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Day 1

Hey, good job for choosing to read this blog. You have now become an invisible viewer of my life. Well, not all of my life. That would be creepy. But just the part that you probably want to hear about- the acne part.

I'm thirteen, just beginning that awkward phase with getting all that hormone stuff. But I'm not similar to others my age. As much as I wish I was care-free, I've got a lot of stressors in my life and things on my mind, and you know what the biggest one is. I wish I could say I was pretty, but this problem just bothers me so much I deny it whenever someone gives me a compliment. I hate it when people do that, because oddly enough, I become more self-concious. I think, "Do I normaly not look good enough to compliment?" or something like that. Another way I feel so different from my peers is how much I know about skin. I'm in a magnet program (no worries, I'm not a nerd in a nerd program.) I have a lot of friends, and a best friend who shares my name (coincidence, I think not.) I still feel like I can't really talk to them about something that makes me burst out in tears sometimes.

Anyways, I finally wanted to get skin under control and talked to a dermatologist. He says I really don't have bad skin at all, just a few blackheads and whiteheads. I rarely get full blown zits, but it's the ones that don't go away that bug me. So he put me on Differin Cream, which I used for two months and one week precisely until this moment where I begin my Retin-A Micro treatment. While I saw my forehead become clearer, the blackheads and large pores on my cheeks did not become any better, nor did the whiteheads on my chin. So this is what I'm left to deal with. Easily covered with makeup, but I want to just wake up one day and walk out of the house without an once of concealer one day, feeling confident. Something so many people my age take for granted. I'm sure you realize how hard it is to go from flawless skin to this, and know my frustration if you are reading this. I'm going to a sleepover with some friends tomorrow and it's hard because I'm the only one who has to wash their face and put stuff on at night. But this is what I'll just have to deal with. If you have had experience with Retin-A Micro or any form of it, pease leave a comment. Thanks.

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