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I have never been happier with my skin!!! My face definitely still has it's days where it gets irritated and breaks out a little, but it is SO MINOR in comparison to what it used to be like. And when I do get a break out, it's gone within 2-3 days max! Just heals right up!

Here is my current regimen:


  1. Wash face with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser and Distilled Water for just a few seconds. (Overwashing can definitely be an issue! When I was younger I used to overwash ALL the time, because I thought it would clear up my face faster.)
  2. Pat dry. Apply one pump of Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel all over. And then every other night I apply lemon juice topically on my acne-mark-prone areas. (Cheeks, a little on the forehead)
  3. AHA+ all over for moisturizer.
  4. Additional: If I have an active spot that has popped and is exposed, I use a Q-tip dipped in tea tree oil and a little water on the spot, and I kid you not, it is gone the next day!


  1. Wash face with Neutrogena Ultra Gently Daily Cleanser and Distilled Water for a few seconds.
  2. Moisturize with Neutrogena Oil-Free Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (actually I use the Wal-Mart knock-off called "Equate Oil-free Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer". It's in a white and purple container.)

And there you have it! I have cut out Benzoyl Peroxide from my routine, and am happy I was able to get off of it. I don't doubt that BP is wonderful, and some people really like staying on it, but it was just too drying for me.

The great thing about the products I use is that they last for a pretty good amount of time!

  • I've had my 2% BHA for 9 months and am just barely having to get a new one. (About $22 for a 4 oz. bottle, costing about .08 cents a day)
  • My AHA+ lasts me about 6 months. (Almost $30 for a 16 oz. bottle, costing about .16 cents a day)
  • Lemon juice takes forever to go through.
  • I've had my tea tree oil for over a year, but I only use it on spots.
  • And the Neutrogena products I go through in about 3-4 months. ($8 for 12 oz. cleanser, and about $9 for 4 oz. moisturizer, about .08 cents a day for cleanser and .08 cents for moisturizer)

Add it all up, and I'm only spending around $12 a month for clear skin!

I would encourage you to try the different products I use, but as I am sure you've come to find, everyone is different and the things that work for me might not work so well with you. That being said, I started using these products because I read about other people's successes and gave it a try!


Week 51(?)

Hello! Just wanted to check in with how I am doing, and what my routine is! Things have gotten AMAZINGLY better. After moving for college, I realized that the type of water I was constantly using directly affected my skin. I am using distilled water to wash my face now, and there has been a huge improvement.

Every night:

  • Wash face with Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser w/ a drop or two of jojoba oil. Wash very gently for just a few seconds
  • Use a small amount of BP on active spots. Haven't had to use a lot of BP anymore.
  • Apply lemon juice to dark spots on cheeks
  • Apply a small amount of Paula's choice BHA to non-inflammed acne spots. On outside edges of face, down cheeks, hairline.
  • Moisturize with 1 pump of AHA+ with several drops of jojoba oil.


    • Wash face with cleanser and jojoba oil, under ten seconds.
    • Moisturize with Neutrogena Sensitive Skin moisturizer

    And that's it! I have been up and down the past few months, but good, gentle water has helped a ton! Clearly my skin is very senstive, so using clean water makes sense!


Ok, so things are alright. I am still doing well inflamed-acne wise, but not so hot in the non-inflamed department! It's spreading down my face neutral.gif I still love my AHA+ and am using it every night, but it's not doing as much as I was hoping it would for the bumps. I am considering treating it as fungal instead of acne. I never thought those bumps all over my forehead could be anything besides acne! But reading some posts made me think that it might not even be acne. It makes sense! It gets worse in the heat and with sweat, and itches a lot. So the plan is to continue on my current regimen, but try some anti-fungal treatments. We'll start with tea tree oil, since I've used it on and off before and know my skin responds well to it. Hope it goes well!

This is what I'll try doing

  • Wash face with cleanser mixed with jojoba
  • Use dilluted tea tree as a toner
  • 2 pumps BP (may be reduced, because I've been super dry all of the sudden)
  • AHA+

    Hopefully this combination of things does not irritate my skin too much! I'll be checking in again to compare and see if I made any progress.

    • Inflamed acne: none at the moment. Had a few spots on chin/jawine, but they are gone now.
    • Non-inflamed bump things: forehead, in between eyebrows, temples, both cheeks on outermost edge and spreading downward at an angle.

