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I really didn't have bad acne before.

But now?

"Severe inflammatory".


Seriously, about five months ago, I had maybe ten zits on my face.

But now?

I find it depressing to look in the mirror.

I've been taking Minocycline for about three weeks now, and on top of that I use Clindoxyl Gel and Differen Gel.

I realize it's only been three weeks, but I really hope it starts to work soon.

If I don't see results in the next three weeks, I have to go to a specialist.

This sucks.

And my non-acne suffering friends don't understand how easy they have it.

Seriously, if I didn't have to do all this stuff to my face every morning and night, I could get an extra forty minutes of sleep!

That's a big deal for me.

I like sleep.

I'm actually at the point now, where I don't let people take my picture anymore, because of how much I hate my skin.

We had a birthday party for my sister a couple of days ago, and I refused to have my picture taken with my sister. I almost started crying because my mom and sister wouldn't stop pestering me to take a picture.

So I took a picture with her.

While I hid my entire face, except for my eyes, behind my arms.

Yeah. This sucks.

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