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Just thought I'd post as I am basically one year post accutane and thought of the people who may be on it.

I have not had one spot in ages and if get one it is gone in a day.

I had serious scars left so started treatment for that a few months ago.

I am on my second dermaroller treatment at Hammersmith hospital in London and it is a very painful treatment but have seen slight improvement although people generally have at least 3 treatments.

Good luck everyone


Just remembered i had this blog and used to go on this site.

I do get the odd spot now and again but main concern is scars left by accutane and am now awaiting treatment for that.

If you are going to take this medication bare in mind you can get red marks and scars but it is still worth it.

Overall I am glad i took this medication.


Roaccutane Day 117

So it's around day 117 on roaccutane and it feels like i have been on it forever! I have seen improvement on some days but it is on and off, some good days but mostly bad days. Still have breakouts weekly, skin is extremely dry but i am not moisturising as it causes more spots. Once my face clears more i will moisturise my whole face, at the moment i just moisturise parts which are really dry.

I was due a dermatologist appointment yesterday and i have been put down from 55mg a day back to 40mg because there were fats in my blood. However i stupidly ate toast before my blood test and was meant to fast so this probably caused the increase in fats.

My lips are the most annoying thing ever, really pisses me off how dry my lips get. Cannot wait for my lips to return to normal it will be soo good!

If i run at all my bones hurt and ache so i can hardly run, although i do smoke haha so that is probably why. Not much to say really, i have another appointment on december 28th so hopefully i will be clear by christmas! By then i would have been on accutane for exactly 5 months!

Any questions please ask!


Roaccutane Day 64

It's day 64 on Roaccutane!

I am still experiencing the usual breakouts each day and haven't seen much improvement, if any.

My derm said after 3 months i should see a dramatic improvement so i am not really worried yet. I am over half way through and the first two months are out the way which is really good..

I have noticed that i have not had any spots on my back at all the last week and it is nice and smooth.

I have had about one spot each week come up on my neck/back of head which is just a big bump and feels like a gland, it isn't a cyst i don't know what it is but it just won't go. My lips are making me crazy, i can't wait to have normal lips again it will feel soo good!

Tomorrow i am starting my 55mg course which will be it until the end of my couse. I only weigh 54kg so i will be on more than my body weight. I'm really excited to start seeing some good results cus i can't put up with this for much longer.

I am still not using a moisturizer all over my face, i just put it on little dry patches which comes up. I am using Dermol 500 lotion to wash my face still and that is keeping my face from getting drier than it would if i used a gel wash. I am going to invest in a good moisturizer probably Avene as they seem to have really good products.

Will keep everyone/if anyone reading up to date in a few weeks and by then i will hopefully start to see improvements. I am taking pictures of my face every week to see the progress so will show everyone as soon as i see improvements. nod.gif


Roaccutane Day 50

Okay so i have started using a moisturizer daily in the morning and the dry skin around cysts has disappeared. However i think i have got more whiteheads from using the moisturizer but im not too sure. My face is just really bad but im letting the weeks go on and not yet looking for a real improvement. Just gonna wait it out another month and by then start to see some improvements.

I have huge red marks left from cysts on my face, mainly the right side of my face and the skin is flat but just two huge red cyst marks so it makes my skin look terrible. last night i peeled a tiny bit of dry skin off my nose and it has left a small red raw looking spot sized mark. i have also had a spot in each of the inside of my ears which is very painful, they have now gone but there is a scab in my right ear which is really weird!

I also am feeling tired a lot more and could easily get to sleep at half 9, although i still stay up really late. By the end of october which is in like another 41 days im hoping to be alot clearer and actually start seeing a difference. My dermatologist said 3months to see a dramatic improvement so im gonna live life normaylly and stop waiting for something which might take a while.

Im still using the Dermol 500 lotion as a wash which isn't that great but doesn't dry my skin out as much as a gel cleanser would. I haven't applied a SPF yet and don't think i will although i was in the sun all of last week and came home looking like a tomato. Cannot wait to have clear skin and just walk around with loads of confidence and wake up looking forward to the day ahead!

Will post again on about day 70ish :)


Day 41

Started college this last week! Feel like everyone is staring at my face the whole time :) i am 100% sure not one person in my year has a nasty blemish which they are actually worrying about, it's just awkward i can't relax around school and be myself. Can't wait for my skin to clear.

I developed a huge cyst by my nose on the left side of my face just in time for my first day back! Amazingly it is a scab now and only lasted 4days max. I have two red patches left from two cysts from the initial breakout when i started the treatment and it is still kind of swollen. However when i say Initial breakout, your actually breaking out the first 41 days! as it's been for me.

