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Start of this 8 year batle.

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Day 1:

Hey guys! So, I've been having acne for about 9 years, and I am currently 22. I've been on a Clindoxyl Gel regimen for many years and it seemed to work but recently I've been breaking out with these huge cystic pimples that Clindoxyl Gel can't seem to tackle alone. I have red marks everywhere. It's the type of acne that can be perfectly covered with makeup - but with all honestly, no girl wants to worry about powdering themselves up every minute.

I've been prescribed Retisol-A, which is a derivative of Retin-A. The only difference is you can wear this in the morning because it has built-in sunscreen.. and at night I have to use Clindoxyl Gel to kill the uprising bacteria.

I was delaying for over 2 months using this product, but today I finally have the courage to use it for the first time, WISH ME LUCK.

I will document my daily responses to this cream/new regimen.

Day 2:

Welll, I didn't expect anything major to happem - but since I promised to track my progress I'll let you fellow acne warriors know what's happening with my skin.

So this morning I had work so I put on makeup over my Retisol (the derm told me its okay to do this.. maybe because its a low dosage). I had to wait 20 minutes before putting on retisol after the shower, and waited a good 5 - 10 minutes before putting on my makeup over the dried cream. For the ladies, I tried many foundations/powders, the best that works for MY skin is True Match with spf. I tried all the fancy shamancy Sephora brands, and yeah they work great and look great - but for me True match TRULY matches my colour and it has an added spf. When I go out I like to use Makeup Forever's HD foundation but it's too heavy and expensive for regular use. If I'm just going out for a bit and don't care to look all glammed up I use MAC's studio fix because it's relatvley light and it has really good coverage for a powder foundation (ALSO, you dont need to rub it in your skin just dust it on, avoiding irratiation). <-- I know some people say mac clogs pores blah blah blah, but for me it works well so I'm going to stick with it

I didn't see anything really happen with my skin, the huge pimple i had on my cheek however dried up into a white ball of dead skin and fell off this morning! It didn't really sting or burn to put on the retisol-a. But I can obviously feel something on my face. '

The reason my derm told me to use this in the morning is becase it has a built in SPF 15, and at night the clindoxyl is suppose to renew the skin that Retisol is cleansing out.

It's too early to tell my progress but so far nothing drastic happened like ghost-like peeling or sun-burned reddness. I'll keep you guys up to date!

Day 3:

When I put Clindoxyl gel on last night my face was stinging a bit! Not too much, but I def felt that something was on my face. Normally when I put this cream on I feel like nothing is there, hence I feel like it's not working. But last night I can literally feel it seeping inside my skin. So this morning I woke up RED as a cherry tomato around the areas where I put clindoxyl.

I did the usual routine, wash face, wait 20 minutes then put on Retisol-A. This time I put Cetaphil Moisturizer under just because my face was super red and I wanted to calm it down. Sometimes too much over-drying can cause even more acne from irritation so I thought Cetaphil should help that. I waited another 5-10 minutes and put on my makeup before work. The reddness was easily covered by my powder foundation.

Right now, I don't have any major stinging but I can def feel that I have something on. My makeup doesn't look as clean as usual but that could also be because I have so many layers on right now (Cetaphil, Retisol-A, Powder).

The one thing I love about retisol-A is that it has a moisurizer base and SPF base, so it's really easy to put on and doesn't cause additional flaking. It's literally like applying face cream. This formulation also absorbs really fast.

I think tonight when I wash my mask off I'm going to sit back with a yogurt mask on to calm the reddness a bit.

As for any new pimples.. hmm...nothing too major. I have a very small raised bump on my higher cheek bone (not a place I normally get acne) - you can't see it, but I can feel it. I only have 2 active pimples which are drying up really fast and a couple small bumps.

Let me know if you guys have any specific questions!

Day 4:

I applied the Retisol in the morning and put makeup over. My makeup didn't look as smooth as usual (obviously) but you couldnt really notice anything was on under. If i rubbed my skin the makeup would flake a bit, but no biggie.

BUT when I put my clindoxyl Gel at night, HOLY CRAPP did it burn. It was burning so much that I had to wash my face and skip the clindoxyl for the night!

Day 5:

I see some lightening of the red marks, or maybe thats just the dryness covering over it.

You know that pimple that always comes and goes, well that one is slowly coming out of it's shell again- maybe retisol is taking it out? I have some few little small bumps on my cheek bone - you can't see them but you can def feel it.

For me this medicine doesn't really burn and cause too much reddness.. maybe because it's a low dosage.

At night I did put on clindoxyl, but this time only a very little bit - and used it as a spot treatment instead of applying a thin layer everywhere (like I normally do) -- It didn't sting tonight!

