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7 months after Accutane!

All I can say is..I have the "out of sight out of mind" syndrome lately.

No acne, no researching stupid expensive makeup, or "special" face washes-just simple, clean, non-oily, soft skin that I LOVE

Its worth it, stop dwelling on the "if's" and do it, because if you hide out like I did, and wait until your fed up with your acne, your gonna think "Im so fed up now, and Accutane makes it worse, I cant handle any worse" lalala whelp, lemme tell ya. YOU CAN, as humans we want the "NOW now NOW" factor along with everything. Accutane is truly a cure, which means no overnight fix, no fancy scrub. Just Vitamin A workin on stopping your oil glands from causing you any more acne, and after 5 months you are free and clear...FOREVER!

ok Ill get off your back now

I guess Im just wanting you to know that I hated my skin and constantly worried about it, and now that I dont have to...its so refreshing!

I dont know how to feel looking at my before tane pics, kinda sad and like "holy shnipes, it was worse than I thought"....kind of strange to be so used to my new clear skin that I feel bad for my old self, if that makes sense. hahah!

Anywho, it has been a very long time since I was on, I was thinking of things that I am thankful for ,and not gonna lie I'm a little stoked to put up pics that I can be happy about smile.png

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck!blogentry-150809-0-74654300-1353565675_t


Why helloooo there everyone,

I am still taking Accutane/Claravis 80 mg/day

Side Effects

-dry face

-dry lips

-blurry vision

-eczema on hands

Whelp, I am finally on my last month of Accutane!!! YAY me! After my last visit with the derm, I was told that he wanted me to do a 6th month on tane. He said if I did a sixth month I'd be in the 70 percent "cured" group....Only thing is, when I spoke to my Insurance to make sure they would cover Accutane before I started, they said that they only cover 5 months. I need to call, but I have a feeling they will say no. Has anyone else had this happen? My insurance is Cigna, I am hoping that if it's referred by the derm they will cut a gal some slack. I will let you all know how that turns out. So far things have been steady. I have had one cyst on my right cheek area, which is the first one I have had in a few months. I also have a very very small white head on my chin and left cheek area near my ear. NOTHING like they have been in the past though. I have had no major side effects besides blurred vision and dry skin. My cheeks have been peeling more now, and that stupid dry spot on my hand refuses to leave me alone.

Overall, I can't imagine the frustration I would still have with my skin without Accutane. If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is choosing to try this miracle medicine sooner. I feel so much more confident, my face is smooth and soft, and it no longer hurts to touch my face. For the longest time I was forced to wear makeup to hide my acne, until it got so bad that I had to stop wearing it all together. Now, I can wear makeup if I'm in the mood, but dont need it. It saves money too and thats always a plus! I hope that anyone going through this will give it a try, you wont regret it. Good luck to you

I will be posting a few more times to let you know how my face is doing after I am off the meds, and to give you some insight about insurance covering more than 5 months

Here are the latest pics :)

Ciao for now, Rina


Good day friends,

I am currently taking Accutane/Claravis 80mg/day

Side effects:

-Dry inside my nose

-a bit of eczema on the top of my hands

-blurry vision at night

-dry lips


I am doing so great on my fourth month, have to admit that it took me until the beginning of month four to clear up completely but I must say WOO WEEE it feels good. I have not had this much confidence in so long, I hadn't been complimented on my skin in so long, I was afraid to touch my own face...but now all that is in the past and I am so thankful that Accutane worked for me. I have had very little side effects along the way, and I know quite a few people who took it with little side effects, including my dad who took it 10 years ago and has had no major side effects since! I HOPE to dear baby jesus that it stays this way, because it wouldn't exactly be fun to do another 5 month round. But, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I go to the doctor on the 6th to get my last month prescription filled!! You know what that means right? No more flippin blood/pregnancy tests for this girl! But even better than that, CLEAR SKIN!!!

I hope that anyone out there that suffers from horrible acne can look past all of the horror stories about Accutane because it works, and let's be honest.....pretty much everything you take has side effects. I can't promise that your journey will be the same as mine, or that you won't have very many side effects. Why not take the chance though? You also have to get your blood taken every month to make sure that your body is reacting ok to the medicine, so it's not like it's a complete risk. If there is any issue you will be taken off of it.