My skin on my face is started to dry up for sure, i think that a spot doesn't last long like it used to it just leaves a red mark and turns into a scab. I'm hoping to see some results soon perhaps by the 60th day start having general improvements. Those who haven't read my blog i am on 40mg a day (Two 20mg tablets) and using Dermol 500 Lotion as a wash and currrently no moisturizer.

Update soon in the next couple of days, probably will be at day 50 :) Good luck to everyone else!


So it's been 1 month on Roaccutane and it's gone really fast so i'm hoping next month will too..

Basically this week has been a mess, when i first saw my dermatologist over a month ago she said i would next see her in about 6 weeks time. It was coming up to six weeks the other day so i rang up as i hadn't been sent a letter to say when my next appointment would be. They said it is because they are 2months behind on appointments so i would have to wait 2 months. I argued my way through and luckily got booked in to see a dermatologist earlier today. I have only been on it 31 days of 20mg a day and now have been upped to 40mg a day which is two 20mg tablets.

As i haven't had any bad side effects i am not going to need a blood test until 12 weeks time which is when i will next see my dermatologist! I have a prescription for 40mg a day for 4 weeks and then a prescription for also 55mg a day which i will start in 4 weeks which will consist of two 20mg tablets and three 5mg tablets. This is very confusing but basically i will be doing it on my own for a while with no dermatologist which is a bit unusual?

I was prescribed Dermol 500 Lotion to use as a wash, although it can be used to moisturize as well. I have just used it and it seems okay, it doesn't lather it's just like a cream and is mainly for eczema prone skin although i have never suffered from that in my life but i'm sure my skin will become very dry soon.

As far as my skin is concerned i had a spot erupt on my neck last week which was a huge red bump which went away and now another has popped up in a different place on the back of my neck. The left side of my face is calming down a lot and my right side is gradually getting there. Please bare in mind that my skin looks terrible but compared to how it was it is getting better but by no means is it anywhere clear so don't get your hopes up by there first month.

Will try to keep posting but it is hard to do it daily as i leave it really late, any questions please feel free to ask. :)


Roaccutane Day 26

So it's day 26! Gone soo fast.. Skin is looking bad got a huge breakout on my right cheek by my nose which all started from that huge cyst :) now other spots are on there, it's very painful so i don't play with it although it's extremely tempting!

Need some advice on a moisturizer to purchase?! anyone? i haven't got one yet and need to buy a good one - i live in the uk so bare that in mind please..

Lips are getting soo annoyingly dry. Applying lip balm every half hour, i've forgotten what your lips are meant to feel like, will be weird to see when i'm off roaccutane.

Had milk for the first time in two-three weeks and my skin has seemed to got a lot worse i definitely think i have a reaction to milk, however have no actual data to back this up

Cheers for any replies :doh:


Roaccutane Day 20

Been a while so thought i would post!

It's day 20 and have seen some improvements, still getting acne as usual but the left side of my face has definitely cleared and not really getting many spots just left with all those nasty scars/red marks!

The right side of my face is a different story :) i have that big cyst still and lots of horrible spots on my right side.. I have kinda forgotten i was taking the drug i'm just living on as usual not really thinking about it just taking each pill everyday with a meal.

Side effects - Face is drying out a bit more but not applying ANY moisturizer as when i did last time i think that is what broke me out again. I will start applying when my face is really really dry as the whole point of taking it is to stop producing oil there is no point slapping cream on my face.

Lips are dry, back aches only if i lift heavy stuff or bend down for a while then stand back up - can avoid this by just not bending down haha. Nose is definitely dry i see what people mean by this it feels like my nose is blocked and i got lots of boogers up there i think which are just dried up.

Just waiting for some better results soon! Can't believe tomorrow will be start of 3rd week :doh:


Accutane Day 12

Dad keeps saying my skin is looking better - less red but i keep saying it wouldn't have started working yet but then i don't really know much and it depends on an individual..

So many spots on my face including dark looking scars on my cheeks etc. Two huge cysts still which i have blamed on Accutane! I have never had a cyst like the two i have right now on my face before they look terrible. But nearly on the second weeks so things could be looking good soon! I just wanna hit the point where my face will not get any worse than it already is and just gradually start getting better so each day i will look forward to!

Had haircut the other day and it was so horrible, felt like everyone was staring at me and my acne. This is what this disease has done to me!! It has absolutely destroyed my confidence. Although i am quite a confident person so when i'm off accutane and face has cleared i will be able to do anything i want finally move on with me life.

