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Hello hello!

It's been six months since I last posted and since I took my last accutane tablets rolleyes.gif

I am very happy to tell you all that my skin is beautiful!!

I cannot believe how much more outgoing I am. I've always been a confident person but was a little held back because of the way my acne was. Now it's gone and I feel like I'm really in my own skin.

Since finishing treatment I've had about 5 pimples. Only one at a time, they last a few days. No head on them, they're never inflamed and they are very small and colourless. When I see one I find it funny that before it would have made me sad but now I'm like 'oh a little pimple how sweet'

I was very concerned about my redness and scarring and really had no faith when my derm said I'd see a 'big difference' in the next year. I think maybe because my redness was so severe I thought I'd be stuck with it forever, but OH NO. How wrong I was :)

I had no redness at all on my chin or nose (never had it on forehead) and my cheeks are just the tiniest bit pale pink. The individual scars have disappeared entirely.

My lips are still more dry than they were before starting treatment but that's a small price to pay.

Going on a course of accutane really was the best decision I've ever made for myself, and I regret not doing it sooner. I understand that it's 'the last option' but all that crap I put on my face over the years to try to combat acne makes me shudder.

Please message/comment if you have any questions about your course of treatment.

All the best, cf xwavey.gif



Well I only have a month left on Accutane and my skin looks amazing catdance.gif

Bit bummed about having to wait a year for scar treatment because it makes your skin so sensitive bs.gif but I suppose I'll see a good difference in that year. Hopefully I'll see the redness reduce a lot

Also I'm starting a Uni course in a few weeks, can't wait! Haven't studied for years so I'm nervous but can't wait so I'm all anxious now wiggle.gif

How are you all? Emoticon overdrive boogie.gif

cf x


Hello hello

Well I saw my term today and the appointment ended with 'Well I hope we don't see each other again'

He's given me another month of 60mg and told me to finish what I've got left so I'll be done with accutane in less than 2 months!!

He also said not to do anything for scarring for a good year after accutane but said in that time I should see a good improvement with the scars.

What a brilliant day it is!

Hope you're all good :)

cf x


Hello everyone and goodbye spots wavey.gif

I had 2 new tiny tiny pimples the other day, one of my jaw and one in the middle of my cheek and today they have both gone. My skin is smooth and blemish free.

No blackheads, pimples, spots or cysts. eusa_dance.gif

I've got an appointment with my derm in a 2 or 3 weeks and I reckon I won't be on accutane for much longer at all!

Sadly I've got the flu at the moment but I've got work on New Years Day so I HAVE to get better by tomorrow evening...

How are you all getting on? Hope you have enjoyed a lovely Christmas!

cf x


Oh hello!

Well I've been on accutane for thirteen weeks now. The last couple of weeks have been incredible, smooth soft skin and everyone at work has said how good I look eusa_dance.gif

My Grandma recently got back from a holiday and she just couldn't believe it when she saw me!

In the last three days I've got three spots all on my right cheek.. how annoying

But I'm sure they'll be gone in a few days so not to worry eusa_pray.gif

I'm so excited for Christmas!! I bought myself an early Christmas present.. currently typing on a new Macbook Pro wub.png

How are you all doing?!

cf x


Hello :)

Well this is definitely the cheeriest blog post so far..

My skin has NEVER looked so good!!

It's smooth, and only a few active spots :D

When I do get one and pick at it, the things just disappears within a couple of days!

No spots on my chin at all for a while now, I've just got spots on the sort of frame of my face. How can I describe this better? One by my right ear and one by my right temple, but both are covered with my hair! Woohoo!

Also. Couple on each cheek but oh welllll

I finally bought my good moisturizer so no dry skin AT ALL!

My hands are making me miserable, dry flaky red and itchy :( boo

It's winter though so I can wear gloves ;)

How are you all getting on

cf x


Hello and what a late post this is!

Nearly two weeks into a higher dose of 60mg and I am peeling! My goodness it's like my face is falling off.

