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Day 29

So the days all kind of blur together now -- the changes are gradual, but they're definitely happening! Over the past few days, the blackheads have diminished greatly. Every time I look in the mirror, there seems to be less of them. About an hour ago, I decided to do an olive oil/honey treatment on my hair and scalp (the itchiness is mostly gone, but the dryness is still crazy) and then thought it might be a good idea to rub some of the oil/honey on my face and neck. I started gently massaging the warm oil into my skin, and the blackheads started just falling out. I did that for about 4 or 5 minutes, then used a hot wet rag to gently rub the oil off. Omgosh y'all, my skin feels soooo soft, smooth and moisturized. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with the awful dryness that comes with accutane.

As I'm typing, I have my hair wrapped up in a hot towel, letting the oil soak in. I've done this several times over the past week and a half, and it definitely seems to help a ton with the dry/itchy scalp. I probably look a little ridiculous, but hey, I'm the only one home, so who cares.

On a more humorous note, earlier I was watching Tv and heard a strange noise downstairs which freaked me out. I called out but didn't get an answer, then all the sudden the neighbors dog rounds the corner. I almost had a heart attack. Apparently my dad had left the front door cracked, and the dog decided to come into the warm house, and up the stairs for a visit. I may or may not have recovered at this point.

As for any other issues, nothing too bad has been going on -- no new breakouts. The only complaints I have are that my lips are getting worse... not to the point of being painful, but definitely a nuisance. If I go more than an hour without applying something on them, they get all dry, cracked and gross. Also my bones kinda hurt? That sounds so weird, but I'm not quite sure how else to explain it... nothing awful, but it is annoying.

I only have a few pills left -- my next dermatologist appointment is on Thursday. I'm hoping he'll keep me on the 40mgs, as the side effects have been pretty minimal, yet I feel like awesome changes have been happening.

Hope everybody's having a great week!

~ Britt


Day 19

I can't even explain how awesome it is to go out, knowing my skin looks better bare than before when I was wearing makeup. SUCH a good feeling.

Still dealing with dry lips, but they don't look awful or anything. Just a little chapped. Aquaphor has been a lifesaver so far. :)

The blackheads are being pushed out, which is basically gross -- but also super awesome. OH, and my pores have shrunk! I looked in the mirror today and totally flipped out, they're not giant anymore!

I went to see Breaking Dawn today, (don't judge me) and totally teared up at one of the previews (which wasn't even sad). Then I started thinking that over the past week or so, that's happened to me a lot... and at completely random things! Even a commercial once. SO, with me being a girl that normally doesn't cry everrrr, I'm thinking it must be the accutane. Kinda a funny side effect. I haven't been abnormally sensitive, or emotional... but I cry. :P

Hope everybody's having an fabulously awesome weekend!

~ Britt


Day 16

Wow, I can't believe I'm already past the two week mark. There's nothing much new to report; the dry skin has mostly gone away, now it's just my lips that stay somewhat dry. Aquaphor and cherry chapstick (my favorite) have done a good job at keeping it under control. Sometimes when I smile, I can feel them do funny things -- almost like cracking, but not painful.

This past week has been pretty stressful; my dad and I visited the University I'm attending in the Spring, and found out there are several more steps I need to take in order to get the scholarships I need to help pay for school. Otherwise I'll have to work fulltime AND take 17 hours... bla. I'm really hoping all this upcoming stress doesn't make my skin any worse. sad.png

One recent thing I've learned, is to drink as much water as I can throughout the day. (I knowww, common sense) I always had trouble remembering before accutane, but it definitely helps everything to not feel as dry.

My skin is still producing less and less oil, which is sooo amazing. After having a small oil field on my face for nine years, it's an amazing feeling to have somewhat normal skin.

I have noticed yesterday and today it looks like a lot of the blackheads are starting to kind of push their way out. The surface of my skin feels a little rough -- I'm hoping everything comes out soon, how awesome would that be! No more blackheads!

