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Long time no post!

Hey yall.... Ending my third month of treatment. Things are ok... Had a few nasty breakouts this week, but I blame that on forgetting to take my meds on vacation. I am back on track now, so hopefully the progress will continue!

Still no side effects, and my lab work is perfect. I am on 30mg twice a day, but I take them both at the same time. My doc said it was fine.

I am trying to think of anything else that is going on..... nothing really. Just overworked this week! My little girl is in her terrible two's and she said "shit" the other day when she dropped something.... great..... I guess I have to clean up my mouth along with my skin!

Ciao for now!



:confused: Sooo lonely! No comments for me! :dance:

Anyway, I am very pleased with my skin this week! I look great! Even my back is clearing up! My chin and jaw line have always been bumpy and now they are so smooth! Not ONE clogged pore! I am truly amazed, and have NO side effects to speak of. Things are really looking up and I am only 1/2 way into month 2. YAY ME!


Day 42

So I am pretty pleased with my results so far. My skin is smooth and not oily at all! I have a few flakies, but they go away when I exfoliate and moisturize. I get a few random craters, especially on my back, but all in all my pores are small, my skin is smooth, and I feel great! I am impressed and excited. I am on 60 mg/day now. Things are looking up!

Oh, and I am tanning once a week, just to get a base for my trip in April. So far no harm. I go for 10 minutes only in the high powered bed. Not even a burn!



Ok so I totally went to the tanning bed today.... and I didn't explode! I only went for half the time I usually go, and I got a tad pink on my booty, but no real horrific effects. I may go again! Muah-ah-ah!


Almost a month....

Blood work tomorrow, Yuck.

So it been about a month, and my skin is just... wierd.

I don't have a lot of dryness, other than my lips. But I am not greasy either.

The flakes I get are more scaly than flaky.

If I get a breakout its an enormous cyst, which I am not used to getting except for on my back. They are hard nodules that extract (my dressed-up word for pop) easily, but don't go down immediately afterwards. They stay hard and inflamed for a good long while.

I am also experiencing this strange blaskhead phenomenon: it looks like my pores are "pushing" out the gunk?? Gross, I know, but it is so wierd. It never goes away, but after I exfoliate it seems to get better. I am not scrubbing to exfoliate - I use the Aveda exfoliant that goes on like a toner.

I wish I could tan. My face just looks raw and scaly. Make up doesn't sit right on it. Any suggestions? I really need some color. I could apply the fake stuff but with all the scaliness I dont think I'd get an even application. I think Imight sneak into the tanning bed for 10 minutes or so. I won't tell if you won't!

Your thoughts are welcome!



It works!

Someone told me today that my skin looked awesome! WOW! If only they could see the 12 volcanic pustules on my back... ew....



My face is a hot mess. It probably wouldn't be if I didn't pick it, but I get these huge craters that are SO painful that I squeeze them, and they dont get any smaller. Just redder and meaner. I hate myself for picking. I look like shit. I hate the world today. Wah. :confused:


Did you know???

Some dermatologists will actually prescribe 1 tanning bed session per week to ance sufferers! (NOT recommended for those of us on accutane or retin A).

The reason for this is that ultra-violet rays actually kill the bug that causes acne. It is NOT because it dries out your skin. Another benefit? Tan skin is thicker than pale skin, so the deep pimples that begin to erupt often heal before they even get to the surface of the skin.

HOWEVER, once your tan begins to fade, you will get a rebound breakout, so if you choose this regimen, you must be consistant.

Ciao for now!



I'm back! Day 13

Sorry I haven't been around! It's been a week from hell, and after being on the computer all day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was open up my laptop at home. But NEVER FEAR loyal fans! I have returned! :confused:

So on to the good stuff:

My skin looks pretty good! I have some volcanos that show up, mostly in my shoulder, but they go away quickly (boy do they HURT though!)

I think I have dandruff! Ew.....

I hope you are all doing great. So far I am confidant in my decision to go on this med, and things are looking good.

More later!



Did you know???

Aquaphor... it's great for dry skin. Itis the only ointment out there that actually sucks liquid IN to whatever it is applied to! A much better choice for lips than carmex or chapstick. Carmex will actually DRY your lips in the long run, and chap stick only provides a layer of protection from the outside world. Aquaphor will moisturize. Vaseline will not.....

Dont believe me? Try this.... put some water on a plate, then add some aquaphor and fold the water in. It will totally disapear! Now try it with vaseline... it wont work.

Have fun kiddies! :)


Forgot yesterday's dose

Ugh, I am an idiot... Totally forgot to take my pill yesterday, so I took one this morning ans one just now. Hope I dont die :)

Skin feels normal today... still greasy with dry lips. No biggie. Got some angry bastards on ym back though. They are totally grossing me out. And they hurt like hell. I can feel some tender bumps under my skin on my face, but I think they are going away before they even surface.

Not much else is going on today.... ciao!


I feel gross. Just... totally slimy. My lips feel scaly and my face is puffy and tender but GREASY. Maybe its the products I am using... I think I am using a heavier creme cleanser than I should be. I will try to go back to the old cleanser for a bit.

