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6 Weeks Done

Well, I had a follow up appointment with my derm. He gave me Tazorac cream for at night and Klaron lotion for the morning. This is all maintence. I am also considering getting the Olay spin cleansing brush to just keep my skin extra clean to allow for even better absorbtion of the products. So far so good. I have had 2 pimples since stopping. They went away quickly and were right before my period. Any thoughts/comments on the Olay Pro X Cleansing System? I am not splurging for the Clarisonic at this time. I am not wearing any makeup at all on my face. And I haven't for months. Now, on to the side effects:

Dry lips-GONE

Dry patch on arms/hands-GONE

Joint pain-GONE

Bone cracking- not more than usual

Hair shedding- I see that this is subsiding slightly...but I'm still shedding quite a bit. I see tiny hairs along my hairline, wonder if it's growing back?

Flushing/Tane Burn-GONE

One nasty dry patch on face that won't leave- this has me slightly concerned. At my follow up, my derm seemed to think this was a small cyst. However, it's been lurking since April. Initially it started out with dry patch, then I would pick at it and it would grow right back. It's almost like a picked pimple that will never heal. It is slightly raised, and when you push on it, it feels more like a bumb. My acne was moderate and consistent but I suppose I have never had a cyst before. The strange thing is that I first developed this issue on accutane. Seems odd to get a cyst if I had not had a pimple in a month.

Either way, I have an appointment again in 8 weeks. If it is still there, I'll have to have him do something else with it.



Well, I went to the derm yesterday at the end of my 5th month, and though he told me to do a 6th month, I mentioned my hair shedding and he told me that I could stop.

I didn't realize this was such a scary side effect, I didn't have any shedding the first time I took it...I would really like some tips on whether or not this side effect resolves itself over time.

That being said, I am curious, and I'm sure that others are curious as to how long it actually takes to notice a difference in the side effects leaving.

I am going to document that process on my log.

Here are the side effects that I have:

Dry lips

Dry patch on arms/hands

Joint pain

Bone cracking

Hair shedding

Flushing/Tane Burn

Here is to hoping that all of them clear up soon, but I think that other people wonder the same thing.

Also, say some prayers that this time will be my last time.


I went to the Derm last week, which would be my half way point. Told him I was getting especially sore and achy, and so he agreed to lower my dosage this month to 60mg/day instead of my usual 80mg/day.

I feel better already, but I have to say, he does plan to up it again for my final month in June. I really am praying so hard this works this time. I don't think I'd do Accutane again. When I think about it, it truly is a miracle worker, in my opinion.

But I'm having a hard time this round. I feel like I started in winter and I started with a cold, and since then, I haven't felt quite right. Meaning..I thought I had a sinus infection and although most of my symptoms of that have gone away, my ears are acting up now. Just in the sense that I get ear aches. This may have nothing at all to do with Accutane, and it could just be me being sick. But I've never had ear aches, or issues with my ears. They feel achy and sometimes full. Which, in turn leads to pain in my head area/jaw area.

I went to an ENT and he thinks that I have some sort of tube dysfunction. He gave me 2 weeks of prendisone.. I felt immediate relief since taking them last week, and then I woke up this mroning with an ear ache again. I'm still on them for another week. I'm hoping to blame the funky PA weather we have been having. It's literally 70 degrees one day and 40 the next. I think my body is fed up with the changes.

I'm not entirely sure I want to get tubes in my ears at this juncture...or if I want to wait til my Tane course is over and summer is here to see if any of this mess goes away.

Any thoughts/comments are appreicated!


Mid-Month 3

Hello All, just wanted to give a quick skin looks amazing.

I am on a much higher I was finally able to calculate my recommended dosage and apparently mine is way off. I'm 120 lbs and on 80mg a day for 6 months....and I asked the Dr. if he was sure, and he said absolutely.

Hopefully this will do the trick.

My skin is just fine, I moisturize well. I am wearing only mineral makeup....finally.

My nose is kinda raw on the inside, but nothing unmanageable.

My lips ARE SOOO CHAPPED. My hubby can hardly believe how much chapstick I go through.

My eyes are red and dry...I cannot find a remedy that works to help this. I didn't have this side effect last time as I was only on 60mg at the same weight in the dead of summer.