I have a few mild pimples right now, nothing too insane. I just took a few pictures to add on here -- comparing them to the pics from the beginning, I can definitely start to see a difference. :) yay!

Hope everybody's doing well!

Happy early Thanksgiving!

~ Britt






Day 9

So today's day nine. My skin is still flaky -- not like after a sunburn flaky, but like dandruff on the face flaky. It's annoying. bla. However last night in class (one of the first days I've worn makeup since starting accutane) I reached up to scratch my nose, and it wasn't oily! So while the oil production hasn't stopped, it's definitely slowed down. SO awesome. :D

Also I've had a small breakout over the past two days, nothing serious, but definitely there. I'm hoping they'll disappear quickly.

Hope everybody else's accutane processes are going well!

~ Britt


Day 6

So today's day six... I'm definitely starting to see some side effects. Last night my nose started feeling sore and dry -- kinda like when you have a cold and blow it over and over -- nothing too painful, but definitely sore. Then today when I woke up, I noticed that my skin is starting to get all flaky, especially around my nose and mouth. Sigh.

The headaches have gone away for now (thank god) and I haven't had any active pimples in several days now... hopefully since my issue is mainly blackheads/whiteheads everywhere, I won't get the initial breakout? *fingers crossed*

Also, the oil my skin is producing seems to have changed consistency... now instead of being really thin and slick, it's sorta thicker and waxy-ish. Yeah, gross.


Day 4

Hmm, so day four today -- haven't noticed too many side effects yet. I have still been having a headache every day that lasts all day unless I take advil/motrin (which my mom's freaking out about saying I'm gonna kill my liver for sure).

Hopefully I won't get one today. I just woke up (shh, no class today- i'm allowed to sleep in) so we'll see.

I did notice last night and this morning that when I brushed my teeth, my gums were really sensitive. I haven't read/heard anyone else talking about that... so maybe my body's just weird.

First epic wish coming up in 7 minutes! :D 11/11/11 11:11

I didn't clarify a few things in my last post, but I'm 19, live in Texas -- yay, humid hot weather, always helps with bad skin-- and I'm currently taking 40mg once a day.

Anyways, hope everyone has a beautiful Veterans day :) Thanks to every veteran- active and inactive. We need you and thank you.


Hey there,

My name's Brittney, but you can just call me Britt. Having had acne for 9 long years, I have finally decided to end the struggle and go on accutane. After waiting a month and finally finished the multiple blood tests, I got the go-ahead from my derm yesterday afternoon -- then I immediately went and filled my prescription.

I took my first pill yesterday evening with dinner, and just popped my second one about five minutes ago. The only effect I've noticed so far, was a dull pounding headache last night -- which is odd for me, I never get headaches-- but who knows, it could have been from my homework.

By the way, does anyone know whether it matters if you take your pills at the same time every day or not?

Anyways, I guess I'll write a little about my skin...

I went through puberty at 10 (yes, I know -- super early) and have struggled with acne ever since. I basically have blackheads in just about every pore (it's disgusting) as well as some whiteheads and a lot of redness. I'll generally have a couple pimples on and off, usually more whenever my cycle comes around. I have extremely oily skin... so oily that my makeup disappears after about two hours.

Whenever my stress levels get higher - like when I started college - my face and upper neck break out pretty bad. I have tried Proactive, Clean and Clear, PCA skin, St. Ives products, Clinique, and then of course everything my dermatologist has prescribed: Monodox, Penicillin (some form of it, can't remember the name), Tretinoin cream, Clindamycin gel and Tazaroc cream... seems like there's more, but none come to mind right now.

My acne is pretty mild at the moment; I have been on a gluten free diet, which has really seemed to clear up all the inflamed red spots, but again, I still have huges pores and blackheads everywhere as well as some redness. Makeup covers it up pretty well, but I can't wait 'til I don't feel like I have to have on makeup every time I leave the house.

Only close friends know what I look like without makeup, so this is a stretch for me, but here goes: