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WOW, it's been A LONG time since I was here. Sorry but I am enjoying having no acne. Let me see, where do I start. Okay, I have 2 more days left! I should be happy but I am more nervous. I know they say that when you are off, you should stay clear but I am worried that when I am off I will break out again. This drug became an addiction to me. I LOVE Accutane. This has been the best decision I have ever made, honestly. I have had no pimples since month two. I have been totally clear and I am loving it. I was going to go through and list all the side effects, but first I have questions. First, mainly for people who already done this and are done Accutane...What do I do next after I am done? Should I just continue to cleanse with Cetaphil in the morning and before I go to bed? Still moisturize morning and night also? I DO NOT feel like putting any kind of topical gels on my face what so ever. I feel that it irritates my skin and makes it red and bleaches the skin. Please, if you been through this or whatever, let me know if that's what I should do.

Back to what I have been dealing with. First off, I deffantly lost weight. I don't know if it was due to not eating as much since I just haven't noticed but I lost some weight and a few people mentioned it. I am happy though, It's not a problem or anything and I still look healthy. I actually like the way I look now so that's all good. I noticed I have been getting angry a lot more. And when I get angry I break things so I have been dealing with getting frustraed a lot lately and getting pretty mad but whatever. My lips are pretty crazy and I gotta keep tending to them a lot. Everyone asks me if I use chap stick and blah blah blah. I tell them yeah and they say it looks like it hurts, haha. Other then that, I have been just taking the two pills and enoying clear skin but like I said, the last three days I have been stressing over me being done Accutane. I will post tomorrow and the very last day to update on things I missed that happened over the last two months but right now, please, let me know where to go from here and how long Accutane stays in your system.

Thanks guys!


Ugh, finally had enough time to get on here. Between going out and working...I hardly have time anymore. I am STILL enjoying this clear skin. I must say, I am having the best time on Accutane. I haven't had a pimple since like month two. I got great results back from the dermotlogist appointment I went to. She said I had a month and a week left. I told her about how I am worried if I stop, the pimples will come back...she asked if I wanted to add another month to the course. I told her we will see and she said okay, we will figure it out next appointment. Most likely I will though. I asked her if I wanted to go on a second course right away, could I? She said yes. So that was good news too since I love Accutane.

I have a new picture to show. I am just loving this skin, these pic's don't get old, haha. This is right after the shower so I am all moisturized. :wub:


Then before I went out:


Overall, I am loving Accutane. My hair is getting better. Not as dry. I forgot to mention, when they say your skin is delicate on Accutane...they are not kidding. I scratched my face two nights ago when I was sleeping and now I have a scratch mark on my forehead. I also hit the side of my face against a door yesterday and I have a little chunk taken out of my face. I didn't even hit it hard at all! And it took a chunk out. It looks better today but I was pissed. In like two more days, It should be ok. I'll be back for some more updates in like two days.


So today I woke up around 12pm and ran over to get my bloodwork done. I was so hungry, haha. I just jumped outta bed, threw a hat on cause my hair was a mess and left. It was awesome because I had no pimples so I didn't have to worry about my skin. Just alittle lotion on it so it wasn't flaking and I was good. I got my bloodwork today and my appointment is Monday. I guess I have like two more months left on Accutane. I hope I don't need another course of Accutane but if I do, I won't be mad or anything. As long as I have the same results and side effects I have had so far for the next course, It's all good. We'll see when the time comes though.

I actually am getting KINDA scared though cause I was in the shower and when I was washing my hair, some hair was actually coming out. Like, I would have a few strands of hair in my hands and I would get it all off and continue to wash my hair and more hair was coming out. Ugh. I have some thick hair so I got alot but still, it better not keep doing this and thin my hair out. This is actually a shitty side effect. I will talk to my derm about it on Monday. So far the side effects I am getting.

Side effects:

Dry lips - I was expecting this anyway. It's not that bad of a side effect. Can get annoying but just keep Aquaphor on hand or Carmex and you should be good.

Dry skin/rashes - I am getting a little bit of rashes on my arms and my neck is kinda red. My face gets dry but I expected this also. It's not that bad though, just moisturize like twice a day and it should be fine.

Hair thinning/lose? - I don't know if I should call it that but I think that's what it would be under. I just started experiencing this today so we will see.

Dry nose - Yeah, I get this. My nose is all dry and hurts at times. Again, I can deal with.

Dry hair - My hair is actually feeling dry and frizzing a lot. I am putting a lot of product in my hair to maintain it and yes, it is working...just something I never had to do in the morning which now this adds to the list. :boogie:

That's all I can think of now though. Seems like a lot but if you think about it, that's all the basic side effects. It's all stuff you knew you were going to get so I am not worried about all of that. You all know, It COULD be a lot worse. And well, at least it's paying off because I am still walking about with a clean face. Not one pimple on my face. I went I think a month at least without breaking out, VERY UNUSUAL. This medicine is awesome! I'll be back Monday for sure to tell about my appointment. Take care everyone!!


100 Days! Wow, time flies. This was going so slow at first but now I think back, Seems like a few weeks ago I just started this. Maybe because It's going so well and I am not getting bad side effects so It's going smooth, I don't know.