Of course as soon as I replaced my good moisturiser I'd ran out of (used a crappy one) it's not half as bad :)

I've broken out a bit on my cheeks but that's clearing up now and my chin is smooth as silk ;)

My hands and arms are really itchy dry and red but im just putting on as much moisturiser as I can.

Will update on Tuesday, sorry this one is late!

cf x


Hi! I had my derm appointment yesterday so let me tell you all about it

I was weighed again and as I'm the same weight he said he was happy with the dose I'm on (40mg) and then we started talking about my progress and general feelings..

I told him how I felt at a bit of a standstill seeing no improvement for the past few weeks. Also that the side effects had all stopped apart from dry lips. After hearing that he wrote me a prescription for 8 weeks on 60mg a day!! Woohoo!! Just what I was hoping for :)

He explained that all of the initial side effects will most likely return but that hopefully 60mg will give me a good boost and encourage good progress.

Apparently after week 8 I should see a very noticeable improvement (hence why the dose was upped) and that once I got a whole month completely spot free, he'll take me off accutane :)

Had a blood test today too so I'll get the results in 4 days

I'm a very happy girl

Hope you're all good!

cf x


Accutane Week Eight

It's that time again! Hello wavey.gif

It's eight weeks today since I started 40mg and I can't say there's been much difference, I seem to be at a standstill.

My skin is still incredibley smooth to touch but I'm still getting spots emerging...

Remember when a few weeks ago when I told you how my nose was completely blackhead free and oh so dreamy? The pores seem to be refilling..UGH!

To be fair any spots I pick do dissappear quite quickly but that's to be expected when started accutane so I'm not singing and dancing about it. Of course my skin is massively improved to how it was but the progress is no longer noticeable considering it looks exactly the same as it did a week and a half ago bs.gif

I'm seeing my derm in six days so I've got my fingers and toes crossed and I'm holding my breath in the hope he'll up my dose and we can get this bad man acne gone...

How are you all getting on? Any good progress that will up my spirits?

Speak soon, I'll post after my derm appointment

cf x


This is definitely the best week by far! My skin is so so smooth an everyone is saying how good it's looking :)

I've only had a few new spots - two medium and just a few tiny pimples that are hard noticeable!

My skin in general is looking less red every day and it just feels so much better :)

Side efffects wise my lips are just as they have been since I started the course, and I've meant to say so many times for people in the UK to use Blistex Intensive Moisturiser, it's such a good lip balm and my lips just don't feel dry at all when I use it! I've got mild back pain most days but sometimes it gets pretty bad and I need to sit or lye down for a while..

So all in all a pretty darn good week! I'm going back to the hospital to see my derm on the 21st so I'll let you know how that goes.

Hope you're all making good progress!

cf x


Hello :)

Well that awful breakout has cleared up nicely and my skin is so much smoother in general.

The past week my skin has stopped being so dry, it's only flaked a little, especially compared to how it had been.

I'm still getting spots but they more like small pimples and only a few more stubborn ones so that's really good progress! Just over the last couple of days my face is so plump and soft and it feels so good!

A lot of the redness has gone down but the spots themselves look pretty aggravated but only when I pick at them which I know I should refrain from doing!!

Also got some bumps under the skin but I can't see them ever coming to a head :)

How are you all doing?

cf x


Well the almight breakout is finally healing. It was so dry and flaky for about a week and the spots just stayed full and swollen.

I'm so happy they're on the way out!

My face is looking much better the past couple of days, a lot smoother and much less red.

So far as side effects goes, my lips are driving me mad, but eyes are fine really. I got a couple more lip balms today so hopefully they'll help! Also my skin is less dry than it has been. My face isn't peeling as much, and a small dry and itchy bit on my hand has gone away :)

I'm also happy to say that my scalp is MUCH less flaky! Yay! In fact I even wore it down yesterday

I've got quite a lot of small annoying pimples that seems to linger, but they've started to dry up now which is good :)

I think I need to get a lot more sleep, and also my new manager keeps moaning at me for drinking water! To go and drink half a glass of water and come back to the shop floor collectively takes about 45 seconds..! haha

Anyway, how are all of you getting along with accutane?

cf x


Oh my oh my.

