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Hey ya'll!

I have been fighting mild to moderate acne since the age of 13 years old. I have been on various antibiotics and have tried lots of over the counter products. At the age of 24 and trying to keep my life on track, there is nothing less encouraging than waking up to new pimples in the morning or looking in the mirror to breakouts. Despite these unfortunate realities, I am not willing to give up on trying to alleviate this condition (for myself) that plagues so many teens and adults. For those who inquire about accutane or the generic version commonly known as Claravis, it is a miracle drug. However, it does have side effects that should be considered while taking or before taking this medication. I have personally never had any problems that I am aware of from taking accutane (claravis) BUT for me, it clears-up my skin for awhile but the breakouts always seem to come back a year or two later. It has become an even bigger pain to get the prescription=process! I know for many this is worth it but for myself who is a broke graduate student and who has been on and off accutane since the days where you could get a prescription easily through signing a few waivers from the dermatologist, it is losing its appeal. Currently, my skin has been breaking out for the last three months and have decided to try Sprionolactone (100 mg daily) w/ Evoclin (2x daily) and see how this goes. I have always been told from the derm. that mild cleansers such as Oil of Olay or Dove are good to use and to always use an spf daily. Sunscreen is always good for all to use, but I think most can determine what cleansers are appropriate for their skin just by trial and error. Nevertheless my current skincare regimen is as follows:

Morning: mild cleanser

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion for face

Evoclin- 2-3 pumps as need to cover face, chest, and back

Spironolactone (50 mg)

Principal Secret-eye gel

* Non-comodegenic foundation to cover red marks and bad breakouts)

- I like Bare Minerals alot and it covers well for long periods of time!

Afternoon: BC: Yasmin

* I just started so I will let you know if it improves the breakouts

Evening: mild cleanser

Evoclin- 2-3 pumps as need to cover face, chest, and back

Spironolactone (50 mg)

* If skin is dry, then I will use a moisturizer too)

* Sometimes I will use a 20% gylcolic acid serum on my face-have to be careful

because it can burn the skin very easily. If skin is sensitive may want to investigate a

lower percentage first or other options. It can be very damaging if not use properly!

This is my current regimen which has been set in the last week. I may incorporate other supplements or topical solutions/creams. I will keep anyone posted that is interested. I think it is great to know what other people are doing and trying even though our bodies do not all react the same to acne. I have read a few members' blogs and posts and agree with those who mention that you have to get "to know" your own body through trial and error. Consulting a dermatologist helps if you want to take the prescription route (if neccesary) or holistic medicine works for others as well. Unfortunately, I do not believe there is an absolute cure for most acne sufferers therefore, trying to manage our condition is the most efficient way. Good luck to all! :)

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