Anyway, things are going great. I still have a clear face and haven't broke out yet. *Thank God* I went to a two day concert outside all day last weekend and I was so scared because of the sun. I wore SPF 50 sunblock all day and I was fine. I just went to six flags yesterday, my face was looking great. I was so happy, it was amazing. So yeah, pretty much that's whats going on. I am enjoying my new face so much and don't want it to end. I am getting ahead of myself since I have like two more months but I am already worrying about when I am done taking Accutane, will I break out again bad or what? I would LOVE to take another course of this if It was needed. I would take this forever if it didn't hurt your insides so much and my face stayed this way. When people are saying, "I'm thinking of going on my second course, my face is breaking out again and was clear when I was on Accutane", I'm thinking, "WTF, DO IT!". Accutane is really the best drug ever. I still get people asking me how I got my skin slow clear so it's obvious they see the difference which is great. I had clear skin for so long now, one pimple will probably freak me out, haha. I took a picture three days ago and I just been lazy on posting a entry but here it is.

Day 97

My face may look a little red in that picture but I assure you, it's just the lighting. It's really white if anything since I had to stop tanning for Accutane. I forgot to mention though and I don't feel like going to the top and adding this but my neck is a little red all the time. It's like when I have my shirt off, my body is white, neck is kinda red/pink then face is white SOMETIMES a little red but I think it's because I apply moisturizer to hard but it fades away after a few minutes. It's not that big of a deal, just wanted to say. Also, when they say your skin is really delicate on Accutane it is! I guess when I went to six flags yesterday and ride must of scrathed my skin a little on the side of my face and it showed up today. And two little chunks from my nose too showed up today but it's not that bad, they will heal in the next two days.

Thanks for checking and I'll be back soon!!! btw, why is everyone slacking on their blogs!? Everyone, post some new shit for us to all read!!!


Day 89 - Dry?

So, four days ago I wake up and I look in the mirror and I see my face is all dry. Also, I noticed I had a small pimple on my chin! I was so pissed, you guys have no idea. Like, I was scared more then anything because I thought, "What if Accutane is starting to stop it's amazingness"? I kept staring at it, trying to cover it up but it wasn't the same. The rest of my face looked clear but then I had this little red bump on my lower chin and it was making me mad. First people I have had in weeks. Anyway, I'll get back to the dry part. My face was a little dry along with the new pimple I have found. I didn't think anything of the dryness so I went on with my usual day. My lips were getting chapped and it's like where if you don't catch it with Aquaphor before it gets to bad, you will have shitty lips for the rest of the day. Once it gets to a point where it starts flaking, I can never get it back to look extremely good like the start of the day.

The next day I woke up and pimple has gotten smaller, yay! But my face was still dry. I went into work and I started working and a friend came up to me and started talking and then said, "OMG...why is your hair so frizzy"? I laughed said, "I don't know, is it that bad"? He said, "yeah kinda". I didn't care really at all that day. So Sunday comes, I wake up, shower, do my hair, etc. and I see frizz everywhere around my head. It looked like a mess. It was like static and I couldn't do anything about it. No matter what I did, it would NOT stay down. Basically, my hair is getting dry from Accutane. Today, woke up...same thing. I had enough of that though, I just got back from the store and got Shampoo and Conditioner called, "L'OREAL Paris Vive Pro". It's for dry, frizzy and thick hair. Bingo, thats all me, haha! So hopefully when I try this shampoo tonight, it will add enough moisturizer to my hair and will not be all frizzy.

Today, my skin wasn't to dry at all actually. It's looking great though. I looked at my self in the mirror with a big smile on my face because it's so clear. That pimple from four days went away completely so it's like I never had it now. I am happy about that, haha. Healed up REALLY fast. Has to be Accutane. I'm still wondering why all of a sudden I am getting these dry side effects again. I mean, It's been almost 4 months and just now my hair is drying? Hmmm...

Anyone having this problem with their hair? If so, how are you treating it? Please respond in the replies and help me out, Thanks! <3


Day 83 - Six Flags =]

Today was so fun. I went to Six Flags with a beautiful face. :redface:

But no, last year I went and my face looked horrible. I was so embarrassed to go with a few friends and my face was all drying out and got red and ugghh it was just horrible. This time, I can nice clear skin with NOT ONE pimple on my face. I was very careful today too but it was so nice outside and not so hot so it was perfect. I got out of my car and before I went into the park, I put on SPF 50 sunscreen. All over my face, neck, arms, and legs. I felt great the whole day and was able to not get sunburn or anything. I brought Aquaphor in my pocket since I knew my lips would get chapped but this worked out so great. Applied every few hours or so.

Next Saturday and Sunday I am going to a two day outside concert which I am worried about. I am going to apply so much sunscreen on so hopefully it won't be to bad. I know we are supposed to stay out of the sun so I'm going to try in as much shade as I can. I asked my dermatologist if I could go and she said I should be fine with SPF 30 or higher and don't stand in the sun for that long. That's what I am going to do because two days of fun is not worth walking around for weeks with my skin peeling and messed up. I care so much about my looks as you can read how happy I have been with the results of Accutane so far.

Anyway, back to tane. I am still very very clear. I am loving it and forgot all about what it's like to have Acne. Not that I wanna remember but ya know, haha. I am having very little side effects still although last night was weird. I was sleeping and I jumped up and felt REALLY sick. I started breathing really heavy and ran upstairs to get some water. I usually sleep with water next to me at night but figures the night I fall asleep without it I NEED it. I drank some and I could taste the throw up in my throat. I felt better I drank water but was still VERY weird. Whatever though, like I said...I went on roller coasters all day today and was fine and I feel fine now so maybe it was something I ate last night, who knows. Other then that, dry lips are dry nose is all. The nose is kinda annoying though but I'll get over it.