My skin is so bad right now, the sides of my cheeks are just awful. It's not just normal spots either, it's huge massive painful swollen ones. All in a cluster of about four next to each other.. per cheek.

I got them about two weeks ago and they just won't budge.

I don't want to be too graphic, but it I 'empty' them.. they 'refill' over night and are just as bad the next day. This happens every time they are 'emptied' and even when I leave them alone, they just sit there. They don't go away or dry out or leak or anything. Just sit there waiting to be picked up.

I've had these types for the past couple of years and for me, are the type that leave the worst scarring.

And to top it allllll off, the rest of my face is all covered in annoying bumps and pimples.

Goodness talk about depressing. I just keep crossing my fingers and thinking 'it cannot POSSIBLY get any worst. Life surely isn't that unkind'

Needed a vent. I am so looking forward for this to clear up...


cf x


First month down! (if my calculations are correct)

Current issues are an almighty breakout, and dry skin all over.

I'm hoping this is the initial break out because I can't imagine it getting much worse than this, it's very painful and dry so I keep catching my skin doubt.gif

BUT!!! I have amazing news!! Not a single blackhead on my face woohoo!

For years, every pore on my nose has had a blackhead, and I just woke up the other day and looked in the mirror and I was in complete disbelief, not a blackhead in sight!

My nose is so smooth and soft now aaahhh wub.png

I've had a couple nosebleeds, nothing dramatic cause they're not proper ones. Just where I've scratched dry skin.

Oh and the dryness. My scalp is just grim, and my poor arms are itchy. But moisturise galore and it's controllable.

Except the face, that is certainly not controllable especially with a full face of make up for work. But then a month ago I would have moaned about makeup with oily skin so I'm just being fussy I suppose...

Anyway, hope all of you are making good progress, good luck! cheer.gif

cf x


Week Two On Accutane

Two weeks has flown by!

My skin is still pretty itchy and looks like a desert after about five hours when wearing makeup.

What I do love right now is that I don't have to blot at all, my skin just doesn't get oily (obviously) so no shiny nose at lunch time smile.png

I've had a really flaky scalp for the past week and I have dark hair (bad combination) so I've resigned to wearing my hair up which although I really dislike, it's all fine with the hopeful prospect of good skin eusa_pray.gif

Although my active spots are still red and inflamed, and there are a LOT of them, my skin around the is much less red. It doesn't look aggravated at all and I'm literally slathering on moisturizer every chance I get.

Also if I do get a spot no matter how big, if I pick at it (yikes) it just seems to dissappear within a couple of days..wub.png

Dry lips, still not too bad. And I'm staying out of the sun best I can along with a good sunscreen.

How are you all?

cf x


My goodness a week already!

No changes to report really; the last few days my skin has been SO itchy. I keep putting on moisturiser but when I'm at work with a full face of makeup I just have to put up with it. doubt.gif

The dry lips have begun, not too bad.. yet. I've got lip balm everywhere and just put it on all day.

Err not much else to say, awaiting the dreaded IB. So I suppose I'll post again when that happens.

I had a job interview last week so I'm stressed from choosing whether to leave my current job or not. I haven't much time to decide!

Hope you're all just fine, would be nice to chat to people eusa_whistle.gif

cf x


I'm 18 and have hade moderate acne for about 5 years. My derm finally prescribed me accutane recently. I'm on 40mg and in 10 weeks I have a check up appointment with him to see how I'm doing..

I just took my first pills about half an hour ago- after dinner and with a nice helping of peanut butter :)

I'll post once a week or so, and whenever something dramatic happens!

Got lots of supplies in the way of moisture, though I'm not looking forward to those pesky dry lips and looking like a gremlin when I put makeup on :)

I'd love to talk to other people in the same situation; good luck everyone!

cf x

ps. hello

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