pea-sized amount every night, I resumed the Doxycycline until I can get back to the derm. Now all the progress I made with scars and redmarks has to start allover with the crop! UGHHH. But I have hope. I know that Taz works, I just have to make sure I don't stop it. I only stop applying it near my eyebrow about three days before getting them waxed or taz will make my skin rip.

You see Tazorac slowly thins your skin at first. Normally we make new skin cells every 32 days depending on your age. The older you get, the slower it gets, but that' why we get wrinkles. So, Taz take off layers of skin, revealing fresh skin and zits that lay beneath. I's why you get an intital breakout and purging. Stuff has to come from somewhere. Once you get to the 6 week point, you should be close to only have small pimples that surface and go away quickly. Just don't scrub and for god's sake don't pick. Taz can mke it harder to heal at first.

I do know that once my face was clear. If I used the Taz like you are supposed too (Not too much, no moisturizer except in dry areas) at night and use a skin lightener during he day (With SPF!) then my redmarks started disappearing. It take months. This is not an overnight miracle

by any means. But it is doable and the longer you use it properly (Again too much, too little both with screw you up), the better your skin will get. It's actually getting rid of a wrinkle over my lip that I had considered having botox on.

Ok. So back on taz, in the final peely phase again btu acne is finally died off.

As for my hormonal issues. Hmmmm. Different story. I'm going to the gyno soon and I have a ultrasound on my pelvic region on monday. My PCOS has progressed into some serious problems. I never had cysts on my right side, only my left. My hair has been falling out a bit and of course I have to wax my face in some places. My periods are also a mess, which may account for the major breakout I had last month. This is a depressing disease. The only cure is a hysterectomy or menopause. I'm not ready for either at age 36. It sucks to be a woman sometimes. Dame you EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


100% clear

I'm 100% clear. No new acne. I'm using Taz every other night now. I stopped the Minocycline because of the side effects. Dizziness, disorientation and nausea was not fun. I was also getting discoloration on my teeth. I did get two small whiteheads after I stopped taking it but my liberal application of aHA's has seemed to help with that. I stopped the dermaquest cream and I'm now using the Holistic Lightener from Peter Thomas Roth and Alpha Hydrox souffle. It s a good combo for lightening redmarks and scars. The azelaic acid in the PTR lightening gel helps with acne too. I'm so thrilled that my skin looks better. I can face the world again. I see the Dermatologist this week and I'm going to chat with her about IPL for my worst scars.


Well Finally....Taz and Mono combo is working a damn miracle on my face. I had one measly pimple this week (that time of the month too!). It was gone after 1 day. Everyday my skin looks better and better. I am also able to tolerate more products. I'm working on lightening my redmarks and repairing my scars, I have a one month supply of this Kojic Acid cream from a company called Dermaquest. It seems to be working albeit slowly. I also am going back to making my own essential oil face oils. Mainly because I know they work. Helichrysum is a scar repairer. It's expensive but you don't need but a few drops mixed with some Rose hip seed oil. Combine that with LAvender, Rose, Clary Sage and German Chamomile you got a winner in brightening up skin tones and keeping my skin clear. Taz is awesome. Really awesome. I've not been this happy with a product in a long time. Very expensive. I was using it every night but I found it too drying so now I'm every other night and using my essential oils on the other nights. My skin is not the same as it was even three weeks ago. Even my wrinkles are diminished. I'm so stoked to finally have clear skin. I am a little unhappy with minocycline. It's starting to stain my teeth. I'm talking deep discoloration. So I'm weaning myself off of it. Going to 100 mg a day for a few weeks before quiting completely. I think I cna stay clear with the taz alone.

If you have not tried Tazorac. Give it a try. I'm on the .5% cream and it works well for my adult acne. I don't have super oily skin just severly congested skin. This stuff works awesome. Differin...though it worked to a point gave me a horrible IB. Still repairing the scars. Go with Tazorac. Start slow. Work yourself up to a every other day application. Within weeks you will see a huge difference.


Ok, I've been using Taz for three days. Wholy Crap! Today I woke up with no new acne at all. As a matter of fact, everything dried up almost over night and even with the minimal peeling I had, my skin looks so much better in three days. Because I was on Differin already, I think this stuff just gave it the boost it needed. I'm using the .5% Cream as oppossed to the gel or 1%. I suppose that might tear my skin up with the thinning from the Differin. I had my eyebrows waxed on Friday and she tore some skin off. Differin will do that, so be careful.

