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The Welshman

Day 6

25th Jan 2008

Today may face is really not that red, and the peeling has stoped at last. Scars look to be less deep but still i can c them. But i am getting a few stop as i said before, which is not good.

The Welshman

Day 5

(Thrusday 24th Jan) day 5 of my recovery, its not going to bad the redness not to bad but not back to its normal white yet. Peeling has gone part of my face is looking more clear. But getting more spot and one or to are big ones. I dont think this is cuz of the laser, before the treatment i did have a few whitehead and one or two big stop, so i not think its cuz of that. But the vaseline does not help.

The Welshman

Day 4

Its day 4 of my recovery (23rd Jan 2008). My face is less and less red day by day but still its pretty red. The swelling looks to be gone and the peeling is not to bad now. My forhead looks to be clear of scars that maybe me or the lasers working but really i did not have a lot of scars in this area. The one thing that is worrying me is that i have got a few new spots.

The Welshman

Day 3

Tuesday 22nd January, Peeling is getting worse i know this is a side effect which will not last, so thats good. Redness going very slowy and swelling, still getting more whiteheads. Scars look to be impoveing a lot but can not really tell at the moment.

The Welshman

Day 2

This is a post for yeasterday (Monday 21st January) forget to post the entrie until today. Today my face is starting to peel like mad, not as red as saturday but still very red. The swelling has gone down. But i seem to be geting a few whiteheads i think its cuz of the vaseline blocking my pores but i have to use the vaseline very day so can't do any about that.

The Welshman

Day 1

Its day one of my recovery time. My face is still as red as yesterday, not expecting it to go yet, needs way more time. Swelling the same, i think it many be a bit more swollen then yesterday. No pain today.

The only pain in the butt is putting the vassline on cuz i feel drity. But i will cope.

Sun 20th Jan 08

The Welshman

Today i got smartxide Co2 laser resurfacing treatment done for my deep acne scars. I will be recording my progress over the next 10 days of my downtime.

At the moment my face is very red, swollen and a bit sore but nothing much really. I have also got a vaseline mixture all over my face which makes it look 10 time worse. But as i know there just side effects and i know it will go in time. After the treatment i probably will still have some redness for a bit but not to bad i hope, but i will cope.

Hope this will be the answer to my problems.

I will keep you all updated very day for the next 10 days and then every now and again after untill my next treatment in late Feb.

( I was going to add this yesterday but forgot, so this entry is for yesterday.) Sat 19th Jan 08

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