But yeah, no REAL update here again because nothing changed. No pimples and loving life, it's been awhile too. I hope this one course of Accutane works also. If I start breaking out after I am done in two months I will go right back on it. Accutane is being good to me. My Acne was never horrible anyway so thats why it probably went away so fast in my treatment. That's all for now, thanks for reading and check back soon :)


Around 3:30 this afternoon, I had my dermatologist appointment. If you all remember, in my last few blogs I mentioned that my last results weren't to good as my Immune system was really low and she was worried about that. She told me I could get sick or get an infection at any time. I stressed for along time about this now because she said if the next results are bad then I will be taken off a month and see what happens. I couldn't afford to be taken off Accutane, my skin has been clear since and I don't want to go back to having pimples. Anyone, let me tell you all about my day today, lol.

We all sat down and they asked me the same questions as always. "Nosebleeds?" No. "Headaches?" No. "Depression or Mood changes?" No. Anyway, the nurse leaves. I wait and wait and the doctor finally comes in. She looked at my face and told me I looked great. I was so happy to hear even though, I have been hearing this throughout the week. She looked over the results of this weeks and she took the results of last weeks and compared them. She said, "White blood cells....." and she started looking trying to find them on the paper. She then said, "Wow, they are back to normal." I was shocked with a smile on my face. She started to read over and naming more things and mumbling things and said, "Kidney's...good.." and so on about other things I don't even know, lol. Overall, she said things are really looking good on here so we will keep you on 60mg a day. I was so happy! I asked her btw, how many more months am I needed for my treatment? She said, "Two months....HOPEFULLY" and then laughed. I said, AWESOME! I am so happy that everything is going great and I am not getting bad side effects. This seriously is the best drug.

To top it all off, today when I was at work...two people mentioned how clear my skin was and what was my secret. I loved every second of it. From having acne for 5-6 years and no one saying how good my skin looked and now people who don't even know I am on medicine and saying it looks great, then it must be improving. It's amazing and I can't explain how great I feel. People with acne will never understand this feeling, I am sure.

Thanks everyone again for checking my blogs, It seriously makes me feel good to hear everyones comments. I read everyones blogs everyday too, If that makes anyone else feel any better, heh. Alright guys, I'll be back tomorrow.



Day 74

Hello everyone! :redface:

I am loving life still. I have been clear for so long. I am loving it so much words can't describe it. Every time I look at myself in the mirror I am shocked on how clear and healthy my skin looks and feels. Two days ago, I was at work on break and I was talking to a co worker and she stops in the middle of us talking and says, "Oh yeah, I wanted to ask....how did you get rid of all your acne?" I said, "What, you can tell?" She said, "Are you kidding? Your completely clear, how did you do it." I laughed and told her Accutane. She didn't wanna hear anymore since she was also against Accutane for some reason. It was for her daughter btw. She told me she would rather go around with acne then take Accutane. I couldn't believe she said that but whatever. Accutane is the best thing I have done. I am SO happy. I seriously go to work everyday now with NO WORRIES and when I go out with my friends, NO WORRIES! When friends would ask if I wanted to hang out, I determine on how clear my face is if I was to go out or not. Now, I don't have to worry.

I have to go get my blood work tomorrow morning. I go to the dermatologist on Thursday. I am still very nervous since If my blood cells are lower, she said she might take me off. I would be so upset if I needed to get off Accutane. I have been drinking some orange juice and eating yogurt here and there to try and build up my immune system. I haven't got sick yet so that's a good sign. I feel great if anything, I feel like I am still on top of the world.

What I haven't posted yet in my blog is not only am I on Accutane but I am also under treatment with for my teeth. I have this thing called, "Invisalign". Basically invisible braces. I had braces for 4 years when I was younger but never wore my retainer when I got them off and about three years ago my teeth got so bad. I got Invisalign January which is almost the same time I got Accutane and I need to wear my Invisalign for 6 months which is about the same time for Accutane. So come August, I should look great with clear skin and perfect teeth. I guess that's also why I am so happy because my teeth are looking great too. This is the first time in about 3 years that my teeth are straight and looking great. So I am doing Accutane and Invisalign and when both are done, I won't need to do either and I will have a great smile with clear skin. I cannot wait!

Well, wish me luck for my blood test to come back good and I will be back here Thursday to let you all know whats up.

Take care everyone! :)


Day 67

Man, it's been a LONG time since I've been here. I have to say, having clear skin is awesome and the last thing you want to do is see the words, "acne". haha.

Well, Three days ago is when I broke out with three pimples. I had one above my lip, one near my chin and one on my neck. Currently, the one above my lip is gone, the one near my lip is probably going to be gone either tomorrow or the next day and the one on my neck is getting better. But my skin is still clear as hell. It's been like 12-13 days without any pimples on my face. That is REALLY good for me since I would be able to get away with maybe 3 days before. I got used to not having pimples and when I saw just ONE little pimple I got so mad, I can't make this a habit since I can still break out with Accutane but I can't help it!

I wanted to note that my skin isn't getting as dry anymore, which is awesome. Still need lotion obviously but it hardly flakes like it used to. My lips are still annoying but I carry Aquaphor and it's still amazing. I am not getting any other side effects still and I'm almost 70 days in. I can't believe how fast time passes. But yeah, all them side effects....nothing to worry about really.

I've been getting good compliments lately and it's awesome. I look in the mirror once and that's it. I don't need to keep going to mirror to check every 30 mins. I just took a pill 10 mins ago and now I am about to go to sleep since I have work really early tomorrow.

I hope all you guys on Accutane are getting great results so far and hang in there, it's worth it! :)


Well, I just got back from my dermatologist appointment and I got some "not so good" news.