I also started minocycline. Which has made me a bit nauseated and dizzy at times. I've been getting a watery mouth. Which I hate! I have to make sure I eat an hour before taking it. I find it actually gives me motion sickness in the car, which is not fun on a 40 minute commute. But I look so much better this morning. I do have tones of scarring from the Differin IB. It annoys the heck out of me that I have to wear a lot of makeup o cover them. I prefer if I didn't have to wear anything other than a little powder, some mascara and lipgloss. But don't have a choice for now.

I'm loving taz. I am using it over moisturizer. By using a moisturizer first, no redness, minimal peeling and no irritation at all. but it's still working like it's supposed to. I did do a 15 minute short contact therapy this morning to give my skin a boost. I put it on after washing and thoroughly drying my skin. a pea-sized amount over my face. Had a cup of coffee and a muffin and then washed it off and then moisturized. I'm going to try this regularly and see if the short-contact therapy works as well as using it at night as well. I'm shocked that it didn't make me red. Normally retinoids can wreak havoc on me when I first start out. I guess the Differin really help prep my skin for something harsher. Loving the taz!

For those with dryness from the retinoids, a good moisturizer is really the key to keeping your skin clear. Despite oil, you need to moisturize for healing reasons. I found a moisturizer from Yon-ka. It's actually a mask that you can use as a moisturizer. It has continuous moisturizing properties that last up to eight hours. It has Jasmine and Rose in it which are wonderful for skin. Sometimes Retinoids can make you look wrinkles because they are drying. The Masque no.1 from Yonka makes me look dewy and fresh. I love it!!!!!!


It seems hat the Differin Gel has lost it's full effect on me. I'm using it night and day, no irritation but it's not clearing me either, it's just reducing how long my pimples stick around. IT has done wonders in preventing cysts. Not one in three weeks.

So I went to the derm today, she said I looked better but wanted me to kick it up a notch. She put me on Tazorac cream .5%. She gave me enough samples to last which is good because it's going to take 2 to 4 weeks to get it from Canada. I went to the Pharmacy and they said it would be $268!!!!! What!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, no insurance coverage...lucky me. So I found a Canadian Pharmacy that sells it for $61. Hello? America? WTF? Why are we being charged so much? It's stupid. Pisses me off too.

Ok, So I'm starting Taz, was switched from Doxy to Mino because of sunburn issues and I'm to stick with a Sensitive skin moisturizer and the 10% BP wash. I'm hoping this stuff works because I'm sick of this. I'm 36 years old and should not have acne. BCP are not an optionf or me either because of some health risks, so it's topicals and antibiotics for now. UGH


Looking better in the last few days. I think I'm finally over my IB and things are clearing. I have scars and redmarks but once I get through 12 weeks of Differin, I'm going back on HQ for scarring. I did break out in places I don't normally breakout. Namely my cheek areas. It's annoying but I'll deal with it. I even got one over my eye which hurt like a bitch.

I'm using Differin daily. I've changed my mind about the clindamyacin and won't be using it again. I go back to the Derm on May 1st and will see about getting on something different maybe Duac to control bacteria. I want to get off doxycycline. I have only had a few stomach aches, but nothing bad. I just don't like being on antibiotics for so long.

So right now I have 3 active pimples. That's a far cry from about 25 to 30 that I had 2 weeks ago. I am peeling rather badly. Makes putting makeup on rather interesting. I have to go out today to find a good heavy nighttime moisturizer. I used up my clarins but I think it's too scented. I'm trying Clinique again. Moisture on-line is good stuff and not too oily. I need to switch makeup too. The Teint Idole is not working well with my Differin. I'm sure I'll get suckered into something.


Yeah! my new routine is clearing me up. After suffering for about 5 months with continuous breakouts I can honestly say that within the last 3 days my skin has made a significant clearing. I'm using differin twice a day. A little dry at first but I'm moisturizing 3 times a day.

So Doxy 200 mg a day. Wash with BP 10% Wash at night, clindagel, differin, moisturizer then in the morning I'm rinsing with just water or a mild soap (I have some Sandalwood soap from India that is nice), Clindagel, Differin, moisturizer then eye cream. Aquaphor on dry spots. I had to get through a peely phase but now I'm doing well.

