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Day 5

Starting to break out all over. Painful cysts.

Still taking 40 mgs 2x a day. Hopefully IB won't be too painful, though I am afraid it already too late for that.

Side effects have been minimal so far, occasional muscle/joint aches and overall tired not much else to report.


Day Three - 1.17.08


My name is Sarah and I have been dealing with the effects of acne since I was 11. I am now 27. During that time I have tried everything from over the counter - to topicals - to months of anitbiotics - to chemical peels. After spending $500 on a promise that the peels would be my answer - guess what; I still have acne - I still have the same amount of acne as when I started this journey 16 years ago. Nothing has helped.

I finally made that call - that call to find someone who would go farther. Someone who believed in something other than "it's all in what you use to wash your face" if I get told to try one more bar of soap I will puke.

So anyway, here we are after 6 weeks of fighting with the IPledge program I finally have started Accutane (Amnesteene to be exact). 80 mgs a day - every day.

Hopefully this time will be different. Does anyone else feel the same way?

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