My joints feel fine but I do have a slight rash on my hands...Aveeno Baby Exzema is helping this wonderfully.

Thats all for now!!!



So I was reading somewhere that if I take Fish Oil and Biotin supplements while on Tane' that will help with hair loss.

To be honest, the first time I was on it, I don't remember hair loss, I wasn't active on these boards, and I wasn't even aware that was a side effect. Therefore, I don't think I had that issue last time, and I likely won't have it this time. But my hair is naturally thin and straight so I figured it cannot hurt.

I already have Fish Oil and Biotin, so I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight as to whether or not they will actually help the health of my hair while on Accutane.

I still cannot really go a day without washing my hair yet, not dry enough. I also got some Head and Shoulders as that seemed to help last time.

I think I'm getting a rash on my burns. I just slather Aquaphor on it...much like everything else. I don't remember having a rash last time, however, as I mentioned before, I was on tane all through the summer previously. This dry weather might just be wreaking havoc on my already dry skin.


One Week

Well it's been one week and I just have chapped lips. I am drinking tons of water as well.

I still don't know what to do about the visible veins. Noone on here seems to have an issue, with the exception of an old board that I came across, but those members are not active on the boards anymore.

I did call my Doctor and the nurse put me on hold to ask him and he said that it is completely unrelated to Accutane. Right, it just happened to start approximately 3 days after I was on the meds. So it might not be directly linked, but isn't there a chance that it's got my blood pressure up or something. So I guess it's up to me to decide what I want to do. Should I take a week off to see if this resolves? If so, it's clearly the meds. If not...I guess I'm supposed to look like spider man in the winter and I'll just deal with it. I guess at least I'm healthy right?

My knees are kinda sore, but that could be the cold weather upon us as well.


It Starts

My lips are only slightly chapped....but I'm obsessed with chapstick in the first place, so it's no big deal.

I was in the fitting room yesteday and I noticed that alllllll of my veins are very blue and prominent. They are not sticking out, but they are visible. Is this a side effect? I don't remember/wouldn't know last time, because I was sooooo tan. It was summer and I was tan prior to starting tane'.

In any case, I'd like to know if this will ever go away. I have since stopped my obsessive tanning and will forever be pale, and it looks like spiderman with this roadmap of blue under my skin.

thoughts comments concerns????


Starting Tonight

Well, I am picking up my first month of pills tonight. I am slightly nervous, but mostly excited. I am nervous because last time, I had this in the summer, so the dryness wasn't too awful...and now its deathly cold outside and I'm thinking it's going to be unbearable. In any case, I have to do it.

I bought calcium to take, because I don't drink milk, and I was hoping it would help with joint pain, any thoughts on this???

Also are there any other vitamins I can take or that are recommended while on Accutane? I currently have zinc, calcium, biotin and fish oil, should I continue taking these? Or discontinue usage??

Advice is welcome!!!

I didn't have hair loss last time, and to be honest, until reading the boards, I didn't even know it was a potential side effect....creeps me out.

Cannot wait to start!


Well, I had a derm appointment yesterday, and I am going back on Accutane in January. What a way to start the new year. I was hoping to be clear by Christmas, but I guess that is unlikely. I took my first blood test immediately following my appointment.

I am not nearly as excited as I was the last time, but I will do my best to remain optimistic. I asked my doc. about various other options that I have, and at this point, there isn't much else. I dont' want to be on antibiotics for the rest of I'm willing to give it another go.

I asked him if he could give me a success rate for a second course. He said that the first one, in his experience is 80% effective and the second course is 99% effective...this made me very happy, but, I'm nervous that I might be in his 1% that never enter into long term remission.

I'm praying like crazy that this will be all over in just 6 months. He also told me that my side effects the first time will be the same the second time. Can anyone confirm this? I haven't heard, I never really thought I'd have to do it again. I intend to continue to use this green tea scrub that i'm using. Although it hasn't made my breakout go away, I don't think it made it worse, and as a whole, my face feels so much better than it used to. I'm not dry anymore, and I don't have to slather on if I could just get rid of these zits...