    And we're off! smile.png


Well I just got my AHA+ on Saturday, and I am in love. It stings my face quite a bit at first, but afterwards feels great! It has really helped clear up my non-inflamed acne, as well as red marks. I love that it exfoliates without being too harsh. I had previously read that non-inflamed acne needs to be exfoliated, but when I tried to manually exfoliate, my inflamed acne did not like that very much. AHA also really does help with the flakiness. I didn't think it would, but it did! This has been the PERFECT product to add to the regimen, and wish I had added it earlier. My face is doing really well :) The only thing that has been a problem is right around my lips. I have had this before, and found that being more careful with my toothpaste really helped. But I don't know what the problem could be now :/

Daytime Regimen:

  • Wash with purity or Dan's cleanser
  • Use Neutrogena oil-free moisture sensitive skin
  • Bare Escentuals primer
  • Bare Minerals Makeup

    • Wash with Dan's cleanser mixed with a little jojoba
    • 2 pumps BP
    • Dime-sized amount AHA+, sometimes add a little jojoba

    Occasionally when I have dry skin that is loose, I will put jojoba all over my face in the shower and gently rub and then rinse off with cleanser. Sometimes I will do this at night to get makeup off.

    Weekly things:

    [*]Wash pillowcase and sheets

    [*]Wash makeup brushes


Week 25

Well, things are great!!!

No more inflamed acne for the most part. I get a spot every now and again. Typically along my jawline or the corners of my mouth (I hate those ones..) But I have been SO happy with regimen. It really has worked and continues to work.

My only problem now is non-inflamed acne. Don't get me wrong, I would MUCH rather have the non-inflamed bumps than the gross inflamed ones. But I still don't like the little non-inflamed acnes. I don't really know what to do with them, and I don't want to change my regimen too much and then have all of the inflamed acne come back. They are VERY predominant on my temples.

Here is what I have been doing lately. It's pretty much the same old routine.

  • Wash with purity by philosophy with a little bit of jojoba so as to not dry my skin out.
  • Let face dry, and then apply 1 1/2 - 2 pumps of BP
  • Let face dry, and then at night I apply Cetaphil (I use a knock-off actually) lotion with a few drops of jojoba oil. During the day I use Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin.

    Some things I may want to try:

    • Using tea tree oil more often.
    • Switching my face wash from purity to Noxzema. Why? Because while I have liked using purity, it is $25 a bottle. And I am wondering if it is helping cause the non-inflamed acne. And I know that my skin likes Noxzema, and doesn't break out as a result of using it.
    • Exfoliating. Lightly.

Week 14

Things have been going pretty well! I got back from California two weeks ago, and my skin kind of freaked out from all of the climate change, and probably from 12 hour bus rides too. But this is where I am now!

  • Cheeks have no active acne! YAY :D Don't worry though, there are plenty o' dark marks left over neutral.gif But it's ok. They will hopefully clear up soon.
  • Jawline has a few active spots, but they seem tp clear up pretty quickly, unlike the jaw acne that used to appear on my face months ago.
  • Forehead is doing pretty well, but there have been a few areas where I can spy acne coming up.
  • My face is looking kind of pinkish. This is due to the fact that I have been using a jojoba oil method this past week. I use lots of jojoba all over my face, and rub it around with my fingers to pick up the dead flakes. It makes my skin feel pretty soft, but I have definitely seen a little redness as a result.
  • Haven't used tons of Tea Tree. I put it on active pimples from time to time, but it has kind of slipped out of the picture. I might start using it a little more.
  • Using lots of BP. I usually use 1 1/2 pumps - 2 pumps at night. I rarely use it in the morning, because of it being so drying.
  • I use a little jojoba in my cleanser, which has helped to keep my skin from being SUPER dry after washing it.
  • I have recently limited my use of jojoba in the morning. Sometimes I use none or very little. I am not sure if that has been better or worse for my skin in the daytime.


Week 11 - Tea Tree Oil :)

Tea Tree Oil is that little extra step that goes a long way!

Earlier this week, my face wasn't doing so hot. I was sort of clearing, but my cheeks continued to have gross spots! And I was frustrated that I kept getting more. I remembered that I stopped using tea tree oil since I got my new BP, so I put some tea tree oil mixed with a little jojoba on my persistent spots, and HOLY COW! It was like a miracle. My face is so nice now. I still have lingering red marks, but they are going away too. But my face is smooth to the touch, and it's overall appearance is so healthy looking. I haven't had to worry so much about makeup caking in the creases anymore either!