Whelp I am done rambling for now ;^) check out the clear skin yo!

Until next time, Ciao



Good day fellow acne sufferers,

I am now on my fourth month of Accutane (Claravis) 80mg/day

So, I went to the derm on the 6th and FINALLY they bumped me up to 80mg. Once again, a different dermatologist. I liked this one, although she made alot of "Oh how great your skin is looking" comments and come on lady, I think we both know that you have no idea what it looked like before, but hey its the thought that counts, eh! My face was finally pretty much fully clear besides some scaring from the cysts. I also got a tib bit of info from her, that I wish I would have known from the begining. She told me that if you take one pill with breakfast or lunch and then another at dinner (instead of taking both 40mg at once) that it will work better. Shheesh, wish I would have known that four months ago. I have also been having the blurry vision, but mostly at night. Plus, I think my eyesight is going anyways. I was going to go get glasses and asked her if I should wait because glasses are at least $200.00, don't wanna screw up the prescription. She said yes! So guess I'll be waiting to get some glasses.

Side Effects:

-blurred vision at night

-eczema on the top of my hands

-sun burned look to my face/feeling flushed

-lips are still dry but not bad (Aquaphor is my bestie) I literally have a freak out if I misplace it, which happens at least twice a day haha

-some dry skin, but no dry patches or rough spots besides the hands

thats pretty much all as of right now, but I'll keep you posted since my dose has been increased.

All in all, I am sooooooo happy that I am actually starting to see results. For a while there I was worried because 4months with bad acne seems like a little longer than most other bloggers reported.


-face is so smooth and the acne scars are slowly fading

-hair is still super soft and shiny and not greasy or flaky

-skin all over feels super soft


whelp that is all as of now.....here are some pics of my smooth skin

have a great day...see ya in a few weeks

Ciao Rina


Well hello there,

I am at the end of month three on Accutane/Claravis. I am still at 60/mg per day

Side Effects:

-eczema on the top of both of my hands

-Dry lips (have a minor crack in the corner that won't go away)

-Still breaking out with cysts and white heads

-Blurred vision at night

-red(sun burned look) on my nose and cheeks

My journey so far has been some what consistant unfortunately. :(

I started out pretty bad; Tons of black heads and bumps on my forehead and cheeks, cysts on my jawline, very greasy hair and face (can use at least three of those clean and clear oil sheets in one day), I had little red bumps on the back of both of my arms, cysts on forehead and side burn area.


-The blackheads and small red bumps on my forehead and cheeks went aways first

-Next the blackheads on my nose

-Then I started breaking out really bad with cysts on my jawline

-Last but not least and the LONGEST process; cysts on my side burn area/cheeks

All in all I would say that I am semi pleased with my progress. I have a derm appt. on the 6th of March and I am hoping that I will get a higher dosage (80mg) because I expected my face to be further along as far as progress by now. It seemed like the areas that are clear, didn't break out horribly and cleared very quick. As far as all of the other problem area, still breaking out;although I must admit the cysts that I get now are not a big and hurt a little less. I am really hoping that month four will be my turn-around because I think I'm due!!! I feel like my body should have taken to the medicine better by now, but I guess only time will tell....Ahhh the lovely waiting game!

Well I shall be back in about two weeks to let you all know how it's coming along.

Thanks for listening and good luck :)

Ciao for now



well helloooo there everybody,

Hope you're all having a wonderful valentines day. Mines alright, as you can see instead of being out and about or wined and dined I'm here, blogging about my pimples! Hahaha!!

I went to the derm about a week ago and he said that I will be staying on my 60mg/day of Claravis. A little disapointed to be honest, I have a friend that had to be on Tane twice and I defo don't wanna go through this again! I am hoping that he will at least bump me up to 80mg/day by the last month, but I guess we will see, eh!