If your on Differin, please give it time to work. My acne got worse before it got better. I started with once every other night. Then every night and now I'm using it twice a day and it's working beautifully. I may ditch the Clindagel when I run out because It's expensive but BP can do the same thing.


Well, I spent the later part of the week in Washington DC. I'm always nervous about travelling because the stress makes me break out more. Needless to say, things are about the same but improving. I think the Differin is finally kicking in. I also switched to a higher BP wash. Oxy 10%. Seems to have mad ea serious improvement rather quickly. I was also using strange water which can effect my acne. This time I think it helped. So, I've decided to get a whole house water filter. I've been doing research on the chemicals they put in our water and it kind of scared me a bit. Especially fluoride. That stuff will kill you.

So, I'm still dry from the clindagel and differin. Only slight redness near my eyes, but I've always been sensitive around that area. I do find that a high spf is needed while on all these meds. So I found a mineral sunscreen with spf 28. It seems to help with the redness too. I was close to giving up last weekend on all this crap. But the BP wash and using differin ever single night has made a difference. I can't skip a night or it's pustule city.

Things got worse before they got better. The IB was bad. My cheeks are still recovering and I never get acne there. I am concerned about scarring. I'm hoping once I finish the tube of Differin, my derm will switch me to Retin-a. I think I can handle it this time around with careful application. I just don't think in the long run that Differin is gonna do it for the long haul.


Drying up

I finally woke up this morning to no new active acne. Everything is drying up, skin is smoother and more refined.

I think I'm on to something with the combo wash of the SA wash first, leave on a few minutes, rinse and then the Glycolic wash, leave on 3-5 minutes and rinse and use fingers to remove dead skin. The differin is making me peel, which I want to happen. So this is good. I had to add in the BP gel. Mixing my Clindagel with 5% BP gel is like making my own Duac. It's working really well!!!

My forehead is almost completely clear, just red spots. My chin and jawline is drying up but has a little ways to go. The only bad thing about differin is that I started breaking out in places I don't normally breakout. But it's healing fast.

I've been on Doxy for 4 weeks. It's taken this long to see a difference, I am concerned because I think it is staining my teeth. I made a dental appointment for the end of the month and I'm going to get this looked at. Maybe I'll get some whitening done. I hop to get off the doxy. Being on oral antibiotics for a long time concerns me greatly. Especially with summer coming up. I also have a convertible and like driving with the top down. So I have to slap on the sunscreen.

It's sucks being 35 (almost 36) and have acne. I thought this crap was overwith.

I am taking supplements again. I stopped for awhile because I thought something I was taking was making me breakout worse.

2000 mg of Vitamin C, Muti-vitamin, Zinc, Echinechea, Flax Oil Liquid (2 taps a day)

The flax taste bad, like oil. But since I started it three days ago is when I started to see some real improvement.


The Doxy, Clindagel, differin is starting to work. I'm still not anyway close to being clear but I've gone from about 25 papules and 2 cysts to about 8 papules and no cysts, so that's progress.

Doxy made me purge very badly in the first 2 weeks. It brought all that bacteria to the surface. This is good in that my cysts are now non-existant, just two larger lumps and papules. I hate being on chemicals. But at this point my choices are limited.

I've switched to a gentle cleanser instead of the BP wash, though I'm using the BP wash as a 1 minute leave on every other morning to get the antibacterial effects. The Clindagel should work to keep the p-acnes at bay.

So here's my routine for the last week


Rinse with cool water

BP wash, no rubbing, leave on 1 minute, rinse with cool water

Clindagel topically, let dry

5% BP Gel with Tea tree oil, let completely dry

Aveeno Positively ageless eye serum

Neutrogena Eye cream with copper (Yeah, got eye wrinkles, need double dose)

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control 3-1 Hydrating Acne treatment

Vanicream as a Skin Barrier

Neutrogena 30SPF for Sensitive Skin

Makeup only if going out


Wash with Neutrogena Microclear Stress wash, leave on 2 minute

Wash again with MD Forte III Glycolic WAsh, leave on 3-5 minutes, rinse, remove dead skin

Clindagel Topically, let dry

DDF 5% BP gel with Tea Tree Oil

Eye Cream duo

Emu Oil

Differin Gel every other night

Vanicream is chemical free, non-irritating and seems to really form a good barrier on my broken skin barrier. It's non-greasy which is good for my combo-skin.