My breakouts arent bad... just different. They are large and cyctic, but empty... if that makes sense. I pick them, of course because I am psycho, then they scab over and look horrific! I am going to try to maintain a "hands off" policy for a while. My shoulders and back are bumpy as hell, and I have a zit (I kid you not) in the crook of my ELBOW! Gross!

I really really want to tan. I have a trip to the bahamas in April, and I would love a base tan. I know its a no-no, but sun-sensitivity doesn't mean my face will slough off.... does it? Has anyone had sun exposure? How'd it turn out?

Check in later!


Did you know???

If you are an adult with acne only around your jaw line, it is probably hormonal acne! Aldosterone is a male hormone that both men and women have, but if we have too much, it makes us break out around the chin, jaw, and neck. For chicks, the solution is usally birth control pills!

If you are a dude, or a chick who doesnt want to go that route, ask your doc about a drug called Aldactone. It is actually a diuretic (makes you pee) and they prescribe it for high blood pressure.... BUT the anti-aldosterone properties that it has can help hormonal acne! Good luck!


Day 6.. I think?

Ugh my face feels crappy. Its all puffy and feels raw, but doesnt really look raw. It is broken out though. Really big ones that dont pop! I like to pick and I am dissapointed in the pickability! Super busy at work today.... Happy Vday everybody!


Side effects

I am so wiped out. Just beat. My head feels heavy and drowsy and I have a headache and my face is swollen. I am just plain TIRED. Not good when you have a 20-month-old. Arg. :)


Did you know???

I am going to try to post a few random little known facts about accutane, or acne in general. We'll see how it goes. I'll try to pull from my education (pharmacist) as well as some things I learn along the way.

Accutane - it is an analog of Vitamin A (meaning it is a very close cousin). And the side effect of accutate are extremely similar to an overdose of Vitamin A! Essentially, we are "poisoning" ourselves for a few months. But dont worry. They effects are all reversable - no long term damage.

Accutane works by shrinking your sebaceous gland (that glad that produces the sticky oil that acne bacteria feed on). Therefore, you dont produce as much sebum for the nasty bugs to thrive on! Neat huh?



Well the angry guy on my shoulder has gone down alot, but I have a couple more on the other shoulder. My face looks pretty good though! Starting to get some peeling going on, but it's ot really dry. So far, I am not really phased by side effects. I do get groggy, but I cant tell for sure if that's just the wacky weather here in Atlanta!

One irritating thing *grossout alert* - I have dry boogies way up high in my nose. YUCK! And if I blow my nose, I get flaky skin all over my nose and mouth. Ah well. At least I really dont have to take my allergy medicine.... the accutane is drying out my sinuses!

And hey.... if you read this, drop me a line!



Day 4

I haven't taken today's dose yet, but here's what is going on. I have an angry, painful cyst on my shoulder that came up last night. The rest of my skin feels about the same, but I am beginning to feel some muscle aches.

I feel sleepy... almost the way you feel when you are hung over, without the nausea. I guess it is just dehydration. I felt pretty dry int he middle of the night, and my eyes are blurry. I am starting to see some peeling around my nose too. My eyes are puffy and my head is heavy.

Currently I am using Aveda products: the creme cleanser and the daily moistuizer.

I will check in later after my lunchtime dose!


Day 3. Things changing...?

I am about to take my 3rd dose. I have had a pretty wicked headache since I started, and today is no different. That big zit that popped up on my check yesterday came to a head really quickly. So I picked it. I do that. I think it's an OCD thing. Anyway it's pretty much gone now. Someone told me my skin looks good this morning. Here's hoping! *GULP*


Pharmacist starting Accutane

Hey all. During my 30 days waiting period to get on Accutane I have read most of your blogs and it has helped immensely! It's such a personal and arduous decision to take this med, and even though everyone's experience is different, it helps that you've all shared your stuff... so I have decided to "pay it forward" and post my own! Hope it helps.

I am a 29 year old female with a little girl who is almost 2. I am a pharmacist , which helps and hurts. I know a lot about the drug which made this a tough decision. But I have seen the results and beleive in the drug, so I'll try to be a good patient!

Since I am almost 30 I have decided that I have had enough of my skin. My acne has been moderate since my teens. When I was on the pill, it cleared up a lot, but after I had my baby I got an IUD, so I broke out again. I have mostly hormonal acne on my jaw line and neck, blackheads on my nose and chin, and cysts (usually 3-5 at a time) on my back. My skin is combination, but the oily parts are super-greasy. I know it doesnt sound too bad, but after 15 years of it, I am OVER it. Time to change.

Can I jsut tell you that Ipledge was a pain in the ass! I am a pharmacist, and I never realized what my patients had to go through. I guess it is a testiment to how badly we all want our skin to get better.

Anyway, on to the therapy:

I am on day 2. I am taking 40 mg once a day right now. The only side effect I have is a mild headache. I also felt a bit sick this afternoon. I felt a little dry today, but it may have been in my head. I did just notice a huge welt surfacing on my cheek, and I RARELY get zits on my cheek. Initial Breakout begin! I face it fearlessly! Time ot go stock up on Evian and Aquaphor.

See ya!

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