Rundown by area of face...

  • Forehead has been super clear for a while now. I just had a little spot come up, but it's not bad at all. It's totally on the surface and is not sore when I press my finger on it.
  • Temples are good. I had a monster forming on my left temple, but it fizzled and is now going away after I put tea tree oil on it.
  • Cheeks look so much better than they have these last few weeks. Flakes are coming off from healing acne.
  • Around the mouth had several spots, all are gone now!
  • Jawline is nice! Pretty much nothing, except maybe leftover marks.
  • At the end of the day, I see some small flakes on my chin and around my mouth. Also a little on my cheeks.

I hope things continue to go as well as they have been!


Week 10 - Bp

YEAHHH! My BP came on Saturday. It rules. It goes on very nicely. Initially, my skin was kind of dull and dry all over, but now it's getting better! And most importantly, my skin is CLEARING!

Here is what I have been doing daily...

  • At night I make sure to wash all of my makeup off, I usually use a little more cleanser.
  • Then I use about 1 1/2 pumps of BP all over.
  • Then I use Cetaphil lotion with plenty of jojoba oil. My face is usually very shiny and oily when I go to bed at night. No need to fear though, because I usually wake up with soft skin and all of the moisture absorbed!

    • In the morning, I don't use as much cleanser, because I don't have any makeup to wash off.
    • I try to use not as much BP, because it will dry out my skin too badly.
    • Then I use Neutrogena moisturizer (much lighter than Cetaphil), and 5-6 drops jojoba oil.
    • I let my face absorb the moisutrizer while I do other things to get ready in the morning.
    • If after 20 or so minutes it is still not absorbed, I rub the rest of it in, and may dab some spots with a washcloth.
    • Then I use 1 pump of bareminerals Prime Time, and allow to dry.
    • Use bareminerals foundation on spots with concealer brush.
    • Use bareminerals all over. Foundation, blush, mineral veil. I have found that LESS IS MORE! Really. When I use more moisturizer and less powder, I look a lot better throughout the day.

    Here is how my face is doing...

    [*]Forehead still looking good. One small whitehead that is on the surface, and not deep at all.

    [*]Cheeks feel so much better. Marks are still lingering, but the swelling and pimples have almost completely cleared.

    [*]Had some gross spots on the corner of my mouth. They are all dried up now from the BP, so it should look nice again, but for now it's super flakey.

    [*]I had broken out all along my jawline last week, which I found out was hormonal. But now it's clearing up and all that is left is some dry skin and marks. They should fade pretty quickly though.

    [*]Upper neck has been dry. Probably from this new BP that is much more potent than my 5-year old Proactiv. Dryness is managable though!

    Overall: Really good quality BP is key! If I had been using's BP these past 10 weeks, I can only imagine how much better my skin would be. I am just happy I have it now, and I hope it continues to get better. biggrin.png


Week 9

I love Jojoba oil! It has so many benefits, like...

  • Keeps flakiness under control. I often have no dryness or relatively little.
  • Keeps oil under control. It's definitely a wonder how an oil can control oil, but it does! I used to have to blot and powder throughout the day, but now I am usually only using mineral finishing powder once or twice a day.
  • Improves the texture of my face! My face doesn't look so rough, even with my few active spots.
  • Soothes. It helps make my face not feel sore or itchy from BP or dryness.

    I have also liked using Tea Tree Oil. The smell is strong, but it really is not that bad after a while. Everyone should quit being such a baby about it! I have applied Tea Tree to my chin and jawline, and the spots on my cheeks that are lingering. It has been working pretty decently. Makes the swelling on big spots go down.

    Here is how my skin is doing overall:

    • My forehead is great. It's been making me hopeful for the rest of my skin! It's smooth and like 98% clear. My makeup goes on so well, too. Makeup doesn't crease or look bad at the end of the day. eusa_dance.gif
    • My cheeks have been alright. They were looking better, but there are dark spots and a few active spots on them still. Left cheek has the same dark spot, it definitely is not active, but I noticed from feeling it that it is still a little raised. Right cheek has a whole bunch of small whiteheads confined to this triangle-shaped area! (So weird...)
    • Chin is alright. Had a big pimple coming up that went away a few days ago. I've really noticed that large spots coming up don't last as long, so that's good! I have a little bit of roughness and bumps on my jaw.