Side effects:

-the tops of both of my hands are pretty much covered with eczema. Not very pretty lemme tell ya. It's weird becuase sometimes even if I have lotion on it gets red and irritated and other times it is just a wee bit red (looking like it's going to go away). Nope, it never does....It has been there for about two weeks now.

-Hair is still beautifully non-greasy :)

-My acne has gotten alot worse over the past few weeks. It all started with two cysts on the left side of my face (yes, once again the dreaded and painful side burn area). That was there for honestly almost two weeks and then a nasty white head emurged. Of course I popped it, can you blame a girl?? For god sake I let it take it's course for long enough and I HAD to get the "pressure" relief. It hurt...it hurt me reeeeal bad! Then when I looked in the mirror I noticed that it was like a gaping hole and it bled alot. Why WHY whyyyy me!! I just got tired of it hurting, I'm hoping that it won't leave a scar. Oh, that reminds me, I asked the derm if I could put Neosporin on the zits that I thought might scar and he said that I can just use my Aquaphor. He said that all those scar creams at the store that are like 20 bucks don't really have some "secret ingredient", but that it was the motion of rubbing it that helped. Kinda funny, huh! Well killed two bird with that stone, cuz I already use Aquaphor for my lips, so I didn't even have to go buy anything. Little by little it got worse. Next thing you know I have a total of six cysts...ya I said it SIX cysts have popped up in that same damn area (the side of my face), along with a huge cyst on my jawline and three white heads on my forehead! Not to mension my face being red through most of the day. You know what I have noticed? That they come in clusters in one area and get pretty damn bad, and then heal and then another cluster slaps you in the face about a week later! First it was blackhead city, then it was the cluster of cysts on my jawline and now the cysts on the left side of my face!! Gah, why must they pick the most painful places to pop up? WHILE overstaying their welcome. JERKS! ok im done :)

-A mild case of collar bone and shoulder blade pain :^/ kinda weird but its not super painful, just a bit irritating. It doesn't last very long either, so that's good.

-Like I said above; the red "sun burnt" look to my face most days

That is pretty much all as far as the side effects go. Last doc visit I was told "Oh it'll all be down hill from here" Pehhh! My freakin butt! I'm hoping that instead of another cluster of evil cysts emerging somewhere else on my face, that after this one I will just be in "healing from the torture" phase and that it will really be "down hill". I'll let you all know.

Well here are some horror photo shots that I took today to show you all my progress so far!

Ciao for now,

Rina :)


Good day peeps,

I am at the end of month two on Accutane!! Wow, it has been going fast.

I am on 60mg/day

Side Effects:

-My face has been pretty red and "flushed" looking, as well as feeling hot.

-Yesterday I had a killer headache but nothing a lil Advil can't take care of

-Still going through the "initial breakout phase" (not as bad as what it was before the tane)

So, all in all I would say I am seeing an improvement. The first month was a breeze and now I am feeling the side effects a bit more but they are not as bad as other peoples have been, thank god!!

I had to get my blood taken today, I used to be deathly afraid of needles but I think getting poked every month has helped that a wee bit.

I have had a few small dry patches on my shoulders but they are not red just feel a tiny bit rough.

Everything is A-OK as of now!!

I will be posting pics to show you all how red my face has been


Until next time, Ciao Rina


Hello everybody,

Hope your all having a great day. Today is day 45 on my accutane-Claravis (60mg/day).

