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Im taking a day off from the Green Cream. I have a feeling that is what was a major factor of the face peeling disaster.

Yesterday when I woke up and washed my face, my face began to peel horribly. It didn't hurt, yet. It was just little chunks of skin coming off around my WHOLE FACE. It hurt a little bit, but the worst was yet to come.

Normally, my face can take alot. But I was in for a surprise. Benzoyl Peroxide has NEVER burned or even tingled for me. I put it on and wow, it burned like gasoline in hell. Even worse. I just put Benzoyl Peroxide on, which really dries the face more. So I had to put a moisturizer on! My moisturizer contains SA, which burned even worse!

After I got through the pain, my face tingled pretty much all day. It didn't really bother me.

I applied Green Cream that night (Night 3) and I woke up to wash my face, and it was still peeling!

So Im taking a break tonight. Only moisturizing :)

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