It seems that my white blood cell count is becoming low. When I started my count was around 5.4 or something. The second month it dropped to a 3.6. Last appointment she did let me know about that but it wasn't that big of a deal at the time. She said she will be watching it but she upped my dose to two 30's a day. Now, I am at 3.4. She said there isn't a big difference between 3.6 and 3.4 but it is really getting low now and she asked if I had any infections on anything or if I am getting sick. I told her no, I have been feeling great. I haven't been sick since the first day I taken the pill if you all remember from my blog. No infections. She said okay well it should be from 4-10 and I am at 3.4 so she is going to be watching that. She prescribed me still, two 30's. Here is where it gets worse. She said next months blood test, if it's lower then she is going to pull me off Accutane for a month, see if I get a higher blood cell count and if so then she will put me back on Accutane with a smaller dose for a longer period of time.

This is horrible. I am so worried. I am worried about the low blood cell count and how I could get sick at any minute but I am worried even more about them taking me off Accutane. I DO NOT want off Accutane, I DO NOT want to break out with pimples anymore. I'm so stressed right now. It's funny how I was on top of the world today and now I feel like shit. Well, at least I get another month with taking this miracle drug.

I asked her if maybe it was my diet and I wasn't eating properly and she said no, Accutane tends to decrease blood cells, so we will have to wait and see. I will be praying every night now that next month's blood test results will be good. :)


Happy Easter Everyone! :)

My easter was GREAT. I got to go to my grandmothers house today looking great and feeling great. My face was almost perfect. It's been like this for a few days now. I don't need to keep going to a mirror to go check my face and worry when I talk to everyone. I could go on and on. I got a few compliments about my face on how great it looked since my family knows the shit I've been through trying to get it to work. Between all these gels, pills, and tanning, they think I am crazy, haha. I would do anything for a clear face and it is starting to all come true now. I was searching the first post I made on the forum and found two pictures I would like to have posted in my blog. I want to post more pictures so I can look back at the difference and what Accutane has done for me.

These were about a week or two before I started Accutane:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Horrible. My face looks swollen and everything, ugh. I don't know how I even showed my face. I'm so used to my face being so nice I don't wanna go back to that so hopefully I will stay clear now. I actually found a picture from three days ago that I wanted to post here but I forgot too. This is basically how my skin looks now.

Three Days Ago

Yes, there is a big difference and it's been like what, 2 months? Very nice, hehe.

I'm telling everyone right now, if you suffer from acne and you are in doubt about taking Accutane and reading this blog right now, I am telling you...TAKE ACCUTANE. It is a miracle drug. Seriously. You guys honestly don't know how great I feel right now. I just wanted to make this post to get that out and post them pictures. My derm appointment is tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm. I will be back tomorrow night with an update. Wish me luck all! <3


Blog title says it all. I am totally surprised how much my face has cleared up. It's not perfect but wow, what a difference. I actually have NO pimples on my face. It's as smooth as a "baby's bottom". I do however have a few LITTLE marks on my face, hardly noticeable but I want them gone. But seriously, when I was in the shower washing my face, it was SO SMOOTH and I can't remember when I felt that. It's great and I feel so good right now. I have work at 1:30 in the afternoon and I woke up a little while ago all bummed out I gotta go into work until 10:00 tonight but after seeing my face so clear, I am so happy and wanna show my face off....lololol.

So yesterday when I was in the shower, I looked down and for some reason blood just flew out of my nose. Blood just kept coming out, you would have thought I got punched in the nose. Good thing I was in the shower because the water hitting me was washing it right off, haha. I didn't mind though, I kinda laughed cause I know Accutane is doing it's job and causing this so whatever. It stopped a little while after and I was fine. Just wanted to add that in as this is my 2nd nose bleed so far. I want to keep track. But yesterday I was clear too and I had a great day. I was able to talk to people in their face and not have to worry about anything.

I also wanted to note something. About two days ago I was on break with a co worker and wewere sitting there talking and she knows nothing about Accutane besides the fact I said I am taking a pill to help my acne. She said, "Are you still taking a pill for your face or anything?" I was a little worried where she was going with this but I said, "Yeah, why?" She told me that I have been acting different these last few days and I wasn't acting myself. I laughed and was shocked since that's a side effect. She told me not to take it the wrong way at all, just was asking. I told her I don't know what she means and we both laughed and dropped the subject. That really stayed in my mind the rest of the night but I don't think I am acting different and no one else has said anything to me so maybe it's just her. I am not going to stress over it or anything, just wanted to blog this too.

I have another friend at my job and she has been telling me the status of her son's acne for a few months. It's kinda cool cause almost every day she looks at my face and says, "Looking good, or looking great!" haha. I ask about her son and she explains his face is horrible and it's breaking out everywhere. Back and everywhere on his face and how the dermatologist is just giving him all these different creams and pills to take. I am trying to talk her into letting her son get Accutane. His acne is so bad the dermatologist was going to give it to him and he is 16. She thinks he is to young but the dermatologist doesn't think so and neither do I. I told her Accutane so far is the best thing I've done for my face and If he has acne all over his body, Accutane will cure it. She is worried about all these side effects which is normal but I told her I was worried and so far, I am only getting dry skin. She wont give but I'm going to try to talk her into it since he will appreciate it later on.

Man, I am on top of the world right now, LOL. It's amazing how much a completion can make you feel. And people that never had acne don't know what they have. Them walking around with clear skin is normal to them. I have been suffering acne for about 5-6 years EVERY DAY and now is the part of my life where I am getting rid of it so I am the happiest person right now and hopefully will be from now on. Good luck everyone and I'll update soon! :)

EDIT: My dermatologist appointment is Monday, two more days. I'll be updating then for sure.

EDIT 2: Picture of me from today: Clearness.

Picture isn't that clear but it was the best I could do since my other cameras battery was dead.


