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my aim of this blog is to keep a record how my skin changes when i start the regimen and change my diet slightly and start taking suplements

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ok so im on minocyclin for my mild/moderate acne but it seems to be doing nothing for my skin so i have decided to change my diet and my face washin regimen and do this for 2 months and if i dont dee any improvements within the two months im going to make an appointment with a derm.

face washing routine

aspirin mask with vitamin E gel

wash with dans cleanser

pat face dry with towel

wait 5 minutes

apply dans BP to problem areas

wait 20 minutes

moisturize using dans moisturizer


breakfast: hot water with lemon and a fruit salad

lunch: sushi with spinach,brocolli and tomatoes with pumpkin and sunflower seeds

8 pints of bottled water per day

suplements: multivitimin,omega3,zinc

my next post will be the day i start my new regimen,when i have got all the things i need! :)

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