I didn't experience hairloss or dry scalp the first time, so I think I'll be okay in that area. and I plan to pick up some ultra moisture body wash, as it will be winter here in sunny Pennsylvania...note the sarcasm.

That is all for now!


One Weekend Down

Well, it's been an entire week since I have been off the anti-biotics and using my green tea sugar scrub and zinc.

I just ordered some Bourjours makeup from ASOS because I got awesome reviews from it, we shall see, but for now, I'm sticking with the Almay Clear Complexion. Although it doesn't make my complexion clear, I can say it doesn't make it worse. The Tarte didn't work out for me unfortunately :( I really wanted to like it, but after using it two times, the clear side of my face, has 3 new cycts on it.

And that side has been clear for months, so I got rid of the sample I had.

Last night I started my second pack of my new BCP, so hopefully this was just an initial breakout from starting so many new things at once. This pill makes me very emotional. I broke down and cried 2 times about my face this weekend. I honestly haven't done that in a long time...I'm just used to it.

This month should be better, and I have 3 weeks to let it run it's course until my Derm. apt on December 7th. If things are not good by then, I'll do Accutane again...but here is to hoping.


Tis' The Season

It never fails, I break out this time of year every single year, and it lasts until March or so, then it slowly winds down.

Is it just me, or would anyone else like to wake up on Christmas morning and not have to slather on the makeup???

That's all I want this year. Silly me for not pre-scheduling my Derm appointments in advance! hahaha I should have known.

I did schedule a Derm apt. with a new Doctor. It is a female this time, my previous derm was a male. Not that I think that matters, but maybe she will be more sensitive to how I feel about makeup and being beautiful and things like that. Then again, perhaps she won't care at all. Either way, this one is close to my work and I can hop on a bus and not have to worry about paying for parking and anything like that.

I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday. My husband does his very best to take me out and treat me right, but when I'm down...I feel like I ruin the mood. Don't get me wrong we had a great time, and I think he is totally blind by my acne. Sometimes I feel bad for him having to walk around with the girl with the face that just won't quit. Then I remember, he chose me, all those years ago.

The ironic thing is...he came to my sweet 16 birthday party...where I was battling acne, and now he shares every birthday with me, still battling acne...where will it end?

Anyways back to the dermatologist appointment that will be here before I know it. Judging by my signature, does anyone have a suggestion for things that I have NOT already tried? I think I am willing to try Accutane one more time. Mostly because I've battled for 2 years since the last time, hoping things would get better. I don't know what is worse...long term antibiotics (2 years now), or 5 more months of Accutane. Further more, I was SOOOO happy while I was on Tane, and my husband was away doing Army stuff. This time around, he will be I have someone there to support me constantly. We don't plan on having kids until his Army contract is up...2014, and so I'm in the clear for awhile still.

I am also aware that Spiro is an option (for the record, all of my acne is on my chin and lower cheeks), so it's def. hormonal. I could also get some testing done, perhaps to find allergies that I am unaware of or things like that. I would love to hear your thoughts, or encouragement to go back on Tane from those who have perhaps had success with a second round.



Well, I went to Sephora last night. I was hoping to find a makeup expert. I feel as though my trip was mediocre. The saleswoman asked if I wanted full coverage. Truth be told, the answer is no. I don't want it, do I need medium coverage though, yes of course.

I told her that I wanted something that wasn't matte and that matched my skin tone well, as I tend to have issues with this in the winter. However it had to have no pore clogging additives.

In my experience, the Dermatolgoist always told me to stay away from Department Store makeup, as they had lots of unnecessary fillers. Well, I kind of feel like every makeup, unless I whip it up in my backyard will likely have somethign in it that isnt' great for my face.

Fast Forward a bit----the Tarte Makeup Counter.

Does anyone have experience with Tarte's line of makeup. The woman tested the Tinted Moisturizer on my neck, it matched to a T.

I told her that I wasn't going to purchase today, but would be back after I did my research. She was pleased to send me on my way with a sample so I could try it out for myself.

I went to it this morning and here is the recap:

This would be perfect for me, it matches my skin tone well, but doesn't make me look greyed out. BUT it doesn't cover the blemishes at all. I did all over with this stuff and just spotted on concealer on the blemishes.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with this line. So far so good...I think it kind of smells funny, I don't like when my makeup smells, it makes me nervous. But I don't think I'm going to break out from it.


