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Acne is a skin condition that usually affects individuals starting around puberty up to early adulthood. The intensity and length of the condition however depends on each individual. There are many different treatments for acne which entails chemically based medication, and all kinds of herbal acne treatment and certain foods.


Some people prefer herbal acne treatment methods instead of the chemically based medications for acne. In all cases, an herbal acne treatment is based solely on botanicals which are organic and have little or no adverse side effects on people. The use of alternative medicine to treat acne has many different methods.


Many herbal acne treatments come in the way of drinking tea. Tea is a beverage made from plant components which usually focus on leaves, flowers and other plant parts. Tea as an herbal acne treatment is most effective in a combination of nettles and cleavers. If your acne is stress related, drinking chamomile tea or lavender tea can help to calm you down and relieve stress as well.

Capsules and Pills

Herbal acne treatment ingesting capsules blackcurrant seed oil and also those of evening primrose seed oil are also effective herbal acne treatments. These are most effective if taken in accordance to the prescribed strength depending on the severity of the acne break outs.


Aloe Vera is also used as an antibacterial and astringent application for acne. This helps to control the eruptions by keeping the facial skin clean and free of irritants. Another herbal acne treatment is tea tree oil. It is usually watered down or diluted before direct application of facial skin. This herbal acne treatment also helps to heal oozing or infected pimples.


When it comes to a discussion about what foods help cure acne the actual discussion is more about what foods to avoid, or cut back on, to help curb the appearance of acne. There are a few pieces of advice that can be given when it comes to what foods help cure acne and part of it is about what foods to avoid and the other part is actually about what foods help cure acne. You can do yourself a favor by paying attention to what you eat when it comes to acne but it is equally important to remember that acne affects different people in different ways.


It has been proven that some females are affected by dairy products and the presence of dairy products in the diet of a woman that cannot handle it can result in acne. If you consume dairy and notice acne then try cutting out the dairy, with consultation from a doctor of course and see if that helps.

Refined Sugar

There is a long standing debate about whether or not refined sugars and almost all of the processed foods Americans eat are causing acne. For a long time the answer seemed to be that these foods did not directly cause acne and it was difficult to determine whether or not they actually added to existing acne problems. However, in the absence of hard medical data you can take observational data and come to some conclusions.

In parts of the world that did not eat processed food acne almost did not exist. Then when those parts of the world started to get processed foods, either through development of their civilization or as aid from other countries, acne would start to flourish. Now many doctors are agreeing that processed foods and foods with excess sugar are contributing to acne.

Fruits and Veggies

It is always like your mother told you, eating your fruits and vegetables are what foods help cure acne. They are not the only foods that can help cure it but in a discussion about what foods help cure acne fruits and vegetables top the list. The vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables make them great treatments for acne and if you can eat them raw then that will help a lot because raw vegetables retain those important vitamins and minerals.

You can also change the oil you cook with. Switching to olive oil might actually be another element in the list of what foods help cure acne. Olive oil might not cure acne but using it can definitely reduce the effects of acne on your skin. For more information please visit Acne Skin Care

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