Haven't been applying much lip balm today so they went quite dry but been applying all of tonight and they are much better.

Will keep you all updated tomorrow!

Cyaa x


Accutane Day 11

Still have two huge cysts on my face! Received a letter today which was basically a copy of a letter being sent by my dermatologist to my GP (Doctors) and it was explaining to them about my acne:

-what i've used before

-type of acne i have (Apparently nodular cystic acne)

-dose i've been described

So my face is itching like fuck but i can bare extreme itchyness, as im typing this my face is itching soo much OOPS. i gave in i couldn't bare it..

Lips are getting better it's fine if you reapply lip balm every half hour..

Really thinking that my diet is to blame for my acne?

Hoping things start to clear in week 2!!


Accutane Day 10

OMG. Today i've had THE biggest spot i have ever had on my face. :) It is a cyst on my right cheek by my nose. Its a huge pretty solid feeling lump, my face is extremely red and irritated too..

I suppose this is the initial breakout? I didn't realize cysts would be part of the IB?

Also i am having bad back aches at the moment and seem to be really itchy everywhere! When will things start to clear up?!

lets hope tomorrow is a better day and in week two i start clearing



Accutane Day 9

Forgot to post yesterday! Lips are dry but coping well now, applying lip balm at work etc. lots before bed as well..

Back ache is really annoying it lasts like 30seconds after i bend down or am in a position where my back isn't straight for a while.

Face hasn't responded well to the night moisturizer i bought or it could be the wash but i'm blaming the moisturizer! So tonight i am not using that and will see whether my skin improves or not.

Feeling in a much better mood today, really happy everything seems to be getting better

:) x


Accutane Day 8

Right, so it's day 8 and it has been the worst day yet! Skin is looking fine but my lips are horrible, I've applied lip balm every half hour maybe less today. I had work today and was there 4hours ish and didn't apply lip balm at work obviously as i don't really get a break. My lips look destroyed i was so self conscience at what people were thinking about me and when i got home they looked even worse than how they felt. I need to invest in a really good lip balm - any ideas?

Also i have had proper mood changes like all of a sudden feeling soo angry and upset then after about 10mins i will just be like what why am i feeling like that.

ALSO at work every time i bend down my back aches just like everyone is saying, i know exactly what people mean by these side effects!

:) oh well lets hope day 9 is a better day


Accutane Day 7

So it's finally been a week of accutane! Face is the same, breaking out like usual.. lips are drying up, so i'm frequently applying lip balm.

Also i've bought Eau Thermal Avene Cleanance gel to wash my face in and Neutrogena Multi-Defence night moisturiser! They look good quality although the moisturizer was £8 and it is only 50ml which is disappointing! Will be using these tonight so will see the results tomorrow :)

Lower back was aching yesterday after i had to bike about 5miles and it is down to the accutane i think, hard exercise is definitely effected by accutane for me.. won't be doing that again haha.

Been taking pictures daily since i started the treatment and can definitely see that my skin looks less inflamed although new spots are appearing everyday my actual skin around spots seems to be calming down. The new cleanser/moisturizer should help as i was using a scrub as a morning and night wash which was probably irritating my skin.

Cheeers x


Accutane Day 6

Nearly the end of Day 6! Skin is looking terrible today, loads of new spots and looking very sore. Have been out in the sun with no SPF and still have not purchased a moisturizer so skin is not looking good. Any tips/products to recommend?

Anyone got any ideas about wether skin is affected by diet? Today i have eaten two choco bars, half a cake, scone, roast dinner, 4 peices of jam on toast, two small apple pies, maybe more?1 i only weigh 54kg so don't put on weight but i think this unhealthy diet could be something to do with my skin? What do you think please comment!



Accutane Day 5

Okay so it's nearly the end of my 5th day on accutane! Lets just say the dry lips have hit me! They are not overly dry but they are certainly drying up i have been applying lip balm today..

As for my acne, new spots are still forming each day but my parents have said that my complexion looks alot less sore than usual and it seems like my skin is calming down a bit! My face is still a mess but i do think maybe my skin is looking slightly less red than usual.

Bank was shut today so couldn't put money on my debit card but monday im looking to buy a cleanser as i said before.. Im thinking of buying Avene soapless gel and cetaphil moisturizer? anyone used these products before and think they are good or do not advise me buying?


Day 4 Accutane

Not much to say really! Skin remains the same, new pimples everyday but skin is feeling really really soft! My lips are still normal which is good :) However i do want to start getting dry lips etc. so i know the accutane has kicked in!