Differin was really irritating me, so now I apply over my moisturizer until I get used to it. I guess I need to be patient. I hope that the purging from Doxy will minimize my purging from Differin which is to be expected after about 4 weeks of use. It's bound to happen, so I'm prepared. I've done short contact therapy with it. Put it on for 5 minutes then rinse. It's helps get your skin used to it.

The good thing is no cysts, acne seems to surface very quickly and is gone in a few days instead of hanging around forever. Stuff is drying up.

I'm trying not to pick. I mostly do it in my sleep. I think I might have to wear gloves to bed to keep myself from doing this.

I know this sounds like a lot of stuff, but I hope to pare things down as my skin clears.

The reason I'm using both the SA wash and Glycolic wash in the morning, is to remove dead skin. With Differin you cannot use any harsh exfoliators. The acid if left on for a short time will help remove dead skin much easier with your fingers only or a soft cloth.


Simple is Better

I cut out most of my products, just too much irritation. I got three big lumps under my jawline, they hurt like hell, I look like a leper.

So, It's simple routine until I get to the derm

200 MG Doxy a day

Cetaphil antibacterial Cleansing Bar

Hydrogen Peroxide as a toner diluted 50% Peroxide 50% Water, let dry

Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

Emu Oil, let sit at least 15 minutes

Complex 15 Moisturizer at Night

Zinc Oxide as a Sunscreen during the Day

Everyday Minerals Makeup


My acne really has cleared tremendously thanks to my new routine.

I've been on 200 mg of Doxy for about 8 Days and my skin is clearing up very well. My redness is almost gone too. I changed my routine after doing some research and the effectiveness of the combination of certain products.

1.Wash with Neostrata Antibacterial Cleanser (Has Triclosan and Lactic Acid)

Pat Dry

2.Spray with La Roche Posay Thermal Water. Let sit for about a minute, lightly dry, but leave some moisture behind.

3.Treat Chin and forehead with DDF Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Gel with Tea Tree Oil

(This stuff rocks! I normally cannot do BP but this stuff does not irritate or leave behind white residue, I can use it during the day. It's $20 bucks, but you get a lot. )

4.Let BP gel dry completely, makes face matte.

5.Treat with Eucerin Redness Relief Serum if I'm red or irritated, let dry for 15 minutes

6. At Night treat with Alpha-Hydrox 12% Glycolic Souffle (Burns like a mo-fo for about 15 minutes, I sit in front of a fan until dries. It's worth it. I have abnormal keratinization of my skin cells. I got to get this dead debris out of my skin)

7. After the Alpha-Hydrox Dries. I treat my cheeks, nose and eye area with Kinerase lotion and eye cream, then a heavy eye cream because I'm super dry in that area and I got them damn crinkles from sun exposure.


DDF Sulfur Mask. This calms redness, might be cleaning the pores, but I'm so clogged it's hard to tell

Ice Elements 2 minute miracle exfoliating gel. this is the most gentle exfoliator I've come across. It takes a little practice to get the technique down but it's a gentle way to get rid of flakes and dead skin. It also has hylauronic acid which is good for your lipid barrier. Most exfoliators strip the lipids out of your skin. A lot of people with Rosavea like this product, I can see why.

Serious Skincare Glycolic-3 Mask- I've had this stuff laying around for awhile but I put it on yesterday and my skin was soft and my complexion was smoother and brighter, not sure if it's drying me up, but that' what the BP is for.

I'm not doing the treatments everyday. It's just too harsh. But every other day is fine.

I really am clearing fast. I had at least 3 cysts and 12-13 pustules last week. I'm down to only 5 drying up pustules and my pores look a heck of a lot smaller. I'm also doing hot compresses on the breakouts before each treatment. Opens up the pores to make them work more effectively.

Once I clear, I hope I can eliminate some of this stuff. I'm definitely staying with the cleanser, the souffle and the BP cream for now. The rest, I can use when needed.