Not much has changed from my last post actually. My skin is pretty inconsistant as of right now. One day I will have two or three cysts and they don't last as long as they used to, then a week or so later my skin has very few white heads and feels baby soft. I have noticed that my lips are annoying me a little bit more lately, but haven't actually gotten any worse. I just get tired of always having to put something on them, then when I eat or drink anything it wipes off and they slowly start to get dry again. Ugh it's like a never ending cycle. I have been using Aquaphor on them constantly, but if anybody knows of soomething else that I could try I would love any suggestions. My nose and under eye area pretty much always look a little sun burnt. My cheeks have also been feeling hot almost like when you get flushed and turn red, but it only lasts for like a half hour and then its gone. I still have that stupid dry patch on my right hand and boy it's not pretty. I was putting hydracortizone cream on it with a bandaid but it's not helping much. I am also a germaphobe so I wash my hand constantly and that can't help any. As far as anything emotional, aches and pains, joint pain....nothing! I think my body is taking to it quite well actually. I honestly think oil was the freakin root of my problems; Before the tane my hair was an everyday battle. I washed it (every other day because it was so dry) but then it was ridiculously greasy and flaky at the same time and now its normal. Gahh I can't tell you how wonderful that is. No flakes, no oil...NO PROBLEM!!! :) A funny little thing I stumbled on was the first sight of how dry my skin COULD be. This weekend I stayed the night at my sisters house and usually I bring an overnight bag with all my goodies: Cetaphil face wash, CeraVe face lotion etc. But it was unexpected so I didn't think it was a big deal. I woke up the next morning (having not washed and lotioned up my face the night before or that mornin) GAHHH!!! I looked in the mirror and thought "BLOODY HELL, it's powdered toast woman" HAHA!! No, seriously it was bad, I was afraid passing motorists would see my flakes flying out the cracked car window and throw me a look of horror. On both corners of my lips the skin was flaking off and everywhere was a flaky white look, besides the forehead. It didn't hurt or crack but it was actually the first time I hadn't done my "routine" and boy it wasn't a-pretty!!! Whelp I think that about covers all of it, eh?

Thanks for listenin :)

Until next time,

Ciao Rina


Good afternoon everyone,

Today is actually day 35 of my journey on the Tane. I went to the doc on Thursday the 5th and nothing but good news!!! One of the things I don't appreciate much is that I won't be having the same derm every time I go for a checkup..... When I mentioned this to the derm she simply said "Oh a lot of the Accutane users don't always get to meet with one doctor" like, we get the leftover as far as appointments go. Guess it annoyed me more than anything else. Maybe I'm being dramatic, but I feel like this- hey Im taking a pretty hardcore medicine that can have tons of long term side effects, and you're tryin' to tell me that the doc who saw how bad my face was in the beginning probably won't even be able to witness my progress? Or have a say in when and how much my dose should be raised? I don't know, I guess I would have liked to have someone who saw my face in person, prescribed me the meds, watched my progress, talk me through it, and then smile and say "you're skin looks great" (something I have not heard in at least four years) when I'm all done with it....... Well I guess I can just be thankful that I have this site to be able to get some sort of support eh?

On a lighter note:

My new derm increased my dosage!!! I was taking 40mg of Clavaris once daily. I am now on 30mg of Clavaris twice a day or (60mg) all together. Of course like I said, she never saw my skin to begin with, but I told her that I started my IB like a week and a half before I saw her and that the huge cyst on my forehead was defo the most painful zit I had ever had! She said "awww" and looked at me with that -poor thing, that zit LOOKS painful- kinda look. Oh also, she asked if I was taking fish oil pills like they asked me to and assured me that my levels were not very high, pretty much just normal.

One thing that I wasn't to sure about was that this appt. was scheduled a day late by the front desk, so I had to skip a day. I asked the derm if it mattered any, and she said no! So if you miss a day or two don't be too worried about it.

Those darn Accutane boxes are freakin' huge!! The pharmacist put all my huge boxes of pills in a grocery size paper bag that had a huge Walgreens Pharmacy logo on the side, with a long receipt stapled to the front.....bahahaha! It was a bit embarrassing walking up to my apartment with, but whatevs!


-Washing my face with the "Cetaphil moisturizing face wash" and then putting on "CeraVe face lotion"

*Noticed that my face has had a pretty consistent red tint along the top of the nose and under the eyes (just looks like a slight sun burn-so I bought some sunscreen and have been using that everyday as well)

-Still taking my Tane with a full glass of milk and the biggest meal of my day ... aka din din

-I have been taking two fish oil pills before bed every night as directed by my derm.

-Hair is still wonderfully non-greasy and clean feeling all the time.

Side Effects:

-I notice that sometimes my face will feel a bit itchy and "flushed" and will look how it feels, but it usually doesn't last very long. Probably about 20 mins or so.

