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I forgot about this blog...Bassis, thanks for reminding me and for your thoughtfulness.

I sort of only started this thing because I anticipated being in dire need of support while on Accutane, and I certainly wasn't going to solicit comfort from classmates. Honestly, though, there's never really much to report.

My hands and arms are very, very dry, and there's some sort of rash on them that I'm sure stems from the dryness. My face isn't terribly dry, though. My skin STILL isn't clear, but I'm pretty confident that I will be by June, and that's fine by me.

I'm on 60 mg now...because I told my dermatologist that I didn't want to have to drive back up here from home over the summer for 2 monthly appointments. I've been put on a higher dose to finish my course sooner. Now I'll probably only have one appointment over the summer, and I was told that I could do it over the phone/through the mail. My current dermatologist is so much more relaxed than my old one, who avoided Accutane like the plague.

I'm bummed that I won't be able to go to the pool during the day for the first half of the summer, as my skin will be sensitive. Oh well...

I hope everyone's had a good month since my last post!


Day 21

Not much going on...

My skin's still purging, which is twistedly satisfying. More blackheads than I've ever had in my life combined...I've got some dryness but I moisturize like a maniac.

It's amazing how I can stress about grad school--which is still two years away.

I'm 19 now! In one year I'll be in my twenties, which is so surreal.


Day 13

The breakout's continuing...it's not horribly disgusting but it's noticeable. I've been sort of too busy to worry about it though. I can't wait to go home tomorrow night and relax and veg out on the couch. I haven't read anything but textbooks for like a week.


Day 9

Still dealing with the IB...

Feeling pretty crappy about my facial scars...

Stressed about studying abroad...

2 exams on Tuesday...

But I went to the animal shelter yesterday and feel so grateful to be alive and well.

I'm going home next weekend for my birthday!! I'm so excited.


Day 5

SUPER TUESDAY!! I love seeing people my age breaking the apathy mold. All over campus today we had people driving golf carts with candidates' signs on the back.

I can see how this blogging thing could become a daily habit...

We'll see how that works out.

I think the oh so exciting initial breakout's beginning! I just hope it doesn't get much worse, or, if it absolutely must, that it doesn't last long. I shouldn't really care though, should I? Half of me's happy to see that this med's working.


Day 3

Wow, this is really bizarre. Sitting here on the computer, typing stuff in about my skin (not all the usual addictive facebook crap), is just incredibly surreal. I never talk about my skin, except like once a month when I get hormonal, call my mom, and whine about it.

Truly, there's nothing amazingly interesting to report. My skin's a bit dry, but I think that thus far I can only attribute it to this lovely season we're experiencing. The weather here is insane--it snowed on Thursday, then on Friday, Saturday, and today it's been in the 70s, tomorrow's supposed to have a high of 73, and then Tuesday it's going to snow again according to the news. My morning soy chai before classes just goes from 140 to iced and back again. What a fantastically flexible drink. Unfortunately, my skin doesn't fare quite as well with this mecurial weather.

I just finished reading The Glass Castle, and my skin problems sure do seem insignificant.

That was all sort of irrelevant. Bottom line: I'm still waiting for Accutane's notorious side effects.


Hello to anyone who bothers to read this,

I just realized that my username sounds really morbid. I don't mean it in a twisted sort of way at all. It's a Nietzsche quote from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm even typing anything in right now. I haven't actually started taking any Accutane yet. I'll be picking some up tomorrow or the next day, though, and I am really, really nervous. Since it's winter my skin will probably get Atacama dry on me, and I really don't want to have to deal with it, as classes provide quite enough stress for me, thank you very much. If worst comes to worst, I'll be a hermit in my dorm room--reading, doing homework, and watching Almost Famous, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Once a million times along with my other movies.

I guess I'll do what most other people do and buy a few moisturizing products at CVS when I pick up my prescription. My dermatologist gave me some samples of Cetaphil and Aquaphor stuff, and I suppose I should pick up some Vaseline as well, right?

I also have a question--if I'm on Accutane (Amnesteen, to be exact), can I still take a daily multivitamin? They all have vitamin A in them (at least 5000 iu), but I'm a vegetarian and don't want to stop taking one. I asked my dermatologist and he said I should be fine, but my old dermatologist said that I shouldn't take multivitamins with vitamin A in them. I guess 5 months without a supplement can't do any horrible long term damage...Does anyone have any advice for me?

Also, how long after getting off Accutane should I wait before I get an eyebrow piercing? My course should be finished in June or July (depending on whether my derm. ups my dosage in a month or so), and I think I may be leaving the country for a few months in August. Can I get it done before I leave, or do I need to wait until I get back? I don't really want to ask my dermatologist as he might frown upon it and give me super biased advice.


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