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Week 11

Hi Everyone

This blog has been a long time in the making. I have found comfort in reading other users blogs and have finally decided to participate also.

I am a 26 yr old female from Australia and am currently in my 11th week of roaccutane. I have had moderate acne for the last 13 years and have tried various other treatments without any success. I was really excited when my derm said that it was time to try roaccutane, finally I thought things were looking up!

11 weeks into my treatment and I don't think my skin is looking any better, I rarely got cystic acne prior to taking roaccutane and I now get a couple a week. I didn't worry too much at the start as everyone seems to "break out" to start with, but I still feel like I am breaking out 11 weeks later. And every spot is mirror imaged on the opposite side of my face???

I wonder if my strength is high enough, I started on 40mg and haven't gone up, however I haven't seen my derm for 7 weeks so maybe he will re-assess at my next appointment. I wouldn't even say that my skin is dry, so that worries my a little. My only side effects so far are dry lips, not excessive but they do need balm. I haven't moisturised since being on it and my skin is not even slightly flaky (and I didn't have excessively oily skin to start with either). I have had a couple of days with knee and heel pain but very short lived and every know and again dry eyes.

Has anyone else not noticed any positive effects in nearly 3 months? Maybe I am lucky with the side effects but it makes me wonder if it is working properly.

Anyway I will keep you posted, good luck to everyone!


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