Day 49

So today wasn't that bad. I'll just leave it at that.

I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not but it seems like everytime I drink soda or eat something bad for me, I break out with a pimple. I know it's going to happen while I am looking at what I am about to eat or drink but I do it anyway, hoping for the best. A couple of days ago at work, I was craving a Dr. Pepper for SOME odd reason since I never drink it. This was when my face was very clear. I had no pimples from what I can remember. I was looking at the soda and thinking, "Is it worth me drinking this only to have a breakout tomorrow morning?" I thought eh, nothing would probably happen if I took a few sips. Well, I only took a few sips and the next morning had a pimple on my right cheek. It sucked and hurt for a few days. It's starting to go away but it's still there. A lot smaller and can easily be hidden but still. I will not touch soda anymore or at least until I am comfortable with my skin being so clear. Maybe later on in the course. But today was the better day so far. Every day it is getting better and better and today was cool.

I am getting pretty mad at the fact some days are worse then others when it comes to redness. I get redness around my chin, lips, and nose. I don't know why, it's just been there for along time. I try to cover it up with the concealer and it helps a lot but it makes it pink and not red so it's not that bad I guess. Better then acne, right?

I got my blood test yesterday and I go to the dermatologist this Monday. Some of you might be thinking it's kinda early again but it's because we planned out my appointments for six months since she is REALLY busy and this is the only times she could fit me in. Everything should be fine though. I get my monthly blood tests and I won't run out of pills so everything is fine. So far though, everything is going good...no bad side effects like I thought which is a plus. I'll post again soon.


Day 44 - Looking good.

Hai everyone. Feels like it's been forever. I having been doing GREAT with Accutane. My face is so clear it's amazing. I was so clear, for the past three days I haven't had a single pimple on my face. I actually took a picture but I will post it later on like tonight or tomorrow since I am heading out now. I just wanted to post about me being clear before I forgot or something.

Last night though I did break out with one pimple on my right cheek. Doesn't look that bad but hurts kinda. I can easily cover it up to look almost like nothing though so I am not worried about that. But seriously, this stuff is amazing. The redness is starting to go away and everything is blending well. That cyst on the side of my nose I was talking about FOREVER is finally gone. There is a little bump there but I am sure it will go away in time. It's not all ugly anyone like it used to be so that's great.

Right now, I am extremely dry lips. They are so dry SOMETIMES Aquaphor doesn't even help. But defiantly is the best stuff to buy for lips, or at least I think so. My skin is drying too but it's manageable. I am just so happy! I feel like I can do anything without acne, haha. Sounds ghey but it's true. I am just scared though because I am afraid it is just going to come back tomorrow or something. I am also watching what I am eating, like fast food and all. I will let you guys know if anything changes.

I just wanna say thank you to everyone. If it wasn't for everyone and this website, this would be ALOT harder. Everyone on here is just so damn nice and helps each other out, it's amazing. Thanks again! :confused:


Day 37 - Not a good day

Today was horrible. I woke up around 11 and watched a little TV and went on the PC for a little before I had to go to work at 3. I took a shower around 1 and sat around and looked at a few things on the computer. I started really getting tired and weak. I went upstairs to maybe grab something to eat before I went to work since I didn't eat anything yet. I took my first pill with milk btw because I am never hungry as soon as I wake up. By now, I was starving and I was actually shaking. I looked at my hand and I couldn't keep it straight. It was like I was on crack. Now, I don't know if it's because I took Accutane without any food or not but I drank a lot of milk so I thought that should do it. I went to work and I just felt like shit. After 30 mins of being there, I just really wanted to leave. I was tired and so weak I was actually thinking of leaving cause I was just so tired to even stand and walk. I never felt this way before. I made it through the day though. Later on I felt a lot better. Before I left, I was talking to a friend and out of know where, my nose just started to bleed. Started running down my face, I had to have my friend go get me a napkin because I didn't wanna walk near customers with my nose pouring out blood as I am still on the clock. I work in a grocery store and this happened right in the middle of my frozen isle. It was so weird but I cleaned my self up and my shift was done and I came home. I noticed my skin was SOO dry and my lips were hurting. I had this piece of dry skin HANGING off my lip so I gently pulled it and then my lip started bleeding. I was so pissed! I said forget this, I hoped into the shower and cleaned my face and everything. Got out and started to moisturize my face only to find more blood come from my nose. I blew my nose and I had blood everywhere. Not was bad as It sounds but defiantly nothing like I have had before. So yeah, that was my day.

My face didn't look THAT bad today. Was a little red though. Someone asked me if I just got done tanning cause I looked red. I don't know why? Hopefully Accutane isn't going to start making my face red cause I've heard about this. Currently I have about 8 pimples on my face total. Only three are big. Others can easily be covered with concealer. That pimple on the side of my nose I was complaining about is STILL there but it's going away. Can't wait until it's gone. Overall, today sucked and maybe tomorrow will be better. :confused:


Day 33

It's funny how everything can just change in a matter of hours. I went to bed last night at 10:30pm and I was clear as I reported like two days ago. I woke up today at 6:30am and looked in the mirror to see 3 new pimples. Are you kidding me!? They aren't big but they are noticeable. I just don't understand how all of a sudden they can just come out like that. I can't wait for that to fucking stop. I hate being surprised to see what I will look like the next morning. It shouldn't be.