-That dry patch that I had on my right hand had gone away for about a week and then came back. Nothing too serious, doesn't look as red as when it first popped up and doesn't itch terribly.

Thats all!!!! Yes, I said it that's all!

I have two more white heads on my face and they are not bad at all.

My two huge cysts on my forehead are pretty much non-existent now.

I also notice that my face feels as soft as baby's butt when I wash it :^D

-Some spots from where I had popped the white heads are clearing up, but my cheeks feel sooo soft!

The blackheads on my nose are pretty much gone, last night I was pluckin' the brows and I looked to see if the blackhead colony had decided to retreat the troops and I noticed that there was what looked like a light colored seed just danglin' there. I wiped it off and it was (a blackhead seed of course, you know -they are hard and solid VS the other silly string lookin' kind) After I wiped it away you could see the pore was like a little hole! That bugger retreated all on its own ....Mu ha ha ha ha ha ! I shall win this battle

My derm said that things are "All down hill from here" meaning that they will progressively get better and better!!! YAY!!

-Ohhh my nails which are usually very bendable and breakable have been able to grow out and feel stronger....weird eh!

Not sure if it is the Tane or not, but never in my life have they lasted this long without breaking or bending!

I will keep you guys updated as to any new side effects!

Good luck, talk to ya lata

Ciao :)


Good day everyone,

Happy new year!!!! :) I did have some drinks last night, about five or six, but I drank lots of water because I was feeling a bit guilty for already torturing my poor liver.

Today is day 28 on my accutane, and I am still seeing more acne rise to the surface.

Yesterday I noticed three more cysts on my forehead. Gee Whizz I just got rid of the other two. I also have about two cysts on each side of my cheeks (near the side burn area) and let me tell ya those buggers are not fun. They are super painful and then turn into whiteheads soon after...Good thing is I can hide them with my hair unlike the huge ones on my forehead. I have ANOTHER freakin cyst on my jawline again. UGH seems like my cysts have been much more painful the past week or so. As far as the blackheads in each pore on my nose, still there. Good news is, the pores dont look as raised and weird. As far as any other side effects.....nothing yet. I already have bad joints which initially worried me when starting this medicine but they seem like they effect me less now than usual. I also forgot to tell you all that about a week and a half ago I had my blood taken and the doc called me the next day to tell me to start taking a fish oil supplement, which kinda worries me....especially since I have only been on it for about a month. Well I have been taking two tablets every night before bed, so I hope they dont try to take me off. My lips are a bit more dry today, not painful just gross feeling. Even with the Aquaphor on they feel scratchy. Okay that is all for now!

So crazy that it has pretty much been a month. So glad it has gone fast, and I can say that I am VERY HAPPY with my results, no crazy side effects, no pain in my joints and acne is getting a tad worse in areas, but better in others!!!

Here's to a new year, and a new face that I can touch without feeling bumps all over that cause pain!!

Hope you all have a wonderful new year, we will have clear skin soon!! YYAAYY! we deserve it :)

Ciao for now,



Day 24 Blackhead Galore

Oh black head colony please retreat the troops, if not this mission will be a bust! Literally hahaha. It's hard to capture their full attack on the cell phone camera but you get the picture.


Accutane Day 24

Hello all,

Just stopping in to give you guys an update on my progress over the past week or so.

So I think I am finally starting the "initial breakout" stage of my accutane journey. Monday was the first day that my lips started to look and feel more dry. No cracking and bleeding, but a bit of peeling and having the Aquaphor on all the time has helped TONS!! I also started noticing alot more blemishes on Monday. I now have about five cysts on the left side of my face right in the "side burn" area. They are pretty painful I must say. I also had two huge cysts on my jaw line that popped up last week, One on the right and one on the left. The one on the left was so gross looking, it was huge like a cyst and felt like one as well, but you could see that there was white deep down in there. I caved and popped that one, hey I gave the little jerk a little over a week and then got fed up with the pain. I just grazed the top with a sterile needle and sqeezed a tiny bit and then cleaned it with alcohol. It feels much better but has been scabby since.