Day 6:

I put on the Retisol-A.. I really like the texture of this medicine, it's almost like my Cetaphil Cream. It's also very easy to lather on without causing flaking and irritation, i read on the box - it actually has a moisturizer base! I noticed the small bump I had last night turned into a pretty big pimple. Before going to sleep and washing off all of the Retisol and Makeup that bump turned into a pus-filled pimple (EWWWWW). I HATE THOSE.

They're not only difficult to cover, but they HURT LIKE HELL!!

Also today, when I put my makeup on, I had a very glowing shiny texture - I kind of liked it, despite my huge pus-filled pimple on my cheek.

So I just put on my Clindoxyl Gel, it stings a BIT but I kinda like it.. it makes me feel like something is actually on my face and it's working. Before Retisol, I used clindoxyl religiously - it's a great cream and all but I felt that over time it lost its effectiveness. Maybe the combo of these two meds is making it work again?

Hm, I'm also debating if I should continue posting these? I hope it's helping someone out there make the decision to use Retisol (Retin-A) out there!


Day 7:

I woke up in the morning and that huge pimple on my cheek grew and was also more pus-filled (sorry guys - it was def a horror movie!). I applied the Retisol-A and left it all while I baked some cookies. Looked in the mirror after an hour and my face was RED, i've never seen my face so red before. I didn't feel the burn but you could sure see it. My mom even asked me if my face is stinging me. I washed it off after a couple of hours (so I had it on for about 3 hours) -

The redness calmed down for sure, but around my acne scar patches and small pimples there was a cloud of red surrounding it. Everywhere else went back to normal. I put on makeup and went off for my holiday party.

Came home, put on clindoxyl gel only on the pimples itself.

Day 8:


So that pimple i've been nagging about the past few days turned rock hard but it was filled with even more white stuff - EW! After taking a shower it kinda just popped itself.. maybe because I was using a hot shower. I cleaned it with a hot cloth and iced it after so the bacteria doesnt spread and put some clindoxyl Gel over. I had to go out to a Christmas lunch so I skipped the Retisol-A for this morning.

I just came back from the lunch, took off my makeup and put on the Retiol-A. Today for the first time it BURNED a lot to put this stuff on. It's starting to calm down but it almost amazes me how strong this med is. Also, to mention I put some clindoxyl OVER the Retisol on that pimple.

Progress? HM, not so much, I think my skin is just getting used to this stuff now, I do see MINOR flakes and dryness which kind of makes me happy thinking that the dead skin is falling off - but its not happening in the areas I want it to!

Anyways, Merry Christmas all!

Day 9:

Remember that horrible zit I've been complaining about for the past 3 days, well today after I took off my retisol-a (from my morning application) it fell of, FINALLLLY! Overnight it turned into a scab and it was pretty hard, I could tell that it was going to die any time soon.

Today I did some things different, I noticed some minor flaking around my blemishes, so when i washed my face I lathered on some cetaphil cream and used a hot wash cloth and gently circled around my face – rubbing the cream in and rubbing the flakes off. I let my face dry and put on the night prescribed clindoxyl. My face is stinging a bit, but it's tolerable.

I think the reason I’m not having drastic side affects is because I am regularly moisturizing. Right when I get out of the shower I lather on some Cetaphil Moisturizer before putting on my Tretinoin. I also do the same at night before I put on my Clindoxyl or any thing on my face (makeup etc..).

Also the Retisol-A is still making me pretty red but I do see my skin getting smoother. No new pimples today, but my skin is def getting more sensitive with my new regimen. Thank god this cream has an SPF because over here in Toronto it's pretty sunny (although its Winter).

I'll keep you folks up to date!


I notice myself hiding away from the world with acne. Telling people I have an eye sensitivity which is why sunglasses need to be worn at all times when outside (even when its not sunny) - just so I can hide, Hide away from those stares of disgust. Anyone get them? Those glares, as if you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead - but in fact its probably just a pimple.

I notice that I cant look in the mirror with my contacts/glasses on, I run away from mirrors, or somehow blurr my vision, squint my eyes so I cant see the true me.

I'm hurting - and I truly wish that everyone else that is hurting to gets cured. Acne is a troubling skin problem and I am glad we have a community to share our emotions.

Best of luck everyone with your regimens!

Don't give up.


Just a typical girl with bouncing hormones going through acne like all of them.. I went through this horrific phase of acne where doctors didnt even want to look at me.. Magically it all went away with clindoxyl gel - Yeah, after one full year of consistent use of course. I lived 3 good years, with no acne problems.. you know the odd pimple here and there. No biggie.

UNTIL BAM I TURN 22 and it all comes back. I went to apparently the best derm in Toronto.. (I wouldn't agree so myself) - he perscirbed me Retisol-A and Clindoxyl. I am kind of afraid to try the Retisol and make matters worse.

Has anyone ever used Retisol-a (Day) Clindoxyl (Night) Combo?!

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