This is probably going to be a long update cause I have a lot of stuff going on with me it seems like. First off, A few days ago I started noticing my face becoming a little red. I'm not sure if I posted in here a few days ago about that but basically, I stopped taking that Erythromycn because I thought that's what was causing it and plus I did some research and some people said it made them break out worse so I said ughh forget it, I'll let Accutane do it's thing like everyone else...I don't need help. I stopped that about three or four days ago. Anyway, Two days ago I would put my Neutrogena Moisturizer on my face and almost right away it would start turning red. After about 5 minutes it went back to normal skin color but through out the day I would look at the mirror and it would look red to me but not one person said anything so I guess not to them. Well yesterday I woke up with a HUGE rash on my neck. My whole neck was basically red and it looked pretty nasty. It's all dry and itches. I applied Cortaid which is a cream to help heal rashes. I'm not sure if I am allowed to use it or not while on Accutane but I have been using it yesterday and today so whatever. It's working good though. It's actually almost gone and I think tomorrow it will be gone. It's pink now and doesn't itch anymore so it's working. I stopped using the Neutrogena the day I found it was making me red and I went back to Cetaphil and my face doesn't get red anymore when I apply. The reason I think it was that Neutrogena was because on the back of it, it says, "If rash occurs stop using immediately". Cetaphil doesn't say anything about getting red so I think maybe it's something in the Neutrogena. Cetaphil more gentle anyway and feels better.

Other then that, I think I am doing pretty good on Accutane. It was funny because my lips are so chapped. Aquaphor is amazing only when I am home. I apply it before I leave for work everyday but through out the day it goes away. When I apply Aquaphor, it actually looks worse then it does when I don't have any chap stick on at all. When I apply, it like smears all the dry skin everywhere and my lips look horrible as if I don't use chap stick my lips look bad and hurt. Once Aquaphor has been on my lips for a few minutes it hides all the dry skin and feels great. A friend of mine today said, "Bro, you need some chap stick". I started laughing.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, late.


Day 30 - Becoming clear!

I have a confession to make....

I absolutely love Accutane. :confused:

My face is looking really good. I have very few pimples on my neck and they are going away now. My chin area is basically clear besides the dry skin that forms around every so often but I can deal with that. I still have that cyst in the corner of my nose but that is done is size so I have a feeling that will be gone very soon. My face is blending well and is looking great. I got a compliment yesterday which made me feel really good. They said out of the blue that my skin is looking a lot better and looks like it's starting to work. I don't know if they were just being nice but that felt good that someone is starting to notice at least. I did notice however, me taking two pills a day now is making my face more dry. My neck is actually starting to get patches of dry areas so today I am going to start putting moisturizer on there. So far so good since I applied around 4 hours ago and it's still smooth. I think its great that I can actually go to work and hang out with people and not have to worry about them looking at that big ugly red pimple on my face, lololol. I'm not trying to make it sound like I am completely clear though. I do have a few little red dots here and there on my face from where pimples are healing but I can easily cover them up with the concealer so it's hardly noticeable. I can't wait until I don't even need this thing anymore, but for now...it's great. When I was taking a shower, I was washing my face and it was COMPLETELY smooth. Not one bump on my face which I can't even remember the last time that was. Overall, I am very happy with Accutane so far and I hope that continues. I have to go head to work now so hopefully my face will stay some what moisturized so It's not flaking to bad. I am probably going to throw the moisturizer in my pocket if I can and just apply whenever I feel I am getting dry. I am not that worried though.



Day 26

WOW is all I have to say. Today my face looked great! This is the best it has looked by far since I have started taking Accutane. Maybe even better then that. I still have that cyst in the top left of my nose but I'll explain what that looked like later on. Usually around my chin and mouth area, it's always been red and never blended or matched the rest of the skin on my face. I thought either it was the topical gels bleaching and irritating my skin and making it red but I kept using it cause It was helping my acne if anything. Now, I hasn't used gels for 26 days so far and I think Accutane might be starting to clear my skin now. Anyway, everything blended today and it wasn't red so my skin actually had one color. I noticed right when I got out of the shower, it looked so great. When I steped out of the shower, I patted my face and applied moisturizer and let me tell you...my WHOLE face was RED! It was red like I had sunburn. I looked at myself and got scared. I didn't know if It was going to go away. I walked away and sat down and relaxed for about 5 minutes and went back into the bathroom and looked and it was fine. Everything calmed down and my face just looked great. Nice and smooth, I hardly have any pimples on my face at all. I have one little one on my chin and then that cyst. Very good day today and hopefully I will stay like this.

This cyst on my nose is really getting to me. It's very small now because every night I take a shower, I come out and it is bleeding very little. I keep patting it with a tissue and I see blood and clear liquid which is the shit inside of it I guess. Now I am left with the bump and a little blood dot that looks like a little hole and since it's opened up, nothing will stick to it as in concealer or a little bit of makeup to cover it up. Last night and this morning when I looked at it, it had a little blood bubble on it and I had to pop it so all the shit could come out. Then it was like that this morning too. I never had a problem with a fucking blood bubble? Soo gay and its not going away. I keep popping and trying to cover and it does the same thing every day. I am not really getting anywhere with it but I think the size is shrinking every time I do this cause the stuff is coming out so I will just keep doing it I guess. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of it? I might squeeze the shit out of it tonight and maybe it will pop more and it will be skin level tomorrow morning, who knows. I just don't want to make it worse. Well, I just took my second pill tonight so we'll see what happens.

Btw, I had a WEIRD dream last night. :confused:


Day 25 - Starting 60mg Sotret

I just got back from my dermatologist, reason for early blog today. :dance:

Basically, My blood test came back fine. Thank god! :dance: They asked questions like, "Any headaches?" No. "Any mood changes?" No, etc. Then the doctor came in and she sat down and looked around my face. Asked if I am breaking out anywhere else on my body besides my face, I told her no. She asked if I noticed anything different about my face and I told her I think it looks smoother but that's really it right now. She then wrote me a prescription for Sotret 30mg for two times a day. She said one in the morning and one before bed. She then also said she is going to give me another prescription, "Erythromycin" which is a antibiotic that will help breakout's. She said she only wants me to go on this for one month since that's usually when the breakout's happen. I had a smile on my face because medicine for less breakouts is going to be sweet. I will need it for sure since I am going to be taking two pills now. I take them two a day also, haha. I went from taking one pill to taking four a day, :confused: March 24th is my next appointment.

As for my face, today was pretty decent. Looked the same as yesterday almost but last night a popped a few white heads and they went down in size a lot so they were less noticeable. I still have that cyst in the side of my nose, I think I might try to squeeze it out tonight, I'm not sure yet. I tried to put less concealer on today, to kinda see what my skin looks like without it and it's red. I went to work today with it like that, no one said anything but I noticed that my skin was redder then usual, whatever. I am about to go BACK to work in a little bit to fill my prescription and take another Sotret pill tonight, and then tomorrow morning when I wake up, I'll take another and then so on. I am so happy though that I am doubled cause now it should start working. Does this mean "crazier" dreams now? haha. Bring it on.


Day 24

I'm really starting to get pissed off. First off, I am getting back pains. I started noticing two days ago that I had slight back pain. I think I made it worse the last two days since it was very busy at work and I had a lot of boxes to lift and I was moving really fast. I'm a frozen & dairy clerk in a grocery store by the way. I thought at first it was the way I was sleeping or it was my bed but I have had my bed for years and never had back aches. All of a sudden I have them now? Has to be Accutane.

My lips are really starting get dry again and it's making me mad. It's like, Aquaphor works for 5 minutes and then it gets chapped again. Ugh. My skin is getting worse and worse. Every morning I wake up either I have a new pimple or more dry skin. The moisturizer is still helping out a lot more then the other but the dryness is actually coming through all the moisturizer I apply, so I don't know. I have about 8 pimples on my face and still one cyst on my nose. It's bleeds every night I get out of the shower and it hurts BAD when I touch it, yet...stays the same size. I don't understand. If it bleeds so much, shouldn't it go down a little bit? I have had a pimple on my upper lip for I guess a week now. It still looks bad. Doesn't look like I got punched in the lip like it did before but it's a big RED mark on my lip and it looks like shit. It's really getting me pissed.

I wake up and blow my nose and I have blood. That's not that big of a problem. For the past three nights I can't get to sleep. I roll around in bed and it takes forever to fall asleep. I haven't had any dreams lately...damn. That was the best side effect.

I don't wanna sound like my face looks HORRIBLE because It really doesn't. I think it looks ALRIGHT but I guess I am expecting to much. I think it's the Concealer that's saving me though. If I didn't have that, I would showing everyone EVERY pimple I have which would suck. I am also breaking out on my neck randomly which also sucks. Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 I have my dermatologist appointment and hopefully everything went fine with my blood work and I will be going up on my dosage. Probably means another break out, Ugh! This really sucks.


Day 21

Today wasn't that bad. I just want to say that the Neutrogena moisturizer, the Aquaphor, and the C&C Concealer is the best. Hardly looks like I even had some pimples on my face today. When I got out of the shower, I looked at my face and I was pretty disappointed. I had about 4 pimples on my chin, one above my lip, and one on my nose and they were kinda red. I applied Neutrogena, and then the Concealer and wow, looked great. I also think my lips are about healed. They feel great thanks to Aquaphor. They don't even feel chapped even when I don't have Aquaphor on. :confused:

Although, I don't think my face is getting better. If anything, it's getting worse. I just keep waking up with new and new pimples on my face. It really does suck. I had my blood test two days ago and that went well. I go to the dermatologist Monday to find out if everything is fine and if I get to go to 60mg. I really can't wait. I also can't wait until I can start seeing some clear skin. I wanna be able to wake up and not have to put concealer on my face. I'm not asking for much. I feel like if I have clear skin It is going to change my life, seriously. I can do more things, I won't be scared to talk to someone face to face, I don't know....sounds dumb but I am so worried about what people think and I stress over acne.

Anyway, still no serious side effects yet which is great. I am still getting blood come out when I blow my nose though out of my right nostril only. Weird, I know. Nothing to bad though so I am not worried about it. Well, hopefully I'll be clearer tomorrow. We'll see... :dance:


Man was I wrong about today. It was actually the worst day I had so far. I woke up with about two new whiteheads and there is now a pimple on my lip. It's like, making me look like I have a fat lip. Upper right part of my lip. It hurts really bad and it's really red. The two pimples on my nose that I thought were going to go down, didn't. They look the same as yesterday. I have this one big pimple on my bottom right of my lips and it keeps drying out. No matter how much moisturizer I put on it, just keeps flaking. I went to work today with my face a mess. Only a few people asked why my face looked like that and I had to explain that it is going to get worse before it gets better, yada yada yada. Everyone is being cool about it so far, I thought people were going to say eww and talk shit but nah, it's alright. After realizing how dry my face and lips were, which were extremely bad today, I bought some "Aquaphor" and "Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30". The Cetaphil moisturizer just isn't working. It would keep getting dry every 10 minutes so I'll try this. It was about $11 so I hope it works. :confused:

What scared me the most was someone mentioned that if I don't keep my face from drying out a lot, it increases the chances or scarring and that scared me cause I am trying everything I can to keep it moisturized. That's what mostly made me buy this one cause I heard Neutrogena is good. I just applied both to my face and lips. They feel great so far. Aquaphor is amazing. It's really making my lips feel like they aren't even chapped, I recommend it. I go to get my blood work done tomorrow morning at 10 am. My dermatologist appointment is next Monday and if everything is going well, I go up to 60mg! Scared about that but I know it's going to start working more so I am excited. I know I say it a lot but I can't wait for this to start working. It's drying and breaking me out now so I know it's doing something.

Oh yeah, when I was in the isle to get my moisturizer, I stopped at all the acne medicines they have and I looked at almost all of them just because. I laughed because I was reading how they all say, "Clear skin in just three days!" or "Clearer skin guaranteed". They almost all said the same thing and it's all bullshit. I tried almost everyone and NOTHING worked for me. If anything, It bleached my skin and made it worse. I looked and laughed because I know I am on the best treatment for acne and no more stupid gels. :dance:

That's all for now, I'll be back tomorrow to let you all know how the Neutrogena and Aquaphor worked out for me.


Day 17 - Getting sooo dry!

Between me having to get a haircut and my face peeling, I looked like shit today. Every time I apply moisturizer, dry skin comes back within 5-10 mins. I don't know, I guess the cetaphil isn't good enough. A lot of moisturizers do that to me though.

Basically, I went to work today with my lips peeling everywhere! No matter what I did, they were extremely dry and it sucked. My skin is looking a little better though. I don't have as many pimples on my face anymore but the ones I do are really dry and are flaking and it just looks really nasty. The pimples on my nose are starting to go away so that's good. I'm still not experiencing any side effects besides the dryness right now, which is really good. I up my dose in less then two weeks...hopefully not ANOTHER IB!

As you can tell, I skipped a day again because I don't feel I need to update this when nothing new is happening. I don't want to update everyday and have 10293840 pages of updates when It's not needed. I'll probably post something tomorrow though since I have a feeling my face will look better!!!

I'll be back tomorrow, bye!!!! :)


Day 15 - Two weeks!

Finally, I hit two weeks. I think I am doing good so far. I felt really good today actually. My face looked a little better then it did yesterday. I have two huge pimples on my nose, which you can see from the pictures I posted two days ago. I popped one yesterday and I thought it would of went down in size but it didn't. It just isn't red like it was before which is A LITTLE better but still not much. Around my chin area cleared up pretty good but there are still a few pimples. This is defiantly my IB though, a little one if that but still an IB. I don't think I've ever had 9 active pimples on my face at once before with two on my nose. It's all good though, It could be a lot worse.

I am loving my dreams btw. I love dreaming as long as they aren't nightmares. So far, EVERY NIGHT since I posted I started having dreams I have been having one. Sometimes I can remember the whole thing and sometimes I can only remember some but It's still cool. This is actually a cool side effect, lol.

As for my lips, they are extremely dry. I don't think chap stick is doing anything, I actually think it's making it worse. Not only is it making my lips feel waxing, it's bringing all this dry skin up and leaving my lips flaking and looking nasty. I pick my lips here and there when I look in the mirror and see dried up skin on them. My skin on my face is drying up a lot too. I don't know about you guys but moisturizers never work for me. I get out of the shower, pat my face dry and apply Cetaphil Gentile Moisturizer Cream and it feels and looks great for about 5 minutes and then all the dry skin just starts coming back again. I apply more and within the time limit as before, just comes back. I can't get my face to stay moisturized. Are there any good moisturizers out there that keep dry skin not showing? It really sucks cause I keep checking the mirror to make sure I don't have some big white flake just sitting on my face like an idiot. I had that today and don't know how long I walked around work with it on my face, was pretty embarrassing but I got over it. Someone please let me know.

I am loving this medicine though, so glad I have chose to do this and wish I did it sooner. It's like when I break out, I don't care as much as I used to cause I know it's going to get better and I am treating it. Before, I was praying for it to go away and stay away and that never happened. :)

I might post again tomorrow if my skin looks different or I experience something else, if not, I might wait a few days until I notice something new.


I skipped yesterday as nothing new has happened and I felt it was not needed for that day to be posted.

As for today, It was the worst day on Accutane so far. My face looked horrible today. All dried up, hurting. My lips are still very chapped and they are starting to flake so it is very noticeable and it looks like I am not taking care of my lips. That is actually the least of my worries though. I'm just stating that no matter how much chap stick I put on, it still flakes and looks nasty. All day at work I kept running to the bathroom to look in the mirror. I couldn't help it! It was just what I kept doing and I was looking at my face in disgust. I couldn't believe how annoying it was. For the record, I am defiantly having my IB. I have two pictures that I have just taken and it shows that my skin is starting to dry up. It's a good thing I guess so I am kinda happy in a way.




Picture 1 - Without Flash

Picture 2 - With Flash

As you can tell, Just within 13 days, I broke out with a few pimples on my face and two huge ones on my nose! They hurt and they are really red. Redder then what the pictures are showing. It sucks yes but I guess my face could be ALOT worse so I am thankful for that. I will make a little list of the side effects I am currently getting from today.

Side effects:

Dry face, lips.

Bloody Nose - Blew my nose today three times and it had blood on the tissue every time. Not a big deal.

Body Aches - Not much but I did notice that my back and my right leg were a little sore here and there. I was working today and I noticed.

I don't want to make this post to long but you get the idea. The medicine is in my body now and is starting to do something. I already knew this was going to happen and it will be worth it at the end is what I keep telling myself. I can't wait until I start getting clear, I really can't. Tomorrow I am off from work, if my face looks like this...I am staying in all day. Might not look bad in pictures but It is a little worse in real life and I stress over little things so, ya know. Haha, goodnight everyone and I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how I made out.

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