One thing that I noticed this morning while washing my face was blackhead GALORE on my nose. And I mean the entire nose, tip, sides, and a little bit starting at the cheek area. Oh my god I have never seen so many blackheads in my life haha! It is seriously like every single pore on my nose is pushing out a blackhead. Its really like everything is coming to the surface now.. And although I dont like the looks of it, it makes me feel a little better because I know the medicine is doing its job now! I also had two big zits on my forehead last week but they were pretty much just white heads.

Also, Yesterday I was running late to work and didnt have time to do the whole "moisturize my face" routine so I took my lotion to work and after about fifteen minutes of being there I went to the bathroom to put on my face lotion and my face looked super ashy. It looked like I had baby powder on it. I have had a small dry patch that has been there for almost two weeks and I have been putting Hydracortizone cream on it. It is helping, but defo not a miracle worker.

My scalp is a bit dry still, but like alot of other girls said you dont need to wash your hair every day and its awesome. My hair usually looks horrible and greasy if I dont wash it that day, but not anymore! I have just been using a shower cap and washing my body every other day, since I dont want to dry my skin out anymore either. Well, I posted some pics yesterday of my face and my dry patch on my hand. I hope that those darn blackheads push themselves out soon cuz they look pretty creepy. It almost looks like freckles its so bad.

I will be back next week with more deets :)



Day 14 On Accutane! Yay

Good day lovlies,

Today is officially day 14 on accutane!! woot woot holy snipes, seems like that went super fast! Well I have nothing but good news so far..... :^D

Side Effects:

-lips are a bit more dry than when I started. They are not cracking or peeling or anything like that.....You know how when you kinda have dry mouth and your lips feel a little dry when your talking and you have to lick them? Its kinda feels like that, uncomfortable enough to make you wanna wear something but not painful at all!!

-Eyes are still glossy and feel tired, but only a few times a week and only for like and hr or so.

-I had a bit of a headache while my eyes hurt last week(happened twice) but once I put eye drops it went right away

-I have a small red dry patch on my right hand. Nothing serious and very small, just keeping it moisturized.

-Hair is ALOT less oily and I like it alot actually, but I do have some flake-age


-I had one cyst since I have started and I think another is coming in, but they are not painful and dont look so bad

-The horrible little bumps that covered my cheeks are almost gone!!! SO HAPPY about that

-My chin is sooo much better, no acne no pain YAY!!

-I have had some white heads but they are no biggie as I am used to much worse

-When I wash my face it feels smooth and soft :)

well you are all updated! So far, I must say that I am not experiencing as much dryness as I thought and I feel so much more confident already! I am so excited to keep going with this and to finally look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside!!

Good luck to all of you and I just put up some more pics

CIao for now Rina :)


Shmelllo everyone,

Today is day nine of my accutane journey! Not sure if that "initial breakout" is just taking a bit longer than I anticipated or if I am somehow of a superhuman breed who takes to accutane after the first pill. hahhaha Yaaaa, probably not, but hey a girl can paint herself a pretty little picture of a perfect life! Anywho, over the last few days I have had a wee bit of acne popping up nothing painful or as bad as before I started, One...actually two if were being honest..on my back area which I dont much care for since its usually pretty clear back there. I had another white head on my chin...twas not as bad as most. I do have a cyst on the top area of my forehead but not as painful as you'd think from the looks of the planet! Oh and I have cyst on the outer corner of my eye which is super funky but not ultra big. As far as any new zits your all filled in. Now dry scalp on the other hand, thank dear baby jesus that its winter right now, cuz its snowin' like crazy on my shoulder area. Its absolutely itcheriffic.....hmmm i suppose I have stumbled upon a new and totally amazing addition to thee vocab! Cha-ching!! Well being itcheriffic and such , MUST. GO. SHOWER. MUST. REMOVE. ITCHERIFFICNESS. (robot voice if you didnt catch that!) Oh and one last thing, my skin is not dry at all :/ not sure why but hey im not complainin!!

Well thanks for listenin to me blabber on and being a part of the invention of a far too advanced word, that Im sure mankind can't even get a grip on quite yet wink.png

Ciao for now



Good day everyone,

Just thought Id give you some advise on hair removal for your face while on accutane since you are not supposed to use wax. I recently found a nifty little hair removal device.