Tonight i will be purchasing a new Cleanser, Moisturizer, SPF, and Jojoba Oil, does anyone recommend anything whilst on accutane?

As soon as i start to see positive changes in my skin i will be posting pictures of before and after maybe once a month, as i find them very interesting when i look online and can see how effective the treatment is. For my personal use im taking a picture of my face from 3 angles everyday and at the end of my treatment i am going to make a video showing all the pictures day by day!



Day 3 Accutane

Hi, On Day 3 now!

Haven't experienced anything like dry lips etc. Although i have defiantly had a breakout! There is a huge pimple on my right cheek, one inbetween my eyebrows, above my mouth and by my eyebrows on the corners. If i had not took accutane i doubt that these would have come up. All these new spots are on top of the ones i already have so it's stressing me out! :)

Today i am quitting smoking, after smoking for around a year so maybe my skin will start to improve from that alone and allow the accutane to work better further down the line..

Not much to report really, but as i've said before i have got a bad cold at the moment so not feeling too well. The last two nights i have not been able to sleep at all til like 3am, my face has been extremely itchy, really hot temperature due to my cold so im not having the best experience yet. However none of this is to blame on accutane itself i don't believe. :doh:

The spots from the breakout i've had seem to be painful, very sore looking and different to what i would usually have! Will be Day 4 tomorrow so may start to experience some drying! :)

Thanks, Would love to see some comments, if anyone else is at the same stage as me starting accutane and also any tips or anything would be great!




Day 2 Accutane

Recieved My prescription of 20 mg Accutane yesterday! Have took my Pill for today and feeling pretty ill as i have a cold at the moment! :)

I have not seen any changes in my face or body at the moment as it's too early on to tell.

However i'm in a great mood at the moment and really excited to be on Accutane!

I haven't invested in a new face wash or moisturizer or SPF yet but am looking at what ones to use? I think that these two look great and think i will buy them tonight just in time for the side effects to start hitting me.

SPF: Neutrogena Sport Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 70

Wash: Cetaphil Non-irritating Cleanser

It seems that most people on Accutane use the Cetaphil cleanser so i'm definately going to purchase it, which may actually help clear my acne is at the moment i'm using a really bad wash which doesn't foam up and looks more of a lotion!




Day 1 Accutane

Background Info:

Firstly I am going to tell you a bit about my self and how i have been coping with acne! I am from England and am 16 years old, i have been suffering with acne for 3 and a half maybe nearer 4years! The acne itself started off very mild with an odd pimple here and there which didn't really cross my mind at all. Over the years the acne has been getting gradually worse. I spent a great deal of time using Benzoyl peroxide over the last year and felt that it was great! It cleared my skin and left it looking very good after using a great moisturizer (organic surge daily moisturizer) however i started slacking and started using less and my face soon became much worse than it initially was. About two months ago i decided to start using BP again and then stopped as i couldn't cope with the dry skin, rash which formed on my face and decided i would be better off with acne. I have tried almost everything you can use from my local Gp (Doctor) and found they helped clear my skin but the acne always came back somewhere down the line! :)

Recent: I had my first Dermatologist appointment last Friday (29th July) and was in there for about 5 minutes. I had never met her before and was interested to know what she could possibly prescribe me, maybe laser treatments due to advancing technology? She read out things i had been prescribed by my doctor and asked how long i used them for and if they had worked well. I said they worked well to start with but the acne always came back over time! She then told me she was going to prescribe me Isotretinoin and that i needed to come back in 6 weeks time. I had already read up about Accutane (As it is mainly called on the internet - Roaccutane where I live) and knew that it would definately give me some good results. It also kind of shocked me a bit as it really told me how bad my acne must actually be? I think that the Dermatologist was quite concerned about my acne scars and wanted to clear my acne then after that was done if any scars had not faded then I would perhaps be booked into a clinic in London for laser treatments. I then was asked what i had eaten this morning and i had had a bowl of cereal, i had to have a blood test to see if i could take Accutane but could not have it there and then as i had eaten that morning! :doh:

I then had my Blood Test booked in and had it taken yesterday :) All went well and this morning my Dermatologist contacted me to tell me i will be prescribed Roaccutane 20mg for 6 weeks until she next see's me. I have my prescription waiting for me and it will be with me within the next hour or so! Tonight i shall be taking my first dose, or so i hope so depending on when i have to take it - what time of day etc.

Any questions/replies would be great! I am very excited to start this blog and see how my acne changes throughout the upcoming months! I am going to have a new blog entry everyday talking about changes in my body and acne. I will be giving information about products i will be using how well they work etc. and i will also be uploading pictures of how serious my acne is!