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Ive just undergone fraxel repair and recell by Dr Khan

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I'd like to share with everyone my acne scarring journey.

After having read Ernestos story on this site i HAD to book a consultation with Dr Khan. He didnot charge me for consultation as i was enquiring about fraxel repair.I explained to him that i wanted a deep ablative and preferably a ONE off treatment rather than have course of treatments. He told me i would benefit from having the fraxel repair rather than the restore, as it was a ONE off procedure. Plus he said i would achieve a better result if i combined it with recell or PRP.

So on Sunday 11th Sept 2011..i underwent the fraxel repair and recell. At first i was nervous because i was expecting it to be really painful but as soon as i got there Dr Khan made me feel really relaxed, he explained everything that was going to happen .. and i felt totally comfortable with him. i knew i could trust him and was happy for him to be in control of my skin. The procedure began with the nurse numbing my face..and i had to take some tablets in order for me to relax. I was left alone for about an hour .. i had my own private room with tv and lots of magazines.The time went by really quick.. also , i could feel myself dosing off and becoming really sleepy an d light headed.

Then it was time for the laser to start................the nurse held my hand and i really did think at this point: God, this is going to kill!!!

And do youknow what???? It didnt! It wasnt as painful as i thought it would be! I was expecting it to be the worst pain ever.. but i was very calm and i even said to Dr Khan .. please can you go deeper as i can tolerate it quite well and he replied that it wa son the deepest setting. Trust me people, it wasnt painful .. just a little bit uncomfortable but your face is SO NUMB .. He then took a biopsy from my neck so i could have my recell.

Afterwards he bandaged me all up and explained that i couldnt get any of the bandages wet. He then arranged a follow up appoint for the following week.

That evening .. my face felt really tight .. but i wasnt in any pain.

During that whole week of down time .. i coped very well. I had bought my self lots of magazines and dvds.. plus i was getting regular visits from my parents. I actually enjoyed this time off because everyone was feeling sorry for me.. husband bought me chocolates, mum cooked me my meals!!!

During day 2 and 3 i did swell up ALOT .. you could hardly see my eyes!! my face was looking really round! By day 5 ..the bandages were becoming itchy and i couldnt wait to see Dr Khan again!

The following week .. i had my follow up appoint with Dr Khan and he removed my bandages and he said everything looked fine and that i was healing nicely. When he said that .. it gave me so much reassurance.. cos you hear all these terrible stories about laser and people getting burnt and left with even more scarring! But when i saw myself in the mirror , i knew i was ok!!!! My face was covered with scabs... and the doctor said they would fall off naturally and for NOT to pick them off. He then gave me a bottle of saline water and gauzes and showed me how to cleanse my skin.

I am now seeing him this Sat 24th Sept.. NOT all of my scabs have fallen off.. i would say i can see a third of my new skin and it looks pink and softer! But im aware of microswelling and im trying to NOT get my hopes up too much at this stage. I am going to be patient and trust Dr Khan.

Why did i undergo Fraxel repair and recell?

im 34 years of age and acne has given me such heart break. When i have bad skin .. i feel so UGLY and having nothing to live for.I have tried so many treatments out there in the past and wasted thousands of pounds! ive tried :Dermaroller, Obagi, Derma stamp, Venus laser.. NOTHING HAD WORKED. All these treatments made my skin WORSE and cause more scarring as i kept getting outbreaks afterwards. i was having dermaroller treatment at hammersmith plus private ones with a stamp ( NOT by Dr Khan) and it gave me MORE scarring. Dermaroller is MORE painful than Fraxel Repair!!!! Obagi peel was a load of rubbish too .. the doctor gave me a 15 percent TCA peel .. which didnt do anything ... i have poured so much money down the drain- that when i think about it .. i can just sit here and cry. Thats why im really hoping this treatment with Dr Khan works.. because if it doesnt .. then ill be devastated. So fingers crossed for me!!

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