Name of Product: REM Spring Sprong

Where to buy: There are multiple sites that you can buy this at. There are a few different companys that make this as well. I bought mine on Amazon.com for about $13 and shipping was pretty cheap.

Reviews: GREAT reviews almost everyone on Amazon gave this product five stars

What is it?:

-Its a small spring about as long as from your wrist to the tips of your fingers

-Not very big around, a little thicker than a pencil

-Has two handles on both sides of the spring

-Basically, you bend the spring into an upside down U shape, then you place it on your upper lip (I wouldnt really recommend for eyebrows) and start to straighten it out as you roll it upward toward your nose. While in the upside down U shape the springs separate and as you straighten out and roll up they close in on your hairs and pull them out! I have had this now for a couple months because I usually wax my upper lip and wax is too harsh to use while on accutane. It works great!!!

**You can also just google spring hair removal**

Pain level: not too shabby

It hurts just about as much as any other hair removal, the first time is probably the worst. It takes a few times to get used to how to position it on your face so that it grabs hair the best. Its basically plucking but done all at once which is nice. Highly recommend it, and there are plenty of youtube videos that you can watch to help show you how to use it properly. Ill probably just pluck my brows since the spring is too big for that area.

Okie Dokie thats all on that subject, let me know if you have any questions :)

Ciao for now


Day 7 On Accutane

Today is day seven. My skin looks better than it has in a really long time. But, I have a feeling this is the calm before the storm, bring it on initial breakout! The faster I have to deal with you the faster you will be gone. I woke up today with a white head along my hairline which is normal for me. I also had a small one on my forehead and chin. Despite knowing I shouldn't pop them, I caved. I was more gentle than usual and unlike most pimples that I pop these were not painful and very little puss came out. then I washed my face with gentle cleanser and held a tissue on the spots to prevent the bacteria from spreading. Then I put on my lotion and aquaphor on my lips. My scarring and redness on my chin is sooo much better. I'm so excited to have clear skin. Now...... The waiting game. As far as dryness, today my skin seems less oily but not dry at all and my lips are not dry either.


Hello all,

I am a 22 year old female. I have been struggling for many years with acne and after waiting for a very long time and trying everything else I could, I decided to start accutane. All through High school I had very nice clear skin with very few pimples at all. Around the age of 18 I started breaking out with lots of black heads and white heads. Over the next few years they gradually got worse and worse. Over the past year and a half I have plagued with cystic acne along with white heads, black heads and small bumps all over my cheeks and forehead.

I have cystic acne on my temples, very badly on my chin and sometimes my forehead, I always have small bumps on my cheeks and forehead, and white heads on my chin VERY BAD and scarring and black head galore on my forehead.

Things I have tried since I was 18 yrs old (my routines over the last few yrs)

-over the counter face washes, masks, scrubs and facial wipes

-proactive solution face wash, lotion and astringent

-An assortment of vitamins including zinc, vitamin E etc.

-Benzoyl Peroxide 8% (for over a yr)

-Minocycline prescription pills (DO NOT recommend, turned my teeth an ugly yellowish color and didn't help)

-Cetaphil face wash+vitamins but nothing with acne medicine in it

A little over a year ago I decided to go to the doctor to see if I could try accutane and she told me that I should try a prescription pill first. I was prescribed Minocycline. The First two months were okay, my acne seemed to clear up a bit (mostly the cystic) but not all the way. I noticed that after those few months were up my acne started to get worse. My skin was itchy on my cheeks all the time and always looked red and irritated, then I noticed that I was getting little bumps everywhere on my forehead which was odd considering I had never had acne there before. One day I noticed that my teeth looked very yellow and had some spots that were different colors which was odd, but I didnt think anything of it at the time. Finally I decided to look on the internet to see what the side effects of Minocycline were and was surprised to find that alot of other people had issues with the coloring of their teeth. After that I stopped it right away, not only was it not working, but now I had yellowish tinted teeth :( not sure if this can be reversed because it happened from the inside of your body, it was not just stained.