Three Days

Well, as you can clearly see by my signature, I have literally tried everything, and I mean everything under the sun to fight this stubborn acne.

I think the hardest part is that I loathe makeup...I mean I completely hate it...I only wear it because I have to, and even still, I don't think I'm very successful with it, if you know what I mean. I don't know how to choose my winter color, I don't know the best kind for me, I really love the idea of mineral makeup, but I cannot tell if it's breaking me out or not. And I have pale skin, but it doesn't have a pink undertone at all.

I digress, on Saturday I really had a terrible time. The left side of my face is fine, the right; not so much. I believe that I now have hormonal acne, and it chooses to put itself on my chin and jawline...which is also the place that gets terribly dry for me.

Imagine the cycle, if you will: cleanse (my face is so dry), put on BP (my face continues to be dry) moisturize (BREAKOUT)...and so on and so forth.

I have been using Cetaphil Bar Soap for ages as recommended by one of the two dermatologists I have been seeing over the years...along with Cetaphil Moisturizer. Last week, I must have used entirely too much BP, because the entire right side of my chin felt like it was flaking off....and I mean, I couldn't even smile or my face would just crack. It was horribly chapped. Bright red even around my breakouts. I couldn't wear my makeup (Almay Clear Complexion) because it has SA in it, and I think it dries me out even more.

In any case, I had this craft show to attend. So, I put on what I could and tried not to smile for fear that I would crack my mask off, and to the craft show I go.

I approach this booth with a young woman (not even she is about 17 now) selling all natural scrubs. She used a "manly scent" on my husband and then told me that I had to try it on my hand. I replied, thanks but, no thanks, I will probably get a rash on my hand from that.

The girl said, I really don't think you will, and I encourage you to try. That is why I started my business in the first place, I had exzema so badly from infancy that I could not even use products like Cetaphil without getting a breakout. She said that the button on her jeans would give her a breakout.

So I said...what the heck and I held out my hand. I told her and her mother my lifelong battle with acne and how, even after doing Accutane, I am still fighting.

They talked me into buying this Green Tea Facial Scrub for $15. She gave me a card and told me to let her know my progress. I asked if I had to moisturize with it and she said no way the oils do that on their own and she also said all she uses is the scrub, twice a day, and viola. Her skin looked like that of a doll. I know that everyone is different, but if green tea can make my skin look like that, count me in right?

In my mind, I am thinking...well I have nothing left to loose really, and all I know is that I am sooo dried out, I cannot even smile, and I refuse to live like this. Not to mention I've been taking antibiotics for over a year, which cannot be good for me.

I walked away with my Green Tea Scrub and decided it was time to turn over, yet another, new leaf. That was Saturday, so I've had 8 washes since then, and I can honestly say the following:

`Chapped face-GONE

`Skin tone- appears brighter

`Dryness- none, not at all....this stuff packs a punch that Cetaphil and CeraVe could never do, and it doesn't make me look greasy in the slightest

`breakouts- still there, and still occurring, BUT: I did just start my cycle and this is also my first month on a new BCP called Syeda (generic Yasmin)

Considering the pluses I have noticed thus far, I deserve to give it credit where credit is due and try this new routine out until the first product is gone, right? At least I can put makeup on again, if nothing else.

So here is my routine:

AM: wash with GTS

Apply Makeup

PM: wash with GTS

Take BCP and Zinc Supplement

About the Zinc: I read in an Amish book that the young ladies take Zinc there to help with Acne...I have never seen an Amish girl with she must be on to something right? Not to mention, it's just a vitamin so it really cannot hurt me.

If you feel inclined, follow me on my journey and if this works..I will be forever rep this young business woman that sold me my scrub.

Things I could use some advice on: makeup...less is more for me, I need some words of advice. I want a dewy look. I don't like looking pasted on. I really wish it could be as easy as Mineral Makeup because I feel like that covers well, but like I mentioned the Everyday Minerals seems to not help my acne cause.

Thanks for reading, typically I won't talk on this long.

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