My infection

The staph infection is clearing up. I'm on 200mg of Doxy a day, so it's no surprise. I'm taking probiotics to counteract the negative effects of antibiotics. I hate being on them but I really don't have a choice right now. I'm getting a Derm appointment today. I'm tired of the redness and acne. It's getting difficult for me to deal with emotionally. My mom is terminally ill and things are only going to get worse as times go on. I've lost everyone I've ever loved. My dad, my husband and now mom. If it wasn't for my awesome son, I don't know what I would do. He's my rock.

I was extra gentle with my face last night., I did a Sulfur mask on my chin and forehead and my redness went down. I applied the DDF Mesoinjection Serum on the areas around my mouth since I have a lot o fhealing to do. Then I used Eucerin Redness Relief Serum with CoQ10. I highly recommend this product for redness. Eucerin's Redness relief line is ok, but the serum is awesome. then I put Kinerase Lotion on, let dry and then Alchemie Forever Kantic Lights out which is a natural night cream. I looked so much better this morning, I hope it lasts. So no acne meds for awhilt other than the Doxy. I can't tolerate BP or SA or Glycolics until my face heals. It's ok, natural and gentle is the way to go.


The Doxy must be kicking in only after 3 days which basically tells me this is not typical acne but is indeed a Staph infection. That combined with the staph ointment, I'm making a 360 turnaround. I still have bumps, just not as big. Still some redness and peeling, but I'm just leaving it alone.

I have to do hot compresses 3-5 times a day for 10-20 minutes at a time. Inconvienent, but it's the weekend and I can deal with it.

I have to wash 4-5 times a day with a gentle cleanser. the follow with the Hibiclens Anti-microbial cleanser. At night I use the ointment on my nasal flares and use diluted tea tree oil on my face followed by zinc cream rubbed in very well. I can only use the zinc cream at night because I look like a clown with all that white on my face. The tea tree oil is known to kill staph. I have the Jason's version but I'm stopping today to get something better. It kind of burns for the first half hour, but I'm super sensitive right now.

In the day, I wash with my gentle cleanser, follow with hibiclens. Almost every time I do the compresses. Again, very inconvenient, but I'm trying to save my face. I follow with some Aquaphor or A&D ointment. Do the staph ointment again.

I'm depressed over this. I know I have to let the antibiotics do their thing and treat myself with care. It still sucks not being able to hug people or kiss my boyfriend. My mom is in the hospital and I have to wear a mask and gloves to visit her and can't touch her.

So how did I get this? Microdermabrasion I think. Can't be sure. But I think the technician went to deep opening up myself for infection. I went in to reduce my former acne scars and I got staph instead which will scar me even further. I'm pissed. I would sue their asses, but what good would that do? It's not going to change anything.


This is what I'm on for my staph infection. My skin is clearing. My inflammation was down quite a bit today. I am peeling a bit but that's ok I can deal with it, done it before.

I think that the 200 mgs a day of doxy may actually work this time. Too soon to tell. I will say that I think I got this staph infection from a microderm treatment. So fair warning to people. When you get microderms or overexfoliate you are opening up your chances of spreading more bacteria to your face. Keep it to a minimum, keep it gentle. I'm suffering because of my stupidity. I hate drugs.

I'm taking probiotics with my doxy to minimize my chances of Yeast infections. It's safe from what I understand. I'm not having stomach pains either. So far so good.


Only because I found out I could possibly have a staph infection. Maybe my skin will clear this time. It's a much higher dosage than I was taking. I also have to use a topical for staph. Hey, maybe this will kill my acne for once and good?


Amazingly enough my skin cleared up almost overnight. No active acne. Just drying up and flakiness. I'm amazed and now I'm trying to think of what I did?

I'm not eating a lot. I can't taste anything because of this cold I have. Yesterday I ate half a lean cuisine (which I never do). A danish at the hospital. A cup of hot green tea and 3 bottles of vitamin water. I did take lots of medicine. Dayquil, Cough syrup, allegra and advil.

I washed my face last night with a Gentle cleanser and then I massaged some anti-microbial wash called Hibiclens into my face. Rinsed very well, pat dry and then I put Hydrogen peroxide on all my spots. Let it dry ad then I used Kinerase lotion. I went to bed and slept like 10 hours (I did wake up in a coughing fit at 4 am). Now I'm dried up. Flakey skin but my acne is dry and flat.

