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My Journey Fighting Mild Adult Acne

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so I've been doing pretty good. haven't missed a step in the holy grail. the initial dryness has just about passed. I am finding it extremely difficult not to pick or touch my face at all. I have caught myself more than once lol. but now I cam more aware. My complexion seems to be smoothing out some but i still have a ton of old red marks that are gonna be around for a while i'm sure.

I am do to have my monthly here in just a few days. As a result, I have gotten 4 small tiny bumps below my skin. raised and a little painful, but nothing a little cover up won't conceal. Since I started, I have been using moisturizer, and my face is a little on the greasy side, more so during the day than thru the night. it's manageable tho.

I'm seeing results already! no more breakouts on my chin/neck so far! yay

sending good vibes to all!


Well it's the 3rd full day on the holy grail. I used up the last little bit of moisturizer I had this morning, so I stopped at Walgreens on my way home from work to get some more. Decided to try the Cetaphil this time. Also stopped and grabbed a bottle of Jojoba Oil because my skin is so dry right now. I can see the skin on my lower face and neck flaking off just from talking and turning my head *yuck* I have been through this before a few times, so it doesn't discourage me, just gross and makes me a bit more self contentious (sp?).

So tonight i will wash with my Neutrogena bar, then use my 5% BP script (until its gone and can order some from here) and moisturize with Cetaphil. If I'm still super dry after following the Holy Grail in the AM, I will add a drop or two of Jojoba oil to my moisturizer to try it out.

Cetaphil $8.49 at Walgreens

Jojoba Oil $6.99 at Whole Foods Market

Clear skin : PRICELESS


Forgot To Add

I forgot to add that I am also a picker!!! if it comes to a head I have to pick it. I tell you, forcing myself not to pick is like trying to quit smoking! I quit smoking back in May. If i can do that I CAN stop picking right??


Just Beggining


I wanted to track my journey so i can keep track for myself, so i may as well let others learn/partake in it as well.

Let's start off by giving a little background on myself. I'm 28, married, with 3 kids, and work full time, all of which = stress. I have battled mild acne / really oily skin and hair / occasional bacne/chestne since about 15 or 16. I have tried any and all brands and types of OTC washes and medications, as well as Pro Active. I have also seen my primary care doctor and received oral antibiotics and topical creams. I (my face/body) seem to have a track record for trying something and it works for a couple months at most and then all of a sudden it stops working. This is what happened with the pro active. it worked for me for a while and then it just stopped. That's when i tried orals and they didn't help at all. so then i tried an Erythromicin/BP (5%) topical. This is what I am currently on. It was great for a while. Now, not so much. Until yesterday, I was washing with a washcloth, using Neutrogena facial bar for acne prone skin and the topical cream. Twice daily, with the occasional dab of Tretinoin/Retin-A, on dark spots. no moisturizer, never ever.

Found the site, decided to give it the good ole college try, as I have nothing to loose and hopefully some better self-esteem to gain. no matter how severe or mild acne is, it still makes a person self contentious and lacking in self-esteem. I'm not a heavy make-up wearer because of my sensitive skin and breakouts. I only use a concealer on spots and mascara. I hate the heavy feel of foundation and powder.

So, I started the Regimen Friday night (10-14-2011). I still used my Neutrogena (only thing with approved ingredients), but washed as directed by the holy grail.....waited....then used my prescription E/BP cream.....waited.......and then used Neutrogena Light Night Cream (not at all thick, has consistency of lotion, non-comodogenic). Doing this twice daily. I did use a little more E/BP than I had been previously using, well because the holy grail says more is better. My face is DRY! Super DRY! The moisturizer helps but sheesh it makes my face so dang itchy! I found myself scratching my neck/chin area in my sleep last night. When I run out of my script I am going to order a kit from here as long as all is going well.

Surprisingly with using the moisturizer, I don't feel heavy or too greasy at all. Hoping this helps ramp down my oil production. here's hoping for great beautiful clear skin, something I haven't seen since i was a young girl.

is anyone else on this E/BP script? thinking that the treatment from here will be easier on my sensitive skin.