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About this blog

I've been trying many things for my acne. I want to share what helps and not.

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Week 6

Now it's been 6 and half weeks since I've used Tretinoin cream.

My skin became much much better, and it seems my breakout stage completely finished.

I think the tretinoin cream is effective for old shallow pitted scars as well.

But for hyperpigmentation scars, vitamin C serum and Lumixyl work for my scars with the tretinoin.

At first, I really hated the tretinoin cream, and regretted that I started using it because my acne became super worse.

However, I'm happy with the cream because it also helps my old scars, and make my skin thicker.

I noticed whenever I see people with good skin have thick skin, and I found more people who have thin skin tend to have different kinds of problems, not only acne but also big pores, rough texture, hyperpigmentation and so on.

I look forward to seeing the result in 1,5 weeks when I go to my derm for my next rendez vous.


I put hair oil mistakenly on my face last night! So stupid, I know... It was so thick oil that I washed my face many times, totally 6 times? Then all dead skin on the surface peeled out.

Because my skin looked so raw, I was afraid of applying anything, but I wanted to do something for red scars.

So I applied Vitamin C 20% serum and Vitamin B5 with Hyaluronic acid serum first.

Vitamin C serum gave me super burning sensation, but Hyaluronic acid serum calmed it down. Then I added Lumixyl on red scars. Then I applied tretinoin cream in 30 mins. I didn't apply moisturizer last night.

When I checked my skin in this morning, my pores became smaller, red scars became pink from red, pimples and cysts like were shrinked.

The skin around my chin is little dry, but my skin became much much better!

Week 6 will start from tomorrow, and I have a bright hope now.

I hope I won't have any new pimples and cysts.

For my diet, I don't eat any meats, eggs, dairy, and oily food. It seems to help my skin condition.


My week 5 on tretinoin is ending soon, and my one side of face is getting better~ :-)

No more big cysts and reddish pimples.

However, on the other side of face, lower cheek, there are still 2 big cysts like and when I touch them, they are very soft and I feel like they have liquid inside. You know, when you burn your skin, the part becomes swollen and has water. The cyst is a sort of like that. ( I don't know if I can call it cyst)

They sometimes poped themselves and white liquid came out with blood, while I was washing my face.

But they don't disappear completely until all of liquid come out, and I get them on the same part of skin.

I'd never had such stuff before using tretinoin cream.

I wonder if people on tretinoin have the same experience.....


After having the tretinoin cream, I put Burt's bee ResQ ointment on dry areas last night.

I wake up with much better skin condition in this morning!!

Dryness seems less than without the ointment, and most of bumps looked less swollen and red.

I believe Burt's bee Res-Q ointment helps my skin.

Of course I wait 30-50 mins to have the tretinoin cream after cleansing, but I also wait at least 30 minutes to put the ointment after the tretinoin cream. Don't put a lot.

If people use the tretinoin and have problems like me, try Burt's bee Res-Q ointment!


Tretinoin Cream

It is 5 th week Ive started tretinoin cream 0,05% .

Because I had 4 big cysts on my jaw line, I wen to see a derm, and he prescribed the tretinoin cream with antibiotics.

The first week, my skin turned little red, but nothing serious side effect.

The second week, my skin had started peeling like crazy. And I got new cysts which were the biggest ever I had, they were like mosquito bites.

The third week, because I posed 3 days, the cysts seemed smaller, but I got some new pimples on my upper cheeks which I didn't have any before the cream.

The forth week, because my period had started, I got new cysts and the existed cysts became worse, some were bleeding after cleansing.

My skin condition is the worst ever!! Sometimes I feel like I want to die due to such a dirtiest skin......

I have read reviews of tretinoin every night before I go to bed, and tell myself " be patient"

What I don't get is that I still get new cysts, though this is my 5 th week of tretinoin cream.

Anyways, I have to visit my derm office in 3 weeks, so I will stick with it by then.

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