The Kinerase lotion is new. I didn't even use the acne stuff yesterday. I read that the lotion cleared people up before but I had no idea it would work this good. I know that the anti-microbial wash might have something to do with it too.

So I'm going to stay in bed today and drink tons of fluids and use the Hibiclens for washing my face and just the kinerase. If that works then my suspicions about being allergic to Salicylic acid might be true. I know that I can't take aspirin orally. Maybe the SA's are giving me acne?

I think Hibiclens is the trick. That stuff is clearing me skin with every use. Drying it is, but it's killing the bacteria on my face better than anything else.


I finally broke down and ordered DIM and progesterone cream. I know I have PCOS. I was tested for it in 1999 at the Jones Institute (Home of the First Test Tube Baby). It progressively gotten worse over the years, Because of the history of female cancers in my family, I cannot take BCPills. Can't risk it. I did try spirolactone but then I got pregnant and didn't go back on it. Plus I don't have insurance right now and so even going to the Derm costs me big bucks.

I spent all last night while I was up sick studying anti-androgens and estrogen disorders. I know that I get excessive facial hair and basically have to wax regularly and tweeze daily. It sucks. I have ovulation problems. When I ovulate it's extremely painful. I have been taking evening primrose and it does help. I'm 35 and already getting hot flashes? what's up with that! My mom, two of her five sisters have had to have hysterectomies before age 50 because of female problems. Another one of my mom's sister's had a uterine ablation. All of them had problems with rashes and their skin breaking out. I have sensitivities like them too. I can just look at the wrong product for my face and breakout.

So I broke down bought some DIM and some progesterone cream. If I can control this with jsut those two things it will be a blessing. then I can go back to all natural products. I'm tired of chemicals. Truly I am. I eat well, organically whenever possible, exercise, drink tons of water, no drugs, rarely drink. Still got bad skin. I'm grasping at straws.


I have a bad case of th flu. My skin is clearing. Maybe instead of my body fighting my face it's too busy fighting the flu? Who knows?

So I'm faithfully following the kinerase regime. My pores look less clogged already. I did have some purging today. Stuff just popped out without much effort. I used my Tweezerman and so far I'm looking better. MY forehead especially looks good. I had about 6 lumps there last week, I now have one with two healing pimples. So success on that.

My mouth area and chin area is still looking kinda ehh. But it is healing rather quickly. I've had this one little stinker of a cyst stuck under my lip for 2 weeks and it finally came to a head today. Painful as it was, I took my tweezer man to it after steaming my face and it looks like I got all the seeds out. I did my cleanser (exfoliated with fingers only), a chamomile toner for inflammation from Clarins (It's soothing), then applied the Clear Skin Serum (Smells like feet, but works), the the Clear Skin Moisture Light. I put some sulfur gel on the healing pimples. Prosacea is a lightweight sulfur gel that I discovered in the first aid section of the drugstore. It really works on healing popped blemishes. Better than neosporin which kind of makes it worse.

Why do I have to have such complicated skin. I wish I could be one of those people who can wash with anything and be fine. Sucks.

So having the flu and being home gives me time to really clear my skin before going back out in the world. I'm drinking more, getting good sleep despite the nastiness of the flu. Not eating much either because nothing taste good. Maybe this is an opportunity to clean my body out and see what kind of foods I react to.

I'm feeling rather optimistic about Kinerase. Having sensitive skin and acne is really difficult. Scents, fragrances and even some supposedly non-comediegenic products seem to not work on me. BP just irritates the heck out of my skin, though I can use a BP cleanser now and then.


I've decided to treat my skin as ultra-sensitive. Meaning no harsh products. I had a $100 Ulta Gift Card from Christmas and went there intending on getting Alpha-Hydrox products but came hoem with Kinerase instead. I have ultra sensitive skin recently. It's not responding to acne medications other than getting worse. So I'm going with a sensitive skin routine instead.

Kinerase Gentle Cleanser

Kinerase Clear Skin Blemish Serum

Kinerase Clear Skin Blemish Disolver (Spot Treat)

Kinerase Clear Skin Moisture Light

Nia24 Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

I also bought a water filter for my shower head. I think our water has too many chemicals in ti and is too harsh on my skin.

I don't know If I can afford to buy kinerase too often but if it works, I will figure out a way.

