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Beginning Accutane

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It's All Over!

I am finally finished with Clavaris!!! Today is my last day of taking my five month course. Over the last month I have

experienced some problems with my stomach, so my dermatologist advised me that I could discontinue use. I have to visit a

gastro physician, and then follow up with my derm in one month. Hopefully the Clavaris did not do any damage to my

digestive system. On the other hand my skin looks great. I have a little bit of scarring left behind that I will be treating with

prescripiton cream. Per my physician I am to use Differin gel twice a week just to ensure or keep whiteheads away. I am

extremely happy that I have had the opportunity to live acne free for the past three months.


Month 5 On Clavaris

I am just entering my fifth month of taking Clavaris. I have NO acne and few side effects. Last month around the time of my

cycle I had two small pimples to appear and lasted for about two days. I have had no major problems with taking the

medication thus far. Currently I have a rash on both of my arms that could possibly be from too much sun exposure. I am

now taking 80 mg with the possibility of stopping the medication at the end of this month.


Month 4 On Clavaris

I just entered my 4th month of Clavaris, and I must express that the time has went by fast. I'm very proud to say that I have NO acne!!!!

I have not had a breakout since my 2nd month around the time of cycle. My skin has no breakouts, no oil, and my scarring is almost gone.

In my first and second month I was on 40mg with some side effects. My third I took 60mg and will stay on 60 for my fourth month. The

dermatologist predicts that she will have me take 80mg my fifth and sixth month. The only side effects that I have been experiencing is

dry lips, back pain, and joint pain in my hip. When switching to the 60mg I experienced a little blurry vision occassionally. Nothing major!

I will be going back to the derm June 15 so I will be sure to post in my fifth month. TTYL!


1 Month Follow-Up

Today was my one month follow up on Clavaris. I visited my derm and she informed me that my progress was very good. She told me that I need to use a milder facial cleanser (Cetaphil) and not the LHA cleanser that I was using, because it was drying my face out too much. My labs were great and I will be staying on 40mg once a day and follow up next month. I am also to start using skin lightener on my spots to clear up my scarring. I had a few active breakouts on my face, one being bigger than the others. My derm said that it would be best to inject them with a little bit of steriod to prevent additional scarring. I received 3 injections on my face (=ing $94.00) sad.png and was told that they should be gone by the weekend.

On another note......

Yesterday I had alchohol for the first time. I had 2 small strawberry daiquiris. I was a bit apprehensive about what would happen that's why I haven't had any drinks. About an hour after my last drink I got a slight headache, and woke up with a little bit of nausea.

I forgot to pick up my prescription, so tonight will be the first night that I have missed a dose. I will post my progress in a couple of weeks.


Week 3 On Clavaris

Today marks week 3 for me! Everything has been going pretty good. The headaches are not frequent, although chapped

lips, and thirst are still occuring. The only problem that I ran into was an excruciating boil last week in a not so comfortable

place. I'm not sure that I've ever experienced extreme pain as I did with the boil. I have been experiencing dry skin as well

as peeling around my chin and nose. I have also had small painful bumps around my lips which are really annoying. The

breakout that I experienced on my cheeks are still there and terribly discouraging. The only good thing that has happened

in the past three weeks is that my oily skin is gone! Yay! I find myself not having to blot my nose or forehead, and my

makeup looks almost flawless all day. My follow up visit with my dermatologist is next Monday, so I am excited to see what

she says and what is going to happen. I will update pretty soon.


Week 1 On Clavaris

Today marks day 7 for me. YAY!!! I'm glad to say that so far things haven't been too bad. Here it goes: (I take my medication before bed)

Day 1- Woke up to semi severe headace, had extreme thirst all day, and fever

Day 2- Chapped lips

Day 3- Nightsweats, chapped lips

Day 4- Nightsweats, woke up to breakout (7-8) new bumps, chapped lips

Day 5- Dryness around mouth and chin, headache, chapped lips

Day 6- Headache, chapped lips

Day 7- Chapped lips

I read a blog that suggested taking the med with peanuts. Needless to say I have stocked up on peanuts to see if it alleviates some of the side effects. I will update whether there is a difference. I've been using Dr. Dan's Cortibalm and Aquaphor on my lips which helps. I also started drinking lots of water prior to starting Clavaris to help train myself in coping with the extreme thirst. I have continued to use my LHA face wash with a gentle facial brush, and I moisturize with Cetaphil 50spf mouisturizer. So far so good. I will post again next week....and add my before pictures.


Beginning My Clavaris Journey

I am a 29 year old African-American female who has suffered from acne for about 15 years. Over the past two years my acne has become progressively worse. I suffer from oily skin, mild to moderate cystic acne, and acne scarring. Two months ago I make the decision to go to the dermatologist to hopefully put an end to this nightmare. My dermatologist recommended that I use Accutane (Clavaris) since topical and antibiotic therapy did not work, so I was more than happy to give it a try. While there, she prescribed Aczone and Hydroquinone to aid in clearing acne and acne scars. I have noticed that the Aczone has provided no significant relief to break outs, and the Hydroquinone some change in the darkness of my spots. I also started an oral contraceptive (Ocella) for the requirements of Accutane (i-pledge) regulations. In my first month on the Ocella I experienced every side effect possible and was unsure about continuation of the product. However, in my second month all side effects came to an end, and I have noticed some aid in my breakouts. This week I took my second pregnancy test and took my first dose of Clavaris (40mg once a day) February 14, 2012. In this blog I plan to update weekly or monthly on progress. I will provide photos as I go. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone trying to make the decision that I have made.

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