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Day 2

80 mg

I don't know if i am being paranoid.. but im pretty sure it's the medicine. My joints started aching today.. kinda soon given by the blogs i've started reading.. my ib started as well. i've gotten two small white heads right by my nose and the rest of my pimples started getting bigger..

also kinda strange, i have a patch of skin that is somewhat sensitive right now.. everytime it touch it with something.. like a rash almost..

i've also been exhausted once i arrived home from work... well thus far i feel confident.. but i dont know what the rest of this ib will bring..

more later..


Well the day is finally here.

My derm finally called my insurance and approved me to pick up my accutane.. well not accutane, the generic kind. Sotret. It's an orange pill and lots of warnings on it about birth defects.. i sometimes wonder if the same is true on my body.. oh well.

Let me start with a lil about myself.

Male, 26, been dealing with acne for 14 years. Have tried everything:

retin-a, benzoyl peroxide, the regimen, antibiotics, salicylic acid, chemical peels, pro activ, clarins, oxy.. whatever.. i dont care anymore.

I took my first pill tonight after my meal. I already feel my stomach churning, although i think this is just my nerves... i'm nervous about what this pill is going to do to me.. i know everything will be just fine, but the IB, im so scared about it.. i work in the city and i dont know how im going to deal with going to work.. but i will have to deal with it if i want this to be done with. i want to have beautiful clear skin as i once had as a child. seriously, everyone used to compliment how nice my skin was.. long long ago.. but since i've had my first breakout.. it's been hectic.. i've gone through about five different derms.. and through so many meds, that i finally took the leap and asked to be put on accutane..

i will keep you updated with details. i already bought aquaphor and vitamin e tablets to take twice daily(800 iu).

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