I used it last night and this morning and my blemishes are dissolving already. My forehead looks fabulous for the first time since before Christmas. I like the Blemish dissolver because it's clear, not a cakey cream and can reapply throughout the day. I was happy to see a calm face looking at me this morning. I also spent the night at my boyfriend's house and since he has well water, I'm not worried about chemicals. My skin always seems calmer there. Maybe it's my house? Animals? Carpet? Could be! I always get breakouts after we get the carpets cleaned. I don't think it's a coincidence.

So kinerase is the most gentle anti-blemish care on the market. It's specifically designed to be non-irritating. I can bring it back if I'm not happy with it as long as there is 80% left. I'm keeping the boxes to be on the safe side.


I Cried this morning

Why? Did I look worse? No. I looked a million times better. All my existing breakouts were flat an healing and slightly scabbed over I did have some peeling around my nose, but my skin is very thin there. No new breakouts and it's that time of the month. usually my chin is covered by this time and I hibernate even from my boyfriend.

My skin is soft and glowing this morning. I do need to exfoliate this peeling skin, but I'm home today from Work, so I'm going to do gentle Manual exfoliation just to get the dead skin off and then my Astara Mask to dry up any scabs. That mask is great for making scabbies come off very easily. Besides it makes you look like a Smurf! I scare the dogs so much when I wear it that they growl at me. Funny!

One thing that I think is healing me this time is not just the AHA/BHA combo and deep Hydration masks. I think it's I feel positive for the fist time in years about my progress. I think that once I realized that Benzoyl Peroxide and SA's alone cannot heal me, I had to find another way. I live a preservative free life when it comes to food. I eat mostly organic. I tried the natural skin care thing for awhile was totally dissapointed and frustrated. I still think hat the natural way may be the way to go but I need my Glycolics. I just ordered Jan Marini Bioclear Cream. It has Glycolic, Salicylic and Azelaic Acid. That's a potent combination.Mandelic acid is ok, but I think because of my late reactive allergy to nuts, that it's the reason my skin got worse on it rather than better.

So I extremely optimistic today. Forehead is healing, just one eraser sized lump that seems to be diminishing. It might disappear without coming to a head. MY jawline on my right side is totally healed just one little scabby (no picking!!!). And my left side that had a cluster is flat and healing. I have one of my left cheek hat is pink and healing too. I do still have this stubborn one near my lip but I'm hoping the Astara mask will reduce that one.

I'm having dinner with my boyfriend's German born parents on Friday. they are very critical, so I hope my skin will look really good with careful makeup application. I hope to get to the point where I can be makeup optional or at least get away with a tinted moisturizer with SPF. that would be fabulous.


I discovered this clarifying toner that I bought on a cruise this summer. It's Elemis Glycolic Clarifying Lotion (It's a toner, thin watery). It has 8% Glycolic Acid and 2% Salicylic Acid. Now if you do your research you will find the combo is powerful stuff. The glycolics help the SA's soak into the epidermis better. I totally forgot I had this stuff. Didn't realize just how good it is. So I washed Gently tonight because the MD Forte was making me peely a bit. I used a gentle Gel Cleanser from Yon-Ka. Then I toned with this stuff. Man, my skin was soft and my clarity was so much better after letting it sit for a half and hour. So I for-go'ed my MD Forte Lotion and took the Clarifying toner and mixed in into my Alchemie forever Kantic Night Cream. I'm dry but I want to keep the ball rolling on the Glycolics. We shall see, but my skin is now soft as a baby's butt and the moisturizer helped cut the sting of the acids. I think I'm on to something good. Hopefully I don't wake up with a rash! LOL


My Rant on Products


My Rant on Products

I have decided that I will no longer buy anything that comes in a jar. I think bacterial contamination can be a serious issue with me. So only tubes, pumps for me. I'm glad my Teint Idole Ultra Makeup comes in a pump. It's one of the single reasons I purchased it. Jars=Bacteria=Pimples. Pumps are better. Mineral oil free is good, despite the claims that it' harmless, I have a personal sensitivity to it, so I avoid. I hate having dry skin and acne. It's tough finding things I can use. I'm also highly allergic to Avebenzone which is in ALMOST ALL daytime moisturizers with spf. It's pissing me off because I hear good reviews for Aveeno products, yet their Daytime moisturizers all have Avebenzone it them. So I'm sticking with Purpose Spf 15 Lotion. Not nearly emollient enough for me, but I add some jojoba oil to it and it does ok job. At least it doesn't make me breakout which is a godsend for me.

