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the fastest way to heal acne. . .and other ailments

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I put this up as a message board but wanted to put it up as a blog as well

I strongly suggest not using any products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in them. I also am against taking anything orally to help clear acne. Why? Because I have tried everything and a year ago I decided to go off of every product I was on. It was a battle but now, I only have very mild acne and scarring. However, I still think this is unacceptable. I should not have acne period. I am 21. My dermatologist completely destroyed my immune system and lied to me when she said I would grow out of my acne and eventually not need her products when I did. I don't want others to have to go what I have and want to help others heal their skin naturally. I am not selling anything. I have a blog at

where there is information on me (and exactly what I have gone through) and how to contact me. If you really want to get your health under control, there is only one way to do it, and I promise you that.


A Raw Food/ Vegan Diet

There comes a point where you just have to accept your acne for what it is. It is how your body detoxes. There are several ways people's bodies get rid of toxins. These include: through skin, breath, urine, bowels, and sweat. Most people who appear to have clear skin probably solely detox when they go to the bathroom. Today, they are the lucky ones, but they live without any warning signs of the havoc that is going on inside of their bodies. Those lucky people are those that will continue to eat badly and that in the future will develop cancer, and never know what hit them.

WE are lucky, not them. We know something bad is going on inside of our bodies because our body is showing us. There are countless amounts of people that will sit on this site everyday searching for a 'one pill cures all' remedy. but guess what? YOU WILL NEVER FIND ONE. Prescription drugs mask the problem while making things worse. There isn't a supplement that will cure your acne (although there are some that will help a little.) So I wish you the best of luck, but honestly there's truly only one thing that we can do, and it will work.

If you really want to clear your skin, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Stop being lazy. Start eating only food that you are 100% sure is good for you because other animals eat it. These foods include: fruits, vegetables and seeds. You might say well what about meat? Well unless you are committed to only eating meat RAW then you aren't eating what other animals eat. You might say well what about protein? Isn't not eat eating meat and fats bad for me? the answer is NO. How does the rest of the animal kingdom do it then?

I would say start off vegetarian move to vegan and then raw so your body doesn't go into shock, but only in the raw stage will your skin begin to truly clear. YOU WANT LOOK HEALTHY? be the peak of health, and that's the only way you will look.


peace and love, holisticgirl


I Feel Like. . .

most of the people that join this site just want to sit and whine about their problems all day instead of actually doing something about them. Its like a community of whiners. TAKE ACTION. Its not that hard.

If you want to learn how to cure your acne for good, message me. If not, continue whining.


Ok so honestly I believe the medical world is corrupt. This is reason why I don't take prescription medication unless I ABSOLUTELY NEED IT. No one absolutely needs prescription medication for their acne.

I believe that the medical/ dermatology world is corrupt because they RARELY heal anyone. If everyone was healed there wouldn't be any profit or money. Imagine that. If everyone just stopped going to the dermatologist. Hm. . .

I realized this after 7 years of listening to my dermatologist and I'm a lucky one. I warn my sister all the time that as soon as she goes off birth control, she is going to have an on set of adult acne, and she believes me. I told my derm that I wanted to try things naturally and she seemed a little pissed. I wondered why. . .

I fortunately was never brave enough to tamper with accutane, and I'm glad I didn't. All these drugs make your insides worse, but mask the problem which temporarily gives you good skin.

After 6 months of searching I found AMAZING natural solutions for acne. Please get in touch with me and PLEASE stop using/taking prescription medications and washes. Stop the damage now and let your body heal itself.

peace and love

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