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Same as the name.. I will track the process etc,

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Week 12(Basically)

Well, It has officially been 12 weeks. I have literally 3 bumps, small. So this has worked for me. Im just waiting to see what happens with my spots because they have faded a TEENY bit, its gonna take a while, but atleast I don't really have ACNE on my face right now, its just spots left from acne. I suggest you use this regimen, you don't have to, im just making a friendly suggestion.

When on this regimen, don't pick anything, because although it clears those spots it takes a while, so I recommend you don't fool with any of your bumps when on this regimen, don't use to much retin-a, make sure you wash your face properly in the morning, use a moisturizer with SPF in it in the morning before going out, those are just some tips. I hope you try it and it works, if it doesn't then I'm sorry ):


Week 9 (And 6 Days)

First, Some advice that I found REALLY works:

If you have a pimple, and you popped it(like what i did 2 days ago), and its all red around, or maybe you didnt pop it, but its still red or inflammed in any way, what I did right after I popped it, and what you can do even if it isnt popped is get a cube of ice and put it in a wash cloth and place it on the pimple or area. Keep it there for a while... I kept mine for like 7 minutes, then go into the bathroom and put a mask on that one area, the one that worked for me is a vitamin e mask that I had, I put it onthe spot and kept it there overnight and it really went down the next day, and the next day it was pretty much GONE. (:

Alright, its been 9 weeks and 6 days since ive been doing my treatment just incase anyone has forgotten, clindamyicn in the morning along with a vitamin d capsule, retin-a at night along with diane 35. I take my diane 35 pill normally around 6 everynight, sometimes later because I wasnt home or something.

Now time for the results. I still have about half a month to go but im definately going to stick with this because my face has gotten SO clear, initial breakout wasnt TOO bad, I stuck along through it and nowmy skin is really smooth just really tiny invisible bumps that you can feel every here and there, but you cant see em. Now the only thing left is the marks or spots. Ive found out i have PIH, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (theres a forum about it right here on this website) And what I have are different from acne scars, they are just little spots that happen and they should go away in time, but I dont want to have to wait like 18months for them to go away by theirself, luckily the Retin-a that I am using also treats this and they should be gone much quicker.

As for now, Im happy with the results, Ill keep posting because im not done yet until im JOYOUS with the results.

P.S- I have like one really small bump, and thats about it, I had two others two days ago (one on my right cheek the other on lip line and they both went away in a matter or 2 days!!!!!!)


Week 7 (And 5 Days)

Alright, Well i've been on this treatment for 7 weeks and I do see improvement, my face feels smoother cause I have less bumps, and truly I dont have any other pimples besides an inside bump on my chin thats going away, 1 small one on my right cheek, and like 3 really tiny bumps with no head on my left jaw bone area. Otherwise when i feel my face it soft and smooth, now im just left with alot of scars and those are whats really the only things getting on my nerves.

I can deal with these several bumps but the scars..... there are so much and its frustrating cause it makes it look like I still have lots of acne but really its a smooth surface, there are just many scars. I really want them to fade, I would be so happy T.T. Well, for now im happy that I have less pimples and really, I should still give it 1 more motnh and a half, otherwise ill keep updating, so keep checking if your interested and please if you know something that really works on scars, please leave a comment, it would be really appreciated, I would like to be really clear by at least christmas, maybe january next year.


Week 6 (And 5 Days)

Alright it has now been 6 weeks and 5 days since ive been doing this treatment, I havent missed a day, except one night i missed 1 diane 35 pill (i still did the other treatments) and I did what the directions said and took two the next day and continued as normal afterward. Ive seen improvements, I still have bumps but I think im gonna wait longer because many people said within their 7-10 weeks they saw results not the 6th, and your actually supposed to give it 3 months, and I have seen some improvement on the amount of bumps its actually just the scars or red spots that annoy me.

If they were gone and i just had the bumps i would be so much happier because thats easier to treat, but my red spots are just not going away because I have to be in the sun everyday and that just adds to them, in the night my face looks ALOT less blotchy(with little red marks) than in the day. I do think that the treatment has improved even a little, my face is definately better than it looked in weeks 2-5 because my initial breakout is over, I just have to wait a witttleee longerr, or maybe alot... but yeah..

Question (please comment with an answer if you have one)

(I have attached a file to show you what im talking about here, mine is not that bad though, its just simalar to that) Okay. I know some of the marks on my face are acne SCARS. But does anyone know how to get rid of just.. red marks or spots I should say. they are not necessarily scars of any kind.. well apparantely thats what I read somewhere, they are just small red spots that came from my acne, I think if youve had acne (not light acne) you would know what im talking about. If you know any treatment, or cleanser, or cream or home remedy that will make them fade please let me know, Im only 15 I dont wanna live with these red marks forever T.T Thankk you so much (:


Week 5 (Basically)

Okay so its been almost 5 weeks. My period is on since im taking my 7 days off of Diane 35. My acne is not as bad as it was in weeks 2-4, which is good, I had loads of nasty white heads and I didnt wanna pop anythingg so that was a struggle but its gotten a little better, but it hasnt started to clear up completely yet, still have alot, so im waiting for week 6 to see what happens. I know I hadnt updated in forever but thats cause I forgot my usernamee for like a week and I didnt have time this week either so.... yeah I finally got some time and decided to do a quick update. Also in my last entries I mentioned spots that were lighter than my skin color, well I dunno what it was but its gone now (: So to sum up, acne hasnt cleared yett, on my 5th week and definately experienced my inital breakout already. phew thank God thats over. Thankkk you, bye (:


Week 2

Alright So its Day 14 and my initial breakout is DEFINATELY here, the first week my skin got better but I knew the initial breakout would have to come, and here it is. Alot of bumps on my forehead and right cheek, my left cheek is mostly some scars.... and there are still the little kinda patches where the skin is a tiny bit lighter than my normal skin color.... still dont know if thats normal but oh well.. its not thatt drastic. Well I have to struggle my way through this for a while, Ill keep updatingg but for now, im having a breakout.... See ya!!


Day 9 (quick update)

Same as before.. everythings okay, little whiteheads here and there but i'll handle it.. I have to.... Just one difference, Im seeing little lights circle spots on my forehead thats a little shade lighter than my skin color.... Weird.... Nothing to big but still.. But thats about it, a couple more bumps but im expected an initial breakout so its cool. (:


1st Week.

Well I went to a dermatologist to get my acne checked out, this is the 2nd one ive been to. He asked about my period... and of course my period is really irregular so he examined my acne and said that I had hormonal acne. Same thing as the last dermatologist, except she gave me something different. He gave me Retin-A 0.0025% to put on at night and Diane 35 pill to take to regulate my hormones, I take that when I put on my Retin-A, and I use Clindamycin as a spot treatment in the morning, he also recommended I get Vitamin D 5000 IU Pills, he said it would help along with the retin-a with scars and said it would be good so I take that in the morning as well.

So far its been a week since Ive been going with the regimen. I had a BAD breakout, worst ever because I traveled alot and went somewhere REALLY hot and also my period was coming on so all of these things added to my breakout and although there should be an initial breakout, so far it cleared up lots of my bumps and i had like a patch of 5 big red blothces (bumps but no heads) on my right cheek and now its down to about 2 really tiny, smallllll red spots and my skin feels better and I notice some of my scars getting better as well as my shoulder acne getting better. Right now Idc If I get the breakout as long as it gets better (:


So far so good.. I just wonder.. Since im using all the other things and the diane 35 is just to regulate my hormones so i know when my period is coming on, if I stop taking that later on will it affect my acne?

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