I'm also not using any kind of clogging type powder on my face. When I was using Bare Minerals I broke out on my forehead. I never broke out there until I starting use that crap. It's not good for your skin like their advertising says. It's got Bismuth Oxychloride in it. They put it in there to make it adhere to the skin better but it's a natural heavy metal. It will clog your pores, make your skin blotchy and for those of us with metal allergies, it can make us itch and break out. So if you are going to use MMU, use something without Bismuth Oxychloride. Everyday Minerals, Kat's Cosmetics, Arbonne, etc.

Another product that I do not like is ProActiv. I know it works for some people but that stuff makes me drier than dry and older than old looking. I look like I was so tight and so miserable when I was on that crap. I was. The only good product in that whole line is the Sulfur Mask. Now that stuff does dry out popped pimples very well and reduces redness. So I can give that one the ok. The repairing lotion is basically cetphil with BP in it. You can make that stuff yourself. It's expensive. It goes to show that marketing is everything. Maybe I should develop my own line of products, higher some celebrity to sell the stuff for me. I need money for retirement, so might not be a bad idea? LOL

The acne industry is a billion dollar money maker. There is no cure for it. Even people on Accutane can still have it come back. No acne is the same. I have hormonal and follicular acne. I should not treat my skin like a teenager. My acne differs from say guy who is 19. though most Acne products are not designed to work on specific acne. My kind of acne is more prevalent in women that have hormonal imbalances in their 20's and women in peri-menopause and menopause. I don't respnd very well to Salicylic acid. It pretty much does NADA for me. BP only dries up existing acne pimples that have already been popped or extracted. Sulfur reduces redness and swelling but does nothing for the size of my zits. Glycolics are the only thing that ork. But here's the thing. Even though salicylics don't work on me alone, they do work very well when used with AHA's. It's the combo that seems to slough the dead skin and bacteria from my pores and hair follicules. With Hormonal Acne it's very possible this is related to hair on your face. Where do you have have hair? Chin, cheeks, jawline, sometimes forehead and around eyebrows. I never get pimples on the apple of my cheeks , my nose or near my eyes. So I know this is follicular related. Hormones just make my hair grow. So I', working on reducing the hair without spirolactone. Hair inhibitor creams amy work. Laser removal maybe? Still need to research this subject further.


I had to moisturize last night, I know that using Glycolics are supposed to eventually make you less dependent on moisturizer, but I was so dang dry I had to do something. So I used my handy Dandy gentle purpose. Yes, it has SPF in it, not exactly a night cream but everything else was too heavy. I looked pretty decent this morning. Pimps on forehead drying up though I think I feel a small one coming up in the same area. I think maybe I spread some bacteria around with my extraction. I'm sitting with a 10 minute BP mask right now to get the BP to penetrate and saturate before removing it. Really, you don't need to cake your face in that crap. The saturation level for skin is very low. A mask is all you need. Believe or not, I use the Oxy 10% WAsh as a mask. 10 minutes, sit have a cup of coffee, rinse with a cool wet rag. Follow with Glycolic lotion. It's working very well.

Since I recently started glycolics again, I think I'm seeing some minor purging. Not too bad,It's a good thing, I do feel one coming out near my lip but the skin is thinner there and purging can happen very quickly. I can see all this crap starting to come to the surface. MY idea is to get it to the top layer of skin, treat with my BP wash and Sulfur mask and use a AHA twice a day on spots only. I think after another week of my BP/AHA combo treatment I will see some improvement. Got to stay positive. I'm tired of piling on makeup to look good. I'm tired of having to be with my boyfriend "in the Dark" if you know what I mean. I'm getting a Clarins facial tomorrow at Macy's I still have to pick which one. Purification one problem. I do like their products. They use essential oils which my skin actually likes, go figure? I figure the facial can't hurt me at this point, my skin looks like crap. Anything would be an improvement.

I took pictures of my ugly mug yesterday. so I'm keeping a daily progress. After a week, I will post them. I want to edit my eyes out. I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible because I'm a business owner and people are freaking nosy.



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