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Ok everyone..I haven't written in awhile. BUT - I'm back with news. I have a popular product that can be found at spas called 'Dermatologica' that I am trying on my face. It has only been two days so it's a little soon to jump to any type of exciting conclusion but I will say that I HAVE noticed a difference in my acne and I am optimistic about continuing this.

I only have a month's supply because I know that products can seem better at first but then make your skin worse in the end so I am taking it slow to see how my skin is going to react. So far I am all thumbs up on this one! :)

The spa said that if dermatologica won't clear my skin the second best option would be Murad. I tend to trust spas since they are involved with people's skin every single day!

Also : for anyone using proactive (I tried it and it was AWFUL) the spa did affirm that you are basically rubbing comet (the cleaning solution) on your face. I don't know about you but this made me sorry I ever bothered wasting my money on that stuff! No wonder my skin got worse with it!!!



Ok well this is my first entry...and as I sit here I am overwhelmed with frusturation by my acne. I have tried EVERYTHING...(excluding urine therapy because I just can't do it - but props to those who are that brave!). Even the dermatologist didn't help..all he managed to do was completly burn off my top layer of skin and I couldn't go on like that.

I am TIRED of spending countless amounts of money on different face medications and nothing working out. I am thinking of trying Daniel's 'regimen' but I am scared to purchase yet another thing that just isn't going to work. .... Although, I have hope for it after reading his history.

BCP aren't an option and neither is Accutane. I am trying to get pregnant and can't be on anything that is going to prevent or affect my body. So.....I am going to end up ordering the regimen and praying that I have actually found something that will CLEAR THIS UP.

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