Then I used Cetaphil face wash and vitamins and a healthy diet (tried to clear it up the natural way) and this did not work either. At this point I was fed up because my acne was getting worse by the day. And the cystic acne came back, worse than before. I went back to the doctor and was told to be seen by a dermatologist to start my accutane.

I went to the dermatologist and after talking with her she decided that I was a good candidate to be on accutane without hesitation. The first day she discussed the side effects and told me that I needed to be on two different forms of birth control. I took a pregnancy test and received a booklet for ipledge program (birth control program) that any female who is able to get pregnant must use. You basically have to go online before you pick up each prescription to answer questions about how not to get pregnant while on accutane. She made another appointment for a month later to come back. I had to get my blood taken to make sure my liver was okay to start the meds before my next appointment. A month later I went back and my blood test was good, so I had to take another pregnancy test and then she gave me my prescription.


Went online to fill out ipledge questions and then picked up prescription from pharmacy.

thankfully my insurance covers accutane, so I only paid $10

took my first pill (YAAYYY so excited to be done with acne)

*I did ALOT of research on accutane before starting because it is a very serious medication. I read alot of blogs and customer reviews on it and found some great pointers and advice. I would like to share that with you :)

**things to consider**

-You will have very dry skin, lips, eyes, and possibly joint pain

-should be taken with a big meal and milk is great as well because vitamin A is best absorbed with fatty substances

-I read a blog where a guy said he took accutane and that it didnt work very well for him and that he had to have a second round started, he said that after doing research he found that vitamin A was absorbed better with fatty food and that was his mistake. He only took it with a glass of juice the first time, and said that after the second attempt he took it with milk and it worked wonders :)

-Lots of lotion is recommended by people reviewers

-Cetaphil face wash because it has NO benzoyl peroxide or sacyllic acid which can be too harsh while on accutane

-EVERYONE said chapstick, and I found that alot of people recommend Aquaphor healing ointment (doesnt say for lips on the tube but it works great)

-Very moisturizing face lotion-Cetaphil or I use CeraVe

-eye drops

-lots of water, your body will be very dry. Keeping yourself hydrated will help

-humidifier for your room

-Accutane basically slows down your oil glands ALOT to prevent them from clogging which causes acne. It will dry out pretty much everything....inside your nose causing nose bleeds, lips (could cause them to crack and bleed) your eyes might feel dry, you might get dry patches on your hands or arms and your acne will get worse before it gets better. Everything will come to the surface which will be your "initial breakout" which I hear is pretty bad. Alot of reviewers say that it starts about two or three weeks into the treatment and last for a few more weeks. (might be very frustrating considering your probably already fed up with your acne, but I truly believe that if I do this right the first time my skin will be clear hopefully forever after this) You should not pop your pimples while on accutane because your skin will be very sensitive and it can leave worse scarring since your skin is in such a tender state.

Okie dokie people now for my journey so far.......

****Day one:12/5/11****

-I took my first pill with a large meal and milk to be safe (dont wanna have to do this a second time)

-Used my Cetaphil gentle face cleanser which is thick and moisturizing before bed

-Used my CeraVe face lotion before bed

-Started using my humidifier (its winter anyways so why not start early eh?)

-Drank a big glass of water before bed

I am now on day six of accutane and I have not noticed much of a change (as far as being dry) yet.

My face actually seems a bit better, but im not sure if it is all the lotion I have been using. Usually I cannot use face lotion because my face is oily on its own that my vision will get blurry mid day and ill wipe my eye lids and their is grease. UGH gross and irritating. Alot of the cystic acne isn't as bad as normal and the ones that I had popped before starting accutane are smoothed out and feel much better.

Yesterday I woke up and my face was a bit dry but nothing bad at all just looked a bit "peely". My face is not nearly as oily as usual which is very nice as well.

I will be updating frequently to let you guys know how it is affecting me (mood, dryness, clarity of skin, and any other side effects) and to give you advice that I think might help if you decide to start this medication.

I will also be putting up pics along the way so you get the full effect

:) well ciao for now