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I am trying to find an acne treatment product that will actually work for my face. I have tried the following things:

~Clearasil Ultra: made my face really irritated

~Proactive: Works for body, not for face. Irritates neck sometimes

~Oil-Free Acne wash Cream Cleanser. (neutrogena) Kinda worked for a week then made my skin red.

~Noxzema: Didn't help much

~Clean & Clear Morning Burst: Didn't help at all.

~Benzole Proxide (prescribed by doctor): Didn't work then made my face red after 2 weeks.

~Regular soap and water. Didn't work.

And I think there was another thing I tried but threw it away.

And I am so sick of wasting all my money on these lousy products that claim to work but don't for me! UGG!

I am thinking about trying Clean&Clear Acne Spot Treatment because it claims 100% of people says results in 1 day so yeah.

I am also thinking about seeing a dermotoligist and stuff.

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