    Overall I have been feeling much better about my skin. I think it has a lot to do with the Jojoba oil. It just adds a lot of "healthy" look to my face. I am getting anxious about my BP coming though... Still waiting for it, and I am almost all out of Proactiv.


Week 8 - Jojoba Oil?!

Sooo it has been rough! I broke out on my cheeks and now my chin sad.png

I was upset because I have been faithfully using BP. Buuut I realized I never ramped up the dosage due to the fact that I am still using my one little bottle of proactiv BP. is backed up, so it will take longer than expected for my new BP to come.

I started using more BP this past week, and my cheeks have mostly cleared with some red spots left behing, but my chin is still suffering. It's not only suffering from spots, but is also extremely dry! I was really upset today with how dry and flaky it was all over my chin and around my mouth. My mom went and bought jojoba oil and tea tree oil today though biggrin.png I came home from school and took off my bare minerals makeup with a makeup remover wipe, and put on moisturizer + jojoba. It feels sooo good putting on jojoba. I am hoping that more BP in combination with adding jojoba will put me on my way to clearing my face!!


  • Forehead is pretty tame. Had one spot coming up that went away the next day.
  • Jawline is AWESOME! Clear and smooth
  • Had a really swollen spot under my eyebrow. No one could see it, but it hurt. It's no longer active though!
  • Cheeks had clusters of deep pimples. Left cheek is no longer painful, and is red and only slightly raised. Right cheek had a perfect triangle of pimples! One is gone, one has a small scab, and the other has come to the surface and should be gone any day now...
  • Chin is super gross right now... I have three spots that feel like the hormonal kind of spots that I usually get on my jawline. Painful.


Week 7

Week 7! I am running out of Proactiv BP, so my mom ordered some of the BP today! Woooo! I hope that this stuff works well.

Well... here is how I am doing!

  • Forehead is pretty clear! Those two spots from last week went away quickly.
  • I have an active spot on both temples. They aren't horrible though,
  • Had 2 spots on my chin a few days ago. Both are gone now.
  • My jawline is suffering a bit. Some deep acne. But it's not as bad as it has been in the past.
  • Left cheek is good, but with lingering dark spots because of past acne. My right cheek has a little tenderness and a spot coming up. dry.png
  • A little dryness around my mouth.
  • I've been kind of oily on my forehead and sides of my nose.

I will check in next week! Hopefully my new BP will have come by then biggrin.png


Week 6 Of My Regimen!

February 7, 2012

Sooo... my regimen is as follows:

  • Wash with purity made simple
  • Proactiv 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Cetaphil (generic brand) gentle lotion (NOT their facial moisturizer, it burns my face badly)

    I have definitely seen improvement since I started using BP! I have had some ups and downs, but I think it's heading in the right direction. Some issues I have been having:
    • Continuing to see spots along my jawline, and into my neck. Currently the ride side of my jaw is more populated with spots than my left side. Maybe I should observe where I put my hands? eusa_think.gif
    • Some active spots on my forhead. I had started to clear up a bunch of spots, and then 2 new ones popped up a few days ago! But the swelling and pain has decreased, and they feel like they will disappear soon!
    • My left cheek has developed a red spot that is sore. It's in the same area where I had cleared up an active pimple a while ago. (Maybe it was a week? 2 weeks?) I am really hoping it's not a relapse, and that I can clear it up quickly.
    • Dry skin and flakes sad.png I will admit, it has gotten better since I started using Cetaphil lotion. Today was especially dry though on the ride side of my jawline and neck. Probably because I have started focusing more BP on my jawline, since my jawline has constantly been an issue. Other dry areas include around my mouth (not as much lately), my eyebrows, on my temples near my eyes, and the outermost sides of my face.

    Good things : biggrin.png

    [*]My cheeks have really cleared up and no longer feel rough. My makeup goes on so nicely now on my cheeks. Hooray!

    [*]Most of my forehead is clearing besides the few pestery spots that come up.

    [*]Oiliness has gone down! I still get a little oily in the creases where my nostrils meet my face, and on my forehead. Other than that, the oil has been a lot more managable.

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